Illegal immigrants already being released to neighborhood near you

Tens of thousands of immigrants who illegally crossed the Mexico border into Texas are in the process of being released into communities throughout the nation rather than being indefinitely detained or immediately deported, a congressman told

The releases have already started and the Border Patrol did not disclose how many. At least 60,000 Central Americans have entered the country illegally this year, though some news reports say the figure is as high as 170,000. An effort is under way to place children in foster homes or with relatives already living in the U.S., said Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas.

The adults are being given a “notice to appear,” something like to a traffic ticket that requires they show up for a deportation hearing. Following that notice, they are simply being released. Those who return for the hearing will face a federal immigration judge to determine their fate.

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  • Jean Blake Fleming says:


  • JONDO says:

    Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, or is everybody stoned..

  • JONDO says:

    We are being invaded by another country and our own government is orchestrating the whole thing, Where is our Military, They should be ordered in to stop this Rogue government from taking over our country,Don’t count on congress,thr sitting thr counting the money they got for selling us out.

  • antiliberalcryptonite says:

    What other sovereign nation acts like this???!?!?!!! NONE!!! It would be the end of their nation, and so it will be with America if We, The People, don’t put a stop to this right now. The Destroyer-In-Chief needs to be tarred and feathered.

    1. says:

      You are right all we do is talk it’s time some action was put behind our comments!

  • defiant1 says:

    Obama created and orchestrated this problem and is pushing for a civil uprising or war in this country and it is exactly what he wants so he can declare marshal law and use all the defense equipment that his agencies have been stockpiling. The diseases alone that these degenerates bring will cause epidemics in this country. This president is pushing his luck but all dictators eventually fall. I don’t want these disease ridden, criminal degenerates in my community. I have enough of them in MoCo and MD because of the progressive communist democrats catering to them and shoving them down our throats while we pay taxes to accommodate their needs. All the illegals need to be deported, our borders closed as well as immigration closed until this country is back on track, safe and secure.

  • Thomas Viveiros says:

    The thieving smelly scumbag illegal aliens should be hunted down like rabid animals even if it means knocking down their doors “in the dark of night” and arrested , jailed , tried , convicted and then booted out of this once proud Republic as no one should be allowed to jump ahead of those millions who are waiting in the legal immigration line .

  • runing says:


    1. antiliberalcryptonite says:

      The Antichrist-In-Chief, sent by the devil to destroy America.

      1. runing says:

        AMEN TO THAT

    2. says:

      It’s time for ALL of us to get off this key board and stop talking and do something!!!!!

  • yaelra says:

    In NY all the schools got a multi-million dollar makeover.
    To legitimize such a huge waste of money, they will make sure these schools are constantly full of students. So where are hundreds of students going to come from to fill these gigantic schools? That’s right!!! These illegals are going to “mysteriously” show up in the nyc boroughs- and “coincidentally” in time for fall enrollment. With all these illegalteachereled into our ny system, now all the ESL coaches, AIS teachers will never lose their jobs. This is all wellplanned. And the NY taxpayer has to absorb the cost of their education, meals, low income housing and medical bills. This is so outrageously wrong on so many levels. Its infuriating and immoral.

  • B Smith says:

    It is all part of their plan to wipe out most of us by exposing us to illnesses we have no immunity to. And what about your health insurance? Oh, that has been taken away, and you might have Obamacare. It won’t provide any care for you.

  • catherinedeanni says:

    If you notice they are sending these illegals into poor & middle class districts. How about sending them into rich districts, where all his donor’s live.

    1. defiant1 says:

      The plan is to have the elites in the limited percentages and the poor and middle class merge together. This is what communism is, the small top percent elites and the rest of the masses which are the underlings.

    2. Kc says:

      This is a wonderful idea. The most elite neighborhoods in California and NYC. Not the poor areas. Then we’ll see if these Uber liberal elitist will put their money where their mouth is. Send ’em over next door to Ms Pelosi’s or Harry Reid’s house or Jessie Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s and Rev. Wright’s neighborhoods.

      1. catherinedeanni says:

        Obama is pushing the teaching of Cloward & Pivien, which he taught, on the people of the United States. You overload the country with the welfare system where 75% of the people are depended on the government for handouts, then you have control of them. You need a group of people who are willing to help you to achieve this, by given them many benefits most people don’t get and of course they will follow you to keep these benefits. Just a note Hillary Clinton did her college graduation paper on this theory. Everyone should educate themselves with this theory, which will make them better education on just what is going on in Government today.

  • rickouellette says:

    The only solution we have at this point is to vote every democrat out in Nov. Obama would not be doing this if he did not have democrat support. You can bet that both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are behind him 100%. With the republicans in charge of congress they can at least cut funding for Obama’s endless spending which is putting us all at risk. The Obama administration started planning for this influx in Jan 2014. They estimated 65,000 children would be coming in and were trying to contract transportation and housing. Now they would like you and I to believe it was a complete surprise. They are here because Obama’s policies invited them to come. Good Luck America !!!

