In a revealing interview, Trump predicts a ‘massive recession’ but intends to eliminate the national debt in 8 years

Donald Trump said in an interview that economic conditions are so perilous that the country is headed for a “very massive recession” and that “it’s a terrible time right now” to invest in the stock market, embracing a distinctly gloomy view of the economy that counters mainstream economic forecasts.

The New York billionaire dismissed concern that his comments — which are exceedingly unusual, if not unprecedented, for a major party front-runner — could potentially affect financial markets.

“I know the Wall Street people probably better than anybody knows them,” said Trump, who has misfired on such predictions in the past. “I don’t need them.”

Trump’s go-it-alone instincts were a consistent refrain — “I’m the Lone Ranger,” he said at one point — during a 96-minute interview Thursday in which he talked candidly about his aggressive style of campaigning and offered new details about what he would do as president.

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  • Disgruntled_OlderGuy says:

    None of it real. The last 7 yrs, the stock market rise all due to money printing. And autobots making the buys. They’re keeping it up, keeping it up, as long as they can. Can’t have anything nasty like a recession or crash happen – it would taint the beloved Barry legacy.

  • Seedman says:

    Loose cannon Donald “boom boom” Trump is reaching even further than Obama with his prophetic timelines. Ted Cruz is no teddy bear but as far as a competent president Ted fits the bill to a T.

  • nokabosh says:

    The dem pundits and establishment repubs are out there painting Doom’s Day scenarios for Trump’s campaign. They are deathly afraid their mutual-backscratching world of insiders-for-profit could be doomed. Trump does want to fix issues facing the nation with real solutions. That’s the change we need.

    1. Maggiemae says:

      Amen to that!!!!

      1. Ron Thomas says:

        Amen to Maggienae’s comment.

    2. RadioFreeKansas says:

      Yes, that’s some of the change we need, but he’s TOTALLY the wrong person to bring about this change!

  • Defend America says:

    I read months ago ( do not recall his name ) but his past predictions have been very accurate according to the post that we will be in another recession before the end of 2016. I have not recovered from Obama, yet sure hope they are wrong. I say Obama because I did not start losing money until after he took office, except in the stock market.

    1. RadioFreeKansas says:

      Really? You didn’t loose any money in the Bush Jr./Wall Street recession of ’08? Wow, you’d be one of a very few who didn’t.

      1. Defend America says:

        Guess I am one of the few. Once Obama took office my income dropped 50%. Starting to come back a little now but still not back where it was. I am not saying Obama caused the recession but I do not see where he has helped in the recovery, not in the South anyway.

  • zoehoney says:

    That is his goal. The economy is in recession for sure. Once it hits and it will he will look like he had a clue. People need to read and do their homework on what is happening. It will be too bad that it will make Trump look SO SMART and how did he know when the shit hits the fan. It has been unfolding since they started QE under Obama. Yellen is his hench woman covering up for this prick and his horrible economy and policy. Completely pathetic more do not see what the truth has been for 7 years.

    1. nokabosh says:

      A Yuggge bubble is forming in the economy with the stock market being overpriced because there’s no where else to put money to grow the economy. High corp tax rates the problem. The Fed is keeping interest rates low for free money to banks who are just putting it in stocks. The debt is at a point where the Fed has to keep low interest rates or let the country go bankrupt. Then there’s inflation vs deflation – one or the other. The Fed is on tightrope there.

      1. Ron Thomas says:

        Look at municipal bonds locally. Much better and safer.

    2. Maggiemae says:

      Sad so many have their heads up their rearends and can’t see the forrest for the trees…as the saying goes. When it all collapses around them they’ll be scratching their ends in amazement…unable, still, to figure it all out 🙁

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    If you cut the deficit and related government programs as billed, there will be millions of people put out of work in a short time equal to $20 trillion. That would plunge the USA and world into massive unemployment, loss of income, foreclosure of mortgages, repossessed cars, hungry people, homeless citizens which we saw in the 1930s as World Depression. It’s not possible and certainly not advisable. National debt like personal debt is a good thing because of the things it represents. Families mortgage their future for houses and cars. Nations do it to preserve capitalism and socioeconomic standing. It’s pure nonsense and has proven to be a disaster for everybody including fat cats who in 1929’s crash committed suicide. Trump again panders to an uninformed base voter.

