Is Trump going back on message?

How Trump Can Win: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Yes, I thought about that headline before I wrote it. Hey, I read the polls, too, and right now, for Republicans, they’re bad. I understand that the last ten nationwide surveys listed on RealClearPolitics show Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by an average of 5.5 percent. If that victory margin were to hold, Clinton would win in November with a popular-vote advantage somewhere between that of Barack Obama’s 2008 margin and his 2012 margin—which is to say, an electoral college landslide.

And the news from specific battleground states isn’t any better. As Politico noted on Thursday, “Trump is down nine points in Michigan, 15 points in New Hampshire and 11 points in Pennsylvania, according to three new polls out this morning.” Sad!

Moreover, I can further say—and we probably all agree—that if Trump lets himself get embroiled in fights with judges and Gold Star families, whatever the merits of the argument, that’s losing, not winning. Indeed, as the MSM fans the flames, Trump’s numbers could well get worse.

Okay, that’s the bad news.

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  • James Mathis says:

    These polls are nothing more than cover for vote fraud. Hillary is going to have to convince 70 million Trump voters that they lost the election and that 30 million of her voters won. How to do that is pump up the poll numbers so that when they throw out half of Trump’s votes and add in the illegal aliens and refugees, and dead people, plus all their imaginary friends, we will believe them. After all, they told us all along that she was ahead.

  • Princeton67atCoxdotnet •

    Trump said, SARCASTICALLY, regarding endorsement of Paul Ryan in the upcoming
    REPUBLICAN Wisconsin PRIMARY election: “And I’m just not quite there yet. I’m not quite there yet.”

    1) Trump was mocking Paul Ryan.
    What Trump said was a reiteration of a
    quote by Paul Ryan from a couple of months ago when RYAN said he (Ryan) was not
    quite ready to endorse Trump.

    2) McCain and Ryan are running in contested REPUBLICAN primaries in Wisconsin
    and Arizona, and it is no secret that Trump may indeed be supportive of the
    REPUBLICAN PRIMARY opponents of Ryan and McCain.

    3) The media say they are “quoting” Trump, but they conveniently do not
    comment on the fact that Trump’s quote reveals that Trump’s comment is a
    sarcastic mockery of Ryan’s earlier quote.

    4) Trump never said he was supporting a non-Republican candidate, and he was
    always speaking about the PRIMARY not the general election.

    5) You won’t hear the complete, properly contextualized and analyzed truths
    about this issue from the major media. It is not “a vast conspiracy.” It is a
    vast SHARED MINDSET among the political elite.

    6) The average American voter does not have the time nor the temperament to investigate innuendos concerning political matters, and they still have a benign, benighted trust in the newsmedia. America’s voters are, rightly, concerned about making a living, paying their bills on time, affording
    groceries, raising their children and hoping they have decent medical insurance. On most political matters, voters understandably rely on the so-called experts.

    If and when Trump is permitted to elaborate on his remarks, he is accused of “lies” and “inconsistencies”. It’s a lose-lose situation for Mr. Trump.

    There is an essential lesson to be learned here:
    A text, without a context
    is nothing more than a pretext.

    (Dr.) Sandy Kramer

  • That it is rigged already that alone says she will win. But it will also fuel a Civil War. If that is what she wants, then that is what she will get. Freedom isn’t free, and as Reagan said, “Tyranny isn’t more than just one generation away, and it isn’t free.” We dropped the ball on this a long time ago, we were asleep and content to believe the govt and leave it to them. Now we have to pay the price, for our children shouldn’t have to shed their blood because the people decided to become sheep. When we awoke, we found that the entire country was uninformed and unarmed, two essentials Washington said that would stop any aggressive executive. But it is totally on Republicans who should have, at Obama’s first treason, should have impeached him and the claim of @racist, couldn’t be further from the truth. If we would have done this at Fast & Furious, then Biden, a clown, would not have (mayhaps) done such damage as Obama has because he knows he can get away with it. While the pundits keep asking themselves why Obama won’t say those three words, I continue to ask why Rep/Conservatives aren’t asking themselves why they won’t say these three words: TREASON, TRAITOR, ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE OF THE US, and those treasonous actions are easy to find.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      NAILED IT!!

  • Mike Thomas says:

    I have read most of the comments below and find it rather amusing that most trust the Global Elitists in Washington and the Left media. Most if not all in Washington are Harvard Graduate Lawyers. They all speak with silver tongues, very eloquent words but no substance. We the common people have been duped, lied too. to long. Take for instance, the black voters,they keep voting in Democrats. Take Chicago and other towns that have had Democratic Governors & majors for decades, has anything improved? No, but they keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result. Insanity the word used by Thomas Edison.
    How many politicians in Washington are business minded? Most of them, including Obummer , could not run a lemonade stand!! But most still are hoping these silver tongued liars will make good on what they tell U.S. L.O.L.
    I remember when Ronald Reagan was running for President and the media made fun of him, saying he is and actor, how can you trust in someone that acts? How do you know he is not acting when he tells you something? Well Ronald Reagan Sure Proved them wrong. We have to look at what kind of people both candidates are surrounding them selves with and where the money is coming from to support their campaigns. Has Hillary made any list of who her Supreme Courts picks would be should she get elected? NO
    I remember when Obummer was running for President and he said it was unpatriotic that our debt, under Bush, was 9 Trillion, Where does that put Obummer now? You voted in a Muslim to lead U.S. not once but Twice.
    You say he is not a Muslim? Look at his name, it is a Muslim name and should you do some research you will find he changed his Christian name to what it is today. Take Casious Clay, he changed his name to Mohammed Ali.
    My wife was born and raised in the Middle East and she knows who is Muslim and who is not by their name. Barack, was the name of Mohammed’s horse and Hussein, most already know, is a Muslim name but people will still say NO he is a Christian, he goes to church, So does the devil.
    So if you do not care about your children & grandchildren’s future, vote for someone that never worked a day in their lives to create anything except disaster around the world. Then vote for un honest Hillary.

  • psychosally says:

    ahhhh so 1776 is also turning into a liberal rag-it seems its starting to spin the truth to fit hillary and the libshits-I cant understand how supposedly intelligent people can even consider hillary much less twist the truth and outright lie just to get her azz in office,Guess I’ll relegate 1776 to my spam folder with the rest of the liberal rags that have no opt-out feature

  • otoman says:

    LOL! Liberal media believes they are the determining factor for the republican vote. They are IGNORANT to the fact that when you tell a conservative he is going to lose, that negative gives a true conservative a stronger will to win, AND SO WE SHALL!

  • Pearl Nardini says:

    Don’t forget that twelve million of those votes were Democrat votes voting in the open primaries. These voters are NOT going to vote for Trump. They cast a vote for him in the open primaries because they wanted him to be the nominee as the Democrats thought he would be a less formidable candidate, one that could easily be beaten by Hillary.

  • Original Anna says:

    GeneP54: Where is your education coming from. Show us where you have gotten this information that the Average Joe doesn’t have access to. You talk about closing businesses as if Trump is the only one who has ever had to do this. In economics you learn that one of every three new businesses will fail through various reasons, too much inventory, product isn’t wanted by consumers, can’t pay loans business was opened with, owner not a business person, etc., etc. Every business has cycles of up and down and than death. So many businesses have closed during the last ten years, lots of them small businesses that were doing all right and than plants started closing down and people had no money to buy from small or large businesses. The young in our area are now in other states and visit where they were born and raised but work elsewhere. Trump has built more and saved more businesses than Hillary has. Hillary gets her money from countries like Saudi Arabia (for her campaign of course which is illegal) and unethical deals. She isn’t interested in jobs. In my area, 3000 jobs were going to be loss because a gov’t agency was moving elsewhere. She said there was nothing she could do about it (read as it didn’t affect her so she wasn’t interested). A man got up a petition and he and his volunteers presented the petitions to the agency. The agency didn’t move to Albany. When the announcement was made in the media, Hillary, our so called representative who didn’t care, was there on stage with the media saying “I saved these jobs.” Dead silence because we all knew she did no such thing. She and the media which loves her didn’t even mention the man and he was not invited to be there. I don’t know what educating you have done but some how you missed the many businesses now employing thousands that Trump built and the many he brought and was able to save. Of course, when you invest in something you can lose, it is the nature of the business game and in a rotten economy you can lose really easy. But, at least Trump tries and does win a lot with a lot of diversity among those employed by him. As for the gambling industry, it got too many gambling businesses all over. We have two within ten miles of each other and at first the money they made was through the roof, just draining the local economy. When the second gambling joint opened up it drained even more money and both gambling joints are not doing as well as they were when each opened up because you can only drain so much from people’s paychecks until people have no money left. They are even laying off. This is the gambling cycle. You might educate yourself on business and its cycles which all business men including Trump have to work with and through, some people are more successful than others, that is the nature of the business game.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      I just now saw your post. Sorry I haven’t replied.
      I didn’t say anything about him closing businesses. I said look at the way he treats his contractors and subcontractors. He has put generational companies (companies that have been owned by families for generations) out of business and he has bankrupted contractor and subcontractors left and right because he doesn’t pay his bills. He’ll say that their work is shoddy, when it is contractually completed, and then sue the company. He’ll take them to court and keep them there for years until they are bankrupt. If they can stay in the game, he pushes them until he only has to pay pennies on the dollar for the work they’ve done, regardless of what the contract says. He’s a thug!
      I’m very, very familiar with business and have owned several myself. But I have NEVER not paid my bills or broken a contract to get out of paying the people who have worked for me.
      It isn’t just about being successful. It’s about the integrity or lack of it while you get there.
      I can tell you things about Trump that you wouldn’t believe….and I’ve researched every part of this extensively. And all of the information that I have is readily available online if you take the time to find it.
      Look at the YouTube video where he wouldn’t say that the Constitution is over sharia law. (that’s when I stopped supporting him and started researching him!). Look at his ‘immigration plan’. He wants amnesty. He said that he’ll deport (now only on paper) and that he will take those who are here illegally and put them at the FRONT of the line to be here legally. Even in front of the people who have waited years and years and paid thousands of dollars to do it the right way. That is touchback amnesty.
      He says that he’s going to ‘make America great again’ by creating jobs….but his manufacturing company is in China because (quote) “America can’t compete”. He won’t say that he’ll bring HIS company to the US. He wants to charge a 25%-35% tariff on US company imports, but he doesn’t say that he’ll do that with his imports.
      Every other president has sold and relinquished control of their stock in companies when they become president to prevent conflict of interest. Will Trump? Do you really think that he’ll give up control, much less sell, his companies to be president?? No.. Not even close!
      I could go on and on, but you either won’t believe me, refuse to hear me, or will do research on your own, the latter, I hope. Yes, I can back up every single word here and NO, I will NEVER, EVER vote for hillary!!

