It’s Lincoln’s Fault!

by People's Pundit Daily
October 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton attempted to defend the revelations in the WikiLeaks dump by blaming Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States. Mrs. Clinton told big bankers and donors that she had two policy positions–one she has in private, and one she has in public–but said at the debate on Sunday that she was referring to how President Abraham Lincoln had carefully negotiated with individual lawmakers in Congress during his push for the Thirteenth Amendment.

Mr. Trump fired back.

“So ridiculous. Look, she lied, got caught lying and now she’s blaming the lie on the late great Abraham Lincoln,” he said. “Honest Abe never lied, that’s the difference between Abraham Lincoln and you.”

The entire transcript of the leaked speech via WikiLeaks is below.

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  • Bob says:

    I love how this administration will FIND some one to blame for their idiocy. I would guess after 8 years of blaming Bush she needed to find some one else to blame, just to be new.

  • 1mikejanz1 says:

    This ditzy bitch needs to study American history more, Lincoln didn’t have a private policy, he was quite clear in what he intended to do and did it, the emancipation proclamation that technically freed the slaves be held in states under the control of the CSA but not the border states which he feared he would lose to the south if he did!
    Lincoln never had to make deals to get the 13th amendment, he had a republican Congress to deal with!

  • Andy Palmer says:

    Hillary is beyond despicable and there are millions of people in this country too blind, naïve, and stupid to realize it.

  • AKLady2015 says:

    Honest Abe?
    That is quite the myth.
    It is a tale that has been aorund for a long time.

  • Joel Frank says:

    There once was a woman with a power hungry itch,
    She wanted to be President and be rich.
    She made a killing with some cattle futures trade,
    But those in the know, knew it was really a payoff charade.
    She married a slick politician from the South,
    His undoing was a young intern best known for her mouth.
    This woman thirsted for more personal power,
    Ever lying to the media, even to Matt Lauer.
    So she ran for Commander-in-Chief,
    Her lies and thighs were so big well beyond belief.
    Her stated policies would bring only horror and doom,
    She coughed and she cackled as she rode on her broom.
    She toured through the sky like a kamikaze,
    And covered up the truth about Benghazi.
    She lied about her e-mails,
    So the honesty test she fails.
    Water won’t quench her coughing fit,
    The truth she speaks? Nope, not one bit.
    She can’t control her lying and power itch,
    So when you vote, say NO to this lying B***h.

  • Askjrsk says:

    Hillary Clinton said Michelle Obama said they go low you go high. Well old Hillary went high. She says she learned to lie from old Honest Abe Lincoln. That’s high and mighty now. She must be really high on her meds to stoop so low. What a disgraceful goofy old con artist. Hope American voters are Street smart enough to see through these scammers.
    Paula Ryan must be prancing around with Mittens because they are of the same basket.
    Vote for a real man

  • RB says:

    Hillary starts her ridiculous explanation for her obvious 2-faced way of lying to the American people by using the words “As I recall…” and then went on to talk about Abraham Lincoln.
    What amazes me is that she so easily recalled this comment even though it was made three and a half years ago. Just a couple of months ago when she was questioned by the FBI concerning her email fiasco, she told the FBI that she couldn’t recall on 39 different questions. Selective memory is an amazing thing?
    Even if you believe her lying, in her explanation she said that Lincoln used one argument for one group, and another argument for another group in order to get things done. Fine tuning your argument to appeal to different groups is a lot different from telling the public one thing in order to get your way, all the while privately supporting something entirely different.
    Hillary’s ability to lie at a moment’s notice is amazing. She’s perfected it to a fine art, but people can see through it. How is it that she thinks she can continue lying forever without ever being called on it?
    And more importantly, how can people see that she lies, has undeniable proof that she lies, and still support her for POTUS?

  • Not A Farmer says:

    Democrats may not like each other but they stick together and that is why they win. Republicans are too high and mighty. As my dad would say “Get off your high horse”. Get The Republican nominee elected?

    Women talk smack too but maybe not as Vulgar. Society is changing and so the old ways must change too. I’m still voting for Trump. Open boarders scares me to death when Muslims wanting to change our constitution to Sharia Law. Hillary wants to bend the law with Judges who wants to scurry from Our Constitution. Bill Clinton – Democrat, John Kennedy- Democrat, Teddy Kennedy – Democrat were not nice to women. Hillary is no better towards women. She degrades our police, and Leaves our Embassies defenseless. I do not want her anywhere near our Military families.

  • Hambone says:

    The turd establishment is fighting Donald Trump every step of the way. We cannot allow them to win!!
    Just remember what hiLiary brings to the table: a very biased liberal Supreme Court judge that will strip us of our constitutional rights, a 550% increase in terrorist refugees, higher taxes that will not be spent on what she says, but will be funneled through her slush fund foundation making her and her crony establishment leaders even more wealthy. Illegal immigrants will get amnesty and be allowed to vote, buying the democrats decades in the white house, more Americans on welfare, more Americans unemployed. More corruption. More disorder and violence in the streets. More foreign governments laughing and mocking us because she will make us even weaker as a country. The UN leadership is changing over and the new leader said countries like America needs to pay for and do more to bring in refugees. Guess what? hilary will do just that, she already made that promise! America needs a strong leader like Donald Trump and Mike Pence to revive it and make it prosperous again. Donald Trump/Mile Pence 2016!!!

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Well your right except for one thing. Hillary and the libs want to do just what you said, but it can’t go that far, soon after they raise taxes and spend more money the dollar will fail. A new currency will become the global currency, and there won’t be anymore loans from countries that hate us. These idiots Think they can continue borrowing more money than we take in to buy votes, make illegals legal, give them benefits and keep turning us into a socialist country. This plan won’t work since we’re already very weak because of our debt, all the countries have to do to break the USA is stop lending money to us. They will then bring this country to its knees and millions will die. If any of you liberals or GOP members think voting for Hillary is a good thing I will pray for you, because I’m afraid soon you will regret that vote. The liberal utopia isn’t possible and it’s not possible to become socialist, since like Margaret Thatcher said socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money, well we’ve run out before they started. People look up who we borrow from to keep this country going, with things like federal workers , Medicare, social security, military, roads, Congress, and many agencies that we really don’t need. Those payments will stop in one second when the dollar fails. There isn’t enough money to borrow from anyone who will loan to us. The world is broke because of all this charity and buying votes, this will cause many to suffer because these elites didn’t think of that, they only care about staying in power to get richer. Think about that people, they don’t give a rats ass about us unless we’re voting for them. They won’t suffer when this happens believe me and your a fool if you think we would be first on their list to help when this crises happens.

