Jesse Jackson: Phil Robertson ‘more offensive’ than Rosa Parks driver

December 26, 2013

Jesse Jackson decided to share his thoughts on Phil Robertson, weighing in on the controversy that’s been heavily debated by “Duck Dynasty” fans and critics alike.

In a statement to FOX411, Jackson opened up about Robertson’s comments in a GQ interview, during which the A&E star made negative, graphic statements about homosexual sex and the lack of racism in pre-Civil Rights South.

Jackson charged that the Robertson family patriarch, who was suspended indefinitely from his reality show, is worse than the driver who told Rosa Parks to give up her seat.

“These statements uttered by Robertson are more offensive than the bus driver in Montgomery, Alabama, more than 59 years ago,” Jackson said in a statement. “At least the bus driver, who ordered Rosa Parks to surrender her seat to a white person, was following state law. Robertson’s statements were uttered freely and openly without cover of the law, within a context of what he seemed to believe was ‘white privilege.’”

Jackson and his Rainbow PUSH coalition are demanding to meet with A&E and Cracker Barrel, who briefly pulled “Duck Dynasty” merchandise off its shelves before quickly deciding to sell the products again.

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  • Jesse Jackass has spoken!! Does anyone really care what this moron has
    to say???? Puh-leeze!!!!!

  • sengal says:

    Jackson likes to suck just like Hussein. That’s why he’s offended.

  • Ben LaLonde says:

    Jackson, is wrong about the bus driver with his “law” comment in that Phil Robertson has the law of our first amendment right to free speech, which everyone in the media and politics seems to have forgotten.

  • john says:

    He and Al should both be rotting in prison.

  • Karen Prescott says:

    Jackson and shills like him never miss a chance to run to a microphone. My question is why is there always a microphone? He never says anything new or intelligent.

  • Digger45 says:

    “Robertson’s statements were uttered freely and openly without cover of the law…”. I guess the Constitution, which is law, no longer protects free speech. JJ must not be a lawyer.

  • aurora9 says:

    Jackson is a fraud!

  • Jeanette Chambers says:

    We don’t need Jesse Jackson running to the rescue this time to defend black people. He ought to be thanking the man for having courage to speak out against this wickedness as God’s people do. Too many people professing Christianity draw back claiming not to judge. We’ll let me tell you people something, when you give these people God’s Word, it is His Word that judges not you. 1Thessalonians 4:8 says he that despiseth, despiseth not man but GOD…. Also Paul says in Galatians 4:16 Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the TRUTH?? Sorry Jesse you professing to be a man of God should be supporting Phil for defending the Word! If you can put yourself on the same level with GOD by calling yourself Reverend, then I see why you would defend A&E because you don’t understand the seriousness of GOD’s WORD. Examine yourself and see if you are in the faith!

  • Larry Lewis says:

    Have you noticed that Jesse has never had a real job? Let’s see who else has never had a real job? Oh, yes, B.O.

  • Larry Lewis says:

    “Rev.” Jesse Jackson seems to have never read the Bible injunctions against homosexuality. But then, he is not a real Minister is he?

  • terrymengle says:

    Nobody is more offensive than the hypocrite Jesse Jackson. He used to be called, “Reverend Jesse Jackson” but that must have been bad business for a race baiter.

  • jenersea says:

    How can someone who is supposed to be a Reverend find fault with what Phil stated, he was following the Word of God? Jackson is supposed to know scripture, when is the last time anyone heard him preaching the gospel? Jackson should know that the Word of GOD always triumps the law of man. Rainbow Push Coalition is just another front for Kweer Nation in their push for minority status. Jackson failed as a so called Senator from DC, is failing horribly as a Minister of GOD, preaches division, instead of brotherly love so he wants to meet with Cracker Barrel and A&E to demand that they purge a man who is standing up for GOD’s word which is what the so called Reverend Jackson is supposed to be doing. Jesus said you will know them by their fruit, it is not even remotely hard to see where Jackson’s fruit lies. Jackson is with the world and the money. Jackson read the scripture where it states what happens to those who willingly lead the people away from the Word of GOD.

  • Sgt. York says:

    what a liberal race bater this fool is.

  • CTH says:

    I have known a good many white jackasses, Jackson appears to be just a black variation.

  • Paladin says:

    Jackson is the most offensive thing there is.

    He has offered NOTHING to improve anything in the black community or anywhere else for that matter.

    He wiped the blood of Martin Luther King on his shirt the day King was assassinated and cried out look at me… look at me and he has been crying that same thing ever since.

  • John Ramey Sr. says:

    Jesse Jaskson is un-couth , un-educated , un-Christian and un-believeble.
    He makes his living off other Black Americans that believe his lies and donate
    to his ” Rainbobama coalition”.
    He and Al should have to “pick a little cotton”, to see what real work is like.
    As far as being called “Reverend ” NO one this sde of God and Jesus , have the qualifications to be called Reverend.

  • disqus_15WmcYF5nt says:

    Does he intend to say that all blacks are homosexuals?

  • Andy Z says:

    Who cares what he does all he is, is a race baiter and about as “Reverend” as my cat

  • David Hendrick Behrens says:

    Jessie is no man of God, he is a racists conman, bully, who made hundreds of millions, by threatening to sue companies for racism, and threatened boycotts, so they kowtowed, caved and didn’t want to go to court and fight Jessie for years, so they just gave him money to leave them alone..

  • T. Laman says:

    the Rev. J. Jackson is inconsequential and who cares what this race baiter thinks anyway. Don’t forget his dwarf friend the REV Sharpton.

  • zulu says:

    Who cares what Jesse Jackson says. He’ s never worked a day in his life. He lives off stirring up controversy and spreading hate. He isn’t even intelligent.He thinks he is the only one with an opnion. Phil has as much right to speak up and out as Jesse does.

    1. Tomcat01 says:

      Zulu, one needs to care what a man like this says in particular he has a large following who actually BELIEVE what he and his fellow crony Sharpton say. That’s what makes people like him dangerous.

      1. zulu says:

        You are correct in that he does have a following. They’re called Obama voters! They are so worried about being played by white people when the black people are the ones who victimize them. As long as Jesse and those like him can keep the black people under wraps, they have a good living and never have to do anything but talk a good game.

        1. Tomcat01 says:

          BTW, the Black Panther Party this week called out Obama and called him a fake and said that he doesn’t have blacks or the interests of America at heart.

          1. zulu says:

            This is really good news. Not that I particularly want to be in cahoots with the Black Panthers, but it does give me hope to know that they’re waking up.

          2. Tomcat01 says:

            Very true my good friend. If you want to read true ignorance and the other side of the problem, read Sengal’s comments above. That is the other side of the problem.

          3. sengal says:

            That was a former Black Panther member who made that statement, dipstick. If you’re gonna make a statement be sure to get it right, will you? The New Black Panthers are still indebted to this Muslim, as they are also Muslim. And then you follow like a liberal lemming in independent clothing.

          4. Tomcat01 says:

            Sengal, every time you write something here you prove to everyone how stupid you really are.

          5. sengal says:

            You wouldn’t know smart if it bit you in the behind, dipwad….You superiority complex only demonstrates your lack of it.

          6. Tomcat01 says:

            See, there you go again, putting EVERYONE in the same little box because you’re so SIMPLE mind. It is like using any racial slang to describe an entire group. You’re a hateful individual who again perpetuates the problems of this country. YOU ARE NOT A SOLUTION!!!

          7. sengal says:

            So you weren’t even good enough for a bottom feeder, huh? That tells me enough about you, yellow-belly scumbag

          8. Tomcat01 says:

            Is that the best you can do? Shows you are a hateful and out of touch old fart.

          9. sengal says:

            Shows your diction is very limited with your repetitiousness…What an idiot.

          10. Tomcat01 says:

            Not true, just stating fact to a decrepit and intellectually challenged old fart. Trying to KISS for you.

          11. Tomcat01 says:

            And you’re the one with the complex.