      1. Original Anna says:

        I don’t care who anyone votes for as this is a free country and once you are in the booth nobody will know who you voted for anyways. The problem I have with what you say is that since our media in this country is so pro Hillary, it’s like a lovefest between the news people and Hillary and if what you say is so why haven’t the news people brought this Trump stuff up over and over again for months as they like to do if Trump breathes in instead of out. I am sure the news people and the democrats are quite good about exposing Trump as they have done so but for me, Hillary has taken money from Saudia Arabia in the millions for various reasons, lately for her foundation and then she uses it for her election which is illegal and treasonous. She is responsible for the death of four people and the injuries of others in the same attack as these people were her responsbility at the time and she says, “What does it matter now.” She thinks it is fine and dandie to kill the unborn with chemicals and ripping them apart in the safety of the mother’s womb. It is okay to make the taxpaper pay for this murder. She is find with illegals killing innocent U.S. citizens while they walk with their Father or as they are getting ready for bed and the illegals break into their houses and she is find with these illegals bringing in drugs and ruining families and the person on the drugs. Well, as long as the illegals vote for her like in California. She thinks it is okay to do emails in her position as Secretary of State on her private server at home and than in her Mother’s house and there are laws passed by Congress against this and the law considers treason at the most and federal offense at the least. There is so much more Libya, Egypt, Syria, Africa that has been handed over to ISIS and their family organizations where Christians are being burned alive no democrat complains about it, What the!. Sorry, I am willing to give Trump a chance because I have already given Hillary a chance and her stuff is just the tip of her iceburg, and I am tired of her lying when the FBI guy Obama put into the position of protecting her just had to say she did wrong and lied about it. Gee, really. She is for homosexual marriage and boys and men in girls bathrooms, where does this concept come from since she is a mother and now a grandmother, thank God she isn’t my mother. She has had her chance at a political position and she drowned in it. We need to try someone new. We have to try someone new.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          As I’ve said, everyone knows what kind of person hillary is. And, as I’ve said, I don’t care who anyone votes for, either. But I do want people to be informed.
          This isn’t like any election cyle we’ve ever seen before. There’s always big money in elections… what the press will and won’t say, who will endorse for a price, etc., but this money from Trump and from the Clinton Foundation and backers is bigger than any of us can imagine and I would think that’s the main reason the news doesn’t report this stuff. It’s easily found online with a very simple search.
          It really isn’t the news agencies job to completely educate us. That’s our responsibility, though not many do it. Then they’re shocked when the person gets into office and does something completely different than what they said. However, Clinton IS saying some of this, but republicans don’t hear it because they don’t listen to her. The few times that she sprinkles a truth into what she says, no one will believe. She’s lied so much and now everyone thinks it’s just more lies.
          Trump doesn’t want this. If that isn’t evident by now, I don’t know what to tell you. He’s dropping like a rock in polls and isn’t doing anything to change it, instead doing all that he can to make that gap wider. We need to be educated about him, about everything and every one because this is just now starting to get interesting.

          1. Original Anna says:

            People are educating themselves, why do you think they are on the internet reading these articles and posting with the information they have come across. We have to do this because the journalists are not researching and reporting what they find any more, they are picking the news they want to call news and making up the news favoring whoever they are on the side of. And the shilling tone in their voices even gives the so called journalists away. I watch these reporters on the Catholic News and Protestant news for what is really going on all over the world and it makes me sick sometimes to the point I don’t want to hear it. For instance, everytime someone is going to testify against the Clintons that person either disappears or shows up dead. Really, where are our journalists on this old story going back to their beginnings on people around them refusing to testify or just disappearing or showing up suspiciously dead and it is always suicide or an accident. Than the Clintons show up with millions in their pockets after coming back from gov’t business in other countries. Where are the investigations into this. They are here on the internet, but, like you said noone in the media is listening. This is why Trump is the one we are going for, with the hope that he will open the gov’t and expose all this crap going on, this crap is third world dictatorship stuff not a free society stuff, a society that is supposed to have a Constitution giving us a law system that works for the little guy not for a dictatorship type gov’t.

          2. GeneP54 says:

            Oh, I fully understand why people support him. I used to be one of his biggest supporters. Then I found out the truth.
            I just don’t want people to support him, or anyone, blindly, and though YOU may be reading a lot from different sources, the vast majority are not. These articles are very frequently as wrong and biased, if not more so, than the MSM.
            I rarely believe Snopes or Wiki or articles written by people who have an agenda, even if it’s conservative. I look at facts that can be substantiated and encourage others to do the same.
            Don’t be so sure that you didn’t just describe Trump. There is nothing to suggest that he won’t rend the Constitution just as bad, if not worse, than anyone else. And don’t be fooled into thinking that he’s for ‘the little guy’. He eats them for breakfast and spits them out for lunch…and never looks back. He doesn’t have any more of a conscence than what we have now.

          3. Original Anna says:

            I don’t think you were ever a supporter of Trump. And as for Snopes or Wiki, I don’t use either because they are not considered reliable sources for anything. I mean anybody can put what they want on Wiki, gees, and people think that is a reliable source. And since Trump hasn’t been president yet we don’t know what will happen. Look what we got with Obama, he was such a great talker and look at what he has done for this country. Untill someone is in that chair that is when you find out what they will do. With Hillary, she is like Obama and has been in gov’t positions and look what she has already done. We already have her experience in gov’t positions, I from NYS am done with her. I am willing to try Trump because we sure already tried Hillary and look how that worked out with the extremely important job Obama put her in.

          4. GeneP54 says:

            If you actually read what I wrote, I said that I don’t believe Snopes or Wiki and you gave the reasons why. Unfortunatey, to many people take them both to be factual.
            I go by a person’s own words or people who have dealt directly with them, esp. when it’s backed up by many others.
            Yea.. I supported Trump at first until I saw the video where he wouldn’t say that the Constitution was over sharia law, like I said. At that moment, I stopped and started reading and studying him. I’m like a woman scorned. lol
            I don’t tell people who to vote for or not vote for. I’ve said repeatedly that I just want people to be informed. I’ve also said, and will continue saying, that a lot will happen between now and Nov. I’ll wait to see what happens before I decide. But I don’t think Trump wants this and his past communications manager for his now defunct PAC wrote a very telling letter about it all. Everyone should read it. She also did an interview with Katie Couric afterwards talking about it (it’s on YouTube).
            I don’t know what’s going to happen, but unless it’s something drastic, this isn’t going to be good no matter who wins.

          5. Original Anna says:

            What defunct PAC. I keep getting emails from pacs and organizations saying they are fundraising for Trump and of course, I wonder who they are. I wish Trump’s organization would have a fundraising arm that I could believe is really a direct fundraising arm for Trump. I can’t believe the requests from so many fundraising organizations claiming to be the only one raising funds for Trump. What defunct PAC, what is its name so if I get more emails I can catch it because none of the emails I get say they have closed or whatever. And no, I have not donated because there are too many claiming they are Trumps fundraiser, too many.

          6. GeneP54 says:

            “Make America Great Again” PAC. It folded last fall, but someone said that there’s a new one with the same name. There was some question about his ties to it or something.
            I never contribute to PACs. They always have an agenda and it isn’t always the candidate. If I donate, it goes right to the candidate, directly. I do the same thing with donations to charities. Right to the charity that I choose, not one some other organization skims from before the money goes to the charity.

  • Edithvjenkins2 says:

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  • Not_Easily_Impressed says:

    Trump should focus on what illegal immigration has, is and will do. THAT is where the people agree with him and that is where his strength lies.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      Look up “touchback amnesty”. That’s Trump’s ‘immigration plan’.

  • Mark Fern says:

    Don’t listen to any of this BS! Hillary and her minions have a lot to lose. They know her deleting secret emails about Benghazi ( our 2nd 9-11-12 ) and her involvement in it. They need her to win to hide all this info. and erase their guilt!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    What to he$$ is a Gold Star Family, are they talking about the D’N muslims that started BS that had nothing to do with their sons death, he’s talking about the ones that killed him! But then I found out they have ties to the muslim brotherhood! If I’m wrong about this Gold Star BS disregard this comment!!

