Illegal border children taxing resources inside U.S. schools

Central American children may be surging across the southwest border, but their effect is felt in school districts across the country — and nowhere more than in Alexandria, Virginia, where federal authorities this year placed 205 in a city of fewer than 150,000 people.

The children could increase the school-age population in the county by more than 1 percent, marking a significant influx of students likely to need intense help with English and other remedial education programs.

No longer just a border problem, the surge is now an issue for officials in communities throughout the country, where 126 counties or cities have at least 50 children, almost all of them school age, who have been placed with relatives or foster families within their jurisdictions.

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  • catherinedeanni says:

    There was a time when we the people where well informed about our governments and what they were up to. Today we have lose many of our free press, many only put out news the government OK’s. Very few will tell the full story of just how bad it is in some cities where these illegals have been dumped and what it is doing to there budgets, the overcrowding classes, dealing with the surge of many diseases we haven’t had here in America for years. The only way many of us see the truth is when people in these cities put in on the internet or the few news outlet print it, but they are shouted down as lies. It is time we wake up that our government today is corrupt and we need to make sure we start voting out these elected leaders who are not upholding our constitution.

  • Audrey says:

    Those buses taking the children into our country should have been taking them back to where they came from. We can’t even take care of our veterans and our homeless, and these illegals are getting treated like they are royalty. Such a pity the things our tax dollars pay for.

    1. mythoughtsare says:

      Put their bus on the same road our marine took when he got arrested at the border. Mexico can then arrest them!

  • RBlakeH says:

    Put them in the middle of a field and tell them once they learn English and have funds to cover their education (given a period of 9- days) they can enter a normal class room. If upon completion of the 90 days they do not have the language skills and necessary money they will be returned to Mexico, the last border they crossed.

    1. Audrey says:

      Good idea. Too bad our great politicians will never approve of this. We can take care of illegals, but not our own homeless. This country’s politicians and the pres are pathetic.

  • bayman61 says:

    You people need to ask yourself something. How did these children travel thousand of miles by themselves? They did not. They are NOT unaccompanied. The government is lying to us about this. Where have you seen pictures of “unaccompanied” children. All the pictures I have seen, they have adults with them. On a recent tv show where some illegals were caught, or rather they wanted to be caught because they did not even run. They just crossed and waited for the Border Patrol to come find them. All of them had a child with them. When asked how they got to the border, they all said they took a bus. The Border Patrol saw them crossing on a raft. Every other time the rafts turned back, but not this one. Obama has seen to it that they have an excuse to stay now. He let them know that they would not deport little children, so now they all bring a child with them. Obama is trying to take us down. And he does not even care if we find out how he is doing it.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Gov Perry, with much publicity, sent the National Guard to the border almost a month ago. What’s been going on since then? Why isn’t the Guard stopping this? Why haven’t we heard a progress report from Perry? If he’s sending the Guard, then he’s taking responsibility, so… WHAT’S HAPPENING GOVERNOR?!?! Or was it just a lot of talk for the Iowa voters?

    2. Audrey says:

      Yes. He thinks he is all powerful and he is killing this country. The worst president ever. If you are illegal then go home. We can’t even take care of our veterans. Such a shame. Shame on you Obama.

    3. disqus_Ls1ucoLATl says:

      exactly…what child would travel miles and miles across a rugged terrain..for Gods’ sake they get lost in the shopping malls!

  • cal3301 says:

    There are schools complaining that some of these so called children have grey hair and they are not allowed to question their ages or any else. The problem I see when we enroll our children, they need a birth certificate, be up to date on all immunizations, and proof of just about everything. These kids and adults have God knows what, come from God knows where, and have no valid info at all on them, and they cannot be questioned about it. Obamma is endangering our children. How many will be where his youngest daughter goes to school?

    1. I Seigel says:

      I guess each state’s rules are different, but I had never heard of any state requiring a birth certificate prior to enrollment. The requirements I am familiar with are those requiring proof of all immunizations – NO waivers for religious objections – and competency in the English language.

      As to the rest of your claims, can you provide any evidence other than hearsay about “grey hair” and not being allowed to question anything? A “news story” on Breitbart doesn’t qualify as facts.