  • Jean Langford M. says:


    1. Not A Farmer says:

      OH, Locker Room Smack. Be Careful with your words. You will not be able to be President with such poor judgment. haha

      1. Jean Langford M. says:


    2. Askjrsk says:

      Hillary is a good con. She smiles tells another lie. Also tells you what you see and what you hear. That’s an experienced con.

  • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon says:

    She is a cheater and a liar. I vote for Trump.

  • Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    What she wants you to believe that she meant:
    If you want to pass a law about putting dogs on leashes you tell a group of people who fear or don’t like dogs that dogs are dangerous and need to be restrained with a leash. You tell dog lovers it because big lovable dogs who love kids might accidentally knock a little child down while rushing to greet it and the child might get hurt.
    What she really meant: I tell the public that I just love dogs and that we got Chelsea the cutest little puppy at our local shelter for her 6th birthday. Privately, I hate those damned animals and think they should be outlawed, just like guns!

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Billy belongs on a leash. Actually so does she. They both are rabid.

      1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

        Somehow, I don’t think you merely put rabid dogs on leashes… You have to destroy them!

  • justinwachin says:

    Hillary needs to stop trying to justify her actions. Although I’m not a fan of Trump’s taped sex comments, it should be pointed out that he did not try to blame someone else. He acknowledged his mistake and apologized. Hillary has tried to justify her mistakes in judgement on the back of every Republican she can think of.

    1. Linda Pfister says:


      1. Larry says:

        I will buy the rope!

  • BOC says:

    She promises to pin Green Cards to all foreign students diplomas graduating from American colleges and universities. Are you paying attention Millennials?

  • Luke says:

    She is a habitual pathological liar, what does that say about those who support her..?

    1. Linda Pfister says:


    2. Askjrsk says:

      Cheap. Habitual. Liars. You mean Hillary ain’t pure and uses no swear words? WORDS like Mitten or Paula Ryan never heard the likes of?
      No guess can’t vote for nobody that impure.
      Vote Trump.

  • nokabosh says:

    That Abe Lincoln “equivalency” backfired on her. Typical of libs when they get caught in lies is to say it’s no worse than what someone else did. The old moral equivalency ploy.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      I’m waiting for Hillary to tell us all about fighting with George Washington and the icy cold Potomac River and Valley Forge. That’s where she got her experience during the civil war of 1812, between the French and the Indians. She worked under fierce conditions for General Hooker. Now she is qualified to be president. Fact checkers!

      1. nokabosh says:

        And a purple heart for Bosnia.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          I should have known that there was more to the story. Her emails and life experiences just go on. Bet there’s still more to come. Like the time they went up the Niger River in a boat without a paddle and they weren’t safe until they went over to the Yellow River with bullets flying., and Rickenbacker gave her her own airplane that belonged to Amelia Earhart. Fact checkers!

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Let’s be honest. Politicians DO SAY what’s necessary for their purposes varying the message by audience. It’s not lying, but politics. All presidents engage in this to pass legislation and get something done. Hillary’s example was apt and related to the Republican Party’s first president, Honest Abe. I’d say she’s as honest as Abe and more so than chronic liar Trump (about 70% lies at the televised Sunday town hall meeting). Score one for the next president, Hillary.

    1. Retired says:

      With all your posts and 0 support . I think have set a record for all TROLS.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Salt and light wait for no ‘votes of support’.

        1. Larry says:

          OL Billy has done poped you I see

      2. original ancestry says:

        “For they have eyes and still they can not see”
        Your mind is corrupted Dr. Billary

      3. Kol says:

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      4. Kol says:

        That’s hilarious coming from one of the biggest trolls we see in these forums! Thanks for the laugh!

    2. Philomena says:

      Read the Book “Hillary’s Secret War”
      Have you ever heard of Ron Brown (Bill’s Commerce Sec) and Barbara Alice Wise ? And many more who died mysteriously who were associated with the Clintons

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You should write your own book with that imagination. People in and outside government die all the time, Republican or Democratic governed. It’s nonsense from the Trump genre. The last book I read by a partisan was ‘Audacity of Hope’ by our president. Got an equivalent? The rest are irrelevant.

        1. Philomena says:


          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            In many past posts of mine, I’ve responded to know nothing do-nothing Trump-type supporters. It started with your Tea Party in 2010. Since then the Freedom Congress in DC has amply shown via government shutdowns(2), Obamacare repeal votes(65+), budget cuts to border control enforcers, leadership selection of KKK supporter SScalise, and more how Americans are angry at you and your party’s actions contrary to We, the People’s needs. So who’s naïve?

          2. Philomena says:

            Do you not know the KKK members were Democrats?

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Do you not know the KKK members are now Republicans? David Duke was elected a state representative in your party and now runs for U.S. Senate as a–Republican. Steve Scalise (R-LA), House Whip under Speaker Ryan, caters to the KKK right now.

          4. Philomena says:


          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            All my posts are my own thinking. Any resemblance between them and Hillary’s policies is coincidental but intellectually understandable following most of the nation’s thinking and polls.

        2. David Islay says:

          your calling obama a “partisan” after seeing his actions and inactions over the last 8 to 10 yrs flags you as either ignorant or an accomplice. That is not meant to insult you, it is my opinion based on the lies, deceit, hiding of documentation, providing fraudulent birth certificate, forged US draft card, illegal use of a dead man’s social security number, disastrous foreign and domestic policies that have trashed and endangered this country, appointment of muslims to positions of power throughout the federal government, illegal “executive orders” to change existing US law; misuse of funds, abuse of taxpayers funds for multiple unnecessary “family” vacations and golfing… importing of thousands of improperly or unvetted muslims from terrorist filled areas, hell the list goes on — but as for your “people in and outside government die all the time” – got an equivalent source attachment other than the Clintons with “mysterious” circumstances and timing of deaths of at least 47 people who were involved in their actions or characters in investigations of the suspected wrongful actions of the Clintons? I was alive during all of these noted mysterious deaths — and they were mysterious. No Republican interfered with what the left wing media reported. Just as the Mafia “teflon Don” finally got nailed, so will the Clintons. Just a matter of time. All those who keep buying into her lying explanations will eventually see the truth when she is finally caught and properly punished, or if someone she could hurt has her eliminated — kinda like those folks associated with Clintons whose untimely deaths were convenient for them.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your partisan screed and smear job tags you as a ‘birther’, not worthy of discussing anything due to ignorance. You are a typical know nothing.