          12. Tomcat01 says:

            And you moron, it this comment I was referring to you in other posts. You see the words, but you can neither read or comprehend them. NOT EVERYONE in the New Black Panther Party is Muslim. So now you’re going from racism to hating those of another faith.

          13. sengal says:

            Illiterate dipstick. The NBPP upholds Khalid Abdul Muhammad as the de facto father of the movement. What else don’t you know, stupid. Don’t you go calling me ignorant to others when I can easily topple you without making much of an effort, you fricking pile of excrement.

        2. Tomcat01 says:

          Hey Zulu now Sengal is commenting on posts and conversations I have had with you. A hateful old fart. I do not use the term man because he isn’t a man. A man educates himself and recognizes the changes in the world around him. He realizes that ALL people want the same in life and that it ONLY extremists like him that perpetuate the problem.

          1. zulu says:

            He’s just an old “grouch-ass.” They are miserable in their own skins and want everyone else to be. They like to make people think that they have a clue!

          2. Tomcat01 says:

            Hi Zulu and Happy New Years!! The trouble with people like him is the hate they spread. These hate-mongers keep the problem going and someone needs to stand up to them and shut them up. He said he served in the Korean War just as your husband. Sengal shames all veterans.

          3. zulu says:

            They can only spread their hate to like minded people. People who have any sense just turn them off. They may have the courtesy not to say anything, but they are repulsed by the vitriol. And even if people stand up to them, they are too ignorant to get the message. They go through life on the short end of the stick and blame others when their true problem is with themselves. I learned many years ago that wherever I go I have to take myself with me. And that is where we deal with our problems. It’s like the mess we’re in today. We’re as much to blame as anyone. We’ve sat idly by and kept putting these clueless idiots back in office. They’re killing this country. Giving billions of dollars to Iran right now. We’re borrowing that money. I’m hoping that there will be an absolute revolution in the 2014 elections. No incumbents. Well, enough said. Just finished my bowl of Blue Bell ice cream and watching Duke and Texas A&M. Looks like Duke has opened a can of whoop-ass!
            Happy New Year!

          4. Tomcat01 says:

            Happy New Years Zulu. You are so right, but at the same time I felt it was right standing up and at least being the voice of reason. I also played pro sports for about 4 months before I got my draft notice which I knew was coming. Through that experience I met several pro football players, both black and white. They viewed what this guy was saying and my responses and while they agreed with me felt maybe I should have just let it pass. One said that if he knew where the guy lived he’d hang out at his stomping grounds and see if he couldn’t get him to say what he said here. I wouldn’t mess with guy myself as I have seen him do 130 pounds arm curling, but using one arm. He’s about 6’5″ 350 plus.
            I just felt there was a need to again to be a voice of reason. BTW, Never count Johnny Manzel out as I just sw. I was watching the game and flipped to see how bad it was when I saw the comeback. I wish I had some Blue Bell right now, but cannot drive due to the surgery.
            Happy New Years again. Sorry I let myself sink to his level. I thought about turning him in to Disqus.

          5. zulu says:

            I, like you, sometimes just can’t hold back! No harm in airing your pipes! You just said what others think. I do that quite often. In looking back over my life and schooling, etc. I see that there are a lot of dumb-ass people coming along. I grew up post-depression and I lived in the country. There were people who had newspapers nailed to the inside walls if their houses to keep the wind out, etc. but I can tell you first hand that these were fine, honest and hard-working people. They had pride. They worked at whatever to provide. Everyone did. A 12 hour day standing on concrete was nothing for my mother. Then she’d come home and cook. This country is filled with wimps who wouldn’t strike a lick at a snake! And they don’t have a clue that WE are the government. We pay the freight. You can add all the taxes you want to the corporations, but it comes right out of our pockets. Glad you spoke up! I was merely saying that you’re talking to “total ignorance.” Anyone who spews that kind of hate is a sick lost cause. Enjoyed chatting. I know a few ex-cops who could open up a can of whoop-ass too! I like to keep these guys in my good side! Got to cook my greens and black-eyed peas!

          6. Tomcat01 says:

            Happy New Years again. You are so right. What amazes me is that the American people now seem so willing to let these s0 called politicians run their lives. Another thing is everyone thinks throwing more money into something is going to fix the problem or it is going to get done. Someone has to do the work and throwing more money into something isn’t the fix. We need to look at HOW and WHERE we’re spending the national treasure. I like you am tired of paying the way for the non-hackers.
            Gotta go fix my black eyed peas and ham!!!! Hugs to you and your family in this new year.

          7. zulu says:

            You didn’t let yourself sink to Sengal’s level. You tried to give the brother a hand to lift him to your level! He was too stupid to know it. Someone will smash his mouth on of these days. I hope! Lol
            Unless we can clean house in DC, I don’t see a lot of hope for putting a clamp on spending. My Republican Senator is up for re-election. Not going to vote for him. There’s a guy running that believe might make a difference.
            Funny,you ended you blog with Hugs. I always end my e-mails that way! Two great minds! Hugs to you and yours.

          8. Tomcat01 says:

            Hi again, thank you for everything. Sengals’s still at it. LOL I was raised to be understanding and open-minded. Somewhere I lost my way. I was at one time very hard in not a very nice person. I think after talking about what I did and saw and I found Christ again I began not to be so angry and found compassion. In my 20’s had I met someone like Sengal I probably would have done something to get my butt thrown in jail. At one point it was a wonder I didn’t end up in jail. I got over my anger and he hasn’t.
            I cannot call him a brother and if I was your husband and if he had read this individual’s comments, if I was your husband I’d feel betrayed and insulted that Sengal was a veteran of the same war your husband had fought in. I cannot call this sorry excuse a man. A man stands up for what is right and honorable. He admits when he’s wrong and apologizes accordingly. This individual does none of that. He continues to spread hate and discontent. He justifies the Jackson’s, Sharpton’s, Wright’s, Black Panthers etc. He is just as dangerous or maybe more so than they are. He could be the spark that ignites a riot.
            Hope you enjoyed your greens and black-eyed peas and you have nothing but good luck this coming year. Again, Hugs.

  • raynetherwood says:

    Gee, hope they tell the pseudo adulterizin’ “preacher” to take a long hike. It’s amazing that he and Al baby can march, chant, slander, falsely accuse “white people” (whatever that means), but heaven forbid that anyone other than them have an opinion on anything.

  • D. Kline says:

    If Jackson is referring to the comment about picking cotton, Robertson was picking cotton too. That doesn’t sound like “white privilege” to me.

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, both Clintons, Reid, Pelosi, and a whole bunch of the liberal donkeys [of both parties] are dependent on dividing the American people with fabricated and false claims. When examined in the light of truth they are proven liars and false pretenders of knowing anything about Christianity.

  • Harold says:

    Jessie Jack-son, wouldn’t know anything about the Bible by his life style (illegitimate child etc.) and his extortion practices).

  • Tomcat01 says:

    Jesse Jackson is a hypocrite riding on the coat tails of a great man in Dr King. He is lie a few others who see the KKK behind every tree and has PROFITED greatly in the bile he spews and the memory of Dr King. Additionally, I have thought a lot of what Phil said and maybe he had a similar life experience as I had and also maybe didn’t mean what he said in the context he said it.
    I was NEVER brought up as a racist nor was ANYTHING EVER said in a racial tone. Had I ever used words of discrimination my mother and/or father would have literally washed my mouth out with soap just as occurred when I used profanity. I really didn’t run into racism until high school in the 60’s and I was counseled over words I had used which my friend I had used , but never in a racial manner but that referred to the nickname of the school we were playing.
    Maybe Phil never saw racism just I really never did. I have read some statistics which say the AA community has had a great family breakdown than all other ethnic groups. Maybe Phil was referring to this as the similar times when the family units were basically whole. In the AA community I just recently read that there are MORE single unwed mothers than in any other and that there is NO father figure.
    NONE of us know Phil’s heart, but should as we give many others the benefit of the doubt. He never preached hatred or violence, but quoted Scripture as HE understands it.

