Jeb Bush Calls Obama A ‘Latin American Dictator’

March 9, 2015

The interview is in Spanish, but a translation appears below. Watch as Jeb Bush desperately tries to convince pro-Amnesty activist Monica Reyes that he is loyal to the concept of amnesty for illegal aliens but simply objects to Barack Obama’s tactics.



Monica Reyes: Will you prioritize the termination of the DACA & DAPA programs?

Jeb Bush: DACA is… Which one is DACA?

Monica Reyes: You said that you would undo President Obama’s overreach. Are you referring to DACA and DAPA?

Jeb Bush: Exactly, and pass them as a law instead of how it has been done.

Monica Reyes: So you do have plans to end DACA and DAPA.

Jeb Bush: DACA is, which one… the one that deals with Dreamers. We ought to give Dreamers priority towards citizenship, but through a law not through a decree – something a Latin American dictator would do.

Monica Reyes: But you would terminate the programs. So a person like me who qualified for DACA would be left out and without any opportunities.

Jeb Bush: No. What I am saying is that – I wrote a book – this is totally illegal (DACA & DAPA)

Monica Reyes: Yes, but, you recently said that you would dismantle both programs (DACA & DAPA)

Jeb Bush: Exactly, and pass a bill that would allow for a permanent solution…

27 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • DandBA says:

    Could his ignorance of the subject have been any clearer? Don’t think so. Sorry, this is one bush I would not trust behind or in front of a “bush”. He is attempting to ride the coat tails of his father and his brother. WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER BUSH IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

  • Harold says:

    What else would Jeb Bush expect from a wannabe communist dictator?

  • B. Stewart says:

    You would rather a lying democrat?

    1. Brady Harness says:

      Hell NO!!! I would much more enjoy seeing an American Patriot stand up and Bring Our Country back to FREEDOM, EDUCATION, WEALTH and being the country that No Other Country can even start to compare to!!!

  • Terry Cornell says:

    I don’t care what Jeb Bush tries, he is not getting my vote. It is as simple as that.

    1. B. Stewart says:

      People like you are the reason we have Obama.

      1. Terry Cornell says:

        Could you please explain your comment. How do you go from me not supporting Bush #3 to us having Obummer?

  • Webb says:

    Speech after Speech….Will Not Get Bush My Vote…..

  • billyg says:

    The Bushes (all of them) are RINOs . They are ALL liberals hiding in the Republican party. They are also blood relations to obama. The whole political scene is a game and we are the losers. There is no differance in their ideology, they play the two party game so the take over is gradual and WE are not supposed to notice.. You want a final solution Jeb? Send the ILLEGAL ALIENS BACK to wherever they came from. Enter them in a database. If they are caught again brand IA (ILLEGAL ALIEN) on their forehead. Anyone with IA on their forehead can be shoot on sight. How’s that for a deterrent? OR maybe WE could just ENFORCE our current immigration laws instead of rewarding criminals with a better life than most citizens attain.

    1. dagobarbz says:

      Go back to Europe.

      1. raffaelecafagna says:

        Not Really : Go back to Mexico , it is the only solution and come here the Legal way . You got to be an Illegal or a liberal leftist ; what else ?????

        1. dagobarbz says:

          Does Barb sound like a spanish name to you? “Go back to Mexico?”
          NO U!!!

          1. podunk1 says:

            It’s past time to assess the RINO damage done to the US economy, wealth, productivity, sovereignty, and safety!
            20+ years ago we made steel, aluminum, copper, lead, etc. We formed tools, equipment, machines, and all of the parts we put in them. We invented technology, processes, and ways to exponentially increase wealth and freedom to do unimaginable things.
            Today we import half of our oil from many enemies, shut down affordable coal energy, and put everyone with a brain and skill out of work because RINOS used their government influence to monopolize and consolidate US corporate wealth into global entities! RINOS sent the US productive infrastructure to their ally Communist China. The stock still says GE or GM, etc., but everything is now on CHINESE SOVEREIGN TERRITORY, built by slaves, administered by global monopolists, and sold on credit to American who can no longer produce what they consume.
            Those same Maoist/Rino progressives are using ($36,545 each annual ) taxpayer funds to flood the nation with 12 to 30 million felony tax/regulation avoiding alien workers TO THROW a comparable amount of Americans out of work and into welfare! Once you have bankrupted and destroyed the USA, what’s the next step?
            Jeb… We’ve had enough Bushes, Clintons, more Bushes, followed by an Obama-nation… and if this country does survive, it won’t be under another Bush!

