ANOTHER Private Hillary Email Account

Emails published by the New York Times Monday indicate that Hillary Clinton used more than one private email address during her time as secretary of state, contradicting previous claims from the Democratic presidential contender’s office.

Multiple emails show Clinton used account “” while serving in the Obama administration as secretary of state.

Clinton’s attorney, David Kendall, had previously told Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) that that particular address had not “existed during Secretary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.”

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  • gfinms says:

    That the, “New York Times”, is busting HRC’s chops, tells a lot. This is bad news, for the Clinton’s. The, “New York Times”, is a liberal rag. Apparently, the “Times”, understands, that HRC, is dead in the water. Trying to get more, Dems, into the field, that have a chance. The, ” Times’, will crap on HRC, in the hopes, of keeping the White House, in the Democrats hands.

  • tommie says:

    WHAT!!! I’m sure there must be a good explanation? EVERYBODY knows that Killary doesn’t lie! She’s as saintly as King Obama himself!!!!

  • MarcJ says:

    Asked in April 2014 to explain her proudest accomplishment as secretary of state, Hillary offered up some world-class pabulum: “I really see my role as
    secretary, in fact leadership in general in a democracy, as a relay race,” she said. “When you run the best race you can run, you hand off the baton.” That’s the type of thing you say when you don’t have a record to stand on. The sad truth of Hillary Clinton is that she is as empty and unqualified as Senator Barack Obama was in 2008… and remember how well that turned out. And then there was the Travel-gate, Whitewater-gate, e-mail-gate…and 48 other early unexplained deaths of their collaborators who suddenly became unreliable. Let us resume then: “Whitewater-gate, China-gate, Travel-gate, File-gate, Email-gate, Benghazi-gate, Hillary-care, Pardon-gate, “Pay to Play”, Rose Law Firm billing records, Vince Foster, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, Renting Lincoln Bedroom, Bosnia airport sniper, Bill & Hillary & Chelsea Foundation, H-1B Visas, 3rd section of Defense of Marriage Act.” And now that low-life declared her candidacy for presidency! The wife of that impeached disbarred felon Bill Clinton!

  • Lier, lier, pants suit on FIRE!!!!!..when will theses revelations end and the American people wake up to the waste of their time with this women????

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Goodness. Hillary lied again. Makes one wonder if she’s ever told the truth. I keep asking my liberal friends (both of them) if they really want to elect a liar as president. Maybe liberals are so used to liars that they can’t tell the difference.

    1. prm2012 says:

      That could be right, I agree.

    2. mousekiller says:

      She is the same as obummer , Just doesn’t shave her face.( does she?) but to the point. She was a young fresh out of law school attorney when she tackled the job of defending the killers of one of their own. A group of black panthers charged with the murder of one of their group. She was instrumental in staging the riots at the University of Berkley in Ca that received world wide attention, taking it off her clients. Two of those clients after prison received government jobs. The female that boiled the water and poured it on one of their own was in charge of some highly public educational dept that directly effected children and how certain subjects were taught. The clintons and their ilk are master chameleons and surround themselves with like people.

      Research her and the black panthers. The truth may just surprise you. How well it has been buried. Time to bring it forward again..

  • prm2012 says:

    Her attorney, more than likely LIED about that e-mail account. We shall see, if so they all should be put in PRISON, and take Obama with them.

  • Webb says:

    Will You, Vote For another Clinton?
    If Yes…Expect more Lies!!

  • John VanderKelen says:

    Sounds like perjury to me. Hillary as a progressive unconstitutional Democrat brushes such trivial considerations aside in her pursuit of unbridled power.

  • curtmavi38 says:

    Hillary Clinton is not fit to be president of the USA. Not only is she not fit she should be in jail for all the things she has done to corrupt this country along with her mentor Obama. Congress do your duty and start impeachment proceedings on Obama. to stop him, so that he can do no more damage to the USA and to the world. McConnell and Boehner promised they would stop Obama and repeal OBAMA care. I didn’t hear them say they would compromise with him, and if they had they would not be in the leader ship in congress. They would not be there at all. meh

    1. Amen! I heard General Petreous is wanting to appeal his sentence, now that Hillary is getting a pass! I don’t blame him, since he was arrested and charged with sedition and possesion of Government files on a private laptop and even threatened with Treason charges! Oh how Obama and Clinton skate on the backs of those they oppose, or those who refuse to tow the Fascist line! Time for some serious come-upons, me thinks!! Above the Law is the most frustrating thing about all this, ever since Hillary had her press conference at the UN instead of a Washington Venue! Lord Jesus Come Quickly!!!

      1. ijohnc1 says:

        Makes one wonder where they got the information for the Benghazi queens other email address, was it on Petreous’
        email system or did he squeal to get a deal, or was his sentenced reduced if he stays quiet???….just saying!