    1. Maggiemae says:

      I have read, on more than one occasion, that once this country reaches 24 TRILLION in debt and that clock keeps ticking in that direction, this country will be totally bankrupt. There has to be some control on the massive WASTEFUL spending we have going on. Congress gives themselves raises…yet senior’s can’t get a cost of living raise. We spend millions on such stupid ‘stuff’…like does a rabbit sleep better after a massage….or how angry are hungry people (HANGRY). Really??? When someone writes a book on the hundreds of dollars of wasteful spending..that should be a clue. Lobbyists pay big bucks for people in power to piss away our money on sheer stupidity.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        In another forum today today I pushed for sundown and evaluation provisions built-in to all programs at federal and state levels. I hate waste like you do. My healthcare nurse supervisor sister hates Medicaid for its fraud and high costs that result. And the rules qualifying people for programs permit some abuse. All these refer to loopholes or crimes that should be pursued as you agree. But again people and their jobs, their freedom and their dignified living are at stake in reforms. It’s easy for pols to talk about reform, but they don’t/won’t do it because of the consequences to the whole nation. The best we can hope for is for tightening and revising over time to squeeze programs for more effectiveness and efficiency, two watchwords for me in my business and managerial careers. Keep asking candidates and lawmakers/leaders in office about your particular concerns and get friends to accompany. It must occur over 10 years not a couple as Trump says and republicans prefer with their ‘fiscal crisis’ talk so the country doesn’t go down the tubes with massive contraction. We should be talking about trillions, billions and millions of dollars in programs, not just hundreds and thousands which are a relative drop in the bucket. And privatizing anything isn’t the answer as squeezing just increases income for fat cats, not you and me.

        1. Maggiemae says:

          There truly has to be some reform and accountability for everything Congress pushes and does. If we don’t start somewhere…the cliff will be here and then it will all be too late. There are things that are run much better by privatizing than run by government. A private company in order to be profitable will work towards that goal; while government has no problem wasting tax payers money with no actual organiztion in place to curtail the high cost of ‘anything’. The less government involvement in anything in our lives…the better we, the people, are off.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Think again. Millions of retirees are most satisfied with government administration of social security payments, Medicare health coverages, regulation of banks’ risk taking, control of interest on loans and millions of other programs of note. Necessary programs like those are in force because ‘we the people’ want them. Your ‘no actual organization in place’ is wrong. All legislation has guidelines for any required bureaucracy. It’s the loopholes that create any ‘high cost’ you see; the rest is authorized in law and gets appropriations yearly from congress. States are another thing.
            A lifetime in public service showed my work to students, parents, administrators, community that programs can be run well–effective, efficient, on time and under budget. Private enterprise is good at managing programs, but innovation, invention and newness are not their strength. Don’t confuse searching for profits with resolving public needs. A balance is required.

          2. Kitty says:

            “Private enterprise is good at managing programs, but innovation, invention and newness are not their strength” You must be kidding. You probably think Gore invented the internet too. NO innovation from government – but look at Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. now that IS innovation.

            You sound like you were brain-washed by your liberal professors. Feel sorry for you.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Google and those companies did not start off gangbusters but a couple of innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs as a small business that grew. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Government funds much basic research like cancer. I survived cancer that killed my grandfather thanks to the government. You are out of your league. Silicon Valley is different but not as you imagine.
            BTW most professors, most people with a significant goal in life, most activists are liberals looking for progress. Thank a liberal for the nation as you enjoy it today, totally unlike 100 or 200 years ago. Think for yourself; get a liberal education.

