Irma Leaves Millions Without Power As Evacuees Return Home

by Travis Fedschun
September 12, 2017

Floridians are returning from their Irma-induced exodus on Tuesday to find wrecked homes, food shortages and widespread power outages — and now face a long and daunting road to recovery.

Around 15 million people remain without electricity across the state, according to Chris Krebs, Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection at the Department of Homeland Security.

“I do ask that everyone have patience,” Krebs said at a news conference Tuesday morning. “This is going to take some time to restore.”

Due to the extent of the damage caused by Irma, Krebs said “this will be a situation about rebuilding,” instead of simply repairing damaged power infrastructure.

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  • Tiger says:

    I want to add, the rape of every single drop of gas from our only little store yesterday, leaving none for us will now affect more people. My neighbor is an RN that works all the way in Gainesville VA. He can’t get gas. He can’t go to work. That goes for many who work out here, they have to drive a long distance. There ya have it. God help this country.

  • Tiger says:

    I live in Florida. These nits that run this state told millions to evacuate but they made no arrangements for food and gas when they came home. They now have computers so the minute a gas station opens they are like vultures on dying animals. They flooded into our tiny little hamlet and they stayed until every bit of gas was taken. They are taking the food off shelves as soon as they are filled, my X has cancer only eats canned soup, my youngest son cares for him, they lost electricity but my eldest gave them a generator, but as soon as the stores filled up my son went, nothing in the way of soup, finally Publix was restocked and he got soup.

    I tell you folks, many in Florida all around me, towns never lost electricity, we were so covered with wings of angels our little street was not flooded or hurt in anyway. But we did lose electricity, the only reason it was turned on soon was that we are on the same grid, as the old fire station down the road. I have seen the worst of people from the day this hurricane even mentioned, the stores emptied, the water and canned goods gone, I mean gone, families of 4 filling cars and truck beds with more than they would ever need. No thoughts of others, even when our governor asked them, when refilling stores, please take only what you need. It fell on deaf ears.

    Now we see truck beds filled with gas cans, we see trailers filled with them people going buying up gas, I can only imagine it is for selling to those desperate to have it. Already looting and 32 people arrested. I won’t name the race but think New Orleans. And the Alt Left telling us don’t arrest them they are only taking what they need, really? They need designer shoes? Now hearing the National Guard is giving out water. But they are doing it wisely. Sounds good but my guess, again people taking it for selling.

    I can only imagine the chaos and Bloody Hell this country will turn into should we get nuked. Florida is not Texas, that is for sure. I am telling the truth, some Floridians will get pissed off at me for it, but they know in their hearts I speak truth. I have lived in Florida for over 30 years and lived through Andrew and Wilma and more. Never have I seen such behavior. We always were prepared for hurricane season. People had boxes of canned goods, batteries, water all we needed. The stores and gas stations were not raped by crazed people.

    We need God back in our schools, our homes, our cities, our towns, and our hearts or like I said get ready for Bloody Hell if and when tragedy hits. My word I can only imagine if this were Chicago, New York or other cold places filled with gangs and all.

    God Bless the good people of this country and help the evil, they are too prevalent.

  • Janthony132 says:

    My nephew (in Tampa) did not have any outage. Maybe being out in town limits, he was not affected?

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  • astrojohn says:

    Interesting: I have a colleague in Orlando who had NO damage and a limited power outage.

  • Norman Fox says:

    These assholes from PUKE ENERGY picked a fine time to start building and re building what bull shit. They sure are down your throat when they want their money, but oh my now they want to fuck over those who need service because they were too cheap when they had the slack time. I live in an area where on one side of the street is PUKE ENERGY and the other is Withlachoee a co op electric system. TWO THINGS COME TO MIND. ONE THEY, (Withlachoee) DID NOT LOOSE POWER, NOT LIKE PUKE ENERGY, AND TWO THEY ARE LESS EXPENSIVE THAN THIS MONEY GRABBING BUNCH OF ASSHOLES. I live on a street also that has 12 senior citizens in their 70’s and above. One house has assisted living. Think these morons would care about the elderly? Get real. Florida Flash and Flicker (FPL) gives much better service. SO does Withlachoee. Lets run these carpet baggers out of the state.

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