          2. raffaelecafagna says:

            Perfectly said ; they are here to destroy this Nation . Enough of the garbage . soros included.

          3. raffaelecafagna says:

            If you are a Native Born , meaning : born in the U.S. from American parents , Nothing to be concerned about . Go back to Mexico is for Illegals and foreigners from all over the planet coming here jumping the fence . The way you speak and the way you express yourself gives a ” strange idea ” about your position . ” Go back to Europe ” why is that . ?? Do you like Jeb ??? How about Dr. Carson . ???? Barb you jumped all over ” billyg ” , above , and told him go back to Europe ; Why ? Just because billyg expressed his opinion about Jeb ?????

  • Jean Witte says:

    It doesn’t matter to me what Jeb Bush calls Obama, I still don’t want him for our next president!!! He is far too liberal!!

    1. dagobarbz says:

      I hope you’re kidding. Or do you dream of the days when fascists ran Germany and get all sexually aroused by jackboots and billyclubs?

      1. Jean Witte says:

        I am simply saying that there are several more people better qualified to get us out of the mess we are in than Jeb Bush!! My statement has nothing to do with fascists in Germany, or anyplace else. I am just rooting for a better America!!

        1. dagobarbz says:

          Unclear on what you mean by “Bush is too liberal.” He doesn’t strike me as liberal, intelligent, or the sharpest knife in the drawer of Bushes.

      2. raffaelecafagna says:

        NO : we dream of the days when : you can`t go to another country without permission ; that is the Law here in the U.S.A. ; also an International Law and a Law very well Enforced in Mexico ; of course you don`t know anything about this Law . Or come here the Legal way not the zero way or the jeb way .

        1. dagobarbz says:

          the fuck are you ranting about? Quit telling me to “come here the legal way.”

          I was born in Los Angeles, stupid.

          1. raffaelecafagna says:

            the fuck are you ranting about ???? Do you Know how to read ?????” you can`t go to …….; it is not you in person ; it is the way the ” Law ” states .
            I never said :

            dagobarbz come here the Legal way . I said : the Law says or the Law states that : You can`t go to another country without permission = You is a foreigner , an illegal ,a person coming here as a Tourist and not going back . Do you Understand .????? You stupid born in Los Angeles . ???

        2. I Seigel says:

          Would you please just STFU. You are truly a ranting, raving parrot. Nothing between your ears except lint. Find somewhere else to play. Judging from your name, I’d say “Go Back To Europe”.

          1. raffaelecafagna says:

            You re a Typical Retarded Imbecile , uninformed , confused , brainwashed liberal leftist ki## a$$ to illegals ; buzz off and go back to your satanic cave . Yes indeed born in los angeles from who ????? You STFU , go back to your mom basement . Bless you too.

          2. I Seigel says:

            I’m impressed! You used a THREE-syllable word in an almost-complete sentence. Actually TWO 3-syllable words. Good for you!! They describe you perfectly. Keep up the good work. You’re obviously getting good at your English as a Second Language classes. Soon you’ll be learning how to fill out all the forms for government assistance. Happy mooching!!

          3. raffaelecafagna says:

            Make it 5 Languages ; Learn how to read , that would be your next challenge . Never been on that line ; that is for you , you mentioned it . I learned , from day one , if you don`t work you don`t eat ; so learn and let it be a New Lesson . Thank you , Bless you always and have a good safe day.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Yes, if you don’t work, you don’t eat. Maybe that explains why illegals work hard at menial jobs, the jobs unemployed white people, students, etc don’t want to do.

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