Hypocrisy: Unions want exemption from $15 minimum wage law THEY PUSHED!

by Tom Blumer
May 28, 2015

This has to be the month’s top entry in the “Just when you think you’ve seen it all” category — and it will be more than a little interesting to see how the nation’s press handles it.

As the Associated Press reported a week ago, the City Council in Los Angeles, by a vote of 14-1, ordered the drafting of a law mandating a citywide minimum wage of $15 per hour by 2020, noting that “the support of Mayor Eric Garcetti virtually guarantee its eventual adoption.” Now that it’s almost a done deal, labor unions whose members earn less want to be exempt from the law. Seriously. And it’s not that the unions were caught off guard, because the person who is most visibly arguing for the exemption “helps lead the Raise the Wage coalition”!

Apparently caught completely flat-footed, three Los Angeles Times reporters, in a rare break from the paper’s non-stop leftist bias, filed a fair and balanced report on the truly offensive situation. In the process, organized labor may have tipped its hand as to what’s really behind their national $15-per-hour minimum wage campaign — but only for everyone else (bolds are mine throughout this post):

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  • General "Bull" Krapper says:

    Gee, sounds so much like a certain group that passed a law requiring others to purchase health insurance, that they themselves want no part of. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

  • Tyrannys_enemy says:

    Ironically, we are ALL in a Union…We call it our Country!!!
    You don’t realize that your Taxes are, in all actuality, your dues to the “United” States of America’s Internal Revenue Service, do you??

    A union is a “republic” style organization established by and for workers to pursue collective workplace goals: wages, benefits and work rules in a democratic manor!!!
    They have their own Constitutions, and bylaws that their members agree to follow. (Not to mention that they gave us the 40 hour work week, paid holidays and weekends…)
    In fact, unions gave us ALL of us, most of the workers benefits we have to protect us all today, even non-union workers. Things like livable wages for “skilled labor”, employer provided health insurance, and Workman’s compensation laws…that protect EVERY worker in America!!! The Dues, that everyone complains about, help pay for the schools at each local union to continue education within the field being worked in…Proper Training is rather important…(You want someone to figure out how to build a car?? Or maybe wire the school your children/grandchildren may one day attend??) I myself, am in the IBEW (Electrician’s Union), and I am working on 2 pensions, a 401K and an annuity. I also pay into Social Security like every other American Worker…That’s 5 different retirement checks headed my way when I hang up my tools!!! I worked non-union electrical, and you don’t even get paid holidays much less a decent wage, or a retirement plan!!!

    No system is absolutely perfect either, for instance:
    Unions can get to where some members, can get ridiculously political. To where 2nd generation members (or bluebloods) take precedence over workers that join without someone ‘helping them get in’…
    There are some people, that will get elected into a higher office (within the union hierarchy, each local union hall, has it’s own elected officials), that can be easily corrupted by money and power!!! (Sound a little like our Government…Just like our country again??)
    The institution of unions themselves are still needed, lest we go back to horrible labor laws. Laws not to designed protect the skilled American Worker, but to increase the profits of corporate “suits” (like Walmart’s executives) that couldn’t care less how you, or I live!!!
    Right now we have a perfect example of those laws, that are NOT in an American worker’s best interest…We call it a “Right to Work State”!!!

    The Corporations that truly run this country (With the banks) would gladly go back to the way it was in the 20’s, and 30’s before workers united in solidarity!!!
    The only guarantee, would be labor laws backpedaling to what they once were. Some people spilled blood for the federal labor laws we take for granted today!!!

    This whole fiasco of raising the minimum wage is an extremely leftist agenda that I don’t want to see passed, and, the actual free thinking members of the union I work in, don’t want it either!!! Minimum wage jobs, do not require any real skills, and were always supposed to be for kids to learn what a job is really like after school and on weekends…Or a mother, with school aged kids, to take part time while their at school. Maybe even a retired person that didn’t plan ahead for their retirement, or perhaps wants to supplement their income over a “fixed” status. They are NOT a career choice, and were never designed to be!!! That’s what colleges and trade schools are for!!!

