Jeff Sessions tells senators: My conversation with Trump about Comey ‘remains confidential’

by Andrea Noble
October 18, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said at the outset of his first congressional oversight hearing that he will “not be able” to discuss the content of his conversations with President Trump — a stance that appeared likely to derail lawmakers’ efforts to learn more about the firing of former FBI Director James B. Comey.

The attorney general demurred when asked at Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee whether Mr. Trump shared the reason he wanted to fire Mr. Comey or if the president mentioned wanting to lift the veil of the ongoing investigation into Russian interference.

“That calls for a communication with the president that I believe remains confidential,” Mr. Sessions said,

Mr. Sessions referred lawmakers back to the to letters sent by himself and his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which explained they both had doubts about Mr. Comey’s ability to lead the department as a result of his handling of the Hillary Clinton email server investigation.

21 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • The Redhawk says:

    After watching the Jackals of the (D) Fascist Party behaving like a bunch of over drugged crazed HYENAS flinging false accusations at Session I cam tho the Conclusion that the SENATE does have a Superlative cOLLECTION of STUPID IDIOTS in the Persons of BLUMENTAHL the FAUX MARINE, FRANKEN the MAJOR IDIOT, Lehay who leaks SPIT with an Open mouth but never makes any sense, Sheldon Whitehouse who rambles on and says NOTHING and Dianne FEINSTAIN who is just and OLD useless BAG of VOMIT>>>BUT you know what……WE DESERVE SUCH MORONS by not TERM LIMITING SUCH COLLECTION OF HUMAN WASTE …

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    Personally, I can’t wait for McCain and all his cronies to retire and be replaced by people who don’t collude with the dems. RHINOS (Right hating insecure narcissists on steroids). PATHETIC!

    1. The Redhawk says:

      BULLS EYE !!

  • Retired says:

    All the Democrats are doing is wasting valuable time to prevent progress and stalling for the 2018 election , well guess what they are going to get paid back for it including Rhinos .

  • KJ says:

    So if the reason for Comey’s firing and the need for a new FBI Director had to do with the pretend investigation and exoneration of Hilderbeast, we are to conclude that Director Wray will be referring her to AG Sessions for indictment relatively soon.

    1. Pete says:

      We can only hope.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        HE BETTER!!!

  • Norman Fox says:

    When are these leftist,liberal,socialist,communist, hating dumocrats going to start doing the peoples business of governing and get out of the witch hunt business. Wonder why our debt is so high, just look at the waste of the dumocrats, their hatred of America, their stealing,cover ups and God only knows how much more. No wonder they can barely be called anything but what they are losers,liars,thieves who do not have the brains to get out of the rain without instructions

    1. pmbalele says:

      I have no idea why Trump still keeps Sessions on the payroll. I believe Trump does not know Sessions is now going around the country campaigning for the 2020 GOP WH nomination. That means Trump is going to be head-on collision with Sessions. Sessions is a bug Trump should get rid of from his bed.

  • Tiger says:

    Well it is October so the witch hunts are out in full throttle. If something new came up I would listen, this is the first time I haven’t listened to an investigation. It is like watching repeats on TV.

    1. Retired says:

      You got it with Witch hunts , to bad the Democrats don’t start investigating their own Criminals .

    2. Pete says:

      The proper target is the witch that keeps popping up on national news.

      1. Tiger says:

        She is in trouble big time, she, Lynch and Obama for the Russian uranium deal. Going to all come out and rain on her parade.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          Well one thing that Must be Investigated….Did Hillary STUB her Toe in England or did she fall off another bar stool and Fell HEAD first and Cracked that Empty head again??? something for Franken, Whitehouse, Leahy, Feintain and the FAUX Marine Blumenthal to Demand an investigation…about!

          1. Tiger says:

            For sure , my guess is she fell drunk again.

          2. The Redhawk says:

            Could it be possible that those “strange Voices” are doing her Spoken bids??

          3. Tiger says:

            Wonder if she has hallucinations being as she drinks the hard stuff.

        2. Gary Smith says:

          As usual nothing will happen

          1. Tiger says:

            Last chance kiddo to take um down.

    3. The Redhawk says:

      Hi Tiger .. How did you like watching the (D) Anarchists making total asses of themselves yesterday?? All BS and NO iDEAS!!

      1. Tiger says:

        I tried to watch it, first time I haven’t watched these things, but I felt my BP rising and again same ole same ole them veering off track, so I stopped.

        I watched this and got sick.

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