    1. boone1 says:

      Well you have never seen racist like I have seen.There were three white familys living in an all black area of town in Cincinnati and we had to fight these kids all the time they didn’t like white people.Now you tell me who the hell is racist in this country.

      1. Tomcat01 says:

        what blacks in this country in general will not admit to is that racism is a two way street. I had a girl friend in the Army. She was a SGT in the military police and I was a SGT in an infantry unit. I was one of only a few Green Beret/paratroopers/snipers qualified in this unit. This lady was black and I am white. She was the envy of a lot of women as well as men because she was ever so attractive in my mind and had a figure men would walk into trees looking at. She was from Georgia and I from California. We became friends just in passing by one another which led to going to get an ice cream to pizza, etc. We would sit and watch TV together. We didn’t marry because if I remember things correctly, it was her family that didn’t want a white boy in the family. To this day I wonder how she’s doing.

        1. sengal says:

          Goes to show black people are just as racist. But with you in the picture I could understand.

          1. Tomcat01 says:

            Sengal, you’re a racist pig and NO BETTER than those you are condemning.

          2. sengal says:

            And you’re a kneegur lover who got rejected by one. What could be worst than that.

          3. Tomcat01 says:

            See what I mean. A hateful old fart that I bet doesn’t have the balls to say something like that to someone’s face. You hide behind the cloak of the internet. That YELLOW streak came out in Korea. How far did you run backwards?

          4. sengal says:

            Wanna bet, kneegur-lover? I could show you a thing or two about bravery and patriotism. You stayed in for the government dole, like most socialist. I’m still in one piece, you’re now being put together. The reason being, I was taught how to fight while you hid behind your spotter.

          5. Tomcat01 says:

            You cannot show me anything you coward. Hide behind the internet. I stayed on the tip of the spear so to speak while you sat on your butt supposedly ANALIZING data people like me obtained. See, you’re ignorant because on sniper teams we rotated the positions. Additionally dumb ass I could whisper to my spotter. I’ll bet you’re collecting SSN so who is on the dole? Again, all you can do is throw insults and continue to be part of the problem. I’d love to be there one day when you do pop off with your racial slurs and someone caves in your face. You know NOTHING of patriotism and courage. How wide is that yellow streak down your back? I’ll bet it is a pee stain from you running so fast.

          6. sengal says:

            I know guys like you, much like John Kerry that got moved up by sucking up and doing nothing…Never worked a day in his life. All you liberals are alike, lazy and braggers.

          7. Tomcat01 says:

            You see, you are a REMF and an ignorant one at that. You being an ANALIST shows that. Had your hear so far up someone’s anus that you to this day cannot see the light of day.

          8. sengal says:

            And you must be the product of an incestuous mama….No wonder you’re a retard…

          9. Tomcat01 says:

            This comment shows what a true low life Piece of crap your are!!!! So, now down to your level, the best past of you during conception was flushed down the toilet.

          10. sengal says:

            The shoe fits, buddy…

          11. Tomcat01 says:

            I see we finally agree on something, the shoe fits you perfectly!!!

          12. sengal says:

            I see comprehension is not one of your strong suits when related to you, that and stupidity. That’s where your retardation comes in..

          13. Tomcat01 says:

            I just took a crap and excreted more comprehension than you will ever have. I pity your family to have such a low life like you in it. You cannot keep something g just between the two of us but have to bring the innocent into it. I’ll bet you do not even know who your parents are!!!

          14. sengal says:

            Looking at your picture, you are the only piece of crap floating around, fathead…So big you plugged the toilet.

          15. Tomcat01 says:

            Let me say this again you scrawny piece of crap. As I said yesterday, you area true coward in hiding. You are so intellectually inferior to everyone here. At the time that picture was taken I was benching 325, ab pressing 255 and leg pressing 1200lbs. All you can do with your rice sized mind in insult. Your very existence is an insult to those around you. If you think you’re so tough bring it on. I’ll break you in so many pieces and insure that you again are flushed into the sewer you crawled out of.

          16. sengal says:

            Piece of crap, eh? You should know, you foul-mouth wannabe. There you go again, playing the superiority complex card again. What a laughable idiot you are. Yeah right, go ahead and build yourself up all you want, you still remain a wimp. Be careful who you talk to like that. I could put you out in a blink of an eye..and don’t need a weapon to do it except my own hands.

          17. Tomcat01 says:

            You are a sorry excuse for a human. Like I said you old fart bring it on!! I NEVER said ANYTHING about using a weapon. I’ll even let you throw the first punch before I take you apart. ,I do not need to build myself up at all especially a sorry excuse for life that you are.

          18. sengal says:

            ooh big man talking big again. Why don’t you take a pill and call the doctor in the morning, you sick piece pile of excrement. I’m tired of your ranting and raving building yourself up, “real” men do not do that. That’s the difference between you and me.

          19. Tomcat01 says:

            You FAR from being a man of any kind. You are the biggest pile of dung here. You are intolerant of others and cannot face the truth. You started this crap and the ONLY thing I resent is sinking to your level of communication. You’re a coward, a TOTAL COWARD hiding behind the internet. Several have read your comments and have emailed me that if I ever find out where you are they may take you out themselves. You continually spread hate and discontent and justify the liberals viewpoints of the conservatives. I don’t care if you’re tired You cannot discuss anything in a cordial manner. BTW, I have a picture here and EVERYONE in that picture is a combat veteran. Unlike you, NO ONE in the picture has a YELLOW STREAK down their back as you do. Keep hiding you old fart. Some day you’ll get what you deserve and I hope that I am there to witness it if I do not do it myself.

          20. sengal says:

            Well, ‘someday’ has already come to you. You got yours and all that’s come out of it is nothing but hot air spewing out of your blowhole. If anybody is spreading hate its you! Dumb asses sure can dish it out but can’t take it, can you?

          21. Tomcat01 says:

            Hey STUPID!! I haven’t gotten anything especially from you. Again, you’re a coward!! I’ll bet if you show these posts to your family they would be real proud of you. You’re a senile old fart. I have taken all your BS and “one upped,” you EVERYTIME!!! I am just talking to an intellectual idiot. Keep hiding you coward.

          22. sengal says:

            I suggest you go back and read all your comment then tell me if you don’t have a complex. You’re the coward, you’re broken and you’ve got nothing to be proud of. And I am not hiding, if I was, I wouldn’t be answering your stupid comments…In fact you sound more senile than me and not proving anything to anybody, quitter. .

          23. Tomcat01 says:

            You are hiding you simple minded coward. I do not have a complex nor have I received any adverse mail except from you. You are a legend of your own mind and too ashamed to share this exchange with your family and friends. I haven’t received any negative comments from anyone but you. As a matter of fact, I again remind you that emails I have received want to “pay you a visit.” You again hide behind the internet. Making comments here proves nothing except your YELLOW STREAK. I tried to have an intelligent conversation with you, but that is impossible because you are so lacking in any intellectual power of any kind. You’re the one who really needs to read things from the beginning. You even attempted to bring innocent souls into this with an insult of my mother. Again, you are a lame excuse for a human and as one of my friends said here, “he’s ashamed to call you a fellow veteran of the very same war you participated in.” Go crawl back down the sewer you came from.

          24. sengal says:

            Emails that you received??? Where are they, I sure don’t see any. Or are you so damn insecure, you desperately seek positive reinforcement from others, but you’re not getting any. What an idiot. You’re not intelligent, you’re a raving lunatic that hides behind a made up story then calls me a liar. Same to you pal. And I wouldn’t try crawling down a sewer for fear I’d run into a parasite like you. But not for the reasons you think. Keep spewing your rhetoric.