    1. catherinedeanni says:

      I just learned that Obama has been shipping over the last few years illegals to many cities without anyone finding out, it is estimated that over 300 thousand are already planted in our nation, it is only coming out because of the volume of all these children who parents are already hear and want to make sure they are reunited with them, while he is still President and is not deporting them,

  • Susan Heneghan says:

    My neighborhood is already mostly illegal Mexican immigrants. I am the minority here; American, tax-paying, involuntary monetary supplier of free goodies for felonious illegal immigrants; new schools, soccer fields, free education and child care and medical assistance and programs. I must have a driver’s license to drive, and insurance, but Mr. Illegal Alien can buy a car and drive without license or insurance. The city of Chicago has bent over backwards to welcome these invaders here; Southwest college is now 90% illegals, getting their free English speech classes, and every thing is written or spoken in Spanish, even their kids are taught in Spanish in one of a dozen or more brand new, state of the art schools built by UNO with my taxes. Just hang out in front Wheatland Steel at 44th and Western Ave at break time and see how many union jobs are now had by illegal Mexican immigrants while American steel workers are out of work. You’ll know Wheatland by the big American Flag flying on top. Hell, stop at any of the dozen or so companies on Western and wait for break time or quitting time. You’ll get sick to your stomach. How do these American corporations justify this? I’ve visited other states and I don’t see it as bad, but it’s there. Might as well just hand them the keys to the White House. No one seems to care.

  • dinkerduo says:

    I think these, mostly, kids were flown to northern Mexico–then put on buses to cross the border! These kids loo toooo well fed to be under much hardship in their own country and one pres. of one of those countries said so! He said that the kids are NOT in immediate danger from gangs etc.! That is the EXCUSE this Oval Office is giving but it doesn’t wash!
    This potus is trying to get as many FOREIGNERS here as possible because–
    foreigners will NOT fight as hard for our Constitution as a born here citizen will! It won’t be long-at this rate-before there will be more foreigners here than legal citizens–then what will happen to this country–2/3 world conditions?!?

    And then maybe some of these people will vote Democratic and/or pick up arms against the real American people!

  • 2duane says:

    They came to the U.S. from Mexico. Shouldn’t matter where they started their trip from. Send each and every one of them back to the country that sent them to us. That would be Mexico unless they came in via aircraft.

  • JONDO says:

    And the government is breaking the law by doing so. Thr scattering disease all over the country and as far as i am concerned that’s treason, Where is the outrage from the American people.Those illegals never had inoculations of any kind, Spreading those diseases in the country now, is the same as murder for the Elderly and the younger ones.

    1. catherinedeanni says:

      We will found out when all these children start school in Sept. and your child get sick and you take them to the emergency room only to stand on line with these illegals.

  • rainger1ful says:

    I am so sick of this !!! Is there anyway we can make a citizens arrest on obama and have him tried for endangering our lives, with leaving these borders open. He is not protecting us.

  • Stephen Errol Brown says:

    Question ? why are these people heading north towards the USA and not south toward South America ?

    1. dinkerduo says:

      Because we are still the richest country on Earth! Most in the poor countries would come here if they had the chance! So. Am. is as poor as Central Am. is with kids living like sewer rats in their sewer system!

  • Robert Borkoski says:

    Send them to every “sanctuary city” beginning with Nancy Pelosi’s doorstep.

    1. mudguy1 says:


      1. raffaelecafagna says:

        Best solution

  • paulyz says:

    The Federal Government has NO right to dump Illegal Invaders into States. It is the responsibility of the Federal Government to protect each State from Invasions which they are NOT doing, just the opposite. Obama & the Democrat Party that allows him to do as he pleases are corrupt to the core and these are impeachable offenses against our Liberty,

  • savage24 says:

    Thomas Jefferson said it best, “When injustice becomes law, then rebellion becomes duty.”

  • Debbie says:

    This is all part of the Obamacare plan-release all these disease carrying illegals into the American population to infect & kill the young, sick & elderly.

    1. Rebecca Pick says:

      I agree – what else will this man do to destroy our country?????

      1. CTH says:

        There is nothing a democrap / progressive / socialist / communist will not do to destroy our once free country. Maybe the appropriate remedy would be a substantial number of executions after they are convicted of treason.

      2. dinkerduo says:

        Lots—if we don’t stop him–one way or another!

  • jdbixii says:

    it has to be impressed on government officials that this situation is completely unacceptable. American citizens can’t find jobs, those who have them pay taxes to government and have a right to expect that the laws of the country will protect them and that officials fulfill their constitutional duty to defend and protect, to ensure domestic tranquility, to provide for the common defense, to promote the general welfare and security the blessings of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness by means of the justice provided by obedience to the law. The liberal, democrat response to this issue is unAmerican and intolerable!

    1. awegweiser says:

      Read the lines at the base of that statue in New York harbor.
      Try some of the remarks by Jesus in the New Testament as well.

      1. RichardBond says:

        The poem on the Statue of Liberty is not a national foundation document. It is by Emma Lazarus a New York school teacher not a founder. She did not create the statue or even work with its creator who was Bartholdi. It was created to commemorate a hundred years of the democratic republican form of government not immigration. If we allow violation of our immigration law the which is result of democratic process in its name we are defying democratic principle and the message of the statues creator.

      2. antiliberalcryptonite says:

        Down-voted for ignorance.

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