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    tiger is right , it’s all propaganda to discurage people , don;t listen to it, and if the electorial goes against we the people , the same will happen to them that is going to happen to these traytors in congress

  • justinwachin says:

    If Donald Trump can’t get on track it may be time for Reince Preibus to look Donald Trump in the eyes and say “you’re fired.” Donald Trump should have been able to send the Hillary campaign into the ditch this week. Instead of going after Hillary he has wasted a lot of time and got a lot of media attention for going after a forgettable speaker at the Democrat National Convention.

    This week’s performance by Donald Trump has been that of an amateur. Donald may be running for president because he has nothing better to do, but this election is too important to allow an egocentric billionaire destroy it.

    Someone should consider screening Trump for dementia. His erratic actions would seem to indicate that he may be in the early stage of dementia.

    1. GeneP54 says:


  • 1947goldenjet says:

    Open message to anyone with a brain in the Trump Campaign hierarchy. Take that Goddamned phone away from him.

  • ihatelibs says:


  • Lilly Putney says:

    That so called gold star family was also a plant. granted they lost a son but so has a lot of other people. Most of them aren’t immigration lawyers that charge families $500,000 for green cards and a path to citizenship and then rip them off. Once we go on his case on FB he deleted his law firm right out of FB. Teach him to mess with /trump supporters. Told Mr Trump for him to forget about that man and let his followers take care of them. One down and a couple more to work on,

  • Lilly Putney says:

    Me either. The polls can be rigged just like they try to do
    with the elections.

  • azbear166 says:

    Trump over Hillbitch Forever!!!!!!!!!

  • Walter Flatt says:


    1. Donnie Buchanan says:

      Also try “The Mena Connection”.

  • Robert Barnes says:

    Everyone read all at and click on RINOS. Tell every person you meet.

  • Localresident says:

    I know things are getting interesting, and amusing when even right wing spam questions the choice of the Donald, which is how I ended up here. That he is unfit for office a million times over is an accomplished fact, and every time he opens his mouth he accomplishes it a little further.

    There are also two more months ahead of him picking fights with all manner of Republican leaders who happened to cross him, or don’t kiss his ass in a manner to his liking. I have also read that Utah and Georgia will be in play.

    I think like a giant blue iceberg flipping over in the ocean, the election will be functionally decided this month in Hillary’s favor.

    After the election, I have a suggestion for presumably a lot of you. Why don’t you set down that Grand Canyon sized bag full of BATSHIT you so proudly carry around with you everywhere? It would be nice to have more adults running the country and solving the pressing problems we have.

    Those Mexicans whose guts you hate? They are, and will be paying, your Goddamned Social Security. China is contemplating allowing immigrants into its country in the future, as they will not have enough working people to pay the bills. So we all benefit from their presence. Also, when you talk that kind of shit about Mexicans, it makes my customers down there very upset, like we need more reasons for other countries not to buy our goods. Like it or not, there is around 100 billion worth of US direct investment in Mexico. When a leader tells a country’s customer and trading partner that they are scum and rapists, how do you think that goes over when an American(me) is trying to sell them stuff?

    Lastly, not once I have heard Donald say, “you know, if we just went after Hormel, Swift, and the other companies who employ illegal labor, that would send a message”.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      I don’t hate Mexicans and I don’t know of a lot of people who do. What we hate is the fact that our Constitution and our federal laws are being ignored and placing our country in danger.
      I am certainly no fan of Trump’s, but when you have to use vulgarity and slandering to make your point, then your point is worthless.
      I live in a part of the city that is 90% Hispanic. If you want to see someone get upset about immigration, talk to them! They have spent years and years and thousands and thousands of dollars getting here legally and getting their families here legally.
      They make most Republicans look docile.

  • Sinnie Kemp says:

    Because the crooked and the cowards GOP including the RINO turned their back on Trump it doesn’t mean Trump supporters did.

    If the people really know that Khizr Khan is linked to the terrorist groups and he is also the advocate on bringing more Muslims in to relocate in the US and also the engineering to adopt the famous Islamic Sharia law in the US and that Trump presidency would destroy his advance of Islamic agenda that he had built up over the years then the people would understand why Khan was using his dead son memory to bash Trump so to destroy Trump first before Trump policy would destroy his evil agenda which is very bad for America.

    This country does not want anymore terrorists or Sharia law which contradicts with our Constitution.

    1. pmbalele says:

      I guess I told you that Trump made another blunder. He appointed Clint Eastwood as his political adviser. You remember how Clint screwed up Romney campaign. Clint came with golden chair and named it as President Obama. Republicans at the convention wondered how a chair could be President Obama. That killed Romney campaign. Now Clint again and with his chair again-political adviser to Trump. Give me a break. Please join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

      1. Sinnie Kemp says:

        No thank you, I am with Trump all the way to the WH. Hillary is a crook and a liar, she will raise taxes so to give to the illegal’s and the Muslim refugees and some of whom could be terrorist.

        I am for building wall at the Mexico border, halt refugees, lowing taxes, get rid of Obamacare, creating jobs, no TPP …etc… So I am good with Trump.

        1. pmbalele says:

          You make me puke as to what you said. How do you know that? You must be a crook and a liar yourself-that is why you were divorced for cheating. She will raise taxes to billionaires – not you middle or low incomes. Muslim refugees and illegals from Mexico will work for you in farms, restaurants, hotels; milk your cows; pick your oranges, apples and clean your houses. I know you’re a Repub or TP and therefore lazy; and after government entitlements. Please join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            This trash U mentioned will kill you too, it’s happening everyday some where! What do they all have in common with Hellary, they all suck!!

          2. Sinnie Kemp says:

            You don’t know me at all, i am still married to my husband for 30+ years you must mistake me with someone else from what you were talking. So if you can’t get a simple fact right how can we expect you to know what the crook politicians are doing. You are so naive to think that Hillary would tax the billionaires and the truth is the opposite otherwise those billionaires wouldn’t support Hillary.

            BTW, you are OK that illegal’s and Muslims refugees are taking the jobs over the legal immigrants and adding more crimes by criminal illegals and radical Muslim terrorists who are killing innocent people around the world and in the US include. Maybe you don’t know the truth or maybe you just ignore the truth.

          3. matthew says:

            Hope you wake up one day and realize you are what drives communisim on have enjoyment of your free speech from myself and all of my brother Veterans You Are Welcome . Oh by the way GEORGE WASHINGTON AND SAM ADAMS SAY STICK IT in the ground like every other ostrich .

    2. Lilly Putney says:

      That’s what we will have since the poor Mr Khan was so beleaguered buy Trump what a line of BS. That man is a Lawyer who works with the immigration of legals and illegals coming to this country. He is not what he was protrayed to be. Nothing but another Muslim that say’s all US courts should have to abide buy Sharia law.

  • Bob says:

    He does need to stay on message. If he were to do that alone, Hillary is done. He is much more charismatic and miles ahead of her in his delivery of speeches. This is all it took to get Obama elected twice against 2 candidates with better ideas, better plans but zero personality. (Every time I hear her speak, I look for the flying bicycle and/or flying monkeys) He has better ideas and can articulate them better, but he needs to get his message across. He speaks to more people by accident than Hillary does on purpose, and doesn’t expect $500K per speech. Yet it not enough. Giving the media a chance to ignore his message by involving himself in controversy is hurting more than helping. The only people hearing him are already in his “camp” because the media will take one line and make it into something it isn’t. Witness the recent crying baby incident or the joke about the Russians hacking Hillary. (I thought she hit the reset button with those guys)

    1. Katie Jones says:

      I think this is called boxing him in a corner…

      1. Bob says:

        But you never saw the referee help Frazier punch Ali into that corner. With them on her side, he needs to be smarter about how he speaks.

  • FLChristyB says:

    Tiger. you are correct, his rallies are drawing massive crowds. Was at his Daytona Beach rally yesterday and it was packed to the rafters! The media is going insane, along with the RINO’s who hate that he is not towing their line!
    Love him or hate him, our choice is clear, Trump or a corrupt, treasonous, liar who will put the final nail in our coffin….

    1. bobnstuff says:

      The Circus draws large crowds but do you think everyone will vote for the ring master?

  • Tiger says:

    Don’t believe any of it. They are attempting to demoralize Trump voters. It doesn’t compute. Trump has thousands of people at his rallies and remember it was more voters in the history of the Republican party in years, that put Trump in this position. You people honestly believe they have changed their minds?

    Sure there are those claiming they were Trump supporters and now changing don’t believe it, plants all of them. This stuff about him being unpopular baloney, got some swamp land here in Florida to sell you. Again look at how many put him in.

    This is nothing but lies and more lies. I listened yesterday to his speeches in Daytona and Jacksonville they were lined up for blocks outside. So I say give it your best shot.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      If you’d like some facts about Trump, I’ll be glad to have that conversation with you, but I won’t argue with you. I’m no plant, just educated about him.

      1. Katie Jones says:

        How about if we have a conversation about Hillary for there is lots of stuff about her. Wikileaks said they are going to put out things about here that will put her in Jail in Sept and Oct., so maybe it is the deleted emails that have been turned in to Wikileaks – who knows for you will never know who turned them in. We are going to have to wait and see what developes then.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          We all know about the Clintons.
          Yea, it’ll be interesting. They are saying that WikiLeaks will drop a bombshell about Clinton in Oct., and the IRS will drop a bombshell in Oct. about Trump. These two very well may NOT be who is on the ballot in Nov.

          1. Katie Jones says:

            Really and how will this change?

          2. GeneP54 says:

            How will what change?

