Immigration fight down to the wire

February 15, 2018

Senators are struggling to break through a legislative stalemate on immigration, with centrists making a frantic push to find a deal that can win enough support to pass by the end of the week.

The centrist senators on Wednesday said that they had finished the contours of an agreement that would protect “Dreamers” in exchange for more spending on border security.

But in a sign of just how harried the push has become, the official language of the agreement wasn’t revealed until late Wednesday night after hours of what Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz) called “tidying up the language.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has made clear that he intends to move on from the immigration debate after this week, leaving little time for any faction to cobble together 60 votes for an immigration bill.

If every Democrat supported the group’s proposal — which is not guaranteed — the centrists would need the votes of 11 GOP senators for a bill to pass. Roughly a dozen Republicans have been taking part in the Common Sense Coalition talks.

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  • Pete says:

    Quit Jackassing around, No Wall now = No deal.
    The President will veto anything that does not have the WALL in it.

  • podunk1 says:

    This is pure simple treason!! Progressive democrat/RINO communists ARE LEVYING WAR AGAINST THE USA AND CONSTITUTION! Their locust army of 55 to 64 million alien invaders and “immigrants”, looting, consuming everything, and overwhelming government infrastructure, has already destroyed free competitive employment and wages for citizens, and thrown the country into a debt death spiral of $20 trillion plus hundreds of trillions in sacked SSI and other government related pension plans!

    The simple innocent looking process of giving endless welfare subsidies to endless “poor” aliens to throw self sustaining citizens out of work into “equal poverty and welfare” conditions is right out of the communist and Alinski doctrines the allegiance bound progressive traitors are fighting for! The sabotage & stealth of publishing 4.1% unemployment (joblessness) when it’s really a catastrophic 22.45% in January if compared to the last credible 1997/2008 consistent historical period. That reconciles within 2.6% points considering the 22 million joblessness masked by part time job sharing that spiked with “OBAMACARE” firing & two halves for one have-not, and throwing citizens out of unemployment comp. and the “workforce” that determines comp, into the streets and homelessness! It’s the same watered-down generalized process Stalin and Mao used to make millions of people they didn’t like, disappear over their “winters”!

    Apply a little common sense to January’s “averaged annual $55,916 BLS wage” with rounded 30 % tax/benefits is really $72,705/yr.wealth generation; where the wage earner may take home 75% of the wage ($41,714) and the rest goes to government mandates like recruiting aliens to throw you out of work into the street of poverty and the wonderful world of welfare bondage after you lose everything… but can survive if you VOTE FOR A DAMNABLE PROGRESSIVE!!

    The Senate Budget Committee say household poverty costs the government(S) $168 per day, which is $61,320 per year. Knowing that, why (literally in hell’s name) would you or anyone else want to work for $41,714; when all you have to do is shed everything you treasure, your morality, and GOD and become card carrying progressive with a $19,000 earnings raise, government home, and rights to kill the golden goose that provides for the “Obama-nation”.

    Historically & predictably, the goose always dies, and the idiots who rely on her, disappear with her. Those who survive will live in tyranny and terror like the mid east and endless other countries

    (no time to edit – so… if there are transposition errors, blame on sticky keys or the progressive hackers who add a little hell to my environment.)

    1. DrBillLemoine says:

      Hey, genius, it’s conservatives who have deregulated everything and caused–yesterday and today–severe economic and social upheaval, not what you think. If you aren’t Native American, you too are from immigrant stock, so look in the mirror when you think or write immigrant nonsense. It’s Republicans and conservatives who have given us about $15 of the $21 Trillion in todays debt and Trump associates in office who flout basic laws and our Constitution. Are you a Russian bot since you don’t know this?
      Look at the military when you see waste, fraud and abuse, or at red states taking more federal money than they pay in taxes. It’s rich donors manipulating your congress and president who capped worker wages about 30 years ago while they now own about 50% of the nation’s assets and rake in 90% of it’s current income. Anyone not in a cave, survivalist cabin or watching mainstream media knows these things, but not you in your partisan haze living. This is a smaller, faster, more connected world than you know and we need all the patriotism, economic knowhow and common esprit we can generate–not what you are advocating. Wake up and see reality.

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