          2. David Islay says:

            sorry i apparently touched a nerve Dr. Bill, but the facts I stated are not a smear job — calling me a “birther” is not an insult to me — a little juvenile on your part, but nonetheless we STILL do not have PROOF — a proven forged birth certificate does not do the job. the other items I mentioned are also facts not smear job. As a matter of my opinion, based on the only evidence I can use to draw conclusions, I believe Obama IS a “natural born citizen” due to his mother being an American citizen at time of his birth, and his biological father I believe is more than likely Frank Marshall Davis, also an American citizen at time of obama’s birth. I believe there are some plausible reasons for hiding the birth certificate two of which would affect his anointment to run for the presidency — first Frank Marshall Davis is spoken highly of by obama in the books sold as being obama’s writings. For a world renowned hard line communist for a father would not be good for a national campaign; second, if he indeed is an american citizen, obtaining foreign student status and funds for that would probably be a felony — which would have taken him out of the running. There is also felony status to providing false identification (forged draft card; illegal use of another person’s social security number). It is also interesting that the sole person in Hawaii supposedly knowing where the original birth certificate is was the lone fatality in a strangely ordered flight that went down off the coast of Hawaii. So Dr. Bill, you can trash those thoughts all you want, but I don’t believe you can bring any supporting evidence to your “non-birther” case . As for your other comments about government shut down — i believe it was the PRESIDENT who vetoed bills that was the actual cause of the government shutdown — which did not amount to a hill of beans since all “essential services” were still funded. The reason the obamacare votes did not succeed was lockstep majority democrat support for an illegal “law” created by a democrat controlled Senate (hence the illegal — should have commenced from the House of Representatives) and supported by a democrat controlled House. As I recall, not a single republican voted for the ACA (another misnomer). I am not happy with either political party and there’s plenty to bash the republicans for as well as the worst of the two, the democrats. If you really believe your posts, I feel sorry for you. On the other hand, you are probably happier than most of your detractors in your insulated other reality world.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            I have a copy of that birth certificate. You’ve got to out of your tree to believe the long chain of events that make your story plausible and it boggles the imagination. BTW ‘birther’ is the commonly accepted term for you and your mentor Trump. Are millions of people juvenile? That’s normally reserved for Trump’s base supporters? Feeling sensitive?
            What happened to the gun control arguments? Run out of ideas?
            You should write fiction with that imagination. And your thoughts oppose the entire House which verified Obama’s election–twice. That’s pretty arrogant too.
            Feel sorry for me when your own party’s civil war costs you the congress and presidency. Your day is about over. Welcome the dawn and better world soon.

          4. David Islay says:

            Well Dr. Bill, if you have a copy of that birth certificate, you should probably be in agreement with the professionals who have reviewed and confirmed it is a forgery. Trump is definitely not my mentor but he is a choice of many and I will probably end up voting for him instead of the pathalogical lying criminal clinton. “Birther” is a typical attempt at degrading any and all who might have the gall to expect proper vetting of a candidate, but the handlers of obama’s missing records, sealed records, doubts about where he might have been born, etc. prefer not to release the truth, so denegrate by lable – let everyone who disagrees be chastised as if that were correct thing to do — rather than actually produce the truth. Yes, if millions will call me a “birther” as a means to discredit any calls for proof, then they indeed are acting crooked or “juvenile”. I have lots of ideas and facts about the efforts to end or circumvent the 2nd Amendment protections. but there’s no need to argue those in this discussion. Thank you for your accolades for my fiction writing. I would send you a copy of one of my books. The primary difference between my fiction writing and that of the democrats/progressives/socialists/islamists is that I KNOW mine is fiction, it is labeled fiction. Your group however vows your fiction is true, such as with “professorship” of obama; the landing under fire of clinton; “i did not have sexual relations with that woman….” the other lying clinton; and the Bush’s and Kennedy and Nixon, etc etc and this list could go on for days. So Dr. Bill, continue on as you are== a happy little drone for the left.
            properly immersed in the lies of the moment and trolling for your mentors.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            I wouldn’t bet a plugged nickel on your ‘professionals’. Professional Attorney General Gonzales declared waterboard torture as legal; the Bush2 leadership declared jeopardy from WMDs and invaded Iraq; 47 legislative geniuses 47 Republican Senators wrote ‘aid and comfort’ message(s) to enemy Iran ayatollahs; professional CEO Republican Wall St. mavens pushed deregulation and credit default swaps that tanked the national and world economies in 2008. Yeah, you got experts all right–all phonies, greedy, all ‘know more than the equivalent Democrats and generals’, etc.
            Go ahead a vote for the misogynist, egotist, self-serving, lying abuser of women and Americans’ rights. That’s about the level I expect of base Republicans. Time to clean out the cobwebs and start thinking for yourself–a difficult task, but I’ve taught students younger and less capable than you to great success in school and afterwards.

          6. David Islay says:

            aha! so you are one of those from the army of lefty teachers poisoning the minds of the youth of America! Makes me want to break out the guitar and sing “We shall overcome!” and then run to my safe space!
            🙂 but now that i know you have taught students younger than I to great success afterwards, I suppose I should stop worrying. It’s been fun Dr. Bill Thanks for playing! 🙂

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            While it’s hard to corrupt youths with calculating slopes and solving word problems, I see you are one more anti-intellectual. Education is a state function so complain to your own state hierarchy for problems you see. Even at the graduate level, I taught research methods, something you might lack with your obvious attitude. As a nation and society, we need common education to know and appreciate the republic. Few parents are capable of homeschooling and many charter or private schools are measurably deficient in one or more subject areas as I’ve pinpointed transfer students’ knowledge levels. By contrast I ran a magnet school which was so successful in STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for high school students that the archdiocese refused to reapply for funding fearful of losing tuition paying students to my public-private sponsored high school program. My enrollment was doubling by the semester.

          8. David Islay says:

            Hi again. you’ve become quite a pen-pal Dr. Bill. I actually agree that Education should be a State function, unfortunately the Feds are also screwing up that concept with bribery, Common Core and the forced lies about Islam. As an aside, I probably would have enjoyed your classes about research methods. However, I disagree with you that it is hard to corrupt youth with calculating slopes and solving word problems. Yours may not have (possible even with your left leaning thoughts already demonstrated) The teacher and the materials unfortunately do. How many excerpts from the Koran did you use in your courses? How may word problems contain not very well disguised left wing political ideology? Did your “public-private sponsored high school program receive funds through the federal government as well as the State? Therein lies the Federal not State “control”. Your Science, Technology, Engineering and Math courses might not have recognized the political aspects of control by funding for other areas of education. You may have the last word in our mini discourse, Dr. Bill. It truly has been a fun excursion! Thanks!