    Left or Right has nothing to do with choosing a career where you want to!!!
    The true beauty of the Unions, is that every American has the freedom of choice to join or not!!!
    Well…unless you’re in a “Right to Work” State that is…

    Socialism is to Communism as Unity is Freedom!!!

  • zuuumie says:

    Since the US Fortune 500’s have structured their Holdings “Offshore”* in the Caribbean*, or places like the Isle of Man* or Switzerland* or as w/ COSTCO**(** Their AvgWrkr IS Pd = to $22.00+ per HR, contrary to others & other who pat “far less.” & MANY OTHERS, or those part of a REIT<).

    *Off-Shored means WalMart, HP, IBM, KPMG, LUCENT, most of AIG, HEINZ' subsidiaries (by product), KRAFT, SACHS, NIKE, EXXON/MOBIL, GE, Morgan Stanley, Yahoo, Google, HP, most of the Non-Federal, so called Federal Reserve "Bank of America"and it's Merrill Lynch, & Credit Card Unit absorbed by NationsBank to MERGE all BofA's Credit Card Unit into an already Off-shored Corporation, in what was an In Plain Site diversionary tactic to no longer pay U.S. Federal. Income Tax OR sTATE tAXES IN ANY u.s. State for any of their Credit Card Profits w/o the U.S. Public noticing any changes.

    **REIT's < Real Estate Investment Trusts DO NOT PAY U.S. Federal Income Tax.That's RIGHT; $ZERO

    OFF-SHORED Former FORTUNE 500 Corporations Still being headquar-tered in the U.S., DOES NOT MAKE THEM AMERICAN, when again, in Fact they are all "FOREIGN CORPORATIONS" NOW and have been in many case for Decades!

    100's more of the FORTUNE 500 NOT LISTED here, are ALL NOW; "FOREIGN CORPORATIONS except for some of their Distribution Units like WalMart Trucking (WMT is a BERMUDA CORPORATION, since the MId-90's), so that one small part of their CEO's can "falsely claim In Plain Site about how High U.S. Corporate Taxes" are, despite the exceedingly astronomical Amt. of Tax Dollars they Avoid and Save by being FOREIGN CORP's; NOT ALL are Mfgrs either;

    The reality is, according an official "Report" by the "GAO" (U.S. General Accounting Office"); go to; "finance.yahoo.com" to VIEW this GAO PRESS RELEASE.

    Off-shoring is why the Walton Heirs are NOW each worth (incl the Son killed in the aircraft accident) in the est. area of $150B Each due to Off-Shoring. APPLE saved $39B in 2014<< on over $130 in Profits that year<< (finance.yahoo.com).The same is now true what CATERPILLAR did in recent times after laying off another 200+ U.S. Employees (GO TO; "finance.yahoo.com" for Article.

    Other Former American Corporations & Holding Companies with Units in SWITZERLAND like Caterpillar, and may others, they PAY $ZERO DOLLARS in U.S. Federal Income Taxes, and $0 in State Income Tax.

    Just consider the Loss of Revenue from just APPLE, no matter whether you like or don't like their products or you work there. MULTIPLY just 25%<<<= to 125 of the Fortune 500 Major Corporation Formerly U.S. TIMES $39B, that the U.S. LOSES; "And to think, Americans made each who they are Today, and they Ditched US!
    [Est.Loss from only 125 Fort. 500's in excess of $4.875 Trillion <<<

    : WIKIPEDIA continues to fail to retain ALL pertinent information about these facts, but every Elected Office Holder you & others Voted for, KNOWS THIS, and have for as much as many 10's of Years. So, whether you are a Tax Attorney, CPA, or anyone else, they will not retain these facts,though I'm sure many of you do.

    With the above in mind, the Majors corporation and their Subsidiaries can afford and should not be allowed to Pay less than the $15 AN Hour.

    The "Cumulative" Trillions lost for the good of all parts of our Infrastructure and Security. Mom and Pops and other small businesses should be the ones with any exclusions, in many cases for very obvious reason. Not necessarily all, but their own Books can dictate that one way or another.