          4. Kitty says:

            YOU are out of your league. You have a mental deficiency according to experts (Liberals brains are indeed damaged). This is a fact — and in your case it surely shows. So Gov funds research – it should, what does that have to do with anything. It does not mean we need all these unproductive workers collecting salaries at taxpayers expense. I will never thank a liberal. The opposite is true, they have destroyed this nation. Why don’t you move to Europe or maybe better China or some other socialist/commie country and let me know how you like you. But do us a favor and buy a one way ticket.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            lol, I’ll take a deficient/damaged liberal brain every day over an empty conservative one. You know the story about the one-eyed king in the land of the blind.
            I’ve been close to civil and education bureaucrats for a long time and find few are ‘unproductive’. Imagine road construction by contrast with 6 guys standing around watching one with a shovel digging.
            Nobody in government or education wants thanks. I’ve posted for years and get little praise for it. One does the job one must without external rewards. God is watching.
            Liberals destroyed the nation–actually it’s liberals or more accurately progressives and pragmatics who get things done, not your right wing ideologues. That’s why our country is #1 today from a bunch of 1776 rebels. I’m a capitalist and value what we have right here, not in Europe run by elitists/royalists or China run by technocrats and offspring of killers. But you should stop throwing around the political labels as they are not accurate. Have you visited a communist country? Know anybody from Cuba or China like I do? They’re just like us below the ruling class. BTW this is a free country with free speech protections. You don’t like what I write, ignore it, but I have a right you won’t find in China or Cuba.

          6. fbusch says:

            Ah, the good old democratic WPA, that was where the 6 guys watching the1 dig started. both parties are scared of Trump, because he just might knock over their rice bowls. Trump may not be a great pres.,but, if he shakes up the status quo I am all for it.

          7. Maggiemae says:

            And….the status quo really needs a good shake-up!

          8. DrBillLemoine says:

            Nobody’s afraid of Trump being president. Not 90% of blacks, not 60% of Hispanics, not 80% of women–all are voting Democratic. The only thing he’s shaking up is moderate republicans who will abandon the GOP for ANY Democrat at any level. People are waking up to the disastrous Republican goals, rhetoric and actions.

          9. Kitty says:

            Yes I have known people from China, even worked with one — very nice bright computer scientist. What does that have to do with anything here. And you wrote “You don’t like what I write, ignore it, but I have a right you won’t find in China or Cuba.” That is exactly my point. So keep on supporting the progressive agenda and soon you and the rest of us will no longer have that right. As I said before, you are beyond help — you my friend have been thoroughly brainwashed — really sad.

          10. DrBillLemoine says:

            Not very straight thinking. Progressives through the centuries brought us here, street lights, cars, paved highways, nuclear submarines, not conservatives. Today neocons would throw us back to colonial times: nonsense. Thank a progressive for all the nice comforts your enjoy today.

          11. Maggiemae says:

            You go girl!!!! Right with you on everything you wrote! Liberals today are the communists of years ago. After all, we do have actual registered communists in Congress now. I printed out their names a while back..I believe there were 81.

          12. tracey stevens says:

            He’s making money off the Medicaid program…What does he care..I’m sure he pushed those free samples from big pharm for his kickbacks too

          13. Maggiemae says:

            My same thoughts! We have way too many ‘liberal’ professors and the young minds they preach to are gullible and easy to sway…very hard to change later in life.

        2. Sir David Haddon says:


          1. Kitty says:

            Don’t waste your time, he is a lib troll.

          2. DrBillLemoine says:

            Proof of your ‘better benefits’ for illegals? As a nation of laws, all of what you say is governed by regulations of state and national governments. Maybe you should get involved as a more active citizen to change things.
            If a veteran, thanks for your service; the ‘sir’ label is a fake out ala English nobility not American citizens. Look to congress for underfunding veteran care and the VA. You better shout louder and get the veterans associations marching. I don’t understand the vision/dental thing but Obamacare is available. Suspect you are conservative and have been blinded for years by rhetoric on the right which supports business and CEOs but not vets they verbally praise and promptly ignore.
            I don’t think you want Ukraine or Cuba. That’s giving up too much freedom and safety. Those countries are not heaven. You’d be surprised at the impact you might have befriending your congressman and other elected representatives, not just emailing or calling.

          3. Sir David Haddon says:

            I Collect Social Security Disability and Medicare which doesn’t pay for Eye Doctors or Dentist but Medicaid that Illegals get being on welfare allows them both…
            I worked as an intern to my Congressman for four years while Being Homeless and going to school after the Auto accident I was in with an Illegal alien Mexican Driving Drunk and if it wasn’t for My working for my congressman I would probably be dead being homeless here in the North East … As Far as the Sir in my email name my Ancestors are from England and traced my ancestral name back to 1066 England…. DOCTOR!