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            Pen pal, or are you cyberstalking me??? lol
            It’s not up to you to agree or not–states control education. But your definitions are screwed up–1. grant money for new program incentives and exemplary program dissemination is hardly ‘bribery’; 2. States have accepted and rejected Common Core as expected; one could argue for a nationally coordinated education scheme for commonality of citizen knowledge and appreciation; also, aiming for equality of opportunity.
            You too would have enjoyed my research methods courses, several outlines available on LinkedIn. Many of my graduate students generated seminal and remedial concepts to make the nation better in the areas of bias-reduction, archeological discovery, nutritional improvement, quicker/better classroom instruction; many proposals got students inside systems that ordinarily didn’t accept researchers, many students aimed to improve the status of ordinary citizens vs. overbearing government, for examples. Even high school students earned computer programming and analysis awards with trips to conventions, not specifically for research. My own research was chosen for keynote recognition at a national community school association convention.
            You do realize of course that the name of one branch of math called algebra originated in Arabic. But don’t confuse political ideology with methods of discovery truth via scientific method. Whatever you like or don’t in public education is subject to your, the citizen, input.

          10. David Islay says:

            Your teaching techniques must work well, i am beginning to like you and appreciate your efforts. (and no, I am not stalking you!)
            I say “bribery” because here in Arizona, Common Core was sneaked into schools due to the State mandate based on avoiding loss of “federal funding” (which, of course is not the federal government’s money, but they have control over it due to a combination of overreaching federal authority, public apathy, negligent representatives and some criminal representatives). I learned this fact when trying to assist my “adopted” Mexican son with his Math and when I asked for his math book, he advised they did not have one. He showed me his homework from a photo copy of a page from a book — as soon as I saw the common core Indian company copyright, I knew. When I challenged the school principal about missing notice to parents and his choice of the Common Core and he advised it was definitely not his choice nor the choice of his teachers, but one that was mandated by the State to avoid loss of Federal Funds.

            Rather than have a federal Dept of Education and control from the Feds, it surely would be easier for those folks running State Depts to get together to agree on minimum standards without killing incentives for those who would need higher levels to excel. At the same time, they could protect the will of the citizens of their State. There is a National Association of Insurance Commissioners and since its founding, many many items of commonality have been created to better serve the public while still preserving individual State’s rights and avoiding Federal interference.

            With the Federal Government and it’s stupid attempted socialist student loan system ,the Universities and Colleges have been taking advantage and increasing fees unnecessarily to astronomical levels.

            My primary education was in the socialist UK, but their “system” was a little different. There was an “11+” exam to make initial determination as to the appropriate form of education for each student. It was broken down into 3 classifications
            a) Continued academics and University
            b) Technical and Trades
            c) General Academic (basic minimum education for entry to society)

            After 2 more years another test to see if there should be a change in allocation. Of course, in my days, teachers were respected members of the community and parents did show them the respect they deserved.

            Anyway, I do thank you for the exchanges Dr. Bill.

            PS: Despite Carly Fiorina’s accolades to the Islamists and the Ottoman Empire for giving us most of the modern inventions, I still hold on to the belief that it was a Greek who gave us Algebra. I may be old, but I was not there, so I have to take other people’s statements and accept what appears to me to be probably factual.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            Sorry if I was a little harsh before now that I have more info on you. I’m glad some of my progressive thinking seeped through to you in posts. A career in education showed me we need to push subject matter down in the grades and expect more from students-parents in support and discipline like decades ago. The benefit of stretching out curriculum is to allow more students time to take survey classes re your post-secondary testing alternatives that avoids the classist separation and allow more students time to learn the basics. Testing is overblown today in the States. We take everybody into schools and stretch them to their potentials; plus we provide more time for cultural pursuits in art, music, sports and languages.
            For more about my preferences, you could read James B. Conant’s ‘Comprehensive High School’ from eons ago. Now everything is college prep when not all want it, and prefer technical studies earlier than tech or engineering colleges.
            My own city administration aimed for accountability you lament in AZ. Community parents and business leaders set school system goals, which determined curricular objectives that were matched to curriculum, teachers and testing. The first cycle of tests showed 75% of seniors topping out on the test. In another NYC school board/City University model program, 76% of selected underachieving high school freshmen went on to college when the city average was 46%. Today automation and STEM are preeminent in business and lag in high school studies. Often the public lags in rural areas understanding the import of staying in school, teaching everybody and upgrading courses; my students spent hours after school in tech courses available nowhere else in the state; with federal funds we could supply advanced equipment (like electron microscopes and CAD Computer Aided Design equipment and software); with state approval of my new courses some via satellite feed (like Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics, Robotics) we offered smart ambitious kids advanced training, better than the standard state school for Mathematics and Science. So federal money is good for advancing education of certain kids and supplying innovation. Another time we had the Ford Foundation amalgam of 14 Great Cities to exchange ideas and techniques in Mathematics for cities from Boston to San Francisco, Cleveland to New Orleans which published my suggestions for better algebra teaching and materials. Conversely federal funds for Chapter 142 keep handicapped kids in school and learning where my curriculum development and model teaching got failing learning disabled kids to start earning A’s which kept them in school, raised their expectations and pleased parents.
            At the college level my new program initiated testing incoming freshmen to sort them into basic, normal and advanced courses and provided a learning lab for the deficient ones–all from federal money.
            While there are national associations for state and local school board member, top administration, school principals and supervisors, they are hidebound without a progressive with advanced education, ambition to improve things, and sufficient backing to make things better. In the States that can come from enlightened individuals, state legislators, top governors, innovative teachers, or forward thinking parents/community members. Anyway I’m proof that good things can happen with enough leeway, support and inspiration working within the system to make it better. Certain citizens found me to do it. You need to find that person near you and support them through thick and thin.
            PS Pythagorus gave us much geometry; algebra came from the Arabs. If you google the words, you’ll see even more.
            Nice to share with you.

          12. David Islay says:

            Dr. Bill, We kept our differences of opinion civil (for the mostpart :P) and shared. That process is the way i was shown as I grew up. We are never too old to learn and should never be so closed minded as not to listen. I have enjoyed your input. It is encouraging to know that compromise of ideas can still be made to produce effective results when the benefit is for the community at large and not just for politicians and their protection and enrichment. I helped produce three daughters, adopted two sons, then later in life acquired a wife and an entire Mexican born family. Being involved in their education, meeting their teachers and school administrators has been an important duty throughout my travels and relocations in the US and Canada. My children have different talents, wants and needs, but are successful and secure in themselves. They will pass that on to their children. What I have seen in North America is rampant inconsistency in quality of education, materials, teachers and administrators. We seem to spend more on an illiterate basketball player than a teacher. While that may produce championship basketball, it does not produce champion citizenry. The reasons Asian students in immigrant families do so much better with grades in school is obvious — parent involvement and an instilled value for education to achieve a better life. Are you involved in trying to introduce and get support for STEM programs in other states? Seems like a worthwhile effort.