          25. Tomcat01 says:

            Your rant proves how ignorant and stupid you really are. You do not know the difference between blogs and email. I am not insecure as I know that I am dealing with an individual who is morally, ethically, and intellectually bankrupt. You’re so old you’ll croak before I finish answering your bile. It is time intelligent people stand up to the crap you represent. Crawl back down the crap hole you came out of as it is your home sweet home. I am not hiding from a thing. You’re the one hiding. BTW, at least one other has answered me from here, you’re just too stupid again to read and comprehend.

          26. sengal says:

            “I again remind you that emails I have received want to “pay you a visit.” Are you threatening me, asshole? Let the record show those that are reading these posts that you have threatened me and I will hold you responsible for any outcome.

          27. Tomcat01 says:

            Again, you have shown me and others what a chicken and coward you are. You are far from being anything close to a man with any sort of integrity. You threaten me and tell me how “badass,” you are and then you resort to your last post. You not only insult me and make derogatory comments about my family, but do so of others in my life as well. Again, you are a simple minded coward. I tried to keep this between you and me and tried many times to keep this cordial, but you’re so full of hate you would not nor could you recognize the times I was agreeing in part of what you said. I suggest you re-read all these as well. I have printed all these out for law enforcement myself in the event you try something stupid. Persona;;y, as much as I’d love to shove your head up your butt I would not risk everything I have for the opportunity nor would I waste my time. I called you out based upon what you said. You kept escalating this and as I said earlier my only regret was sinking down to your level. I also caution you this, you had better be careful what you say on the internet because it is always out there and someone just may find you. You’re a COWARD!!! Nothing more.

          28. sengal says:

            You should know, recreant. When people start to accuse others of such, they usually own the title. You’ve proven it. Be careful what you post especially when it comes to threats. You’re like Obama, you seek to bring out the hatred in others.

          29. Tomcat01 says:

            Again, you are a coward, a liar and I have done NOTHING but to stand up to the bile you have posted here. Others here also have tried to reason with you, but you again are so full of hate you cannot see the forest for the trees and now are running the scared rabbit you are. YOU started this and others have also mentioned to me, they do not understand the hate that comes from your very pores. Let me educate you more on computers. If someone desires to and they have the software installed on their computer they can trace you, me or anyone else to your residence. Your computer is assigned an IP address unique to YOUR computer. Again, you started this crap and I suggest you refrain from any additional posts. I didn’t bring any hatred out in you as it already exists.

          30. sengal says:

            Keep digging a deeper hole for yourself, stupid. You’re a waste of fresh air…

          31. Tomcat01 says:

            There isn’t a big enough backhoe made to get to the depths you are in

          32. sengal says:

            Can’t even give you enough credit for handling a backhoe. Maybe a ho. Even then, I doubt it.

          33. Tomcat01 says:

            You’re so simple minded. I play with you like a little boy plays with Play Doe.

          34. sengal says:

            Clearly, you’re not very good at games.

          35. Tomcat01 says:

            As I said before, better than you are. Keep running like the little mouse you are.

          36. sengal says:

            Better than being parasite. Got a remedy for that..

          37. Tomcat01 says:

            You are lower than whale crap at the bottom of the Marianna’s Trench. Like I said, COWARD, bring it on!!! All I have to do is kick your walker out from under you and you’re right where you belong.

          38. sengal says:

            When and where, butt wipe?

          39. Tomcat01 says:

            You are so such like a small child. Name it boy.

          40. Tomcat01 says:

            And NOW crap for brains, WHEN I do show up and kick your ass you NOW HAVE NO LEGAL REOURSE AS YOU NOW HAVE CHALLENGED ME!!! You really are stupid!!

          41. sengal says:

            You’re the one making the threats. Still stands..

          42. Tomcat01 says:

            You really are feeble minded, senile and stupid. I called out the school bully and now the school bully is crying foul. I made NO threats. I simply stood up to a senile and hateful old geezer. YOU made the threats long ago!!! Run little mouse run. If your nuts ever drop and you grow hair let me know. You feel threatened, go to the cops. Go hide behind your social workers apron.

          43. sengal says:

            The washed out yellow belly is now changing his tune. Typical.

          44. Tomcat01 says:

            You are as predictable as you are stupid. I have come to the conclusion that there is no reasoning with an old decrepit old fool as you. You are truly a liar, coward and a legend of your own mind. You have attacked everyone here who has spoken to you even the women. I also realize that I give you a purpose in life and that purpose is to express the hate and bile which are your very sole. As someone mentioned here, you really are too old to have all this hate within and consuming you. You are and have a cancer within your sole and so long as I or anyone like me gives you an outlet it gives you reason to live and wakeup each day. Therefore, I am no longer responding to you hopeful that you will just shrivel up and go away. You are a sad excuse for a veteran and definitely not a man. You hide here. Even the women here have posted a photo, you do not even have that amount of courage. The one lady who reached out to talk to you has my utmost admiration and respect and I admire her husband as well.
            So go back to your care taker and use your allowable time on the internet the community center allows you to have for a more constructive outlet. Go again and hide behind your nurse’s skirt, drink your Ensure, change your Depends, clap with your clapper, and keep the emergency call button handy. I always knew that you are a coward and would NEVER have the balls to meet me one on one. Since I took you up on your offer to prove your toughness you now cower and claim I threaten you. The ONLY one who has changed his tune has been you. You are truly a disgrace to your generation.

          45. sengal says:

            Listen carefully you dastardly lard-ass, the woman and I had a civil conversation without all the mudslinging that you seem to like. Just because you sucked up to her doesn’t mean she’s on your side. She also commented that you gave your share of
            insults. Arrogant idiots like you never cease to amaze me and all the arrogance and bragging isn’t going to help you. Mark Twain’s quote “You are a coward
            when you even seem to have backed down from a thing you openly set out to do” fits you perfectly, fat slob. You’re just a squirmy worm that belongs at the
            end of a fishing rod.

          46. Tomcat01 says:

            Again you coward, this the last of this. You do nothing but name calling. You are as dangerous to civil liberty as those you profess to be against.. Go hide behind your social worker. If you had read the lady’s comments and fully grasp what see was saying you would realized and understood that while I was dishing it back at you it wasn’t with the hate and discourse you were. I say again, if your balls ever drop and you can get away from your rest home, meals on wheels, oxygen cylinder, Box of Depends, you clapper, and your home panic button, I will kick you ass so bad that no one be able to tell if you’re sneezing or farting.
            The conversation you had with the lady was hardly civil. Because neither of us agree with you it is imperative in that rice sized brain of yours to lash out. You are a crass o0ld geezer needs to be taken to the vet and put down, but I wouldn’t insult the dogs and cats.

          47. sengal says:

            “I will kick you ass”. With what? You lack balls, we all can see that.

          48. Tomcat01 says:

            Like I said many times, let me know where you are and when. Quit hiding coward. You’re such a coward you cannot even put a picture here because a 5 year old would kick your ass.

          49. sengal says:

            Where are you, ball-less? A five year old would have more guts than you, gutless infant.

          50. Tomcat01 says:

            LMAO!!! I asked you where you are, but you’ll never give a straight answer and continue to act like the 5 year old you are. nah nahnie nah nah boo boo. I’ll come to you as I don’t think your scooter will come this far. LMAO!!!!

          51. sengal says:

            And you call me childish. You should team up with honey boo boo since your intelligence and gift of gab is that limited.

          52. Tomcat01 says:

            Additionally, I see you have also broken out your Thesaurus. Again, I never threatened you. You made statements and I called you out on those statements. If you think I made threatening remarks I challenge you to take everything here to law enforcement. You had no case and are now running as I described. As I mentioned to you what you have put out here is for everyone to read. As I tried to tell you it is all traceable. But you continue which shows you cannot be reasoned with, full of hate and based upon what I perceive your age to be either senile or so set in your ways again you cannot see the forest for the trees. As I have said many times, I didn’t have to bring out the hate in you as it is already there and personally I think you’re consumed by it. I have turned us BOTH in to DISQUS so if we’re both removed from here at least I got one hate monger off here. Again, what you say here can be digitally traced right to your front door by ANYONE who has the software and intent. AGAIN, I implore to cease and desist if you’re so concerned for your safety before you really piss someone off here.