          4. DrBillLemoine says:

            Congratulations! However, native Brits are much more charitable toward immigrants than you in the rebel new world founded on immigrants.
            I earned my degree; it’s not inherited.
            I’d be interested to know if your congressman/employer was at all sympathetic to veterans and their support, aside from you personally. How did he justify over the past 12 years having so many Iraq and Afghan vets waiting 2 years for service, you having no dental coverage, thousands committing suicide? He’s the best reason to vote Democratic.

          5. tracey stevens says:

            Illegals And dead beats are overcrowding the welfare/Medicaid system. The doctors taking these Medicaid patients book them at 15 minute intervals, more money that way, give them a prescription and tell them to come back in a week… They spend little time to actually see what’s wrong with the patient, or they pass them off to specialist to deal with. Then when the patient doesn’t get better they end up in the ER because the doctor didn’t take the time to evaluate them..Talk about Medicaid fraud. This only clogs up the system, and makes it impossible for people to get an appointment with a doctor, or has to wait 5 hours in the ER because the doctor/ER is over booked or they are stressed and exhausted. This is the result of illegals and the welfare system. Americans and veterans are the ones who pay, yet suffer the most. Of course the doctors and big pharmaceutical profit from it all.

          6. Kitty says:

            Great post. You are exactly right. This BS has got to be stopped — this is one of many reasons so many are supporting Trump.

      2. Ron Thomas says:

        Better invest in Gold.

        1. Maggiemae says:

          So…if I invest in Gold…where can I use the currency in the event of a crash. Is it actual ‘gold’ coins or paper statements saying I have ‘so many’ ounces of gold?

          1. Sir David Haddon says:


          2. Maggiemae says:

            Thanks!!!! 🙂

      3. Sir David Haddon says:




    2. Ron Thomas says:

      Don’t believe that. These folks are making more money than the average worker and are better off financially.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Think again. Cutting the deficit means cutting programs. Where do you think those jobs go? How much they make isn’t the question when banks foreclose for lack of payment. Private industry isn’t going to hire all of the laid off workers. We saw a taste of this in 2008-9; do you want a repeat jeopardizing the nation and world?

    3. Webb says:

      Yet 20 trillion continues on…with no end in sight!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        With only a few exceptions, every year sees a federal deficit. It’s not a bad thing. If you know the story of American banking, you realize the failure of the new nation was resolved when Alexander Hamilton created the national banking system and absorbed state deficits into the national budget. Individuals likewise keep decades of debt when buying housing they can’t pay cash for. Ditto car purchases for most of the nation. It’s a smokescreen by republicans to minimize essential governmental functions and privatize functions so fat cats make more money. Same for lowering taxes; fat cats get richer. Are you are fat cat? Then stop voting republican as that’s what they do; screw the average worker. A deficit isn’t a bad thing as you know Mr. Homeowner and Car Owner.

        1. Webb says:

          Any debt is a bad thing…period!

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Nonsense. If so, many people would never own a home or car. The nation wouldn’t attract offshore funds. You must be a fat cat. I have an excellent credit rating despite home and car debts that exceed my yearly income. Where did you ever get such an idea?

        2. Maggiemae says:

          Debt…as long it’s sustainable…like the house you buy, the car you buyl is acceptable. Many people live in their house until it’s paid for…the same with a car. The debt the government runs up is NOT sustainable. The waste is out of control. The Democrats, right along with the Republicans, are responsible for the irresponsible handling of our tax dollars. Period! The Democrats, in order to keep power, promise to give people whatever they want….free food, housing, child care, welfare, etc. For those that truly need it…that’s what the welfare programs were intended for..a leg up until you can get back on your fee. However, when money is thrown at those that are too lazy to work (and there are many) because why should they…big daddy will take care of them. I saw a grand-mother bragging about the ‘welfare’ she receives. Her grand-daughter had 4 kids…not married. Mother of those children got welfare for all…worked on the side…cash pay. Free housing…free rent (grandma charged her_….free food.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            More propaganda from you. Nobody knows taking out a loan if they are going to have a job long enough to repay a mortgage or car loan. It’s all probability–arithmetic. But we don’t want bankers monkeying with risky bets that can jeopardize the whole economy and many people’s mortgages as they did in 2005-2008 producing a crash. As for national debt, there’s nothing that can crash the #1 economy except stupid or greedy risk takers as in 2008. We must control greed with bank breakup or regulations/regulators not in bed with those being regulated. Bernie is right about that.
            Many are too lazy to work–where do you get that? You know many lazy people or are you guessing?
            A few ne’er-do-wells will always be with us, but I don’t live my life worrying about them or plotting their comeuppance as you do. It’s small potatoes in the world. We can afford it.