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’ve had much contact with students and educators around the world in public and private institutions. I’ve enjoyed sharing some of that briefly with you. One former boss, now friend shares my enthusiasms in Philippines, late of BC Canada and of course the States where he hired me to teach future PHDs. Other friends are from nearby Mexico and far away China. All work hard to make their own education and that of others more informed seeking their own PHDs.
            The Mexican was grossly discriminated against at UTEP having earned and then denied a thesis hearing, U.S. work permit and degree (just because she was Mexican in Texas), still teaching at University in Juarez and with a mother from AZ. One Chinese is still enrolled in Political Science for the doctorate at my urging.
            Decentralized education IS fragmentary and uneven as designed by our Constitution. National education, started by Pres. Carter, is still rejected by those who cling to old or dysfunctional State control when we must prepare for a smaller, faster more connected world. In their bigotry they homeschool and choose narrow focused colleges counter to national interests and trends toward that modern world. You in AZ are surrounded by them. I’m mostly retired now and leave the improvement of education to others, but support my pals who study improving Hispanic education in the USA and STEM cooperation/coordination with China.
            You seem family oriented so are less conservative today than your AZ peers who once were but act against their own interests. Stay involved to get what you want as I have 2nd order contacts in Tucson and Tempe, my childhood friend a graduate of Thunderbird. And pray for gun controls to prevent another Gabby Gifford disgrace.

          14. David Islay says:

            I have a friend in Dulao in the Philippines who is a retired English teacher and I am trying to help her create a foundation for her to be able to work with the citizens of that poor town. There is no automatic bus available to transport the children to high school so parents must try to come up with money to pay for that. The ones that cannot either allow or send their children to populated cities to try to find work, or they live and languish in Dulao. My hope is to help her create the foundation and use contributions from here to first help the children of Dulao and then help the citizens. They get their homes wiped out every major storm, so I talked to my brother in law about designing a stilt sytem for their homes and also a way for their roofs to allow wind to pass through rather than tear off.
            Well, Dr. Bill, It appears we both agree on the vital importance of quality education for all with a system that will allow for progress for all at the degree their interest and capabilities will allow.

            I thank you for your career contributions and your contributions to me during our chats. We may have some differences of opinion yet, but I do
            believe you are an honorable man and have given a lot to society through your teaching.

          15. DrBillLemoine says:

            My pal is in Manila writing screenplays and introducing hockey he once coached in BC to youngsters. What a life. He’s ex-CIA so gets along anywhere.
            I once hosted a life-size computer game show on waste management with one guest who said she was inspired to return to Durango CO to start her own garbage collection business, absent in that city. It pays to talk to people as we did here. I appreciate your kudos.
            I’m always available via LinkedIn which holds my resume–and more. Keep the faith.

          16. Del Austin says:

            we are impressed by your post — but we all know anyone can post what ever they want to post

          17. Del Austin says:

            Dr of? A “bad” person was responsible for The Gabby Gifford “disgrace —not lack of gun control…give me a break—cars nor guns kill—people do!

    3. Larry says:

      You are pure BS!

    4. Joel Frank says:

      Dr. Bill, Hillary Clinton’s record for honesty and ethical behavior leave much to be desired. Not only does she lie to cover up important things, but she lies about unimportant mundane things as well. Here are some of them:
      1. Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. (She was actually in bed watching it on TV.)
      2. Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. (He was an unknown until he climbed Mt. Everest five years after her birth.)
      3. She landed under sniper fire in Bosnia. She repeated this lie on numerous occasions. ((Actually a girl presented her with flowers at the foot of the ramp.)
      4. She learned in the Wall Street Journal how to make a killing in the cattle futures market. (The WSJ didn’t cover that market back then.)
      5. She claimed to have played a major role in the Irish peace process. (Those who were actually at the negotiating table say Hillary was no where to be seen.)
      Hillary Clinton is ethically unfit to hold any public office, least of all the Presidency–and if she were to become President, the last vestiges of the traditional moral authority of the party of Roosevelt, Truman, Johnson and JFK will be destroyed.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Ordinary Americans not fully invested in their Christian Way are prone to exaggeration and ‘white lies’. Women who are seeking approval or conformity can stretch the truth. We all do it to some degree. You could show your Christianity and cut her a little slack. Nothing is harmed, nobody hurt by any of the instances you cite. We are still ‘ethical’. Plus you refer to a politician who makes promises that aren’t always possible, another attribute of the political field and operatives. There is no loss of moral authority for Christians with an indwelling Holy Spirit. Get one yourself and forgive, infinitely.

  • doug says:

    Typical lying corrupt democrat, have to blame someone else, just like that pathetic Obama putting the blame on someone else all the time, Hillary will destroy this nation, she wants sharia law, women and girls of America you be her slaves! Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton !

  • TAM44 says:

    crooked corrupt lying hillary rodham clinton gots served last night, Mr. Trump stomped a mud hole in her megyn kelly, cannot say AZE on here and so I use megyn kelly she 100% .

    1. Denise says:

      She got her ass handed to her!

      1. Larry says:

        As TAM44 put it, She got her Megyn Kelly handed to her!

        1. Not A Farmer says:

          Megan Kelly needs to go to CNN. She sure isn’t for the Republicans.

        2. Askjrsk says:

          Is she still in the mud hole wholly?

        3. Askjrsk says:

          Maybe she could sell it cheap to Howard Stern. DOSENT catch much cash on the street I hear.

    2. Askjrsk says:

      I think you sad three on one Kelly has an asz stomped on by Hillary laying down and Trump tromped on her down and got mud from the whole on her hole 100%.

      1. TAM44 says:

        I use megyn kelly to describe hillary rodham clinton’s ass, as megyn kelly would crawl up hillary’s to dine.

  • Denise says:

    Did everyone conveniently forget that it was the Clinton’s who were basically renting out Abe Lincoln’s bed for political “contributions.” He was probably rotating in his crypt again last night. Poor guy, he can’t catch a break with these money grubbing Clintons. They’d sell old Abe’s dirty drawers if they could lay their hands on a pair. Let the man rest in peace, Hellary!

    1. 1947goldenjet says:

      After all they did take a huge donation for donating their used underwear to charity. Rumor has it that the underwear so donated was unwashed.

      1. Denise says:

        I heard something to that affect.

      2. Askjrsk says:

        Bet Billy wonders where his underwear went.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces says:

    Good come back Trump.

  • Tiger says:

    Her audacity and ability to lie knows no ends. Trump got her good on this one. She is more like that little wooden puppet whose nose grew, you know the guy.

    1. Skyhawk says:

      Yeah, I believe it was Barry.

      1. Tiger says:

        He is the replica.

    2. Retired says:

      There was a picture of Hillary with the long nose.

      1. Tiger says:

        LOLOL and they did a take off on Weekend at Bernie’s calling it Weekend at Hillary’s.

        1. Charityneastwood3 says:

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        2. Askjrsk says:

          Who called her decision making bad.

          1. Tiger says:

            Mr. Bernie.

