IRS destruction of Lois Lerner’s hard drive confirmed in court filings

WASHINGTON — The IRS said Friday that Lois Lerner’s computer hard drive was destroyed three years ago, ending any chance of retrieving her lost emails.

In court papers, the IRS said the hard drive was destroyed after two sets of trained technicians tried to retrieve the data. The tax agency said it was standard procedure to destroy old data storage equipment that may have contained confidential taxpayer information.

The IRS says Lerner’s computer crashed in 2011, destroying an untold number of emails. At the time, Lerner headed the division that handles applications for tax-exempt status.

Lerner is a central figure in congressional investigations into the handling of applications by tea party and other conservative groups.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen had told Congress that Lerner’s hard drive was recycled and presumably destroyed. Friday’s court filings confirmed it.

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  • Keith says:

    Andthe backup is where?

  • gagec1 says:

    Push button alt_delete and ‘puter goes by by. Common do they really think that we are all this stupid as to accept this as a legitimate explanation. She killed her own computer, so easy to do. Magnet is one way, and you can do a hard reset and loose everything that way too, so who’s lying the best here?

  • B White Eagle says:

    I find this as a excuse to hide the emails. A large organization would use a computer network with a Server as the bases for saved work including emails. The purpose of a network is to protect computer work. In most cases the individual hard drive is very small since work isn’t saved on the individual hard drive but on the network and all work on the Server is backed up on a off sight backup computer to ensure the safety from work being lost. So the question should be did the network Server, individual, and backup computer hard drives crashed at the same time???

    1. ItsJo says:

      B White Eagle- Very informed and interesting post by you. I am thinking
      about the possibility of You contacting Rep. Issa, with your scenerio, that this information Could be retrieved, as I think Lerner is along with the other guy, Just Lying about her hardrive being ‘destroyed(of course it was, and it was deliberate.) They are Hiding what would be very discriminating information, that possibly goes “Higher up- than just her”…
      I Do wish you would contact Issa, etc. and relate the information, as you sound like a “computer person who has knowledge of what’s what”
      (I don’t…lol)

      1. B White Eagle says:

        I do have some school and actual work in computer network. I will share my idea’s with Mr. Issa. Thank you for your interest!!!

    2. David in MA says:

      Where is Snowden when he is needed?

    3. David in MA says:

      there was a private company hired to do the back-ups.

    4. gagec1 says:

      They have at least 2 servers, and there are a multitude of cloud style of back ups. No one believes that the IRS with the task that it performs would not have these items backed up somewhere at least in 2 locations. This agency can go back so much further into your stuff than you can, and they always have their i’s dotted and their t’s crossed. They can take you to court, they have to keep the information especially correspondence in order to take you to court. Common, this isn’t a tinker toy agency,

  • exHPB says:

    So what happened to the emails in 2012? Those that were sent after theca 2011 crash?
    The most transparent administration, the criminals and they’re really transparent about it. No attempt to cover anything up.

  • runing says:


  • swann2001 says:

    Encourage your House of Representatives to fight Obama with the power of the purse, that is the only place they have leverage at the moment. Everyone who is worried about this Country’s future needs to vote. Maybe we should be like the Democrats and vote early and often. Then they suppress the military vote. George Soros provided the voting machines in the key elections States last election, they had no auditing abilities, no paper trail if you will. These machines should be removed by Republicans and replaced with machines that have a paper trail, before the Mid-Terms. If our elections are no longer honest then we have already lost our Freedoms, it is just a matter of how fast and how bad it will get after that. Judging from the Polls the Democrats should lose significant numbers in the Senate and House, if they don’t you’ll know the fix is in.

    1. David in MA says:

      To view this as a web page, click here
      BREAKING NEWS! Boehner: House Has No Plans to Defund Unconstitutional Acts by Obama… Read the latest now on

      Defy the Dictator: Shut him down! If you’ve had enough of Obama and his rampant disregard of America and her Constitution then support the Tea Party with a donation. The only change we’ve seen is bad change: increased spending, more government, spying on innocent Americans, support for terrorists and extremists, rewarding illegal activity with promotions, shoving Obamacare down our throats and lying to pass bills. He’s committed the most egregious abuse of power ever seen in the presidential office. Help the Tea Party put an end to Obama’s reign of terror. Support the only group of Patriots working for you to save America! Donate today.

      WE’VE HAD ENOUGH AND YOU ARE FIRED! Let Congress know you’re fed up with this inaction, their complicity in Obama’s crimes, doing nothing as our country lets terrorists go free, sentences veterans to death and allows illegals to flood in. Warn Congress they’re getting a PINK SLIP and will be fired if they do not move to oust Obama. “We the People deserve better—and you’re slacking. We will not stand for this circus any longer!”

      This is an exciting time to get involved.

      Steve Eichler
      Tea Party

      P.S. – Lies, scandals, cover-ups. They are the legacy of America’s Fraud President. We are on an all-out campaign to expose Obama’s treachery but need your help. It takes an army to make those calls, blast our emails and faxes and send letters urging people to help us STOP AMERICA’S FRAUD PRESIDENT. Help us help you—donate today.

      P.S.S. – Have you finally had enough? Has Obama’s rampant lawlessness and acts of treason along with his high crimes caused you to say “that’s it, no more!” Then tell Congress about it! Sign the IMPEACH OBAMA THE TRAITOR petition today!

    2. keepyourpower says:

      Boehner already said he will not do what your first sentence says.

      1. ItsJo says:

        Your post is correct. Boehner raised his voice, as IF, he was going to do something against Obama….HE WON’T, as he’s a RINO, and likes the status quo-protecting HIS cushy job/Perks/
        healthcare paid for/And his ability to add to his coffers of $5Million to amass even More.

  • guest says:

    Mr. Holder – how do you look people in the face and still continue to spew the lies your guilty of telling – you and Obama are two of the very worst leaders I’ve ever known in my life time – you poor unfortunate souls having been born black – one would think you’d be proud of your heritage – there are many great people of color – Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Sammy Davis Jr., Bill Cosby and so many more to numerous to name here – then people such as yourself and Barry come along and throw mud on everyone using the precept of race – you will have your day in court just as all of us will – you are destroying what this country was founded upon – you must be proud to be the absolute moron you are and what is probably worst you don’t even know it as your Marksist thoughts won’t let you see the truth – you and Obama deserve the same fate given to murderers, your deeds have cost many their lives , both of you are guilty of betraying the people and your oaths of office – you have time to repent but it appears you will be spending eternity with your savior satan

    1. keepyourpower says:

      The devil comes in all forms!

    2. ItsJo says:

      good post, as these two “are joined at the hip, and they USE that tired, worn-out, useless Race Card, for Everything-it’s a means of “Silencing ANY and ALL Opposition to their ‘Misdeeds, Lies, and Abuse of Laws”
      They are “Corruption Personified”

  • BigC says:

    Every aspect of this current government is as crooked as ANY in the history of mankind!

  • savage24 says:

    A lawless government elected by a clueless electorate is the recipe for tyranny. We are very close to that point right now.

    1. BigC says:


  • WiSe GuY says:

    Congress needs to revoke the IRS payroll until the truth comes out.

    1. keepyourpower says:

      yeah I like that idea…but Boehner said he won’t do it. He won’t defund anything of Executive Branch.

  • paulyz says:

    Pure obstruction of Justice. Imprison all involved!

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