          2. DrBillLemoine says:

            In the #1 economy envied by the world for its business and education enterprises, there’s little reason to expect catastrophy–except when regulations let greed and risk taking swamp prudence ala 2008-9 and 1929. There’s no reason our debt isn’t manageable forever. We could and even should spend much more into debt to expand infrastructure that generates good paying jobs and powers our consumer driven economy.
            Your political division isn’t really true. With total power last decade under Bush, debt was run up radically and nothing was vetoed as unsustainable as you imagine. As one who has used both food stamps and unemployment compensation, I enjoyed the safety net you favor and became a rousing success later.

        3. Kitty says:

          Our children and grandchildren will be paying back this debt for years. Dems are the ones that “screw the American worker” by destroying jobs. Dems prefer you go on welfare so you will get hooked and keep voting “D” no matter who is running. By the way, how much are the libs paying you to troll this site? Just curious.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Nothing new here. In fact the founding fathers hired Alex Hamilton to start up national banking, the Constitution was written replacing weak Articles of Confederation to take care of Revolutionary War debt centrally. Take a history course. Reagan’s PATCO union busting started to destroy the American worker. Wages have stagnated since workers find it hard to organize now. Thank Reagan for your lower paychecks today. Your learning curve is paycheck enough for me to keep blogging.

    4. Kitty says:

      I am afraid YOU are the one uniformed. These programs you speak of are all funded by our tax dollars. These do nothing employees are in jobs we don’t need. Tell them to get a real degree and find a job in industry. But, no they have no interest in this, as in the private sector they will actually have to work. You are just another brainwashed lib. NOT an informed voter by any stretch.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Wiser people than you and me formulated these programs generations ago to serve the nation in particular ways. They still do. Social security has tax contributions; so does Medicare; and unemployment insurance. You are misinformed. We, the People, via congress set these programs and you are not with the people. Who are you with?
        Think again. Business doesn’t willy-nilly hire people. They have designated jobs and you must qualify as they don’t much train any more. That’s the purpose of education and training. I’ve been in both private and public sectors and worked the same hard labor in both. You are not informed. Where do you get your wacky notions?

        1. Kitty says:

          You are the wacko with the phony “Dr” in your name. I never said there was something wrong with SS or Medicare (YES we pay for that ourselves the working class – not the government – comes out of our paychecks). You need to get informed you have no idea what you are talking about. Of course businesses hire only qualified people (unlike gov) they are smart to do so. You say you “worked the same hard labor in both” maybe you did, but it could be you were the exception – as most don’t work at all in gov jobs and you may just be biased (I don’t expect you to admit you sat around and played on your laptop all day).

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Congress still has control of Social Security and Medicare, so keep an eye on the chicken hawks watching the coop. That’s why your conservatives are still monkeying around with privatizing them and repealing Obamacare, to funnel more money to private interests at our expense and favoring already-rich fat cats.
            Often I was the hardest worker and chastised for it. I was also more innovative, with programs rejected by less able workers and jealous administrators. I kept on going.
            I don’t understand where you get the ‘most don’t work at all in gov jobs’ idea. How close are you to knowing? Not really true. You seem to have taken the ‘laptop’ idea from some biased source but many workers nowadays with automation and computerized functions use computers all day. In classes it’s hard to con 30 students so a teacher can play on a laptop all day. You missed good classes not having me as a teacher. My students were consistently rated above average at every school level.

    5. ezekiel22 says:

      Kenseyian financial disorder or really a psychotic existence that sooner or later will collapse in on itself.
      No wonder you actually believe Hillary and her lies pandering to fixed in the nearly defunct ACA.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Once more in English.