          2. Tiger says:

            Didn’t take him to point it out her record tied into O’s like a knot on an old oak. All bad.

      2. Kol says:

        In the news

        Need Proof Trump Is Losing? Watch His Supporters Melt Down on Live TV.

        Esquire‎ – 2 hours ago

        If you needed proof that the Trump train is running off the rails, just watch footage of his …

        Trump Is On Track to Lose Badly

        The American Conservative‎ – 6 hours ago

        New Poll Shows Trump Losing Big League

        Mother Jones‎ – 5 hours ago

        More news for trump is losing

        Donald Trump Was Losing This Election Anyway | Huffington Post…/donald-trump-losing-el...

        The Huffington Post

        1 day ago – New polls out Sunday morning show Donald Trump was the electoral underdog even before the news broke about a 2005 tape in which the …

        Trump Is On Track to Lose Badly | The American Conservative…/…

        The American Conservative

        6 hours ago – The general election is four weeks from tomorrow, and Trump is losing badly according to the latest WSJ/NBC News poll: In the new survey, …..

      3. Kol says:

        It’s all coming together now, and Trump looks like he is in free fall with the bottom falling out.

        n the news

        Need Proof Trump Is Losing? Watch His Supporters Melt Down on Live TV.

        Esquire‎ – 2 hours ago

        If you needed proof that the Trump train is running off the rails, just watch footage of his …

        Trump Is On Track to Lose Badly

        The American Conservative‎ – 6 hours ago

        New Poll Shows Trump Losing Big League

        Mother Jones‎ – 5 hours ago

        More news for trump is losing

        Donald Trump Was Losing This Election Anyway | Huffington Post…/donald-trump-losing-el...

        The Huffington Post

        1 day ago – New polls out Sunday morning show Donald Trump was the electoral underdog even before the news broke about a 2005 tape in which the …

        Trump Is On Track to Lose Badly | The American Conservative…/…

        The American Conservative

        6 hours ago – The general election is four weeks from tomorrow, and Trump is losing badly according to the latest WSJ/NBC News poll: In the new survey, …

        1. Retired says:

          You should not brag about yourself like that Loooooser . Go out and use one of your sheep you goat FKR.

          1. Kol says:

            You sound like a very poor loser, donkey.

          2. Kol says:

            Жаль, что вы сделали себе выглядеть глупо? ЛОЛ!

          3. Kol says:

            Go EFF ur dawg. LOL!

        2. DotDot says:

          Bill Clinton is a pervert. He rapes and sexually assaults women. He’s the one that should have been registered as a sex offender a long time ago!! He still continues having 20-year old girls come to his apartment on the top floor of his library for wine. And, they massage his feet! Now, if you believe that, I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona!!

          1. Kol says:

            Donald Trump On Getting Women: “Grab Them By The Pussy”


            3 days ago – The Washington Post has just published a video of Donald Trump on the set of Days of Our Lives in 2005. In it, Donald J. Trump, the …

            SNL Torches Donald Trump’s ‘Pussy’ Apology in Icky, NSFW Cold …


            The Daily Beast

            2 days ago – SNL Torches Donald Trump’s ‘Pussy’ Apology in Icky, NSFW Cold Open … he can just grab women “by the pussy”—the public began salivating …

            Donald Trump ‘I GRAB Women BY The PUSSY’!!!! – YouTube


            2 days ago – Donald Trump’s tape scandal: Trump caught on tape in 2005 saying he could grab women ‘by the Pussy. Donald Trump on the set of Days of …

            Donald Trump Tapes Leaked: GRAB AMERICA BY THE PUSSY AGAIN!


            2 days ago – Donald Trump made sexually aggressive comments and America is shocked. TRUMP PENCE: GRAB AMERICA BY THE PUSSY AGAIN!

            Donald Trump’s ‘grab her by the pussy’ comments: Every woman has a …


            4 hours ago – ONE in three women will be a victim of violence in her lifetime.

            Donald Trump 2005 tape: I grab women “by the pussy.” – Slate



            3 days ago – The Washington Post has obtained an extremely crass recording, above, on which Donald Trump converses with Access Hollywood host Billy …

            Hillary Clinton discusses Donald Trump’s “grab them by the pussy …



            23 hours ago – Not surprisingly, Hillary Clinton came to Sunday night’s presidential debate in St. Louis prepared to discuss Donald Trump’s “grab them by the …

            Donald Trump’s ‘P—y’ Comment Is the Root of Sexual Violence | TIME



            2 days ago – Donald Trump may have finally crossed the line when he bragged about … to women, and was able to “grab them by the pussy” at his leisure.

            Baldwin Returns as Donald Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’ To …



            2 days ago – From this weekend’s edition of Saturday Night Live: Donald Trump … on ‘Saturday Night Live’ To Lampoon “Grab Them By The Pussy” Remark.

            Donald Trump Releases Video Apologizing for the Pussy Grabbing


            3 days ago – Donald Trump Releases Video Apologizing for the Pussy Grabbing ….. Plus, “grab her by the pussy” rolled off his tongue far more easily than …

          2. DotDot says:

            CROOKED CORRUPT LIAR Hillary is calling for you to come to her!! I heard she cusses worse than a sailor!! That’s PRETTY BAD!!!

          3. Kol says:

            Challkenge… PROVE what you say. Or is that just more right wing extremist bullshit you heard??? It’s pretty endless these days, eh!?!

          4. Kol says:

            New Poll Shows Trump Losing Big League | Mother Jones


            Mother Jones

            19 hours ago – This is only one poll, and the sample size is small. Still, it’s the well-respected WSJ/NBC poll, and it suggests the possibility of unprecedented …

          5. DotDot says:

            Do you remember the Brexit vote and how that turned out????

          6. Kol says:

            LOL! Yep! And today’s polls show your self-appointed “Mr. Brexit” is losing, dotty one!


          7. DotDot says:

            Yep, and what was the end result of the Brexit vote???? You didn’t bother to mention that, did you???? Guess it wasn’t the result you wanted!!

          8. Kol says:

            But it has nothing at all to do with the point originally made — e.i. POLLS SHOW DONALD TRUMP IS LOSING.

            Bray a little louder, donkey! LOL!

          9. Kol says:

            Trump declares himself free from ‘shackles’ — and threatens to burn the GOP to the ground


          10. Kol says:

            In the news

            Donald Trump’s ‘P—y’ Comment Is the Root of Sexual Violence

            TIME‎ – 2 days ago

            He likes kissing beautiful women, he says, and so just does it when he wants (“I don’t even wait,” he says – suggesting that he does …. Trump brags about grabbing pussies.