          53. sengal says:

            Not concerned for my safety, just have you on file to make it legal and necessary. I don’t scare that easily. Especially from idiots kept in a basement by his parents. I’m way ahead of you. SOBs are easy to trace I agree and if I wanted to I could, but you’re not worth my time. I see that you used menial words and not surprised you can’t understand another word with the same meaning. You’re f**ked up and belligerent. The only coward here is you for backtracking on your threats. You’ve confirmed for me that the coward only threatens when he is safe…

          54. Tomcat01 says:

            You really are a stupid coward. I have tried to reason with you, but too old and feeble minded to comprehend anything. Again moron, I dudette, I NEVER threatened you, but called you out as ANY MAN would call out a bully like you. You try to intimidate and you spew hateful rants at ANYONE who disagrees with you. I ran all these past a cop friend and he’s says most agencies will ONLY look at your crap because they HAVE to if you file a complaint. In his thoughts, NO crime has been committed and that you’re just a rambling old fool that if someone does pound your face that in some way you got what you deserved. You cannot and are incapable of carrying on any conversation without name calling and idle threats. You are the very coward you portray yourself to be and you dishonor all of us who have served this great nation. You are the extreme opposite of those you oppose. I encourage you to backtrack and find you low life because you do not have the balls to face me. BTW , I have tried to keep the vocabulary simple so there might be the remote possibility you could understand and fully comprehend what is being said. I do not need a dictionary or a thesaurus to have a verbal discussion with moron like you. Again boy, feel froggy come on over and jump. I have nothing to worry about as your Depends and walker keep you from doing anything. COWARD!!! LIAR!!!!

          55. sengal says:

            Whiny baby. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen, miss prissy.

          56. Tomcat01 says:

            You are so simple minded and cannot even come back at me. As I said, bring on little boy. Go have someone change your Depends, make sure Meals on Wheels stopped by, the Clapper is working, and that your emergency call button is around your neck so if you fall someone can help you get up. I know you’re too old to get it up and probably forgot what it is used for other than to pee in your Depends.

          57. zulu says:

            Sengal, I’ve been following your thread with Tomcat. My husband was a Korean vet and we know well people who lost feet,etc to frostbite, etc. It was a horrible war. However, so was the Vietnam war. Our military suffered horrors and had difficulty knowing who the enemy was. Both of the wars may have been useless wars, however, we had our countrymen there and they deserve respect. Whether someone was in the face of the enemy or on the front lines, they deserve respect because they were there to be shot at or killed so they laid their lives on the lines with the rest of them. If you were in the Korean War, you are probably around my husband’ s age which is 81. I’m surprised at your attitude toward anyone in the military. My mother would have jerked a not in my ass and I believe yours would have too at such an attitude. Our country is in desperate need of people to work together to rid our country of the sick spending to fund people and countries of those who hate us. We don’t have billions to give away. We are borrowing the money. The constant printing of money has caused the value if the dollar to go down. You surely know that the dollar won’t buy anything. Takes more and more dollars. I’ve heard some liberals talk about the stock market going up. We yeah, it takes more money to buy the stock. So yes, it’s up. Everything is relative. This being the first day of the New Year, I hope you’ll go forward with us to try to right our country. You don’t have to be a Christian, Tea Partier or any special group. Just part of those who want what’s best for or country and a children. I was brought up to love my country and I believe you were too. Let’s all get it together in 2014. Blessings

          58. sengal says:

            Zulu, since when do you find me disagreeing with you? And what’s you point?.

          59. zulu says:

            My point is that instead of name calling and dissing one another we could use this energy to go after the real enemy which isn’t one another. We’re being played by our own government who keep the racist fires burning. I thought we’d gotten past that. We need to put our swords against one another down and take the same energy and get rid of the whole damned bunch.

          60. sengal says:

            So why come to me? Tomcat has been dishing it out as good as he gets and I don’t see you approaching him. Or are you a bit bias?

          61. zulu says:

            How come you? #1 I figure you’re about my age if you were in the Korean War. Age usually brings on maturity and I don’t think making racial slurs is very mature. Even if you are a racist, you don’t have to be tacky. I’ve read the comments and certainly Tomcat had been giving it back to you, but not with the vitriol and hatred that you seem to harbor. My favorite Christmas song is “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!” It always makes me want to cry because I know that I fall short. As to bias maybe so because I think your comments are deep and meant to hurt. My hope for you is that you’ll rise to the occasion and focus on the cause of our country’s unrest. That is our elected leaders. We put them in; we can get them out. We’ll be fighting some really crooked elections, but we can do it together. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican or an Independent you have to know that our country is in deep do! Hopefully we can circle the wagons and protect our country. Trying to scalp someone because their color choice isn’t yours is not exactly productive. Dividing people has been the number one MO of the politicians. It’s kept them in office. Let’s show them the can’t manipulate us any more!

          62. sengal says:

            First of all, you don’t know my age. Secondly, anybody over age 40 should be expected to have maturity. Apparently, tomcat has lacked in it with his strong opinions and his superiority complex. And for you to take sides is irresponsible.
            When he starts to under mind my position. When he starts to call names he should expect a backlash. The fact that my words are stronger doesn’t mean he has more of an intellect or brain.
            Talking about racism, perhaps you should start condemning Obama, Sharpton and Jackson, the NAACP and in general most black Obama supporters. Wake up and smell the coffee. Racism has never been stronger among blacks and unless you follow the new, you oblivious to it. Peace is what we all strive for, unfortunately Obama keeps fueling the fire of hatred. If you follow my comments I have stated that now all blacks are the same or I wouldn’t have voted for Allen West. But you like tomcat prefer to pick and choose what I say. This is not your fight, leave well enough alone.

          63. zulu says:

            Agree with a lot that you said, however, from your posts it was hard to tell. Yes, Obama has fanned the fires of hatred and division, but he can’t can’t do it if we don’t let him. He’s done a good job of using us. I really don’t know what all your “fight” was about! I just saw the racial slurs. You said it. We have been pitted against one another. I certainly apologize if I stepped on your toes. So, just keep on keeping on! I’ll do the same.

          64. sengal says:

            So you decided to concentrate on the racial slurs and overlook everything else? Typical. this idiocy that Obama can’t do it with out the fires of hatred and division. I’ve got news for you,he’s doing a darn fine job of it, that’s why he’s hated so much. BTW, This is an open forum so what’s it to you if we decide to use language we desire? I don’t see this site censoring anything. I suggest you go back and read word for word before you form an opinion. However, your opinion again doesn’t matter. Quit trying to be the mediator. I stand behind my original statement, blacks especially those who support Obama are the entitled brainwashed freeloaders. Those are the parasites, the ones who are the cause of the racial division and hatred in this country. We just happen to be fighting back…Sadly, you’re oblivious to the whole thing.

          65. zulu says:

            There has never been a monument erected for anyone who left well enough alone!

          66. sengal says:

            Then, you should be directing your advice to your buddy. Meddling never solved anything…

          67. zulu says:

            We need to conclude this thread. I don’t think we communicate very well. Don’t think either one understands the other!

          68. sengal says:

            Absolutely right! You did come to me, remember? I bid you goodbye.

          69. Tomcat01 says:

            Zulu, thank you for your attempt to diffuse the situation. There was no dealing with Sengal. I forced his hand and he is now cowering behind both the law and law enforcement. He definitely crossed the line with what he said about my mother and I will not stand for that. As I told my mother, he is as dangerous as those he raises his voice against. In the early 70’s, I saw race riots in the military break out over lesser comments. As I told my mother and friends, someone has to stand up against people like this and if we don’t then in many eyes we are just as guilty. Inaction can be taken as condoning the action and words of Sengal. My last statement to Sengal today sums it up.
            My thanks to you and my prayers are with you and your husband. Again a very Happy New Year. I also noted that Sengal lashed out at you because you didn’t see things his way. I am sorry for all of this. HUGS

          70. Tomcat01 says:

            I also meant to say Sengal is now cowering behind both the internet and the law. Funny.