      2. Nina814 says:

        You’re educated about Trump, but you’re not educated about the Clinton mafia. I read the book Armageddon and never in my wildest dreams thought that people could be so corrupt, evil, Luciferian like the Clintons. How do you explain that on government salaries all their lives you can amassed a fortune of 0 money to a 300 million fortune? Trump is a business man who has worked very hard all his life to build his fortune. He’s not perfect, but Mr. GeneP are you perfect? Have you worked to improve the economy of this country, probably not your country? Educate yourself on corrupt politicians who run for office or accept government positions to enrich themselves at the expense of the citizens of the country they portray to love, but actually, their acts speak of hate for the people they serve and treason for the country they claim to love. I don’t want to argue either, and I will not answer your idiocy. But since you spoke of education, start educating yourself properly and adequately ASAP..

        1. GeneP54 says:

          I’m very, very educated about the Clintons. My comments are generally not comparative, but about Trump. Most everyone who is conscious knows about the Clintons.
          If you think that Trump didn’t sue and bully his way to his billions putting generational owned companies out of business or bilking even more major companies out of their services, then you know nothing about Trump.That’s how he “worked very hard”. I can give you volumes about him, and Clinton, too, if you’re that uneducated about her. But most anything I can say about her is redundant.
          People need to know who they are supporting. Doing it blindly is irresponsible. You tell me to “educate yourself on corrupt polititcians who run for office”, but you don’t want to educate yourself on Trump? How hypocritical is that?
          Again, I’ll be glad to have this conversation…but I don’t think you’ll like it.

          1. Lilly Putney says:

            I have been around a lot longer than you have and when people start dying that are supposed to testify you can make an even bet some where down the line Hillary and Bill are involved.

          2. GeneP54 says:

            I’ve never disputed that. Now.. let’s talk about Trump.

        2. I Seigel says:

          About that book “Armageddon” – look at the author. He’s a right-wing Fox commentator and a Clinton conspiracy theorist. Check your sources before you swallow their information hook, line and sinker

      3. Tiger says:

        No thank you. I have researched him. I wouldn’t vote for H if my life depended on it.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          Exactly the response I expected. Folks are horrified at the fact that there may be something about Trump that may be telling. Truth is scarier than the thinly veiled facade that puts Trump on a pedestal.

          1. Tiger says:

            No actually there is nothing scary about Trump, no deaths under his watch, no FBI investigation for computers hacked by enemies and Top Secrets given away, No BLM and mothers of hoods speaking for him at the RNC, no Khan who paid him anything at anytime like with H and pretty much a clean fellow.

            Of course when you put a house mouse up against a sewer rat it is pretty easy to see the difference.

          2. GeneP54 says:

            I didn’t say that there was anything scary about Trump. I said that folks are horrified at the FACT that there may be something telling about him. That isn’t HIM. lol
            I guess that explains a lot about the fear. If comprehension is a problem, then the words will certainly bring more fear.

          3. Tiger says:

            It took millions upon millions from all walks of life and all parties to get him where he is. His rallies have over 30,000 people and nobody looks scared to me. This is hype and it isn’t working. Today one of her emails shows she helped get the Iranian scientist hung. She is dangerous.

          4. GeneP54 says:

            Yes, she is. I’ve never disputed that. But electing someone who will further destroy our Constitution is dangerous, as well.
            Read these words, I’ll try to make them simple for you: I didn’t say that people are scared of Trump. I said that they are scared of the FACTS about Trump. See? There’s a difference between being scare of a person vs being scared of facts. (though they SHOULD be scared of Trump and his ‘policies’)
            Well, Hitler had millions follow him, as well. It didn’t make him a good guy.

          5. Tiger says:

            I will make this simple for you being scared of Trump for any reason shows a person who doesn’t know squat about the man but what they hear on TV.

            If a person like you, isn’t scared of H then Satan won’t make a dent on your psyche.

          6. GeneP54 says:

            lol And you still don’t understand very simple English when I say that I’m not talking about being scared of Trump. I’m talking about being scared of FACTS.
            I said over and over and over that I will NEVER, EVER vote for hillary. However, this conversation isn’t about her. That being said, as terrifying as it would be for her to be in offce, I’m not sure that Trump is much better. For you to believe differently shows your lack of education about him…and that’s sad considering how readily available the facts are.

          7. Tiger says:

            If you understood simple English the FACTS about Trump would be the thing that brought you to your senses.

            Again I researched Trump going back as far as the 80’s, you don’t vote then it is a vote for H.

            Not me asleep or brainwashed by biased media but you and my guess is that you never, ever have watched one of his speeches.

          8. GeneP54 says:

            Yes, I have and listen to the inconsistencies throughout most of them, if not all. If you want to learn abut him, listen to his interviews. That’s where he shows who he really is because it’s unscripted and he has to think at the moment. His words and ‘facts’ are not the same thing. He’s a businessman…a lying, egocentric businessman who knows nothing about policy, foreign or domestic, international diplomacy, international relations, military strategy, even how Congress works and most certainly the Constitution! He’s arrogant, won’t listen to people who try to advise him, opens his mouth without thinking of the consequences, backtracks, but NEVER apologizes. He’s hot-headed and thoughtless. I could go on, but by now you should be able to get the picture. If you can watch some of his interviews and still so blindly support him, then there’s no hope for you…or our country.

          9. Tiger says:

            Don’t know what they are paying you to spew this all over the net but their wasting their money.

          10. GeneP54 says:

            No one and not a thing.

          11. Tiger says:

            Yeh right. People apposing Clinton are dying off like flies. You trolls are all over the net from one end to the other just keep talking more votes for Trump.

          12. GeneP54 says:

            And I have never said that isn’t true about the Clintons. But that doesn’t change the facts about Trump as much as you’d like for it to.

          13. Tiger says:

            Oh give it a break OK. Or not your choice I am going to ignore you.

          14. Tiger says:

            Oh and by the way here is what H wants to bring millions of more in and Trump wants to stop. Your choice.


          15. GeneP54 says:

            I’m aware of hillary. But that isn’t the topic…it’s Trump. And don’t think that Trump is much better. It’s all just words and he’s as much as said so.

          16. Tiger says:

            No he has never said so. He has stayed on message and people like you who again, most likely never saw a Trump rally continue to go on and on about nothing. Mush ado about nothing when there is so much doo doo on H.

          17. GeneP54 says:

            Stayed on message? lol Really?
            Speaking of which, why do you keep going back to hillary when the topic is, and has been, about Trump?
            Why do you think that he’s backtracked on most everything that has gotten him the nomination?

          18. Tiger says:

            He hasn’t back tracked on anything.

            H is the problem not Trump.

          19. GeneP54 says:

            Put your head a little deeper. You may hear the truth at some point in time and that might give you a headache.

          20. Tiger says:

            Practice what you preach Libturd.

          21. GeneP54 says:

            lol I’ve seen few people who are so adamantly, decidedly, and willingly blind and refuse to see past their nose on any conservative conversation about any of this. THAT is the definition of liberal. When faced with solid facts, you still refuse to acknowledge the truth.
            The democrats are on the phone and want you to finish your registration card. lol

          22. Tiger says:

            Take your head out so you can listen to this.


          23. GeneP54 says:

            lol That’s pretty good!
            But it still doesn’t change the facts about Trump.
            (They really should have gotten someon who knows about music to help with the singing lol But it’s still good!)

          24. Tiger says:

            Well you are a good sport and that means everything.

    2. Katie Jones says:

      I agree with you! I am not listening to these people.

      1. GeneP54 says:

        Blinding yourself to the truth doesn’t make those things less true, it just makes you ignorant of the facts. Education is never a bad thing. It’s better to be an informed voter than to just follow someone because they say something that you want to hear. To NOT educate yourself is irresponsible.

        1. Lilly Putney says:

          sounds like another plant. Wants four more years of Obama and Bill so Hillary can say she was the first woman president.

          1. GeneP54 says:

            lol Well, you may think what you want, or you can do your own research and have a productive conversation.

          2. jimahrens says:

            Your not saying a thing we have not heard from the left before. The problem for the left is if Trump wins you loose if Hillery wins you loose.

          3. GeneP54 says:

            What have I said?? Be educated?? The left would NEVER say that. (and the word is ‘lose’)

          4. bobnstuff says:

            If Trump wins we all lose. As much as I dislike Hillary Where is Trumps plans? Trump talks a lot about what he is going to do but his saying trust me just isn’t enough. He had great plans for Atlantic City once also. He was going to build the greatest place on earth. The Taj will close in September, the last of the Trump named buildings there. The complaint about green energy is bogus. We now have more green energy jobs in our country then coal jobs, Those coal jobs were going away long before Obama came into offices. Industries change how they do things and markets change. Anyone who believes he can turn back the clock on progress is just fooling themselves or lying, you pick. These Green jobs are new jobs that pay real wages. In case you hadn’t heard their has been a gain of over a million new manufacturing jobs created in the US over the last 4 years. China is losing jobs right now and if you check their economy isn’t doing well. They dumped their gold holdings, never a good thing for a country. Before the WTO put a stop to it they were selling steel at a loss just to keep their factories going. That being said do you believe that The Don Trump knows this? He is right in the fact that Hillary’s numbers on infrastructure are way low but at lest she has put a real number out there. Trump is big on talk but not on facts or real plans. Saying that you will hire the best people to advise you just isn’t enough. If his campaign is an example then if elected we are in big trouble.

          5. hearmetalking says:

            Quit being stupid, No one with any sense gives the enemy a fair warning. Hillary and Obama have proved over and over they are 100 %anti-American

          6. bobnstuff says:

            Let’s see how anti American Obama has been. He is rebuilding our military and making it the most modern in the world. He took an economy the was loosing jobs and turned it around and has added jobs every month for the longest streak in history. He has stopped the body bags with dead servicemen inside. Crime is down. These are anti American actions for sure.