    On this subject, the more we know the more we should all realize to SHAKE THINGS UP LIKE ITS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE, SHOCK THEM@ THE POLLS in 2016.

    Stop being controlled and falsely impacted by the Candidate who buys the most Ads and being swayed and convinced to Vote for the person with the most exposure. You know Why, Where and Who this money comes from; Foreign and US. Lobbying "4$4Favors in Return."

    Lets put the Electoral on cal and bring 'em a challenge they don't think can happen. The Popular Vote is the only Real Vote.

    View what those who know more than enough about the above as well; former Judge Andrew Napolitano, frmr Sr. Cousel Karen Hudes, Boston University Econ Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, Attorney Jim Rickards (35 Yrs exp. working on Wall St.,sohe knows from the inside) of the CIA Project "Prophesy" designed to detect Economic threats against the U.S., and other like them.Then reach conclusions on things not yet known.

  • Allan Richardson says:

    The “leftist” bias of the Los Angeles Times? Unless there has been a change of ownership since it was founded by radical RIGHT wing investors, I find that difficult to believe.

  • I Seigel says:

    No, I think the definition of “hypocrisy” is when family values righties like Republican Rep and former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert get busted for paying hush money to a boy he abused when he was a teacher. THAT, my friends, is hypocrisy. The self-righteous, telling-others-how-to-live, intolerant righties are SO good at it.

    1. William says:

      How about the fag in the White House?

      1. I Seigel says:

        Yeah, how about him?

      2. Allan Richardson says:

        Who would that be?

        1. plum82 says:

          hmmmmmm who ? one guess…..& his mu-slime boss v.jarrett, the commie……….

      3. Sgt Rock says:

        Yeah, which one?

  • mustang6984 says:

    Unions are nothing more than organizations led by thieves who steal from both the employee and the employer…and do so up front with the blessing of the Donkey Party!

  • fred says:

    The only union i ever joined took my dues and did absolutely nothing for me for four years, so no thanks, i’ll do it on my own! The Union “leadership” were always in brand new cars, and never were lacking for a big meal from the looks of them! Useless, greedy ass***s all of them, in my opinion…

  • John VanderKelen says:

    Top union officials have what the Bible calls a seared conscience. Therefore words like “hypocrisy” are meaningless. Like water off a duck’s back. Repentance not remorse. Jesus saves.

  • reagangs says:

    It’s easy to understand the big bosses concerns trying to navigate todays political climate. They give their constituents easy earned money to political losers in hopes of a favor. A marginal risk at best. Old Trumka or whatever his name is, easily becomes confuse whenever confronted with facts and fiction. This isn’t easy for a guy like that being that the unions membership is at its lowest ever. The guy probably has ulcers and high blood pressure along with frequent migraines and anger fits.

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Of course unions want exemptions. They see lower wages as a way of recruiting new members. My house recently got a call from a union soliciting something and my brother just told them he didn’t support communists and hung up. He summed up my feelings exactly. Unions don’t care about being hypocrites, for them the ends justify the means.

    1. chattyone says:

      Just like ObamaScare.

      1. lawnman74 says:

        Another hard core Republican going along to get along…

        1. bluebonnet114 says:


        2. mustang6984 says:

          Only a mentally deficient Donkey would say something so moronic!

          1. lawnman74 says:

            You know you like to talk like you know something and really you don’t have a clue what the hell the truth is and another thing you don’t give a shit as long as you think you are the smart one,,Sad!!

          2. mustang6984 says:

            LOL!! Was there supposed to be something intelligent in that comment?

  • Gerry Costa says:

    The unions will get what they want from this administration and the MSM will just not report it. They will ignore it just like they have EVERYTHING else that this corrupt gov’t and the clinton’s have done.

    1. lawnman74 says:

      The Unions are the reason the wage level is where it’s at…Do you really think GM,Ford are paying 30.00 an hour out of the goodness of their hearts..

      1. kybob says:

        Exactly the reason new cars cost more than most new houses 30 years ago – and the beginning wage for Ford employees is less than $15 per hour

        1. Tyrannys_enemy says:

          “A union is an organization established by and for workers to pursue collective workplace goals: wages, benefits, work rules, power”
          I’ll bet that you DO enjoy time and a half for any time worked over 40 hours in a week though don’t you…Everybody does!!!