          71. zulu says:

            You owe me no apology. I am not intimidated by Sengal. Man, he’s thrown everything, but the slop-jar at you! Lol He can’t feel real good about his rants. I am serious In asking him to use all that negative energy toward something positive. If there was ever a time the country needs to come together it is NOW. People of color have come a long way in understanding an accepting one another. We have those public figures who want to fan the fires. It keeps them living good. Jesse Jackson has never worked a day in his life. He’s made his living keep the poor people down and feeling discriminated against! No sweat here! I have a pretty thick skin.

          72. Tomcat01 says:

            Hi Zulu, You are right about this guy. What he failed to realize is that there are those of us who in doing the right thing are willing to get in the mud with guys like him. I hope that you got to read my last post to him. He was crying the blues about being threatened etc I reminded him of everything he said and did and have kwpt good on what I said, He doesn’t realize everything he said is out there for everyone to read and he cannot retact it. Now he is scared because he does’t know the differences between blogs, email, etc. He isn’t as smart as he thinks. I included you in one he lashed out at when you were being very nice and cordial. I do not know why he singled me out, but as you noted he got very ugly.
            I have a difficult time welcoming him as a fellow veteran. I served with 2 guys who saw action in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. One guy had 7 Purple Hearts. The one I served with in the 82d Abn Div jumped at Normandy. I met Gen Gavin and he autographed his book for me. I have seen alot just as your husband has. My heart and admiration to you and your husband. We’re all fighters.

          73. zulu says:

            Yes, I am willing to sacrifice for my country. I was born in 1937 so I was very young during World War II, but the thing that I do remember is that we were all part of it. My brother (older) and I used to take our wagon and look for scrap metal . I lived in a small town. We had a parade down the Main Street of town and all the kids pulled their wagons of scrap metal. I can still feel the pride today. We had ration stamps and I just thought that was great to have those stamps. I have stood in line for an hour for a chance to buy penny bubble gum! We never felt put upon or that we were sacrificing. My mom ‘s best friend went to California and worked on airplanes. We had nothing but unity. You can’t beat unity. Or, if we go down, we go down together. I look over a lot of stuff that people do, but I can assure that I don’t let anyone run over me. As old Garth Brooks say, ” I got friends in low places!”

          74. Tomcat01 says:

            Hi. While I am a baby boomer, I was always around those who went through very much the same as you did. They all went through the Great Depression and taught me the principles of hard work and truthfulness. I am on the 2d generation born here on both sides of my family. One side to escape famine and poverty and the other tyranny. Because of my parents, I always had positive male role models to look up to. My God Father for example was one of Patton’s Intelligence Officers, played football at USC and was the City Prosecutor for Pasadena, California from when he quit playing for the Steelers in 1948 until he retired in 1978. He was also an orphan at 12. My 6th grade teacher was wounded at Normandy and my high school principal was a Marine fighter pilot in Korea. My Reverend in church was a gentle and well educated man who also taught me a lot.

            Attached below is the last I said to Sengal. I think it was appropriate.

            Again, you have shown me and others what a chicken and coward you are. You are far from being anything close to a man with any sort of integrity. You threaten me and tell me how “badass,” you are and then you resort to your last post. You not only insult me and make derogatory comments about my family, but do so of others in my life as well. Again, you are a simple minded coward. I tried to keep this between you and me and tried many times to keep this cordial, but you’re so full of hate you would not nor could you recognize the times I was agreeing in part of what you said. I suggest you re-read all these as well. I have printed all these out for law enforcement myself in the event you try something stupid. Personally, as much as I’d love to shove your head up your butt I would not risk everything I have for the opportunity nor would I waste my time. I called you out based upon what you said. You kept escalating this and as I said earlier my only regret was sinking down to your level. I also caution you this, you had better be careful what you say on the internet because it is always out there and someone just may find you. You’re a COWARD!!! Nothing more.

          75. zulu says:

            Well said. Many have sacrificed their lives for us to have freedom of speech. I’m sure they didn’t have his kind of hate speech in mind. He has to take himself with him wherever he goes. Watching the Clemson vs Ohio State game. What a game! All is well that ends well.

          76. Tomcat01 says:

            Hi Dear, 😉 I hope the game turned out the way you wanted it to. LOL Strange ending with all the interceptions.
            Not to beat a dead horse, but did you notice that Sengal now accuses me of threatening him and that if he does get his butt kicked he’s holding me responsible? As I mentioned, any one could read this and if they have the knowledge and desire chase him down or me even for that matter.
            I am again so sorry that you got drug into this despite your “thick skin.” Compassion is one thing I have plenty of.

          77. zulu says:

            Actually, when you look back, one wonders how this all developed into such a big thing. The guy may work for NSA! Probably best to just let it die and ignore any further attempts of intimidation.

          78. Tomcat01 says:

            Hi and good morning. Great minds think alike again as you said. I reflected a lot on all of this and my mother is about the same age as you as I assume. I have dropped this, but when my mother said the same thing I asked her if she raised me to ignore stuff like this? I feel as I stand by and say or do nothing am I not just as guilty? It is kind of like the show “What Would You Do.” Even as hateful as this guy is, I would help him if he was in trouble although based upon what I “know,” about him. It would be a burr under my saddle, but it is the Christian thing to do. What I didn’t tell him is that I went to West Point for a year before deciding it wasn’t for me, but I also stick to the principles of “Duty, Honor, Country.” Even though I am an “old War Horse,” as my favorite general called himself, if called I would again serve. BTW, my favorite general is also from the Los Angeles area, Patton. LOL
            I am again sorry that you suffered from some of the nuclear fallout so to speak. I again thank you for your kind words and attempts to try and reason with Sengal. Hopefully we both have heard the last from him. He NEVER intimidated me as I knew who and what he was regardless of his past.

          79. zulu says:

            We can only hope that seeds of wisdom and understanding were planted. What he does with them remains to be seen. Sometimes it just takes a ray of sunshine. I would hate to go through like with all that anger. And pure UGLINESS! I don’t take a lot, but you have to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em and when to walk away. I am 76 years young! My husband, the Korean vet, is 81 which would pretty much be the age of the other guy. He’s too old to act like that. I hope he’ll channel that energy and go after the real perps, those who prey and live off the down-trodden. Going to watch another bowl game today! Too cold to get out and about. Have a blessed day.

          80. Tomcat01 says:

            Hey there. Thank you for everything and your kind words. I would be honored to have and call you and your husband friends.
            This guy Sengal just will not let it rest. SSHHHEEEESE!!!! I am reporting him to Disqus and if they block me so be it so long as they block him too. At least he will not be bothering you or others any longer.

          81. zulu says:

            Don’t do anything because of me. Just let him fizzle out. Sometimes winning is just walking away. I am surprised that someone hasn’t already turned him in.

          82. Tomcat01 says:

            My Friend, I hope that you are enjoying and watching the KC and IND game. It could get interesting. I am not doing it just for you, I am turning him in because it is THE RIGHT thing to do. He is running like the coward I knew he is. Have a great weekend and a Blessed Day.

          83. zulu says:

            Big game Monday night! Pulling for Auburn!

          84. Tomcat01 says:

            Well, I am not sure who I like. The way the season is going for auburn, they almost seemed destined. I am always anti SEC because it has been one of the most corrupt and investigated and sanctioned conferences. While in flight training and getting my Naval commission, I was in Pensacola and dated a lady that graduated from FSU. Talk about the one that got away, her dad was CEO of Southland Corp. LOL I have a lot of friends from AL and are both Al and Auburn fans. I think whoever commits the fewest turnovers wins this one.

