Jeb Bush says decision on 2016 run coming before year’s end, says illegal immigration can be ‘act of love’

April 7, 2014

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has said that he would make a decision on whether to run for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination before the end of this year and said that some immigrants who enter the United States illegally do so as an “act of love”for their families.

Bush made the remarks in an interview broadcast on “Fox News Sunday” while attending a celebration of the 25th anniversary of his father’s inauguration at George H.W. Bush’s presidential library in College Station, Texas.

Without ever officially entering the race, Bush has emerged as a tantalizing Republican candidate. The Washington Post reported last week that some prominent Republican party officials and donors had launched a campaign to draft him into the race as an alternate to scandal-hit New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and libertarian-leaning Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

On Sunday, Bush said all the speculation about his candidacy is actually getting him more attention than if he had already entered the race.

Bush, who served two terms as Florida governor between 1999 and 2007, described the state of politics as “crazy right now,” and added that one factor in his decision will be whether he can deliver an optimistic, hopeful message without getting drawn into a political “mud fight.” He says the other main factor in his decision will be whether it’s OK with his family if he ran.

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  • geddaklew says:

    “Act of love” is correct, because the illegals are SCREWING the taxpayers!

  • John Henry says:

    Not a snowballs chance that I would support JEB, he does not want to get into the fray over Illegals, and says they are just trying to make a life and protect their kids ….

    Well what about the hundreds of thousands who are feeling the same, yet do not break our law and jump our fences to illegally enter into the US, and who do not purchase false identities, work illegally, suck up Government benefits?

    Do we not want immigrants who do not violate the law? Do we not want new citizens who apply, qualify, and perform what our own laws call for?

    I know its about convincing Hispanics that they need to support and vote for the GOP instead of the Dems, as those who are jumping our borders and violating our laws in so many ways do, show them a sympathetic face and earn their trust. But I see this in a completely different way, its more like embracing and supporting the people who you catch breaking into your home and stealing your stuff, and sitting at your table and eating your dinner, and then upset with you because you don’t approve of their behavior.

    Who cares how a illegal would vote … They do not have the right to vote.

    Its not about race, I would feel the same way about 11million Russians crossing our northern border into America and doing the same thing.

    Can you imagine an America with 11 Million more available jobs, or 11 million fewer people on Federal support?

    This is one reason why I do not feel that JEB is the man to take over the White House, but if I had to choose between JEB and Hillary, or a third term for Barack, I would vote for him just like I did for Romney.

  • defiant1 says:

    We do not need that jacka$$ running for president, he is no conservative. And that silliness “act of love” blather regarding illegals left me laughing to tears. He is married to a Mexican, no wonder he would think this way. I am no bleeding heard conservative, never have been, never will be. What a fool is this joker…….

  • Upaces says:

    This took me all of 5 min. 3 yrs ago:

    1) Have those that are already here — register (just like our ancestors did at Ellis Island);
    ​2​) Background checks are a MUST;
    3) After they register, they MUST attend classes to learn to read and speak English (most community colleges offer classes);
    4) They must learn the Constitution; Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence (and be tested);
    5) They must then go before a judge to be sworn in as an American Citizen.
    6) The men “must” join the Military if he is under 30 years of age.
    7) They must have a health Check

    The adults will NEVER receive Social Security benefits because they have not paid into it. They are NOT to receive food stamps for the same reason. They have never paid into the system to warrant receiving food stamps.
    8) Put the Military on the border. Place signs at every major path where they come into the U.S. Also run ads in all the major newspapers; and give a press release to every major TV station in Mexico.

    IF shot crossing the border “illegally, any lawsuits will not be accepted in any U.S. court.

    Individuals who hire illegals will be fined $25,000 per person (prior to this, the fine was only $250 here in Texas;
    Corporations who hire illegals will be fined $50,00 per person;

    It is illegal to house illegals. It is already in law that Real Estate Sales Reps as well as apartments cannot rent to them. They do anyway. FINE THEM MUCH MORE HEAVILY and if it is the 2nd offense, they should lose their real estate license and/or be put in jail.

    Community Colleges allow them to register for school. They should also be heavily fined.

    To stop the illegals (and dope runners) from crossing the borders, put the Military on the border. Prior to that, run an ad in every major newspaper in Mexico, Central America that they will be shot if caught trying to cross the border. NO LAW SUITS WILL BE HONORED BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    And, YES, there will be profiling…Anyone who is a U.S. citizen will NOT have a problem proudly showing their Drivers License, correct legal papers; or any other proof. THEY ARE, AFTER ALL, INVADING OUR COUNTRY and this has to be stopped and they will agree with us.

  • awegweiser says:

    Seems to be pushing the right buttons to attract “Compassionate Conservatives” if there are or ever were any out there. Golly, the man even seems to be mixing a little Christian charity in there too, much of which seems to have evaporated except as blather from pulpits quickly forgotten in the real World.

  • Beth Austin says:

    Sorry, Jeb. But illegal immigrants are still ILLEGAL, therefore not entitled to financial support, free education, free meals, free housing, transportation or healthcare paid for by US Taxpayers.

  • Keith says:

    It’s these sort of ideas about criminal Illegals that got us into this mess. We don’t need more of them.

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