          11. Kol says:

            Tens of Thousands of Fraudulent Clinton Votes Found in Ohio – Snopes

   › Fact Check › Fake

            Sep 30, 2016 – In Franklin County, Ohio, is it true that tens of thousands of fraudulent … ballot boxes filled with thousands of Franklin County votes for Hillary …

            2012 Voter Fraud :

   › Fact

            Jan 7, 2013 – In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling …

            Relevance – Snopes


            Sep 30, 2016 – Your search did not yield many results. Hopefully, the article(s) above are exactly what you were looking for. If not, your search terms need to be …

          12. DotDot says:

            And you think I believe anything that Snopes says is false when I know they are a liberal left-leaning website? They’d say anything was “False” if it pertains to a Democrat!!

          13. Kol says:

            Oh, that’s right, right wing extremists don’t like FACTS or
            R-E-A-L-I-T-Y… they get in your way. That is, except for
            your own personal “reality”…

            10 Facts Republicans Really Don’t Want Americans to Know About …


            May 26, 2015 – 2) While Republicans often like to point out that it was Democrats who ….. Republicans ,,, but don’t mention that in certain unnamed southern

            Bill Maher Unloads On Republicans For Not Caring About Reality Or …


            Jan 30, 2016 – Things like voter fraud being rampant or tax cuts paying for themselves, or Lindsey Graham just hasn’t met … Facts don’t matter to Republicans.

            Why don’t Republicans research their facts against President Obama …



            When I was growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s, I asked my father why the Catholic kids in our …. People like to be right. So, those Republicans read the source (at least subconsciously) looking for things that validate their perspective, and looking for ways to …

          14. DotDot says:

            Just the facts… of the two candidates running for president…

            Only Hillary Clinton was caught lying to congress.

            Only Hillary Clinton was fired from a job for being unethical.

            Only Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails after she was subpoena and ordered to hand them over to the FBI.

            Only Hillary Clinton had that same computer wiped clean by professionals using bleachbit.

            Only Hillary Clinton got the rapist of a teenage girl off on rape charges then laughed about it.

            Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about Benghazi. Told her daughter the truth, but LIED when she told the American people it was a video.

            Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about her emails.

            Only Hillary Clinton lied about being under sniper fire in Bosnia.

            Only Hillary Clinton lied about lying to the American people.

            Only Hillary Clinton was involved in ” Cash Cow ”

            Only Hillary Clinton has a long list of scandals – Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, Chinagate, Pardongate, Benghazi, E-mailgate, The Clinton Foundation, and other scandals emerge daily.

            Only Hillary Clinton nationally belittled her husband’s sexual harassment (and rape) accusers.

            Only Hillary Clinton is a career politician.

            Only Hillary Clinton will not release her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other banks.

            Only Hillary Clinton is tied to Monsanto.

            Only Hillary Clinton was labeled ” Extremely careless ” about national security by the FBI !

            Only Hillary Clinton said she will raise taxes on the middle class.

            Only Hillary Clinton benefited from the DNC rigging an election !

            Only Hillary Clinton had to return stolen items from the White House.

            Only Hillary Clinton said the Benghazi victims parents were lying.

            Only Hillary Clinton wants you to vote for her based on her gender.

            Only Hillary Clinton has no real accomplishments after a lifetime in politics.

            Only Hillary Clinton has never created any jobs.

            Only Hillary Clinton has been investigated by the FBI and found to have put national security at risk.

            Only Hillary Clinton has had two or more movies and several documentaries made about her questionable ethics.

            Only Hillary Clinton was called “Broomstick one” by the SS.

            Only Hillary Clinton made congress and others spend millions and millions of tax dollars having hearings and investigating her to find that she lied, that would not have been spent if she would of simply told the truth in the first place ! Fact – all facts !

            Only Hillary Clinton regularly cussed out and belittled her SS detail. She cussed worse than a sailor!

          15. Kol says:

            Every comment you made is nothing but right LIES that have ALL been debunked trime and again! Thanks for the laughs!!!


          16. DotDot says:

            What’s the matter, you don’t like to hear the truth about your CROOKED CORRUPT LIAR Killery? You know they have a body count of 50 plus to their name and MORE to come if she’s elected!! When a person is to testify against the Clintons, it’s just a coincidence that they happen to come up dead before they can testify!! The problem isn’t that Hillary is an unethical, corrupt, lying, criminal dirtbag – everyone knows that. The problem is that her supporters don’t care!

          17. Kol says:

            Sorry, dotty DotDot, all you BS has been debunked many times. Your extremism gets dottier and dottier.

          18. Kol says:

            The challenge still stands…PROVE your dotty drivel.
            Show FACTS ./ EVIDENCE of what you say… actual PROOF…

          19. DotDot says:

            You have internet, use it!! Like you’ve been doing!!

          20. Kol says:

            Figures that you’d side-step. You can’t PROVE your BS, so you take the only way out! LOL! Funny!!

          21. DotDot says:

            What about this video being one of the most damning statements of voter fraud showing the Commissioner of Elections in New York City openly admitting there is abundant voter fraud? CORRUPT Democrats can’t win unless they cheat that has been proven again and again!! The person in the video even conceded not having voter ID is a bad thing. This is the reason Dems don’t want voter ID, plain and simple!! Dems could care less because it is a way for them to stay in power and collect a check funded by tax payers. WATCH – Democrat Admits Election RIGGED In Bombshell Video – Millions Are Watching


          22. Kol says:

            Despite all your incessant BS,… Trump is LOSING!

          23. Kol says:

            Daily Kos Recommended

            Republican woman slams GOP men as she quits the party in a stunning tweetstorm

            Donald Trump knows he’s already lost, pulls ads in crucial swing states

          24. DotDot says:

            Give me a RELIABLE source and NOT a Democrat leaning website. They print ANYTHING to get attention!! They need to stay in business!! I have NEVER seen them write ANYTHING positive about Republicans! Just like Clinton News Network, I NEVER, NEVER watch them because I know how they also LIE!! And don’t know how to tell the truth, just like two-faced Killery Rotten Clinton LIES!! At the debate Hillary said she got along well with everyone and had over 400 pieces of legislation on record during her time in the Senate to prove it. Someone tweeted: “And how many of those 400 passed since you got along with everyone so well?

            As far as I can tell, a whopping total of 3 of those were passed! If she truly got along with people and was able to work across lines, shouldn’t that number be significantly higher?!

          25. Kol says:

            Reliable source? Oh, you mean like Conservative Tribune, Breitbart, Fox News, WND, Newsmax, et cetera, et cetera?, such as you always post??? We all know none of those LEAN in one direction or another, don’t we? Jackass!!!