    6. tracey stevens says:

      I am so sick of arrogant egomaniacs like you, who call Trump supporters uninformed. What gives you the right to assume, that because someone has a different view than you, they must be uninformed?, Which to someone like you is the same as calling another person ignorant, only you think others are to stupid to understand the reference. Millions of Trump supporters are more “informed” than you seem to comprehend. I belong to several group’s, and I can assure you, not only are we “informed” on our candidates positions, we are well aware of his rivals as well. We consist of college educated to blue collar workers, and we are more passionate about this country than any other candidate base out there. You sir may need to look into the mirror before accusing others as uninformed.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You might agree like other rational adults that some people are uninformed, that high school grads are less informed than college grads, that some people have little or no real input on issues. It’s reality, pal, not based on different views.
        I know many otherwise bright people who have little information about finance, economics, politics, foreign affairs and other things–just like Trump has revealed lately. It’s reasonable that the blind man is leading the blind. Money is not correlated with smarts.
        If you are so informed, why are you supporting a reality television star or a friendless Canadian shut-down artist instead of the most informed presidential candidate who has run in the past generation–Hillary? Passion doesn’t equate smarts either, that’s rational thinking. I’m pretty well informed with the truth as most officials agree with me.

        1. Helland says:

          Because she’s the biggest fraud and con-woman (get it? “con” woman?) of all? Even Burn’em Sanders, the socialist, seems to have some ethics.

      2. Maggiemae says:

        I totally agree. I am so informed on every candidate I could partipate in a debate with them (LOL). I’m a 70 yr. legal immigrant from Germany. I get frustrated with the lack of knowledge on any political stance of the candidates from way too many of my friends.

  • Gnowark says:

    “dismissed concern that his comments — which are exceedingly unusual, if
    not unprecedented, for a major party front-runner — could potentially
    affect financial markets.”
    “said Trump, who has misfired on such predictions in the past”
    But this ‘news source’ (woodward and costa) has to include them in order to continue the anti-Trump crusade. I’m not a Trump super-fan (Ron Paul was my hero), but the bias against Trump is palpable.

    1. Maggiemae says:

      Everyone is afraid of Trump. The ‘establishment elites’ can’t continue on their path of destruction if he is elected. He doesn’t ‘owe’ anyone and they can’t handle that. All the cushy, back handed deals that go on…that have been so destructive to this country will come to an abrupt halt. The ‘establishment’ is really running scared. Not that I’m a huge Trump lover…but the one thing I like is that he is anti-establishment. The establishment has given us 2 losers in the last 2 elections. With the pushing of McCain and Romney it gave us Obama for going on 8 years. Am I going to trust Rove and the boys in their decision making capabilty….no way!!!! I seriously wonder exactly what side of the fence the good ole’ establishment boys are really on.

      1. Ron Thomas says:

        They’re on Cruz and Kasich sides!

        1. Maggiemae says:

          The ‘establishment’ does not like Cruz at all. People in Congress don’t like him. Apparently with Trump such threat to the ‘good ol’ boys’ Cruz is looking good. Kasich….I can’t figure out why he’s still around….but he is getting money from the Communist George Soros…so I guess the money hasn’t run out.

          1. Abel says:

            Kasich is there as a spoiler.

          2. Maggiemae says:

            I feel like the ‘establishment’ may have cut a deal with him since they don’t like Trump or Cruz.

      2. Ron Thomas says:

        If you’re old enough and can remember what the rich Roosevelts did for our country in the 30s (Great Depression) and 40s (WWII). In the famous words by John Lennon on Peace, Give Trump A Chance!

        1. Maggiemae says:

          I was around quite yet at that time…however…sure have read enough about it to know I don’t want a repeat. I am willing to give Trump…an outsider…a chance. He sure can’t do any worse than this administration has done or the RINO’s are pushing.

        2. mlmaston says:

          The very words I heard from liberals concerning Obama.

          1. Ron Thomas says:

            I’m not democratic but if the Republican votes Trump out, he’ll still run as independent and the Republican Party will no longer be respected as they once were. In my State I’ve seem politicians switch party just to be reelected. We need to remove the establishment elites that the Super Pacs support. I’m retired USAF, Vietnam Veteran, State, City, & SSA. AND I’m voting for Trump. Like everyone else. No one wants Cruz. Kasich is a viable candidate but he doesn’t have the votes.

          2. mlmaston says:

            That’s what Michael Bloomberg did when he ran for Mayor in New York.

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