          Unions gave us ALL most of the workers benefits we have today, even non-union workers, and while some of the people that get into a higher office in the union hierarchy, can be easily corrupted by money and power!!! The institution on the unions themselves are still needed, lest we go back to labor laws, not to protect the American Worker, but to increase the profits of the corporations (again)!!!

          The Corporations that run this country would gladly go back to the way it was in the 20’s, and 30’s before workers united!!! The only guarantee would be the labor laws changing back to what they were. Before some people spilled blood for fair wages!!!

          The beauty of the Unions, is that everyone has a choice to join or not!!! Well…unless you’re in a “Right to Work” State!!!

          1. kybob says:

            No, idiot – I worked plenty of hours over 40 a week I didn’t get paid for. And unions demands, and “victories” have resulted in millions of jobs to be moved to places like China and Vietnam that used to done here – of course liberals like you don’t care because the “government” takes care of you.

          2. Tyrannys_enemy says:

            Oh so let me see here…You took a job, where you don’t get paid for it, and you wanna call ME an idiot??

            Well There’s “waiting staff”. Who’s actual income is earned in tips, and are rather under appreciated…
            Then there are asshole manager/supervisor types that were ignorant to what a “Salary” position really entitles the company over the worker…They usually have a chip on their shoulder, looking for someone…or rather ANY one to bitch at!!!
            So which one are you??

            In the IBEW. I earn time and a half for any Saturdays, or hours worked over 8…Per day!!! Double time for Sundays, or any hours over 12, on any of the other 6!!! I am contributing to 2 different Pensions, a 401k, as well as an annuity, for my retirement accounts. That’s on TOP of Social Security that we all pay into!!! I will most likely retire early, because not only will I be able to afford to. The work I do takes an early toll on a person’s body…Not to mention the Hazards!!! If you have never been inside of a car plant, (I have done rewiring for new models at both GM and Ford) If you have never seen the skill it takes to build an automobile, from the ground up, by each person involved!!! Then you’re probably ignorant to the reason that a higher pay is believed to be Warranted!!! The profits that the Corporations make. The same companies that moved manufacturing jobs to other countries. Continually push those companies agendas, with their own lobbyists, and politicians they help finance. They’ve figured out a way, to not only pay less wages…They actually get “tax breaks” by importing, what they have moved overseas.

            The whole thing about a Union is that joining one, is a choice made freely by the individual willing to be a part of it. Here you are being so (ironically) “Tolerant” with anyone else, that wants to make that decision, and are willing to be educated in whatever field they have chosen to work in…Because there is school involved, and Education isn’t free…That’s part of what those “Dues” pay for…They work while at constant risk of possible layoffs, and relocations, (even temporary, where they travel to work, somewhere out of state) to feed their families!!! The union itself, belongs to the members that join it!!!
            Ironically, just like the Union we call our Country!!! You don’t realize that your Taxes are, in all actuality, your dues to the “United” States of America’s Internal Revenue Service, do you?? Then again, you say that I’m the idiot…

            “Idiot” and “Liberal” is what you called me huh…
            I may be the idiot (Just because you don’t agree with me about the Union’s existence), but if you couldn’t tell by my screen name…A Liberal is the last thing in the world I would be considered, by my name alone.
            I believe that the Constitution itself, is the overall law of the USA.
            I believe that the First amendment affords you to make a fool of yourself on the internet.
            I believe that the Second Amendment exists to defend that right for you!!!
            God Bless our Troops, and God Bless America!!!

            There is no ‘Left’ or ‘Right’, there is only “Tyranny” or “Freedom”!!!
            There is only one party, and you’re not a part of it, and ALL politicians are in on the scam!!! Until you reserve yourself to that fact, you will continue to be a blind tool…Yes it says TOOL!!!

