Illegals Eligible For $1.3 Trillion In Retirement Benefits

by Breitbart
March 18, 2015

The lifetime costs of Social Security and Medicare benefits of illegal immigrant beneficiaries of President Obama’s executive amnesty would be well over a trillion dollars, according to Heritage Foundation expert Robert Rector’s prepared testimony for a House panel obtained in advance by Breitbart News.

Rector, a senior research fellow at Heritage, is slated to speak on the costs of Obama’s executive amnesty Tuesday before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. He will testify to the high entitlement costs of granting legal status to millions of illegal immigrants.

Based on Rector’s calculations, which assume that at least 3.97 illegal immigrants would apply for and receive legal status under Deferred Action for Parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents (DAPA), and that the average DAPA beneficiary would have a 10th grade education, the costs would be immense.

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  • podunk1 says:

    It’s time for Congress to stop running in circles, and instead, hold Obama accountable for insurrection and rebellion! Zero rational financial disclosure about the felony tax/regulation alien worker invasion is demonic! God gave us a brain and ability to fight evil. Common sense mandates holding Obama AND congress accountable for this betrayal!!

    Obama’s highly touted 2.1 million job creation between December 2014 and 2008 failed to disclose a 15.2 million increase in eligible population that would have 1997/2008 historically increased the workforce by 10.1 million and require an employment increase of 9.6 million workers @5% unemployment! Employment is a variable indicator where only 2.1 million jobs were created for a 15.2 million eligible workforce population increase!!! A 7.5 million job loss relative to growing population is “planned” disaster!!!
    Employment and workforce information can provide historical measures to determine national economic wealth generation as well as planning national success or failure! Our nation is in a death spiral because that is exactly what progressive “fundamental change” is designed to do!
    The January, 2015 BLS 249,723,000 eligible workforce population would have generated a 166,067,000 workforce at the 1997/2008 pre-Obama 12 year Bush Clinton 66.50066% workforce average. The 1997/2008 average 4.994% unemployment (8,293,000) would establish 157,764,000 fulltime workers generating $10.33 trillion/yr economic productivity @BLS fulltime $24.22/hr wage with 30% tax/fringes! January employment was 148,201,000 people (34.6/hrs/wk) ($9.71 trillion potential) which is 128,194,000 full time jobs generating only $8.40 trillion economic output! January 37,874,000 joblessness costs $1.93 trillion/yr vs. the 1997/2008 averages @ 5% unemployment! (Numbers rounded)
    This $2 trillion productivity sabotage is but one of three colossal “employment/productivity” scandals that are easily solved by prosecution and pointing the way to prosperity!!!

  • The redhawk says:

    SO where is the Wadded Panties Pansy Potus going to STEAL this Money From??? …. Medicare, again?? or from the IRS???

  • David in MA says:

    When I retired as a municipal worker and started drawing SS, my SS retirement was reduced by almost exactly what my town retirement was, it is called a windfall because the town did not withhold SS deductions.
    Now, we have millions of illegal immigrants who will receive “BACK PAY” and they never paid into the system.
    AND, if those people get that funding they will send it back to Mexico or wherever they came from, another double drain on American cash flow.
    Obama must be arrested, tried and sentenced to life in GITMO and his henchmen and women along with him who are involved in such an insane venture, well, that is except those who get the firing squad!

    1. sn says:

      You can thank the dumbocrats for supporting ILLEGAL invaders. They have to bolster their voting ranks and what better way to do that is buy their votes……

    2. What many do not realize is that we have many thousands of unemployed LEGAL, Natural born citizens (unlike our Dictator) whose places will be taken by illegal aliens who, because of their lower education levels are less expensive to hire. Yet because they are not legal to be here, they are typically paid in cash “under the table” so no Income is recorded nor Income tax collected. No Social Security wages are recorded, thus no SS taxes withdrawn. Ditto Medicare/Medicaid. They get sick or injured and need an ambulance, medical attention, but most likely have no insurance, so who gets stuck for the ambulance bill (not cheap), the hospital and doctors’ bills? Usually the welfare department or Human Services Department of the city, county or state. Meanwhile,we still have our Natural Born Citizens who have been unemployed long enough that their unemployment checks have stopped coming and they also may have children in public schools, have medical expenses, can’t pay their mortgage, get evicted from the home they have paid on for ten or fifteen years and become homeless. Weigh the costs of illegals who pay taxes at all against the 80 to 90 percent who manage to dodge paying taxes and send much of their money “back home,” to relatives. Then factor in the citizens who have lost everything and still can’t find work but still receive benefits, if no longer in unemployment compensation, then in medical and educational costs, lost skills to management and humanitarian aid to the homeless, etc. Let’s stop the inflow of ILLEGALS as the LAW REQUIRES and arrest all — including the Dictator — behind bars for breaking the law he took an oath to preserve and defend.

