Jeb Calls Out Asia for Latest 14th Amendment Fight

by AFP | Yahoo News
August 25, 2015

Washington – Republican White House hopeful Jeb Bush on Monday accused Asians of abusing rules allowing infants born in the United States to be American citizens, amid a campaign row over immigration.

Bush has clashed with rivals — including the Republican presidential frontrunner billionaire Donald Trump and top Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton — over use of the term “anchor babies,” a derogatory description of children born in the United States to undocumented parents.

Migrants’ rights activists see the term as a slur used by anti-immigration campaigners to describe the babies of those who sneak across the border to give birth, gifting their offspring US citizenship and enhancing the parents’ legal status.

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  • 1inamil says:

    Jeb; Then it’s OK for Mexicans to have “anchor babies” but not Asians?

  • Wally W Mc Ginnis says:

    Great and other BUSH Wacker!
    This Guy is nothing but a DemOcrat In sheep’s clothing!
    What Now!
    Is the statement!
    Its the Economy!
    He has a Speech Impediment!
    In this Guys which is no different than Bill or Hillary or ‘Just Like’ obama!!!

  • Screw Jeb, go Home, Jeb! No one wants you except mama and papa! No more Bush, no more Clinton, no more Kenyan Queers! TRUMP/CRUZ 2016!

  • AKLady says:

    First it was Mexicans.
    Jeb, can’t outlaw his in-laws.
    Now it is Asians.
    Who is next?

  • 14usa says:

    Jeb why are you trying to divert the issue? America wants a stop to all illegal immigration. Anchor babies have been created by a twisted interpretation of the 14 Amendment, to something it was never meant to imply.

    1. omegaman says:

      Well stated 14usa.

  • whoisshe? says:

    Illegal aliens who cross the border to come to this country without ID bank accounts , nothing , do not belong here, our grandparents always came to this country to build and give up what they had, make good, that is what should be not this psychological play on words. Ice agents babysitting, that is the most stupid thing I have heard, they are all different cultures crossing the border, where is the respect already I say if this keeps on fly the Chicago and Baltimore gangs to the border and let them handle this at no cost to this country .

  • carpkiller says:

    Bush is always going to be in the class of people that feels RULING the rest of the population is there duty. Think kings and subjects.

  • REDDOG says:

    f jeb lobby owned .vote trump.

  • Bar Weight says:

    hey jeb, asians do not cause the problems that your mexican buddies do

    1. omegaman says:

      Asians send their vey brightest.

  • Dodie1990 says:

    While I do not usualy favor amending the constitution, this is one amendment that needs to be immediately repealed. Millions are taking advantage of the U.s. by dropping their illegal kid here and we cannot get rid of any of them. No other country would tolerate this nonsense.

  • jdbixii says:

    Until all Americans, not just white, Anglo-Saxon Americans, insist that “equal justice” is the enforced practice of equal obedience or compliance with the law, we will feel that we are being discriminated against by a government which has failed miserably to enforce the law.
    Southern, slave-masters/owners were a unique group of people, protected by law. The enforcement of the United States’ borders will ensure that people are not allowed to form a subculture of abused persons subject to being compelled to work at reduced wages because of the “blackmail” or “extortion” factor of their being here illegally.

  • VirgoVince says:

    The 14th amendment does NOT apply to illegal aliens and anchor babies are just as illegal as the parents!!

  • muthamedia says:

    So, Fredo wants to keep out the smart ones and allow the parasites flow non stop?

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      Sure, the smart ones won’t work for peanuts, then too, if they don’t get what they want here, they take their talents elsewhere.

    2. 7papa7 says:

      What it says is that he is very prejudiced and doesn’t want the law to be against his illegal Mexicans but it is OK to be against Asians. A side note, Asians in no way shape or form cause the problems that Mexicans do. They don’t come here to kill, rape, steal etc from us like the Mexican illegals do. I don’t remember the last time I heard of an Asian illegal killing or raping in of our citizens. I am hearing about it from illegal Mexicans almost daily. Then we bush boy who supports the murdering raping Mexicans over the “over all” law abiding Asians. I guess he figures that not enough votes are there.

      1. Bar Weight says:

        his wife is mexican,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        1. 7papa7 says:

          I am aware of that, that is why he is so terribly lenient and wants more for the Mexicans than Americans. Obama is for the muzzies and bush is for the mexicans. My question is who for Americans??

          1. bones1941 says:

            Trump,Cruz, and Carson !

          2. 7papa7 says:

            Good choices. I would put Cruz on top because he has the best conservative history.

          3. HadEnough says:

            Absolutely. But Trump on top.

  • Terry Rushing says:

    Well, I can’t get a handle on Jeb; is he or ain’t he in opposition to anchor babies? Is it that he doesn’t like the term “anchor baby” or is it that he just doesn’t want it applied to his Mexican friends? Clearly he’s ready to take on Chinese, and other Asians over the issue of anchor babies. Maybe he’s just laying a smokescreen; I think the anchor baby problem with Asians is far less than the problem with our little buddies to the south.

    1. Peatro Giorgio says:

      “HERE’S YOU’RE SIGN” Jeb flows with the wind. Which ever way the political winds blow; so goes Jeb. Can we say beholden coward to his special interest high rolling campaign donor’s. Giant corporate sponsors. The only support Jeb has ,is those Establishment, following naive uneducated, blind to reality folks . And of course the go along liberal media morons.

    2. josebear5 says:

      You can’t get handle on Bush because their is no handle.

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