          7. Miriam Farnum says:

            YOU are 100% right. These people do NOT do any research. They only hear what they want. And if Trump doesn’t change his ways and listen to all those giving him advice, he can lose and it WILL BE HIS OWN DOING.

          8. GeneP54 says:

            Correct. The problem is that he’s gotten rid of most of the people who were giving him good advice and now he’s back to winging it. That is a dangerous, and fatal, thing for him politically.

          9. psychosally says:

            no he didnt-jeez see Im right we have nothing in here but libshits and idiot plants-1776 is now a spam rag

          10. GeneP54 says:

            Yes, he did. Go read something other than the comics.

          11. James Mathis says:

            Bullshit. He needs to just tell it like it is, and stick to his guns. Do not listen to these assholes. Don’t waffle, Don’t backtrack. Stay against free Trade, consistently, stay against immigration, Stay against big government, stay anti-corruption. The problem IS that he is sucking up to jerks like Ryan and McConnell, not kicking their asses.

          12. Edithvjenkins2 says:

            <<t:y. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bx100a:….,..

        2. Katie Jones says:

          I am not blind myself I simply believe that they are taking parts and making a whole out of it. No one is perfect and who would you be comparing him to anyway to say this stuff. He is unique and there for appears odd to people who are not use to seeing a unique person for we have not seen one In a long time. I did not think he insulted klan’s wife he only observed she did not speak and yes that assumes that she was taught not to speak if her husband was saying something about a subject matter. I think the news is not covering what is going on in Europe for they are way to busy making things up about Trump. I am bored with the media!!

          1. GeneP54 says:

            I agree. My comments or discussion about Trump is based on my own research and on words from his own mouth. i do believe that you are choosing to stay blind, but it may be that you just don’t know better. As I said, edcation is never a bad thing and it surprises me (I guess) that your response to that comment is that I’m a plant. It sounds like either you’re threatened by education or you don’t feel that it’s necessary.
            If you want to learn about Trump, I’ll be glad to get you started on some topics.
            Oh…and I’ll NEVER, EVER vote for hillary. I don’t really care who you vote for, but please just be informed when you do.

        3. Bob says:

          I could not agree more. Blinding yourself from the fact that a person running on support of women’s issues after making it her life’s work to attack and denigrate women who threaten her power. Blinding yourself from a woman who recently slipped up and told the truth when said she announced she would be raising taxes on the middle class. Blinding yourself from a person who lied directly to the face of grieving families about why their loved ones died for purely political reasons. From a person who’s entire public live is lie after lie, from landing under fire to her family history. I agree we should not be blinded by the light (dark?) that this person is held in and I am glad to read a subsequent post that you have not been.

          1. GeneP54 says:

            There’s plenty to go around. lol

        4. psychosally says:

          to listen to lies and then spread them as truths is not being educated its called being duped-stop being a libsheep and pay attention to honest truths

          1. GeneP54 says:

            What did I say? ‘Educate yourself’ is not a lie. lol
            I can back up everything that I have to say about Trump. Every single word. Those are not lies. And denial won’t change them.
            Funny how so many have attacked me and I haven’t said a thing about Trump directly. lol Scared, are you??
            I don’t ‘listen to lies’. I research from several different sources…usually his own mouth. Now THAT should really scare you.

          2. psychosally says:

            no ones attacking you.actually all most of the conservatives on here are just discovering that the majority on this rag are libshits and we learned a long time ago if you’re on welfare or a psuedo-intellectual( which is where most of you idiots fit in) than we waste our time in trying to make you understand and gene the only comics I read are your comments,but I just dissed the whole rag so I probably wont hear from any sheep again off this rag

          3. GeneP54 says:

            Well, I’m a staunch Constitutional Conservative. I’m not on welfare and I’m no pseudo-intellectual. More than that, I’m not an idiot.
            What are you trying to get me to understand? What did I say that is derogatory or a lie? That he’s gotten rid of most of his advisors? That’s not a lie and it’s not derogatory, it’s just a fact.
            The only other thing that I said was to be an informed voter. How is that a lie or derogatory or make me an idiot??
            I’ll await your answers.

          4. hearmetalking says:

            I’m sure Chris Matthews will back you up or bend you over

        5. Mike Thomas says:

          Gene, here are some educational facts you may not have read.

          Did the mainstream media speak up to expose the fact that Khan advocates for Sharia Law to be implemented in the United States? Did “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd expose the fact that Khan’s membership in the Muslim Brotherhood equates to conquering and destroying America’s constitution? Did John Dickerson at “Face the Nation” expose Khan’s legal firm ‘buying’ U.S. citizenships for his Muslim brothers in Saudi Arabia?
          Not a word! In fact, the mainstream media jumped all over Trump rather than defend their own country from the Muslim immigration threat. Its consequences play out all over Europe in accelerating lone wolf massacres and subsequent parallel societies.
          Journalist Daniel Greenfield wrote, “When you turn on the evening news and see a running death toll, it’s happening more and more often. The new brand of Islamic terror only needs one thing… Muslims. Lone wolf terrorism operates off the existing Muslim population in a particular country. The bigger the Muslim population, the bigger the risk. The FBI or other law enforcement agencies cannot monitor even a fraction of the Islamic settler population sympathetic to terror. As the Muslim settler population in the country increases, the number of cases will grow.” (Source: Right Side News, Stop Lone Wolf Terrorism by Ending Muslim Immigration, August 2, 2016)
          Notice none of the mainstream outlets expose Hillary Clinton’s top aid Huma Abedin stands first, last and always—a Muslim. The same media that enjoys our 1st Amendment rights never touches the fact that Obama employs 13 Muslims on his staff. One of them named Mr. Magid works on implementing Sharia Law in America. He’s known as the Sharia Law czar in the White House.
          Ironically, Khan conned our nation with its sympathies toward his son killed in 2004. In the intervening years, Khan’s work to bring in more Muslim Brotherhood members and selling citizenship to Saudi Arabian Muslims—illustrates his long term goal: to displace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia Law wherever his Muslim immigrants grow in numbers and strength. If allowed or he gained the power, Khan would implement Sharia Law across America in a heartbeat.

          1. GeneP54 says:

            I don’t doubt it. I never said anything differently.
            It’s no secret about Kahn and how he sells illegal immigration, his muslim ties, etc.
            The only thing in your comment that surprises me is that obama only has 13 muslims oh his staff. I though it was much more.
            But my comments have only said to be educated, and folks are coming unglued just like they did when Cruz said ‘vote your conscience’. How telling is that? The ONLY thing that I said about Trump is that he’s gotten rid of most of his advisors…and he has. Look at the reaction to my benign comments. lol Can you imagine if I actually said ANYTHING about Trump??
            I’ve never seen supposed conservatives so afraid of the truth or someone being supportive of them making up their own minds!

          2. GeneP54 says:

            I’d like to ask you something, having re-read your comment. Do you think that sharia law is in direct conflict with the Constitution, and if so, why.. and if not, why not? Thanks. (I had this conversation the other day with someone and would like another perspective)

        6. hearmetalking says:

          Education does not work for everyone, just look in the mirror. If liberals are teaching no one prospers.

          1. GeneP54 says:

            I’m not a liberal and if you think that I am, then you’re the one who needs the education. I’ve said nothing at all that would indicate that I am anything other than a staunch Constitutional Conservative.

      2. Tiger says:

        Trump said it would get worse. He warned his family. He has no friends in the media except those on FOX who get a word in edgewise now and again.

    3. Blue 3 says:

      I agree with you on the numbers but how he came about them is my problem and his. This is all scewed and I’m not buying it. The free media successfully pushed him past more credible options. I’m voting for him but its the hardest pill I’ve ever had to swallow. I’ve tried a handful of times now to debate independents on his merits and can’t get it done to my standard. Turns into an anti Hillary tirade every time. I do believe in my heart that he is uniquely qualified to solve a litany of our problems but can never credibly lead our nation or its vast worldwide obligations. He is resonating with many but would not be here without that media coverage that nobody has ever gotten. I hear most on this site rail against the media, but few who care that they just picked your nominee. I don’t think they were being gracious and you true believers in him are fixing to find out. We’re all in the trap with him now.Plus just face the fact that not knowing what to say or why not to say something has less to do with political correctness and more to do with him not knowing anything about ordinary people or our way of life. That doesn’t put him in stark contrast to all before him but he is obnoxious in a new way. His rallies draw huge crowds but so do train wrecks. Doesn’t make them good or easier to clean up afterwards.

      1. COPLEYCAR says:

        The thing that strikes me about Trump, is he is not a looser politician whom feeds at the tax-payer trough, He has been out there making something, building something, making payroll and putting people to work. He is on the other side and knows the loop holes that he was able to use because the democrats put those loop holes there, If he did not use them at the time he could not compete, so who better to close the job leaking loop holes than someone who actually knows where they are? He is not a criminal, he hasn’t stolen from the American tax payer via pay-off, he is not owned by anyone. He has some idiotic faults but I’m kinda tired of the PC culture myself, about time someone voices it the way it is. My wife got mad about the baby scenario at yesterdays speech, but even know he was jokingly about it my wife he was being a jerk, well whom brings a crying child to a hot day speech? Why all the political correctness? Its a lot better to hear exactly what a president means then one that hides everything in secrecy does major policy changes always on a Friday so the public doesn’t know about it until 3 days later and a up for election democrat Hillary, whom lies and cheats and is a criminal all out for themselves. Trump might just be a breath of fresh air our country needs, only time will tell, no more criminals our country is at the bottom from the more recent criminals.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Forget that he isn’t PC, forget that he says what some people think but know they should keep to themselves. Here is the real question, is he a real problem solver? When has he solved any real problems by himself without someone bailing him out? His big plans have a habit of blowing up on him and his saying that they turned out great doesn’t change things. He owns 400 companies must in Delaware for tax purposes. How many are making money? If we could see his taxes that question could be answered. My guess is that less then 10% are making money, that’s just a guess but I would be surprised if it was any better and I fear it’s worse.