          3. kybob says:

            Give ’em hell idiot – made good $$ without a union bleeding it off – now my goal is to just to rile up idiots like you so you have a heart attack and drop dead so you won’t have to worry about Social Security being around when it is time for you to draw it

          4. Tyrannys_enemy says:

            So…Why the KY bob??
            You’re vagina a little sandy??
            You couldn’t rile shit with a spoon “Einstein”!!!
            HA HA HA

            Oh and say…It wasn’t unions that pushed for the minimum wage increase…They merely endorsed it…
            Burger flippers…well…probably like you…”Pushed” for it!!! Now just like the auto industry, they’re gonna automate fast food, and STILL raise the prices to outrageous amounts!!! Doesn’t bother me at all either…I don’t eat that crap!!!

          5. kybob says:

            Not riled up??
            Keep up the tirade you A**HOLE

          6. Tyrannys_enemy says:

            Tirade?? LMAO

            A hole?? Does your mommy know that you’re using her internet?? I’ll bet you still live in her basement…Because you couldn’t get a job that required skills!!! Sniffle sniffle bitch!!!

          7. kybob says:

            Is that the best you got you good for nothing “Gimmecrap” Pathetic SOB

          8. Tyrannys_enemy says:

            “Is that the best you got”….golly gee Beav
            (I wrote that with a really squeaky feminine voice KY bob-n-slob…I hope you read it that way too)

            You throw around the word idiot like you know what it means, and when you in fact find out that you, are the actual nimrod. You keep trolling back in to prove that yes…You are truly in fact “THAT stupid” and are now looking for others like you…You’re barking up the wrong tree hot rod!!!

            We have the 1st Amendment in this country, which allows me to tell you, to shove it up your ass with a red hot poker!!! Yes it also allows you to come back with another lame retort (Like “major buttwad”, or some other stupid shit) So bring what you got!!! Facts kicked you square in the nuts…Now all you can do is slink away…It’s okay, No one will judge you here…

            Nest you’re gonna say that Islam is the “religion of peace”!!!! SMH
            So what now Douche Bag??

          9. kybob says:

            You are a pathetic POS — and apparently either you don’t work or you are playing around with your computer on your employer’s time
            Why don’t you do go what it anatomically impossible?

          10. Tyrannys_enemy says:

            You like to assume…Like when you called me a liberal!!! If I’m so pathetic then why are you trying to say GO FUCK YOURSELF without cussing, yet you just can’t shut the fuck up??

            Really KY Jelly Bob…Shut your cakehole!!!

            Oh and Person Of Sanity shouldn’t have the word “pathetic” in front of it…But the word “kybob” totally should!!!

            Here comes another lame response…Do it!!! Go on…

          11. kybob says:

            You are not worth the time –you are just another sorry bastard on the planet – a poster child for an abortion clinic “If you don’t abort this can happen to you too”

          12. Tyrannys_enemy says:

            If I’m not worth your time…then why are you STILL commenting smart guy??

            So you’re a believer in baby murder too huh??
            Self righteous arrogant prick!!! I’m not sorry for shit!!! Especially putting all that sand in your vagina!!!

          13. Tyrannys_enemy says:

            I’m such a mean mean person…Why you probably hope I get a flat tire, or maybe you’ll try and make another lame ass assumption, out of left (Note the word “LEFT”) field…

  • Jarhead says:

    Do as we say, not as we do, we are your leaders, your the peons, we are very special, you are garbage, we need special health care, you get DEATH BY DELAY VA Health Care, we are smart, you are stupid (Common Core)…. ACTUNG JAWHOL SEIG HEIL !

    1. Gerry Costa says:

      Good post – Jarhead and absolutely it is what our so-called leaders think. There is more hypocrisy in this country than there is smog over Denver.

    2. Melvyn Foster says:

      Misspelled ACHTUNG,nicht sprechen Sie?Un ios don’;t want that $15-hr. wage, they know it will close retail doors no matter what’s sold inside of them and the unemployed don’t pay union dues,(sic) sending trhe unions into bankruptcy and dissolution and the larfdbutted bosses would actually have to work for a living n and NOT make $15 hr..Snivel, snivel, unions,suck u it up and face reality.We know your motive.

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