Is the GOP waiting for Jeb?

The 2016 presidential election is Jeb Bush’s now-or-never-moment.

As other potential GOP standard-bearers have been hit by scandal or seen their luster fade, many Republicans desperately want the former Florida governor to get in the race.

His allies say he is considering it more seriously than ever before.

They believe he could be their Goldilocks candidate: Not too conservative, not too centrist; not too dull, not too unpredictable; not too inexperienced, and not too marred by scandal. In fact, just right.

But many of his greatest potential advantages could also be liabilities.

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  • I prefer Dr. Carson and hope he runs…

  • BH says:

    Jeb’s Bush, brought to you by the same people who brought you John McCain and Mitt Romney. If you like them, you will love him.

    1. PatriotGal says:

      I liked Mitt but I despised McCain. The reason liked Mitt was because he had great experience on which to draw. Met him in Sarasota, FL, and thought he was refreshing, said it like it was (look at all the things he had warned OWEbama about during the debates and they have all come true, including the mess in Russia), and is an American Patriot who loves our USA. He is a humble man who helps others quietly and without notoriety.

  • sn1616 says:

    Anyone named Bush wouldn’t stand a chance at getting elected. We need Dr Carson, or someone close to his capabilities.

  • ralfo says:

    Sarah Palin is the best candidate for the party & when the smoke clears she’ll emerge the victor in 2016. Adios!

  • aurora9 says:

    Personally, I’m real tired of the same old, same old regime. All the Bushes are for the New World Order and keeping their elitist positions. The Bushes should be trimmed! They are not for keeping our Republic and have encouraged the muslims to enter our nation and government.

    1. PatriotGal says:

      I’ve had enough of them and him. He was our governor and did an OK job, but they are too new world order for me. Agree with your post, aurora9

  • jeffbwillis says:

    I honestly think that Jeb will not run. He is happy. He is making a ton of money. He is interested in getting a Republican in the white house. He’ll render his support to make this happen. But it may end there.

    Assuming he doesn’t run, if I had to make a prediction, I think Jeb will endorse Marco Rubio for President. Rubio is young and relatively inexperienced. But America likes underdogs! Pitted against Hillary, it would be similar to 2008. Marco would be young(45), but older than both John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton at the time they were elected president. Hillary will be 69-years-old in November 2016.. Jeb called Rubio the “best orator” he had ever seen. The media would be “kinder and gentler” to Rubio, because he would be the first Hispanic nominee. Rubio’s appeal to Millennials, Immigrants and Women under 40 is cause for concern in Democrat camps.

    Personally, I would rather see Marco as Rick Perry’s running mate. But the Bushes aren’t big fans of Rick Perry. There is friction there that has been around since 1998. Please visit Please review “Jeb Bush and Rick Perry: A Tale of Two Texans.” It’s complicated. And, surprisingly enough, Ted Cruz is in the Bush camp! The current Senator worked on “Dubya’s” two presidential campaigns. Perry endorsed current Texas Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst for the Senate seat. Dewhurst lost to Cruz in the GOP primary.

  • jeffbwillis says:

    Jeb’s support for Common Core drew justified criticism from conservatives. Yet, he did support Charter schools, as did Obama. Hillary opposed them. In Florida, Charter schools have been wildly successful. This give Jeb a leg up on Hillary in the Sunshine state. However, I think Jeb would at best be “a marginal improvement” over Hillary.

  • jeffbwillis says:

    Without question, the Republican Establishment would love to see Jeb in the race. And their argument will be solid. But two questions remain. (a) Does Jeb want to run for the Presidency? Barbara Bush has advised him not to. (b) If he did run, and assuming that he won, would he bring the kind of change America so desperately needs?

    In reality, there are two, perhaps three Republican possibilities who could actually win. Christie would not mobilize the base. Paul would have difficulty winning swing states. Ditto for Sarah Palin. Walker and Pence are too unknown. Ted Cruz is not constitutionally ineligible.

    This leaves us essentially with three choices. Jeb, Rick Perry and possibly Marco Rubio. Democrats fear Rubio the most. Like Obama, he has a thin resume. Conservatives see him as a moderate, when in fact, he has one of the most conservative voting records on the hill. Arriana Huffington called Rubio the “Obama of the right.” Chris Mathews warned of a “2008 in reverse” if Hillary is the Democrat nominee.

    Rubio is also close friends with Jeb Bush. Look for Jeb to endorse Rubio if he doesn’t run.

    Perry has a report card that is second to none. Where Rubio has no executive experience, Perry has been Governor of Texas for 14 years. Plus he has both experience running a farm and as an Air Force fighter pilot.

    A “dream ticket” could amount to Perry as President and Rubio as Vice President. This would send Florida safely into the “red” column. And, it would make possible wins in three other key western states, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada.

    Marco Rubio is only 42 years old. He and Perry are ideologically closer than Marco and Jeb. An eight year stint as Perry’s VP would prepare him for the Presidency in 2024. At that juncture, he would still be just 52 years old!

    1. mudguy1 says:

      Jeb Bush is a real looser. The GOP needs to get rid of ALL RINO’s.

    2. I Seigel says:

      Good analysis. Thanks.
      But one of the 2008 criticisms of Hillary was “do we want a Clinton Dynasty”? – as if one other politician with the same name creates a dynasty. For Jeb, will people be tired of a “Bush Dynasty”? Also, I don’t think George W left the country with a very good impression of the family, which is a shame for the father.

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