      1. cal3301 says:

        When I enrolled my son proof of age, citizenship, and residency were required…a birth certificate was one of the accepted means.
        My friend in California is a teacher and she stated about the grey at the temples and salt and pepper look. They were told to sign them up and not verify age or anything. No questions were allowed, just enroll. If you had even seen the pictures of those on top of the trains, they were not children. At the border they are mainly 17 and up. Our own President will not even tell where these so called kids are located. You can hear some of it on major news stations. CNN had a good run with it.
        FYI, in Mexico and all points south, unless your rich, 13 on up is an adult. Many girls have two or three kids by the time they are 15 or 16. Some have entered the US at that age pregnant. I worked at a warehouse that was hiring illegals and found most of that out myself.
        You can find it all out yourself if you bother to open your eyes.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Very interesting info. Thank you for posting.

      2. mythoughtsare says:

        The requirements I am familiar with are those requiring proof of all immunizations – “the requirements with which I am familiar”

  • catherinedeanni says:

    Schools have a limited budget, this in flex of illegals into our schools is going to hurt the people of these communities with higher taxes, but the American children will also suffer as more programs will be cut, over crowding of each classroom, and it will hurt them from learning as the teacher will have to devote more time to these illegal children. since most of these illegals have had no education in there home countries and do not speak English.

    1. Audrey says:

      You are right. This is not fair to the American people and our children. Why should we, the taxpayers, have to pay for illegals to come in to our country and be educated. They are probably getting into the free programs while hardworking Americans are struggling and paying for their free ride.

  • Myron Smith says:

    Illegals return to their country. We do not have funds to take care of the world.

    1. Steve Thomas says:

      True dat! $18 trillion in debt means STOP SPENDING!!!!

  • Dealerdeb1 says:

    Obama is hell bent on destrpoying Capitalist America until we are brought down to the level his punishment thinks is proper for a Agressive country. He wants Ultra Socialist/Communit rulke so everyone shares the misery of the poor. He is a DISGUSTING man and should have never been allowed to lead America from a NON AMerican stance. I am so angry at the morons who voted for this. personally I no longer care about the have NOTS they are there for a reason and it isn’t my or the Country’s fault. It is the fault of the Left who victimized them and made them useless and entitled. I am sick of paying for them. I do not think we need to fund these kids. SEND them back

    1. I Seigel says:

      I think it’s much more likely that you’re hellbent on destroying the English language. Did you know there was something called “spellcheck” on your computer? That and a basic knowledge of grammar would help. Since you’re so hellbent on these immigrant kids not going to our schools, I sure hope YOU did! Not likely, though, if your posts are any indication

      1. Dealerdeb1 says:

        OH please I have a cute little black cats that jumps on the keyboard silly man are you libs really THAT pathetic?

        1. I Seigel says:

          I think the evidence speaks for itself. Thank you for posting another such fine example. Cheers and have a nice weekend.

          1. Audrey says:

            Really. All you can do is make fun of spelling. He has a valid point. When you catch a disease from one of these illegals we will be making fun of you for being such a dumbass.

          2. I Seigel says:

            So far there have been no reports of “these illegals” causing any epidemics. It COULD happen, yes I agree, but so far all we have is scare-mongering from the right.

            Far more dangerous, though, are parents who think they have a right to send their child to public schools but who think they also have the right to “opt out” of the reasonable immunization requirements that most school systems have. If they’re going to choose to use public facilities, then they need to play by the rules. Otherwise, there are plenty of choices in private schools they can choose from.

            And I should not have centered my response to DealerDeb only on her spelling. I should have addressed the content.

          3. mythoughtsare says:

            “there are plenty of choices in private schools they can choose from” WRONG grammar! “there are plenty of private schools from which they can choose”

          4. I Seigel says:

            Thank you. I stand corrected.

      2. mythoughtsare says:

        How nasty of you to say this!!!! There are people who are dyslexic and have trouble spelling even though they are very smart. My son is one. Also, texting has caused a breakdown in correct spelling. If you can understand what is being said, that is all that is important !!!!

    2. catherinedeanni says:

      This is all about open borders & a one world nation. That means we need 90% of the people equal in pay & education. While being ruled by the 10%. So what you do Is help take the middleclass & make the poorest equal in income and there share in benefits, that means you dumb down the middleclass & push up the poorest of the world till they are all equally uneducated slaves to do the bidding of the 10%. Many of the things we see going on now like pitting one group against the other is helping the 10% in there plan to achieve there goal. By getting the people to blame each other for there problems, it stops the people to really see who is to blame for there problems.

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