          85. zulu says:

            My husband, I , my kids, etc are all graduates of SEC schools. Certainly the conferences have had their share of problems, but that doesn’t have that much to do with the kids who play. I’m with them all the way. My kids prefer Auburn over Alabama, however, I like Bama better. But I’ll have to say the Auburn coach is an up and comer. He out coached Saban in the Iron Bowl! Hope the best team wins. I think the Bama fans have been pretty quiet since they lost the other day! They aren’t used to losing.

          86. Tomcat01 says:

            That’s cool about the family!!!. What you said about the kids who play. I may sound like a bitter USC fan and to some extent it might be true. I have found that the NCAA doesn’t apply punishment and justly across the board. I think politics plays a large part of it. Take the Reggie Bush deal at USC. He and the coaches on the football team did nothing wrong. An assistant coach was implicated and resigned to help save the program. Reggie Bush’s Parents were the problem and the ones who took money. However, it was USC’s basketball program that was corrupt. My question to the NCAA, why do what you did to the kids and the program at USC’s football program? University of Texas had a problem with Vince Young, but that “just went away.” Then take Cam Newton at Auburn where the father admitted to taking $188,000. Nothing happened there. Then I really am sick over the Penn State issue. Penn State suffered a lessor penalty than USC did and that program as well as the entire school administration covered that up for 25 years!!!! If Paterno had been truly concerned he would have been on that like a done and his bone.
            I think whenever a program begins to or dominates as USC and earlier Miami, the NCAA will find the smallest excuse to “level,” the field. There were even rumblings about LSU.
            All just a thought. I hope the game goes as you and the family wish. Good luck.

          87. zulu says:

            There is nothing fair in this world. If there were the birds wouldn’t eat the worms! But I love that USC got Lane Kiffen! They got what they bargained for. He’s #1 on Tennessee’s list! Lol I guess he doesn’t care. He’s making millions doing nothing. That bunch he had with him weren’t a whole better than thugs! So, we agree to disagree! Watching GA and Tn Lady Vols right now. Got to walk my dog at half time. Suppose to have bad weather coming in tonight. Went to Walmart after church. The people had picked the shelves clean!

          88. Tomcat01 says:

            LOL I don’t disagree with anything you have said. LOL I called Lane Kiffen Lame Kiffen. What erks me about USC and the rest of the USC followers is that they didn’t hire/promote the interim coach after they fired Kiffen. He did so much for the team, got them into and won a bowl game, beat Stanford and should have beaten Notre Dame. That is another discussion. LOL I am watching GB and SF. Gotta go with the Niners!!!! Catch ya later.

          89. Tomcat01 says:

            Hey there Beautiful, Good Luck tonight!!!!! I got most of the pro play off predictions correct this weekend, but Cinncy dealt me a blow to a perfect record. In the bowl predictions I have taken a hit as well and probably won’t win the pool. LOL Oh well.

            I hope that you and your family are doing well and staying warm. Here it barely got above freezing.

            I took and expanded your advice with Sengal. He keeps pestering me so I wrote this and hopefully I will just get his response and that is it:

            You are as predictable as you are stupid. I have come to the conclusion that there is no reasoning with an old decrepit old fool as you. You are truly a liar, coward and a legend of your own mind. You have attacked everyone here who has spoken to you even the women. I also realize that I give you a purpose in life and that purpose is to express the hate and bile which are your very sole. As someone mentioned here, you really are too old to have all this hate within and consuming you. You are and have a cancer within your sole and so long as I or anyone like me gives you an outlet it gives you reason to live and wakeup each day. Therefore, I am no longer responding to you hopeful that you will just shrivel up and go away. You are a sad excuse for a veteran and definitely not a man. You hide here. Even the women here have posted a photo, you do not even have that amount of courage. The one lady who reached out to talk to you has my utmost admiration and respect and I admire her husband as well.
            So go back to your care taker and use your allowable time on the internet the community center allows you to have for a more constructive outlet. Go again and hide behind your nurse’s skirt, drink your Ensure, change your Depends, clap with your clapper, and keep the emergency call button handy. I always knew that you are a coward and would NEVER have the balls to meet me one on one. Since I took you up on your offer to prove your toughness you now cower and claim I threaten you. The ONLY one who has changed his tune has been you. You are truly a disgrace to your generation.

          90. zulu says:

            Well said. It’s one thing to harbor hate and keep it to yourself, but another to spew it on other people when they aren’t really the problem. So, I think letting it drop is good. As to tonight I am not really that excited about Auburn other than they are SEC. We bought a house in Bama and plan to move there in a few months so we’ll be close to our daughter. We have no family here. We feel it would be best to circle the wagons before we get too old.Problem there is that the people in Alabama are extreme fans of either Bama or Auburn! They are huge rivals.
            So maybe FSU would be a safer place to be. Both have great coaches. Hope all goes well in your little corner of the world. It’s 10 degrees here!

          91. Tomcat01 says:

            Hi Kiddo. Are you ready for the big game??? 10 degrees?!?!?!?!?! I hate that crap!! LOL When I came back, the Army then sent me to the Artic. Jungle to ice and snow. I stood in the door of a C130 one time waiting for the green light to jump and the chill factor was near a -148 and the temperature on the ground was near -60 with a chill factor of -75. I hate the temperature extremes. In the winter sleeping out in that crap we used to heat our squad tents to -20. I guess growing up in So Cal spoiled me. LOL
            I gathered from our discussions that you and hubby are in TN. How far off am I? LOL Moving to AL may force you to chose one or the other. LOL
            Yes dear, I took your advice. I would have let it go a long time ago, but he said about my mother infuriated me to the point if he ever go the courage to meet me I really may have hurt him. One can say things about me and I may get riled, but bringing my mother and other innocents into the fray truly showed me his colors. School yard bully until someone stands up to him. He in fact torqued my jaw assailing you.
            I’ll drop you a note after the game for your thoughts. If you’re still rooting for Auburn I’ll go FSU and we’ll bet a Pepsi over the deal. hahahahaha

          92. zulu says:

            Yes, I live in “Big Orange Country.” No better place to live, but we’re going to give it a fling. And I’ll be pulling for Auburn. You drink your Pepsi! I’ll drink my Coke!

          93. Tomcat01 says:

            Hey Beautiful, well now that FSU has won does this mean you buy the Pepsi for me and a Coke for you should we meet? Truthfully speaking, FSU was very lucky.

          94. Tomcat01 says:

            Hi Beautiful. How about the game the other night? Are you all staying warm? It is finally above freezing here. I hope all is well with you and your family. God Bless. Hugs

      2. Tomcat01 says:

        BTW, Boone, I have seen the racism and hate you wouldn’t believe. In the early 70’s we in the military frequently experienced “race wars,” and riots. The only units I was in where that really didn’t occur was in the Special Forces and paratroops. I am not saying it didn’t occur, it’s that if it happened it was a rarity because we were basically an all volunteer group and really relied upon one another regardless of that other crap!!! I did feel a lot of compassion for the blacks in my units because they were crucified in a manner of speaking by other blacks. I admire everyone I served with to this day white, black, brown or any other color one wishes to refer to those I served with.

        1. boone1 says:

          I WAS WITH THE 25TH Inf Div.1/5 Mech in Vietnam and let me tell you the blacks in my unit were pure fu*king lazy you might love them but I have no love for ni66ers and never will and I sure as hell would not make love to one.But I guess liberal people in California will FU*K ANYTHING.

          1. Tomcat01 says:

            Boone, you’re way off base with me and your comment. I may be from California, but let me assure you of one thing, I am not a liberal nor am I a racist. I have run into just as many ignorant and lazy whites as I have of any other ethnic group. Today in all honesty there isn’t a group out there that isn’t full of crap and trauma. I have supported Reagan for many years and found that what he said in many of his speeches has come true both in California and the nation as a whole!!!! When he left the Governor’s Mansion California schools were the envy of the nation and the state had if I remember correctly $3 Billion in the treasury. Now with all the bleeding heart liberals and the new Hollywood types, the state is almost bankrupt.
            I wasn’t in a freaking leg unit. I was BOTH a Green Beret and Paratrooper. We didn’t have the problem you “conventionals,” We weeded out non-hackers regardless of color. Those silver wings were earned. Where I was in the N Central highlands we didn’t have the time for that crap.

