Illegal immigrants file applications to force Obama’s hand on stopping deportations

Nearly a dozen illegal immigrations announced a campaign Wednesday to force President Obama’s hand on halting deportations, saying they would file papers demanding to be let into the existing program granting so-called Dreamers legal status, even though none of them qualify.

Some of the immigrants came as children and would have qualified except they went home for college and then came back, while others are parents of Dreamers who have already gotten legal status under Mr. Obama’s 2012 program. And one is Jose Antonia Vargas, a former Washington Post reporter who was a few months too old to qualify for the Dreamer policy, and whose case has become a flashpoint in the immigration debate.

Mr. Vargas, who travels the country advocating for illegal immigrants, said they often hear complaints from Americans who tell them they should get in the back of the immigration line. But he said that’s impossible for most illegal immigrants, saying there is “no line” for them to get in that would earn them legal status from within the U.S.

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  • defiant1 says:

    And you can go to Jose Antonio Vargas, you are a disgrace to this country as well as the Washington Post allowing you to work at that trashy liberal paper. I grew up with the WaPo living is DC suburbs, but when the liberals took over, the paper was ruined. The only decent contributor is the syndicated Charles Krauthammer.

  • Glenn says:

    If they are found to be illegal, load them on an airplane and ship them home. If this was done immediately, the illegal numbers crossing the border would fall. If they return a second time, I know of one sheriff that I would support to jail them for a period of time and then send them home.

  • bdcorvette says:


  • brenda Harrell says:

    Head em up move em out! They don’t belong here, they are ILLEGAL and are breaking the law.

  • LaRae Bailey says:

    this is wrong, they should have zero rights

  • mlb_1902 says:

    Wonder what Mexico would do if we all invaded Mexico and demanded rights like the illegals do here and drivers license, food stamps, welfare, medical, jobs, houses and you name it and they want it or demand it and they even shut down the streets to let them march and to make sure no car hits them. they have no rights they are not citizens and they need to go to the end of the line and enter the way millions before them have. LEGALLY

  • defiant1 says:

    Who does this illegal law-breaking alien trash think they are? Deport, Deport, Deport……….

    1. CintiCB says:

      They’re our new ‘victims’. The current ‘victim’ group has been replaced. This will not make them too happy!!! I guess, their new ‘oppressors’ will be the illegals, not whitey anymore. On second thought, some may be glad about it as now, dey even bigger ‘victims’ because they have two groups who oppress + mistreat them.

  • J G says:

    Go ahead and file! Part of the application process is that they go back to their country of origin to initiate the process.

  • RealAmerican71 says:

    Tell these Illegals to go back to Hell where they came.. We Americans do not want to pay their way or put up with all there Illegal acts and disrespect of us and America…. Where is our coalition to demand Obama do his job enforce current laws

    1. CintiCB says:

      Do you remember a term that became common, I think, around the time that Affirmative Action began? These two words go through my head, VERY OFTEN, when I think of Bamy-boy. These words are, ‘token black’. It’s what it seems like. When companies were FORCED to hire blacks, most of them were nonproductive, but, they couldn’t be fired. The business HAD TO HAVE the ‘token black’. It feels like we have a ‘token black’ in the Oval Office!!!

  • savage24 says:

    Have you noticed that this administration has pushed the illegal immigration invasion off the map with their so called investigation of the Ferguson racial riots. The lapdog media is an accomplice in this fiasco. Another sad day for our once proud nation. This is what we get for putting dishonorable people in honorable positions.

    1. defiant1 says:

      The Alinsky principle, keep things chaotic; then add on that slimy Rahm Emmanuel’s statement “…never let a crisis go to waste….”

  • WiSe GuY says:

    Illegal immigrants do not have Constitutional rights!

    1. CTH says:

      Easy and correct answer. Load them in sealed boxcars headed south.

      1. carlton goodson says:

        yep. in slang of the south.

    2. Steve Thomas says:

      Or ANY rights in this country. They should be treated the same way Americans that move to Mexico are treated…like sh*t.

      1. Karen Redd says:

        My thoughts EXACTLY. Illegals have no rights here we do tho sadly our voices are not heard. Maybe we speak wrong language, if we l learned Spanish he’d probably hear us- then ignore us.
        And these unwanteds don’t ‘want’ to get in line for legalization? Excuse me? WHO GIVES A SHIT!? Our screwed up government wants nothing more than to destroy our country- and to see the list of the 81 communist democrats in the house and the senate- is astounding. I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again- did everyone who voted for these traitors know they were communists? And if so wow, you can’t help but wonder how many communists do we have in this country? And the RINOS, are any of them? Bozo was on their list as a senator but had to get out when —God forbid God bless and save America PLEASE? — he unfortunately became our – destroyer.
        And about Ferguson I wouldn’t doubt AT ALL if bozo was behind that to divert our attention away as the ~~ sneakily legalized the sickening unwanteds. Like the picture of the young unwanted BITCH flipping off the photographer and all the little AHs laughing, boy, that’s gratitude isn’t it? I viciously extremely hatefully despise every one of those AHs coming into OUR country making demands with a vengeance from hell. How dare that ugly big eared crooked POS. Never NEVER should I have to give them one freaking penny, our money is for America and our proud citizens.

      2. mlb_1902 says:

        Thrown in jail just for making a wrong turn and he has been starved, beaten and punk golf player Nobama won’t do a thing but he released 5 terrorists for 1 scum low life deserter and coward

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