James Comey’s testimony comes back to haunt him

September 15, 2017

Former FBI Director James Comey may have perjured himself when he told lawmakers last September that he made his decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton after he interviewed her.
Asked by Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) during that hearing if he made the decision “before or after” she was interviewed by the FBI on July 2nd, Comey responded, “After.” Here’s the exchange:

RATCLIFFE: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Director, did you make the decision not to recommend criminal charges relating to classified information before or after Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI on July the 2nd?

COMEY: After.

However, interviews of two senior FBI officials recently obtained by Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) showed that Comey had drafted a statement  exonerating Clinton before the FBI had interviewed her and 16 other witnesses.

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  • Jose says:

    Bring charges against hilliary and charge comey as an accomplice. Both need to be tried for “treason” or similar charges that WILL STICK.

  • roboteq says:

    This sort of thing is never going to stop unless someone starts spending some jail time. Comey is as good as anyone else to start being accountable for his actions. I wonder if he took a bribe or figured it was better than waking up dead.

    1. Retired says:

      The thought of Suicide with Bullet holes in the Back of the head .

      1. roboteq says:

        That’s what would be on my mind. Even three times could be coincidence, but dozens?

  • Bob says:

    Would it be ironic if the only charges that came from this “big nothing burger” (to quote Van Jones) were against Comey and Clinton? Would it be Hillary-arious if she had to go on trial for her mis-deeds and then lying about them? Or would it just be “deja vue all over again” that a Clinton would skate on obvious violations of laws and lying about them?

    1. Pete says:

      The MSM is in lock step ideologically with the progressive/socialists. Since Hillary and Comey are in the upper tier of progressive/socialists in the US either one of them would have to publicly commit a cold blooded murder for the media to cover the incident.
      Being responsible for the loss of life of another is just not significant enough in MSMs view to merit breaking their silence.

    2. Retired says:

      Bob >>>>>> Your Last sentence tells the whole Story about the Clintons .

  • Dea Whyte-Mansburten says:

    Arrest Comey & Mueller. Peas in a pod; Cons in a cell.

    1. Rock says:

      Zackley, then nab Hillary and her illegal, top secret computer crew…

      1. JoanWMorgan says:

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    2. Retired says:

      Add Obama ,that gives you 3 stooges .

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