          1. COPLEYCAR says:

            Bob its funny all you have to do is go on line and find the disposition of Trumps companies. At least he’s attempted to get ahead a bring people with him, A really great leader gets advice from others along with great bosses, being an ex companies owner myself until i lost both of my arms in an industrial accident that’s the way i worked and it seems Trump does also. Don’t hear much from the media or anyone else in fact about Hillary showing all the dummy companies they have been stuffing donors,Saudis, Chinese and Russian monies into. Lots of tax payer dollars atop that, most of these monies where from selling out America. Obama would not even take the advice of his own generals, generals that are protecting you and me, if they pushed too hard he fired them, This from a man that never served his country what so ever, and don’t get me going on Hillary, the woman is a criminal and a fraud all self serving and someone i could see pushing to full dictatorship and totally destroying whats left of America.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Here the problem, you know about all of Hillary’s actions. She has been publicly investigated so many times and a group have twisted facts so much that they have people investigating myths. Trump is private and there are a lot we don’t know. I’m a retired businessman. At one time I was a mover and shaker in the business world. Looking at how Trump does business bothers me greatly. What we do know is he is leveraged to the tone of 90% by most counts. His debt equity ratio is bad and he live in a house of cards. Why I believe this is the fact that even though he said he would produced his taxes he hasn’t. Trump isn’t a player in New York real estate anymore and no bank will loan him money anymore. He’s gone from Atlantic City after one of the worst mismanagement of a business in history. If you dig into any of his business you find that his ego has gotten in they way of good management over and over again and it’s now his kids that are keeping things together for him. Trump the businessman isn’t all that great if you look at the trail of wreckage he has left behind him.

      2. KandWsmom says:

        Very well said. He was not my first choice (or 3rd or 4th) but I will vote for Trump over Hillary. He was the loudest (not smartest) person in the room and the other candidates couldn’t gain any traction. The media loved it because it brought ratings but I knew they would trash him once he got the nomination. Sadly we are left here to defend him because we desperately want to undo the damage that Obama has done to our country and prevent Hillary from taking our country further down the drain.

        1. Miriam Farnum says:

          I believe MOST people are voting AGAINST hillary rather than FOR Trump. I’m one of them. All we heard from Trump was his POLL numbers. He’s not raving about them so much now is he? hillary has a 17 pt. lead in NH…. 51%–34% and in PA. 49%—38%. Most are 10% the Bitch. Don’t take that lightly. The Primary is a whole different ball game than going forward now. Donald has to shut his big mouth. His kids are smarter than he is so maybe they can get through to him.

      3. Tiger says:

        I have researched him. I have listened to most of his speeches, they are all on youtube. I have seen video of him from years ago showing his concern and worry about the turn our country taking. He doesn’t need any of this. He is not a politician but he has used them and the system that is why they fear him. He is the real deal. Too many good men like Sessions and Pence and others are for him. I served in two wars. Generals are not PC neither are commanders. I don’t mind what he says in fact if not for him all that nasty in the Pandora’s box would have remained.

        I don’t have to hold my nose to vote for him and the media couldn’t ignore him when on the trail, he made money for the stations, but now they are on the defense like nothing I have ever seen in my country including the POTUS. So he is doing something right.

        I do have to hold my nose when anyone mentions H or O the HO’s of this country.

      4. Tiger says:

        This is why we need Trump. O has brought over 100,000 refugees a year to America since coming into office, this was confirmed in the Congressional hearings. As to illegals he has allowed over 80,000 criminal illegals back into our society, this was confirmed in Congressional hearings.

        I have followed the invasion of Europe by refugees from day one, we are being set up for huge attacks and someone better stop it. Now the president has the right to ban and deport any groups of people who are a threat to us.

    4. pmbalele says:

      Trump campaign is dead and its resurrection is dim. Trump has alienated, GOPers, TPs, judges, Blacks, Latino and White American women. You remember what he called Megan Kelly blood in her whatever; and Rosie O’Donnell. Trump hates American women-they are just too smart for him. That is why he goes to poor European countries to shop for women. There they obey men as kings. In this country men and women are equal under the law. Now Trump has recruited Clint Eastwood and Newt as advisers. Soon they include Gov. Sanford and Rev. Swaggart. This country will be sold to women in Eastern Europe. And you Tiger wants to vote for Trump – who has dumped you and all American women for illegals from Europe. What is wrong with you Tiger? Please join me and vote for Hillary.

      1. Jerry says:

        Personally I would rather have a root canal then vote for hildabitch, the democrats have been in scandal after scandal, if it isn’t hildabitch letting 4 Americans die on her watch it’s the millions the Clinton foundation took in from many questionable donations, to obastard paying millions for ransom to him going against the police, to the entire dnc being embarrassed buy the corruption within to drive Bernie sanders out, yes the established republicans are just as bad as the democrats, is Trump the answer? Maybe not the best answer but we know what corruption hildabitch brings with we lived with the current administration corruption the last 8 years, Washington is filled with corrupt politicians on both sides, maybe a non politician will be a good change being a politician was not intended to be a lifetime career but now look how many are wealthy, if we took their annual income and deducted their living costs and everything we have to pay everyday, take that away from their annual pay and times that by the number of years service and maybe some made a little on the stock market we could add part of that back in and if they have more then that figure in the bank one should question how they got that money and just how corrupt they really are,

        1. pmbalele says:

          You sure are angry. But you’re mad for something we know. You’re mad because the WH is being occupied by African-Americans. Too late. You were raised to despise Blacks – note they have caught up with you. Benghazi and e-mails were no scandals. Please read what and why it really happened. Hillary has given her take on the two so called scandals are cleared. Stop being dragged by people’s opinion – especially those brain-washed by FoxNews, a racist, sexist and full of bigots. Be yourself – as an individual. From your writing I can tell you’re well educated – but brain-washed. Join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 8 am.

          1. Jerry says:

            I’m not angry, I dislike obastards white 75 percent as much as his 10 percent black ass, everytime you turn around he is going against the law again, a federal judge upheld his illegal immigration but he is still going against the judges order, he signed more executive orders then any before him, he rules by executive fiat rather then the way he is suppose to rule, he was asked questions by congress about the Bengazi incident and he refused to answer he says he don’t have to answer to congress, that’s how he is running his leadership, hildabitch has been in more scandals in her lifetime and somehow they just refuse to indict her, the FBI has stated they had enough during the whitewater investigation to indict but because of who she is the let the indictment slide, comey has been hooked into the clintons since before whitewater so how could he indict? He gave a list of the crimes she was guilty of but said she wasn’t smart enough to know that what she did was against the law, you really want that ruling our country? I would rather put a needle in my eye then vote for her

          2. pmbalele says:

            If you’re talking about President Obama – he is 1/2 White and 1/2 Black and I can attest to that. Hillary will be like Margret Thatcher – tough and TPs and Repubs in Congress know it. So please do not blind yourself with those needles. We need you on November 8 at 8 am to vote for Hillary. I will be there waiting for you.

          3. GeneP54 says:

            It surprises me that you can be so knowing about Trump and his stance on women…to which I agree…but so in denial about Clinton!

          4. pmbalele says:

            Trump background is on the Internet. Trump is a nice guy, but not ready for the WH job. Let him wait another 8 years.

          5. Rodney Steward says:

            Obama wasn’t ready and still ain’t, a wasted 8 years and Hellary wants to continue his twisted agenda by destroying the Constitution and sucking up to the muslims, and she’s just using the mexican, she really can’t stand them!

          6. pmbalele says:

            I want to suggest to Congress and US to make the US Constitution the Bible of USA and the World. That way nobody will be cheated.

          7. Rodney Steward says:

            I like that, and the Constitution is ONE of the Bibles of the USA, and has been from our Birth as a country!!

          8. GeneP54 says:

            He’s been trying to run for president since 1988 when he first started talking about it. In 1999 he changed to the Reform Party to run, and in 2004, 2008, and 2011 he put out feelers to run. In 2011 he actually polled higher than Romney, but decided to not run because he was on tv.
            I don’t think another 8 years will make it any better.
            He’s not a nice guy. Read about how he conducts his business dealings with his contractors and subcontractors.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            Just where do you get you facts from? many of your statements are easy to check and I fear you will find the false. Obama is below average in EO’s. Go look it up. We spent millions on investigating White Water and came up empty. Even Ken Star said there really never was anything there. I can think of no couple that have been investigated like the Clinton’s and the best they could come up with was Bill lying about a BJ in the White House. 13 other presidents did as much and worse. Please do your own checking with reliable sources. I don’t ask you to like Hillary but at least get the facts right and if you choose to vote for Trump make it because you believe he is able to solve the countries real problems.

          10. Rodney Steward says:

            3 people came up dead on the White water deal, these SOB’s just keep on trucking, but their luck will run out one day, it always does no matter who U are!!