    3. melo says:

      The same thing happened to me. Windfall! More like Shortfall for me – Windfall to the Gov’t.. Worked for many years before my municipal job receiving SS statements, etc. Worked the last 15 years under city pension (no warning there about windfalls…) receiving city statements of earned retirement. Only to hear from a retiring co-worker that I would be loosing much of the private sector monies earned. Evidently, this situation was enacted by Bill Clinton.

  • David says:

    OK lets call it 4 Million immigrants. They would be working and therefore paying taxes, Federal, State and local as well as Soc Sec, Medicare and probably property taxes too.
    Say they make 50K a year. Federal and State taxes on that would be at least $10K. Then there is SS another 6K plus Medicare, sales tax, property etc, say another 4K. That is a total of $20k in taxes in a year. Most are young, so lets say they work for only 30 years. 20K X30yrs = $600,000 times 4 million = $2.4 Trillion in taxes. And what did they say it would cost? 1 Trillion? And we collected 2.4 Trillion? Hey we are ahead of the game!
    Just saying.

    1. HCUA says:

      50 thousand a year? Surely, you jest. 90% of the illegals are from Mexico, and the average education that they got there was a 3rd grade education, if you want to call it that. They will not contribute anything to our society for decades, if that, and will be a drag on society for decades, in the meantime.
      Ahead of the game? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      1. mountaine says:

        YOU ARE RIGHT ON !!!!!

    2. David in MA says:

      they don’t make $50G’s a year and they don’t pay taxes…..
      This is simply a communist maneuver to drain the resources of America so the idiots will vote for Islamic Marxism thinking it will be a solution to their troubles…. it worked for hitler and obuttchit is hoping Americans are so stupid they will also vote to destroy themselves.

    3. rafael says:

      David start here : The Law states : You can`t go to another country without permission .
      The Law states : Come here the Legal way Not the zero way .
      The Law states : when you are approved to come here , you have to have Funds with you not to be a Burden to the Nation and the People ; also you have to have a Clean Medical and Criminal record with you from Origin .
      These are our Laws ; also International Laws and Laws very well Enforced in Mexico .
      David , please Inform yourself before speaking . Thanks and Bless you always.

  • David says:

    3.97 illegal immigrants? How can less than 4 people cost over a Trillion Dollars?

    1. rafael says:

      David , it is 3.9 Million Illegals ( at least ; not 3.9 persons ) ; it started with 5 Million Illegals ; if Unconstitutional amnesty is given , the 5 Million Illegals will become 15 Million because they will bring here all their Relatives ( brothers , sisters , cousins . etc.) Bless you again David .

      1. Edward Peterson says:

        We already have 12-14 MM illegal aliens, of which, 1 1/2 % are felony criminals. Millions are receiving free heath care, welfare, SSA, every benefit available to a legitimate American citizen, which the law says you must be in order to collect these benefits.
        The law is ignored by Obama and his Democrat supporters. Obama is using taxpayer dollars to support the illegals and the Congress is of little help to the American People who foot the bill.
        Get rid of America’s worst president/

  • John Rooker says:

    Throw obama and the illegals out.

  • Lloyd Chandler says:

    Instead of giving illegals money for something they don’t deserve why don’t you give people on Social Security a raise, and quit throwing away money overseas.

    1. HCUA says:

      I concur. You really hit the nail on the head in one simple sentence.

    2. mountaine says:


  • Paul Z. says:

    There needs to be petitions from Americans stating that we will not be paying for any costs from Illegal aliens, & Congress better grow some to stop this travesty.

    1. David in MA says:

      Don’t hire them.
      Don’t rent to them.
      Don’t sell to them.
      Ignore them.
      Maybe they will get the message they are not wanted….
      Any bets if they get that money they will not go back to wherever they came from?
      Well, they will, until the money is gone, then they will be back for more.

    2. v. baker says:

      Since it’s taxpayers money being given away without our consent, maybe we should stop having federal taxes taken out of our hard-earned money. Still pay your State taxes.

  • robert says:

    This is all hog wash. One big lie. How does delaying deportation for three years do any of this? Granting a delay is not the same thing as amnesty. All of this will end when Congress passes a new immigration bill that fixes the problems and is enforceable.

    1. mountaine says:

      The only way I can see to fix congress is to throw all of them out and start over !!!!!

    2. David in MA says:

      These people are going to give obatchit his reason to implement Martial Law, when they riot.

      1. The redhawk says:

        The Pansy Potus in wadded panties is really pushing IT….

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