  • KDC says:

    Come on! Whenever anyone in this admistration says anything, it should be questioned and researched.

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    Now did anyone not think the Liar Shillary was lying again. If you had thought not.Your one of those dim wits Shillary is counting on to vote for her. Pity your that gullible. Or is it just plain stupidity.

  • deltainny says:

    A Clinton lied. What a surprise!!! It would probably be big news if a Clinton actually told the truth.

    1. KDC says:

      Lol…but how would you know?

  • ijohnc1 says:

    This is not in the mind of Hillary a big deal, as lies are in her genetic make up.
    “This is a big F*cking deal”… Joe Biden and a hot mike
    Come on Americans we have our backs to the wall, if the narcissistic in the white house has his way he will try and federalize the peace officers of America to put them under federal control, a violation of the constitution.
    What’s worse only a handful of congress will resist the attempt and impeach the bastard

  • Halftrack2 says:

    A slime bag appointed by a bigger slime bag….

  • When Progressives build Houses of Cards, eventually they run out of people to blame and stolen money, then the wind blows and down comes the cards! The blood is in the water and Obama and Clinton will start looking for lemmings, but with so many scandals the pickens are slim! I think the Progressive Minions are getting leary of the Bus as their hopes sink beneath the waves, so many have gone under the Bus for the Clintons and Obama’s! The big question is how does she stay a contender with so many anchors around her ankles?

    1. ijohnc1 says:

      One can only hope the tide is turning on such a corrupted party that the democrat/communist party has become

      1. Well it’s really like cornering a wounded Lion, just when you think its safe, your dead! The tide is turning, but is it too late, do they have enough control and power at this point, to make their final push toward Fascism? They are losing so fast now, that if they don’t try, they lose a hundred years of Progressive incrementalism and their agenda dies! This is where our quest to restore America lies on a razors edge, and if we falter or show any weakness its Checkmate! Also check your history, the Democrats have always been the Radical Secular Humanist Party and have been trying to destroy this country since its inception! And right now they control 90% of the Bureaucracy as a Public Sector Union shadow Government!
        We must make them Fear the Tidal Wave Obama has created, with his Fascist takeover in the name of Change!!!

        1. ijohnc1 says:

          Collectively, we Americans must rally together, and remember that United we stand, we are all in this together.
          “We must all hang together, apart, we certainly shall all hang”
          Benjamin Franklin

  • James Maxwell says:

    Oh how the can of worms seem to be spreading! Wonder if they will ever
    get to the bottom of the mess with the Clintons? Based upon past history
    with them the stench at the bottom of the pile will be hard to find and
    take a lot of work to even get close to the truth. That is providing that
    the investigators live long enough to actually find the truth, in the past
    those who got close seem to die under mysterious circumstances.

    1. Sonshine's says:

      And no one is willing to roll up their sleeves and investigate.

      1. James Maxwell says:

        I have a feeling they are all afraid of what might turn up
        and where the trail might lead to. The old saying of
        follow the money could put many one the hot seat
        with voters back home if exposed and it was discovered
        that their actions or lack of action cost someones son
        or daughter to be killed.

  • Gerry Costa says:

    Keep investigating — I’m sure you will find more corruption. clinton = corruption.

    1. prm2012 says:

      You sure got that right, I CONCUR.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I Seigel says:

      Keep investigating — more taxpayer dollars wasted, and more time wasted that could be spent on more productive efforts.

      1. Gerry Costa says:

        Afraid of what will be found ??????? Dollars better spent on what — obozo’s ILLEGAL trash immigrants.

        1. I Seigel says:

          “Afraid of what will be found”?!?!?! The Republican-led committees in the House have been on this for a couple of years. Other organizations, too, have done in-depth reviews. No one has found a “smoking gun”.

          Just as Interest rates haven’t soared, the country’s credit rating hasn’t been downgraded, jobs haven’t been killed by Obamacare, and they haven’t come for our guns. Maybe for once pull your head out of your ass and actually look around you, rather than just reading the conspiracy theories on right-wing websites and listening to FOX stir people up.

          And you thought everything was going to be great when the Republicans won in the last election! Hah! Where’s their “leadership”? Where are the jobs they’ve been promising for 7 years? Our roads and bridges and dams still need fixing. The Export-Import Bank – and organization that many Republicans and almost all businesses want to save – is in imminent danger of collapse because of right-wing ideologues who don’t know a thing about how the global economy works. We’ve got a lot bigger problems than gay marriage and abortion, my friend, but those 2 issues seem to consume most of the energies of the right. Witness how many bills in state legislatures have been advanced on those 2 topics alone. Many more than funding education or dealing with homeless veterans.

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