          11. bobnstuff says:

            There has never been an investigation like the White Water and in the end the Clinton’s came out looking a little foolish but not guilty of anything. Ask Ken Star, he made millions digging empty holes for the Republicans

          12. Rodney Steward says:

            What was the guys name that was SAID to have killed himself right before testifying, he was killed and again they got by with it!

          13. bobnstuff says:

            Here is the problem, with all the tax dollars the Republicans spent trying to pin the death on the Clinton’s along with all the other stuff you would think they would come up with something, anything. I guess the Republicans are just plain stupid. If the Clinton’s have done all the thing you say they have then they must be the smartest couple on the planet to get away with them. I’m sorry but I really don’t believe the Clinton’s are that smart or the Republicans are that stupid. Maybe it’s the guys that are telling you these stories that have gotten it wrong. Lets see who should I trust, Congress or Rush, Glenn and friends?

          14. Rodney Steward says:

            Look Al Capone, over a 100 people that was said to have been killed by him, what brought him down, TAXES, not murder! Like I said, they’ve been lucky so far, but their day is coming and I hope it takes the Whole family!!

          15. bobnstuff says:

            The Don Trump may very well have more then there Mob connections in common. Trump my also end up being brought down by his taxes. As Much as the government my have wanted to get Capone I’m pretty sure they never spent the money trying to get him they have on the Clinton’s.

          16. Rodney Steward says:

            True, but it basically works the same way, it’s called MONEY, they’re no where around, but things just happen! And this happens in the Gov. all the time!

          17. bobnstuff says:

            I’m sorry but no one is that good at covering things up. Once or twice maybe but you are talking 30 years of doing it. They aren’t that smart and if they are then Hillary should be president.

          18. COPLEYCAR says:

            Sorry, the Clinton’s investigation where just the tip of the iceberg where she publicly got outed. How about giving up our technical and designs to china? Was to better Clinton’s pockets, we Americans are suffering from that. How about playing with the Russians, Saudi Arabia using Hillary and her right hand woman to bring Sharia into the us to take over. Read a lot you’ll find so much the Clinton’s have their hands in and I’m sorry the more evil of the two is Hillary. We have not even touched the tip of all her criminal activities against this country. Bill is just the face Hillary is the evil one. She is part of the New World Order ready to take down America. If she gets elected our liberties and freedoms are finished. We will be worse than a Banana republic because we where a free nation of laws at one time.

          19. bobnstuff says:

            In other word you believe that everyone who has tried to nail them are incompetent. How good are you at the history of business and just how our international trade has grown and changed? Those Tech jobs, mindless assembly line jobs did leave here for China. They first went to Japan and then to Taiwan. Now they are on the move again to India and Vietnam. The world has changed and that change has come about because of trade. This is our battle field and our great peace maker for the world. China was a pure communist nation until we opened them up to trade. Now they have a interesting mix of capitalism and socialism. There is consumer demand it China for American products and they need us to keep their economy going. The republican paint a picture of a country in decline and that trade is the problem but in fact we have added a million manufacturing jobs in the last four years, we have the largest economy, and are the largest manufacturing nation in the world. If we stopped trading with China or get into a tariff war we stand to loose about 20% of our jobs, those job that relay on exports. One of the problems with our current recovery is that the rest of the world is still lagging behind. I look at what Trump says about our economy and what he wants to do to fix it and am amazed that no one has laugh him off the stage. His energy plans would destroy the industry. The reason we are not producing more oil or gas is because the price is down and there is to much product on the market. Producing more would not fix that problem it would make it worse. Coal is dying not because of regulations but because the supply of cheap to produce coal is gone and now they don’t go under ground to get it instead they take off the top of mountains which destroys the land and fouls the waters. It also doesn’t pay very well. There is only about a dozen large tunnel mines left and they are cutting every corner to try to stay in the black. The economy is demand driven and the winners are those that supply the demands and the losers are those that complain about the game. If Trump really wanted to fix our trade problems he needs to work with the WTO to make stopping the dumping of products faster so countries like China can’t do it for a year and a half before they are stopped. Trump also wants to cut taxes. This he says will help create jobs but never in the past has that worked. Our best time for industrial growth have not been times of low taxes but ones of high taxes where the companies reinvested their profits in their business instead of to buy back stocks or give out outrageous bonus’s. The Republican plan for job growth is in fact a plan for wealth growth for the top 1%. Trump understanding of who the business world really works is enough for me to not want him in the White House. Now you want to talk about the lose of freedom look no farther then the Republicans and what Trump says he would do. The Patriot Act was the largest stealing of our freedoms in history but have you heard of any Republican calling for the repeal of it. As far as supporting the Constitution the only amendment that the republicans support is the second. Freedom of religion is only if it’s their religion. Freedom to vote is only if they think you will vote for them. Forget the forth amendment. You fear that Clinton will take your freedom but in fact the republicans have been taking them for years and you didn’t even notices and Trump has said that he would continue to. So if you are really concerned about the economy, don’t look for Trump to improve it. If you are worried about your Freedom don’t look to Trump to protect them. If you want a reality TV star as President then Trumps you man.

          20. KandWsmom says:

            Such a tired argument that everyone who dislikes Obama is racist. Well I dislike Hillary so does that make me sexist? Oh wait, I’m female. What’s the argument going to be then?? Who’s the one who’s brainwashed? Try making your case without calling someone a bigot who has a different opinion than you.

          21. pmbalele says:

            You’re a female and want to vote for Pence and Trump who want you to wear a burka-like in Sharia country? Poor you. You must have been made a slave by Repubs and TPs. They want to keep women in the kitchen as baby-factories. Well, I have not been a woman and so I do not know how women feel to be locked in the kitchen without any rights. Tell me if that is okay with you; then I clamp my mouth as a male.

          22. Rodney Steward says:

            Don’t know where you’re from, but it’s not here, I believe you’re on that free train ride from the Gov. GO HOME!

          23. pmbalele says:

            I am trying to help understand your environment and now you’re calling me names!. Good luck.

          24. Rodney Steward says:

            My environment is MY COUNTRY I took an OATH to defend, against ALL enemies foreign and domestic!!

          25. pmbalele says:

            And domestic! You do not mean Sarah Palin who has 10 guns in her truck. I try to stay away from her.

          26. Rodney Steward says:

            Don’t worry, she’s one of the good guys, BIG HEART!

          27. pmbalele says:

            Sarah Palin has Big Heart? You’re kidding. Did you see her when endorsing Trump? That was sleazy dress- not for a Big Heart woman. May be for Trump.

          28. Rodney Steward says:

            That was for show, don’t let that fool you, she’s a good person with 4 kids and a real big man! They’re tough people, they live in Alaska and even kill their own food at times, but i do that too!

          29. bobnstuff says:

            To bad Trump has never taken the same oath as you, He sure seems to be cozy with people that have never been our friends and who have supported our enemies.

          30. Rodney Steward says:

            The Guy that gave him his purple heart wasn’t our enemy, he was speaking from his heart!!

          31. bobnstuff says:

            What are you talking about, I said Trump didn’t take an oath to defend our country and has never served anyone but himself.

          32. Rodney Steward says:

            Not sure who you’re talking about, Obama and Hellary are the ones running guns and funding the terrorist, and just gave the biggest backers of terrorism in the world, $400 MILLION, and more on the way!

          33. bobnstuff says:

            You must be talking about the $400 million that we have frozen for years and are just now giving them back. You do know that a lot of that money has gone to pay the debt to other countries. They didn’t even get to keep it. Another big chuck will go to our aircraft manufactures for part for their planes. Boeing is loving it. Is that the money you are talking about?

          34. Rodney Steward says:

            But this is our enemy, and I lost you on the part where U said that Trump cozy-ed with people that have not been our friends and supported our enemies!

          35. Rodney Steward says:

            I wouldn’t talk about anyone being brainwashed, and we’re not mad that we have a black in the house, we’re mad because the B-TARD is a muslim and hates the White man!!

          36. pmbalele says:

            What – Obama is Muslim and hates the White man? Wait a minute. Obama was married in Christian Church. He and his family go to Christian Church on Sundays. This guy was perfect for the WH job. Now if you’re invited in the WH, you would not dare call Blacks names nor White people names now. You will be thrown out. Vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          37. Rodney Steward says:

            No, he was raised in Kenya and later attended a muslim mosque, and had to claim to be a Christian to run for President, he LIED!!

          38. matthew says:

            Just because you slap a sticker on a trash can doesn’t mean you should eat from it, in other words just because people call say they are Christians , well lets just say the actions of someone speak louder than words and JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR DOES NOT CONDONE ,transgendism, or support those who kill Christians by giving money to those who mean to kill the innocent ,such as Iran ,Hezbella or The muslim brotherhood who beheaded a group of kurdish and iraqi Christian children who stood firmly and did not deny JESUS when ordered to turn from him and live THEY DID NOT DENY HIM EVEN AT PHYSICAL DEATH . THOSE ARE THE ACTIONS OF TRUE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST. This nation could learn alot from the courage of those Christian who have nothing and give everything if you ask of them i met a few true Christians like these while in military deployed to other countries and i hope I can stand next them and meet them in heaven . I never said i was voting for trump or hillary , as a matter of fact this election is one of the utmost unfair choices for the american people along with the 2008 election of obama . But like all great empires of the past all things must come to an end eventually except ever lasting life with ALMIGHT GOD JESUS CHRIST . Not trying to pick a fight just stating the facts. the end.

