It’s starting: Romney Leads Iowa Poll

The 2012 Republican nominee for president holds a leads a broad field of GOP potential contenders in the Townhall/Gravis poll conducted Jan. 5-7 among 404 registered Republican voters queried. Note: the polls were conducted using IVR technology and weighted by historical voting demographics.

Former Massachusetts governor W. Mitt Romney has never left the hearts and minds of Republican voters and he will hold the dominant position in the race for the 2016 presidential nomination until the other candidates spin up their own campaigns, said Doug Kaplan, the managing partner of Gravis Marketing, a Florida-based pollster and call center that executed the poll. The poll carries an error rate of 3 percent.

“Romney’s name recognition and the loyalty Republicans have for their last nominee give him a opportunity that no one else has,” Kaplan said. “The question is whether he will use or let the chance pass to others.”

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  • Ralphinphnx says:

    So, did everyone notice he picture of Der Leader Willard Mittens Romney doing his best Adolf Hitler Nazi Salute! Seig Heil Furhrer Romney!

  • 48jerry says:

    chance will pass just like last time he’s a 3 time looser and spineless just like the rest of gop if our choice is mitt or jeb people will stay home

  • Voltair says:

    Republicans are weird……….conservatives need to flee this bazaar political circus…!

  • Billy Brooks says:

    President Hilliary Clinton. That’s what you’ll get if Romney is nominated.

    1. ijohnc1 says:

      Hillary is falling on slick willy’s sword she will die from the infidelity wound it has created.

  • fordfool says:

    Both Romney & Santorium need to look back @ prior primaries– they MAY mean well, but 300mil more people are more deserving than their input of $$
    Their time in the sun would be worth more supporting eithr of the top 5 Tea Party candidate-likelies…we MUST get out of this Socialistic-clutch now.

  • conservativeandproud says:

    Romney is alright, not my choice, but at least he is moral, which is more than i can say for many others. My choice is Scott Walker, then Ben Carson, then Nikki Haley, in that order.

    1. Ralphinphnx says:

      “Romney is alright,not my choice,but at least he Is moral…..” So quite clearly conservativeandproud that statement shows all of us,that you must support draft dodger Willard Mittens Romney,the Bain Capital Vulture Capital and who got rich by shutting down our own American companies sending our own jobs overseas,and who engages In animal cruelty by strapping his own dog on top of his car and claims the poor dog Shamus enjoys it! You can that being ‘moral’ now do you?……

      1. conservativeandproud says:

        This shows how ignorant you are. You are using the same discredited arguments the liberals and those who are bigots and oppose Romney just because he is a Mormon. Go ahead, this is what is destroying our nation. You are just like Obama. You can talk of all these other issues, but the problem we have in this nation is that we have turned away from our Savior and the breakdown of the traditional family. Until we get these issues resolved, nothing else is going to be any better. John Adams, our Second President, just in case you do not know who he is, said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” And, Isaiah said: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Isaiah 33:12. Too bad so many people do not focus on what is important instead of hate and nastiness.

        1. Ralphinphnx says:

          So? As former GOP VP Richard “Dick” Cheney might say, sure looks like conservativeandproud the best thing you can do here frankly is for you to go read your Book of Morons, and drool over your person photo of your hero, Draft Dodger Willard Mittens Romney that Bain Capitol Outsourcer of our American jobs overseas and continue to delule yourself that your hero LDS Bishop Cult Leader Mittens Romney is fit to lead America and the World back into the dark ages!

          1. conservativeandproud says:

            Just more of your bigotry. That is fine, you are entitled to it. If Obama and the Democrats had their way, you would not even have that right, but I guess you would rather have that than stop perpetuation of your lies.

          2. Ralphinphnx says:

            Oh stop the idiotic nonsense and just grow up will you conservativeandproud and go clean the smelly messy white stuff off your tail feathers will you?

          3. NHConstitutionalist says:

            I can agree with you on some points but your disdain for Romney can’t outweigh the way the way I loath that commie muslim Obama.
            I agree, that if I had my druthers I’d like to have a CIC that served his country in the military but who is there that served and is in the running?
            Now don’t go all Katywhumpus. I worked on Romney’s campaign although I didn’t vote for him in the primary. And why? Because I would have supported a one eyed monkey with VD before I’d vote for the Kenyan Cossack on an Asss*
            The Romney campaign was poorly run and he lacked the fire in his belly to go after the tribal king as was evident in the 2nd and 3rd debate. And, I didn’t like the fact he sent jobs overseas, or had off shore accounts, or Romnenycare which is not Obamacare.
            but still suuuks. I could explain it but it’s water under the bridge and anyone can look it up. Would I support him again NO! I don’t dislike the man but I don’t want him as president. I have no use for PC, Pandering Capitulators. We’ve had more than enough of the GOP statists running the show, where money is the name of the game.
            Right now I’m leaning toward Rand Paul. I don’t agree with him on every issue but at least I know where he stands and why. I feel the same way about my husband of 47 yrs, who I don’t always see eye to eye with either. Senator Paul is a supporter of states rights, auditing the FED, eliminating a number of useless departments, which to me is important, and he’s not a damm Shylock.
            Hillary is an old hag who is in a perpetual state of post menopausal cramps. The Benghazi Bitter-itch is beatable. Enough with the die-nastys on steroids and that includes Bush, the amnesty common core clod. As for Christy, somebody let the air out …please.

  • Ralphinphnx says:

    Good God are the American Voters that stupid or that dense to want to elect the biggest Republican three time loser Weird Willard Mittens Romney President?

    1. ijohnc1 says:

      Lincoln ran sixteen times before being elected.
      Are you just another troll ?

      1. Ralphinphnx says:

        Nope just another former member of our US Military 1955 to 1983 that has no use for yellow belly coward draft dodgers like Weird Willard Mittens Romney!…I add ijohnc1 that I also have no use for any LDS Cult Bishop either!…And Willard is sure not Abe Lincoln either!

        1. ijohnc1 says:

          Troll suspicion confirmed, thanks for the heads up..

          1. Ralphinphnx says:

            So, ijohnc1 it frankly would not surprise me one bit to find out you are one of Draft Dodger Willard Mittens
            Romney’s sons,that also never did a day in our US Military yourself and your a Romney Family Troll too!

          2. ijohnc1 says:

            Ralph, your current president that you obviously support never was in the military, yet you rave about Romney, Clinton spent two years in the USSR you probably supported him also.
            This country is collapsing from overspending and turning into a hotbed of communism , neither one of us will gain from it doing it, go ahead and support Hillary, should would be a continuation of the current regime.
            By the way I served my time in the military and was proud to do so, may you find peace in your hatred for the Romney’s

          3. Ralphinphnx says:

            Hey ijohnc1 Nope your 100% wrong again as I have as little use for the Kenyan Wonder Obama and Open Zipper Bill Clinton as well. Got and early appointment in the morning so that means your free to make a fool of your typical arrogant LDS clown self!

        2. 48jerry says:

          dont gorget pot head clinton but he didnt inhale

          1. Ralphinphnx says:

            Thanks 48jerry now I know I must need new glasses
            to have forgot Slick Willie Clinton!

      2. 48jerry says:

        your the troll

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