          26. DotDot says:

            GAME, SET, MATCH: Jennifer Capriati unloads on ‘lying 2 faced globalist’ Hillary Clinton


          27. Kol says:

            Right wing itchy ? ? ? …. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!
            You’re twisted mind makes for quite a clown act. Entertain us soime more, Bozo! ;-)))

          28. DotDot says:

            Are you having a seizure?? Like Clinton??? HYPOCRITE: Hillary on Tape Joking About Wanting to See Man’s Penis [WATCH]


          29. Kol says:

            Is your constant snottiness, your name-calling and insults necessary?
            I know they’re typical of right wing extremists, but why do people of
            your ilk feel they have to do that? ? ?

          30. Kol says:

            conservativetribune???? LOLOLOLOLOL! That sounds really UNbiased, eh???? You’re a fuckin’ idiot!

          31. DotDot says:

            Looks like Joe Biden isn’t very happy with Hilary!!

            Joe Biden Points Out Hillary’s Big Failure on Campaign Trail


          32. Kol says:

            Here’s one thing that has not gotten enough attention in the presidential race.

            The president has total authority to launch thousands of nuclear weapons at any moment. If Donald Trump gets his hands on the nuclear Red Button, no one could stop him from lighting the world on fire. We can’t let a volatile demagogue command our nuclear arsenal.

            We’ve joined with a dozen other organizations to urge the relevant Republican congressional leaders to disavow Donald Trump over the danger posed by him being in control of our country’s nuclear arsenal.

            Please sign the petition now telling GOP leaders to act now to prevent the danger of a nuclear armed Donald Trump>>

            The prospect of a nuclear-armed Trump is too real. So we are calling on Republican leaders in Congress to do everything they can to keep Trump’s finger far away from the Red Button. This includes rescinding endorsements of Donald Trump for president.

            There is a long public record of shocking statements Trump has made about nuclear weapons. Here are just a few:[1]

            In August, Donald Trump reportedly asked “If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?” three times in a 1-hour policy briefing.

            When told that no one wants to hear an American president asserting he would use nuclear weapons, Trump asked “Then why are we making them? Why do we make them?”

            Contradicting decades of U.S. foreign policy, he has said more countries — like South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia — should develop their own nuclear weapons.

            He has refused to rule out dropping nuclear weapons on Europe because “Europe is a big place.”

            Leaders from both parties, including 50 GOP national security officials, warn that Trump isn’t fit to command our nuclear arsenal and would put the nation at risk. This view is shared by a huge majority of Americans: only 27% trust him with nuclear weapons.

          33. Kol says:

            ch Joe Biden give an endless hug to Hillary Clinton – YouTube

            ▶ 2:05


            Aug 16, 2016 – Uploaded by CNN

            Watch another awkward Biden hug as he hangs on to Hillary. CNN’s Jeanne Moos shows the endless embrace.

            Joe Biden: Hillary Clinton’s health is ‘good’ but GOP attacks are …


            The Washington Times

            Sep 12, 2016 – Vice President Joseph R. Biden said Monday that Hillary Clinton’s health is good, and he worried aloud that Republicans have been “very …

          34. Kol says:

            Joe Biden: Hillary Clinton does not break – CNN Video –

            ▶ 0:51


            Aug 31, 2016

            Vice President Joe Biden reaffirms Hillary Clinton’s support of workers’ unions during a speech to Ohio voters.

            WATCH LIVE: Vice President Joe Biden rallies with Hillary Clinton in …



            Aug 15, 2016 – Vice President Joe Biden joins Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in Scranton on Monday.

            Joe Biden makes the case for Hillary Clinton to working-class voters …


            Los Angeles Times

            Aug 15, 2016 – In Scranton, Pa., on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton campaign together for the first time this year. (Christopher Dolan …

          35. Kol says:

            Cut Ties to Donald Trump, Big Donors Urge R.N.C.

            New York Times‎ – 6 mins ago

            A top Republican donor called Mr. Trump a “dangerous demagogue completely unsuited” to …

            Donald Trump’s moment of reckoning

            CNN‎ – 8 hours ago

            Fox News Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 7 points

            Fox News‎ – 7 hours ago

          36. Kol says:

            Okay… here you go… I just used it, take a look! … …

            Trump declares himself free from ‘shackles’ — and threatens to burn the GOP to the ground


          37. Kol says:

            So, what’s your “take” on Muslims? You aren’t some sort of bigot, are you?

          38. DotDot says:

            No, you’re the “racist bigot.”

          39. Kol says:

            How so?

            Не ведите себя как идиот! ما قلت هذا هو عنصري أو المتعصبة؟

          40. Kol says:

            You sound sort of “dotty,” DotDot!!


          41. DotDot says:

            You sound like a “dork.”

          42. Kol says:

            New Poll Shows Trump Losing Big League | Mother Jones


            Mother Jones .

            19 hours ago – This is only one poll, and the sample size is small. Still, it’s the well-respected WSJ/NBC poll, and it suggests the possibility of unprecedented …

          43. Kol says:

            I’m sure you’d dispute any facts or reality that does not fit in with your personal selective reality. We can see you’re very selective about which parts of reality you choose to accept.

          44. Askjrsk says:

            He sure looked guilty and scared with those four rape victims. Maybe some guy will haul off and beat the crap out of him.

          45. Kol says:

            New Poll Shows Trump Losing Big League | Mother Jones


            Mother Jones

            19 hours ago – This is only one poll, and the sample size is small. Still, it’s the well-respected WSJ/NBC poll, and it suggests the possibility of unprecedented …


          46. DotDot says:

            What was the number of Democrats polled as compared to Republicans? You see, most all polls I’ve seen poll more Democrats than Republicans – the percentage of Democrats is MUCH higher than Republicans. I know you would say that is fair since you’re a Democrat! Polls don’t mean much to me! Have you seen the crowds that Trump gets? Thousands of people go to his rallies since he’s been campaigning compared to the few hundred that Clinton pulls in. I heard yesterday was the first time she had a large crowd!! Other times I’ve also heard they had to bus in people to attend her rallies and they even put in staff to make it look better. That is what you call pretty darn pathetic!!

    3. McFerguson says:

      Oh, yeah, for sure Pinocchio was her hero…

    4. Askjrsk says:

      He got her.

      1. Tiger says:

        He tore her a new one.

    5. AKLady2015 says:

      Trump the wage theif.
      Trump the tax cheat.
      Trump the professional fee theif.
      Trump who does notpay his bills.
      Trump convicted of employment discrimination.
      Trump convicted of housing discrimination.
      Trump the man whose name apeats in over 3,500 law suits,
      70 of which were filed just this year..

      Trump who marries foreign women, then trades them in like used cars.

      More than 200 liens have been filed against Trump or his businesses by contractors and employees dating back to the 1980s

      New Jersey regulators found that Trump had failed to pay at least 253 subcontractors in full or on time.

    6. AKLady2015 says:

      Which foreign citizenship do you approve of for Ameeica’s First Lady?

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