          39. pmbalele says:

            You make me puke. Your brains have been filled with dung by TPs, Repubs and FoxNews males – the Year-predators of women at work. Just because you’re KKK does it means you’re not a Christian? KKKs are Christians and go to church. And if you’re a true Christian, avoid such foul language toward a fellow human being – this case President Obama. Your Jesus will never listen to you. Obama has saved this country and people of all colors in this country. I believe you’re a racist, sexist, bigot and hater of Blacks. Stop such thinking and spewing foul language if you want to go to Heaven. I am here loving that Obama is our president; and there you’re calling him names. I am in heaven here. Last thing, please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am. I will be there to help you vote.

          40. matthew says:

            Your just upset that people like me and other GOD fearing american can’t stand your B.S. AND WE stand up and tell you that your just like all the other brain washed obama hillians.

          41. pmbalele says:

            What – GOD fearing American can’t stand my B.S.? God is not there to be feared. God is there to be loved for he gives us what he wants and withholds stuff which can make us sick- like you. Please do not label God as fearful and label God as loving; and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          42. matthew says:

            GOD IS LOVE but don’t forget that if you blaspheme his name or his SON JESUS which are one in the sameyou will pay the price see the following examles : lucifer fell with one third of angels and thus was known from henceforth and forever as satan,Adam and EVE , the people of NOAHS time who worshiped gog and megog ,even his own people the Jews were kept in the desert for 40 years and more 5000 were swallowed up by eath when Noah came down from receiving the ten commandment and found they had created the golden calf. GOD is fair RIGHTEOUS so as any father HE wants to us fear his Judgement because he LOVES US a RIGHTOUS GOD teaches that if we spare the rod we spoil child and thus he must do so to help us fear of HIS RIGHTEOOUS JUDGEMENT is right .Here is a piece of well intended advice heed or don’t it doesn’t matter its up to you before side chair false force teaching read THE HOLY BIBLE GODS WORD first and learn through HOLY SPIRIT its true meaning first it is not one of insults but of truth and hidden in the pages IS TRUE LOVE AND HHIS NAME IS JESUS THE CHRIST . I am not perfect just forgiven.

      2. Sonya Czech says:

        I don’t know where the media, and you, get their numbers about women for Hillary. Just about EVERY woman I know & I’ve spoken with are AGAINST Hillary!

      3. Tiger says:

        Trump is far from dead this is propaganda. If you have not watched the Trump rallies and listened to the speeches then you haven’t a clue how not only main media but the POTUS is trying to crucify him.

        As to Megan Kelly she lost half her audience for how she turned into a B and she was torn apart on Twitter for it. Rosie O’ Donnell is a foulmouthed and filthy woman who rubs most people with a brain the wrong way and if a woman decides to strike out then she needs to prepare to be stuck. No “Girlie Card.”

        LMAO don’t know where you get your information concerning European women they are strong and the memories of Stalin and Hitler and WWII still on their minds. My mother was European and came here after being a POW for the duration of WWII, you are wrong By the way I lived in Europe for 4 years I know better.

        First off his wife not illegal where do you get your information. Are you aware that more people, of all walks of life, all genders, all colors came out to vote in the highest numbers ever in years and they outdid O. Do you honestly believe he got where he is by people hating him?

        I want the following:
        Secure borders
        Sanctuary cities closed
        Our immigration laws back into play
        Refugees deported and the ban
        Illegals gone
        Benefits shut off for the above they cost us billions yearly
        I want companies back in America
        I want our oil and coal to come back
        I want Americans to have jobs and I want foreign countries to pay the tariffs they make us pay
        I want the military rebuilt.
        I want this country to have someone who loves it in charge and not a filthy traitorous Muslim like O or a lying bag like H.

        No way in Hades would I spit on H if she were on fire.

        1. pmbalele says:

          You parents came from Europe? Therefore, you’re an illegal yourself. Why am I talking to an illegal woman, that is you now? The rallies you see with Trump are photo-shops. They plant old rallies photos to look Trump still has people backing him up. You know Trump is down 13 points down from Hillary now. Trump has recruited Clint Eastwood as political adviser. Clint will have his chair against when campaigning with Trump. What a disaster! American women are wondering why Trump goes abroad to solve women abroad – not here. So now I get it. You love Trump because he gets women from your home in Europe. That is not funny. You remember Romney did the same. Romney invested Switzerland, China, Japan and Russia; and still wanted to be US president. What a joke! Now we have Trump who is collecting illegal women and bringing them here as wives. You better vote for a true American – Hillary.

          1. Tiger says:

            No my father was an American, Apache/Irish and my mother and grandfather came over after the war and became citizens after being monitored for 8.5 years. They spoke the language, they were educated, they didn’t pose any threat to this country and above all they were LEGAL. So why am I talking to a simpleton like you?

            LMAO you are too funny. Please go away before I really take off on you and I feel it would be unfair being as you are not up to par with my intelligence.

          2. pmbalele says:

            So you are anchor-baby? Trump will ship you and your parents back to where your parents came from. Then they can use you as supporting document for them to come back. Trump will make sure you’re shipped first. Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am. That way you will be safe not to be deported.

          3. Tiger says:

            Nope I was born on American soil and my father American. Read the 14th Amendment.

            LMAO you surely are a Liberal nutbag.

          4. matthew says:

            KEEP it in your pants I am half american indian deport yourself.

    5. I’m with you on that..Just yesterday Reuters had to back track on their poll report. They admitted that they posted the polls in reverse showing Hillary had just gained 7 points when actually it was Trump who had gained.
      Times are perilous and we cannot afford to be sidetracked by the misinformation being poured out in the news.

      1. jemnet says:

        Oh, gee, aw …OK. That’s a mistake anyone could make, right?
        This is a perfect example of why the media CANNOT be trusted!

      2. Tiger says:

        We can’t be sidetracked. We have to stay focused because all and I mean all main media along with the POTUS is fighting against Trump. Must be doing something right.

    6. Ann says:

      It is Hillary and her people that are lying about everything, she said yesterday news that she is taxing the middle class more, but she will say-No I did not say that, she is such a liar.

      1. Tiger says:

        And that is all it takes. Just listen to uncut video of Trump’s speeches they are all on youtube along with H’s.

    7. Patti1947 says:

      I agree. I don’t trust the bias media and these phony polls. To all you Trump supporters, stay with him to the end. I have sent him several donations even though I can’t afford a lot because I am on social security, but I will send him as much as I can to help with the campaign. To all these republicans that aren’t standing with Trump. Shame on all of you. I was a democrat earlier in my life and then changed to republican when I realized how corrupt the democrats are. I may have to change to an independent because of all these stupid RINOS. God please help Trump win this election. I am truly terrified.

      1. Tiger says:

        Great post, we also give directly to his campaign and it is sickening to hear the main media and O attacking him, taking things out of context, insinuating he is mental, insinuating he isn’t trusted either, continuing to say they are two of the most unlikable candidates ever. Not true, except about H.

        You know anyone who wanted to see if the main media are lying can pull up any Trump speech or interview on youtube. But they just follow blindly. Must be scared stiff the entire bunch.

    8. Rodney Steward says:

      Always Tiger, and I needed the Boost today!! 🙂

      1. Tiger says:

        Ahhh thank you. They are scared stiff. O is up to his lop ears in this election. He is constantly on Trump even when overseas he makes unsavory comments. That is fear and I like seeing it.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          I love seeing that fear too, and does he not realize that most of the countries hate him as much as we do!

          1. Tiger says:

            Nobody ever puts on TV the things Europeans are saying about O and the ME. His speech on Climate Change being a bigger threat than ISIS to our soldiers was the talk of Europe and in the ME the comedians had a field day. When he went to England to try and talk them out of leaving the EU he was crucified in their papers. Leaders have actually questioned his sanity and in Israel Trump has 61% approval. I am on international sites and people say we are lucky to have Trump and guns.

            Europe is up in flames with these refugees.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            Europe is lost, it all started with the EU and turning to socialism, now this that they’ve really brought on themselves!

          3. Tiger says:

            Actually their leaders brought it on themselves. I lived in Europe for 4 years traveled extensively, on my own with a backpack and even though there were Muslim problems these last 10 years, with new leaders and the EU like the UN taking on more power over the countries this has blown up and is now a crisis you never see on our TV.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            The only place I ever wanted to go in Europe was Scotland, that’s where my people came from on my dads side!! You see the Steward name in places there!

          5. Tiger says:

            My real father’s name Stuart. But they told me he was Apache/Irish. Hummm

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            On my mothers side I have Cherokee! We might be related before it’s over with!! LOL, -)

          7. Tiger says:

            By George might be. I met people from home when overseas on Paris streets.

          8. Rodney Steward says:

            Small world!!:-)

          9. Tiger says:

            Sure nuff. ;p

          10. Rodney Steward says:

            This is what gun control gets U, these people need killing!!

    9. Jack L. Feasel says:

      I hope you’re right Tiger because this country is toast if Hillary gets in there. She is without a doubt unfit for the office. We would be sure to end up with another 4 to 8 years of Obama BS.

      1. Tiger says:

        Times and Rasmussen put out real polls. If they could they would take the net away for complete control of information. As it is the world is thinking America is in bad shape. They see what is happening. She is terribly ill look at this video. One of several now that show her having mini seizures. Look closely as her pupils dilate completely, she lip smacks the guards run on stage and the one bracing her says keep talking you can do this.

        Seems all the excitement sets her off or being surprised by a noise. When she used the term she short circuited in the interview with Chris Wallace she heard that term from her docs, people who have had strokes or have brain tumors are indeed short circuited.

        She will stroke out on the stage before this is over someone doesn’t give a poop about her only winning.

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