          2. sengal says:

            Maybe so, tomcat. But with blacks only being 13% of the population they are the majority when it comes to unemployment and welfare. And not because there are no jobs available.

          3. Tomcat01 says:

            sengal, your opinion is yours, but I hate to pop your bubble, there are MORE whites on the dole. If you’re talking in percentages maybe you are right, but the reason runs deeper than just being lazy. Until 1963, the majority of blacks in the US were REPUBLICIAN. This was due to their loyalty to the Republican Party due to a certain man by the name of Abraham Lincoln. This started to change that year due to federal assistance programs designed and promised exclusively for them Many civil rights programs designed to correct both perceived and actual wrongs. Affirmative Action was one of these and which BTW made me a victim of a denied promotion even though I earned it and the individual who got it was later demoted for Both not doing his job and drugs.
            In ALL areas of society, the Democratic Party has created a group totally dependent upon the government for their very existence. Watch the DVD, “Runaway Slave.” It basically shows how the physical chains and control may have been removed, but the chains still exist only now they’re economical.
            Your opinion is totally racist with enough truth to be dangerous. I know many lazy people who are white and feel “entitled.” I know many hard working people of all colors. I believe that the blacks of this country have a lot to blame upon themselves just as we whites do. But your and Boone’s attitudes only exacerbate the problem. I say all this as one who was born and raised a Democrat, but left the party when it started becoming a socialistic party.

          4. sengal says:

            No not racist just stating the facts. I probably know more minorities than you ever will and have been around longer. I stand by what I say. And if there’s is any race that’s more dangerous ‘now’ it’s Obama’s black followers, the man himself and their hatred for whites. Take a look at the NAACP, the Black Panthers, the Muslim Brotherhood, Sharpton, and Jackson, the Trayvon issue and the bleeding-heart liberals that support them. And now black kids with their ‘Knock off’ games and ‘flash mobs’ who have no respect for the law or anyone. Quit living in a dream world. You don’t know enough to form an opinion…

          5. Tomcat01 says:

            sengal, you know NOTHING about me. I don’t care how old you are or how old you think I am. I have been around the block probably FAR MORE times than you have. I am not in a dream world, but a FACTUAL ONE!!! I have NO USE for the Democratic Party or the bleeding heart liberals that play strictly on emotions ANY MORE than I do people like you who seem to spew hate. I don’t think until Dumbama is out of the White House and the media keeps propping up the Jackson’s, Sharpton’s etc will we see a change,. BTW, these media outlets are majority owned by WHITES!!! I agree with one thing though, the racist ideals have swung to where it isn’t a hate crime for black on white crime as you cite in the “knock out,” game. No black has been charged with a hate crime for such activity, but a guy here in Texas has been and it has drawn the attention of Eric Holder.
            People with your attitudes are the dangerous ones . BTW, the Black Panthers recently called out Dumbama as a fraud.

          6. sengal says:

            Tomfoolery, deep down you’re still a bleeding-heart liberal. And a most dangerous when one doesn’t admit it. Around the block is about all you’ve done, not impressive. And I’ll say the same to you, you know nothing about me. Quit defending Eric Holder, he did everything in his power to get Zimmerman, and he didn’t succeed. I don’t care what the black panthers said about Obama, I do care that they said they would like to kill ‘all white babies’…It’s people like you defending these parasites that tells me you are one of them.

          7. Tomcat01 says:

            Sengal, your answer truly reflects your true ignorance. I am as conservative as they get, but I also only deal with FACTS!!! If you truly read and could CONPREHEND what I wrote about Eric Holder you would understand that I was both agreeing with what you said about the “knockout,” game and how justice was being applied. I won’t address the Zimmermann thing because while I agree he should have been found innocent, he also could have diffused the situation by BOTH walking away and following the 911 operator’s instructions. There was fault on BOTH sides and one paid with his life.
            YOUR true ignorance and hatred shows through. Just for your knowledge, I am a Life NRA member, 23 year military retiree, an Independent as the republicans are selling us out just as the democrats are, I believe in capital punishment and feel our justice system has made a mockery of once a noble profession. I am a Christian, but not a ignorant fool as you are. People who spew your bile are what keep this crap in perpetual motion.

          8. sengal says:

            I should’ve known, an independent moron that can’t quite make up his mind about anything. Your rhetoric indicates what an idiot your are. I’m tired of listening to your mealy-mouth centered opinions. If you consider yourself a conservative, you must be in the same class as McCain, Graham, etc. sellouts that suck-up to the left and give in every time.
            I’m ignorant? Better take a second look at yourself, dimwit. What the hell do you know about facts? The fact that Zimmerman defended himself was the right thing to do. He was on his way back to his vehicle when he was jumped from behind by the punk. The punk wrestled him to ground, was on top of him, and that’s when he got his. Your facts are one-sided fed by the bias mainstream media and utterly ridiculous. Just as Muslim Holder was on his Fast & Furious debacle that they’re still trying to hide, including the Benghazi cover-up.
            And what the hell do you know about Obama whose birth certificate is in question and so are his school records? You say you moved from the left because of socialism but you didn’t move far enough, you’re still a true liberal just with a different label.
            So what if you are a member of the NRA, so am I, and a military veteran as well. But ultimately all your bragging doesn’t keep you from being stupid.

            Lets be clear, if anybody is racist and dangerous they’re your buddies Sharpton, Jackson, and of course Obama and Moochele. Look at how they have divided the country.

            By the way, if you’re going to dictate to others at least be sure your spelling is in tact. It is ‘comprehend’ and not conprehend, dummy.

          9. Tomcat01 says:

            Sengal, again you have proven to me and the rest of the world with your posts here how ignorant and such a right nut that you give us conservatives the bad name the left liberals place upon us. Your hate runs deep and perpetuates the very problems you profess to be against.
            Sometimes ignorant people like you are so full of hate they are constantly getting upset because the FACTS DO NOT substantiate their opinion. BOTH SIDES in the Zimmerman case said this could have been avoided. You’re again so ignorant you cannot see that I agreed that Zimmerman should have been found not guilty because of self-defense. As a CCL holder, Zimmerman was guilty of escalating the situation and it was the fact he was getting his brains kicked in that saved him legally. EVERY CCL class and law states that if you are armed and continue into a situation where you have an out that YOU become the aggressor!! EVERY CCL class I have attended in several states say the same thing. I have a CCL and it was always taught by cops and not lawyers. They tell you this to keep the lawyers off your butt. AGAIN, because he was in fear for his life he got off. Forensics prove self-defense and he got off again on a technicality. You are so full of hate you cannot be reasoned with. You are the type JUST LIKE SHARPTON AND JACKSON that perpetuate hate you moron!!!!
            AGAIN, you’re also YOU’RE TOO STUPID to see I am against this administration, but until AS%A$S^ like you have the proof deal with the FACT DUMBAMA is the President. I cannot stand the SOB!! Additionally, I work with a guy who went to high school with him so I have inside info!!!!
            If ignorance is bliss you are one happy SOB!!!! You didn’t learn a darn thing in the military. I retired, not just a vet. I went ” outside the wire,” frequently as I was a sniper so I am getting the impression you were some REMF who sat on his butt and complained.
            I feel pretty good that the only real credibility you have to my posting is my possible misspelling or diction.
            Bottom line is you’re a racist bigot who cannot be reasoned with. You make Archie Bunker look like a liberal. You cannot hold an intelligent conversation.

          10. sengal says:

            Try Korea, out in the trenches, dumbass. Sniper, wiper big deal. Try hitting a #10 can at 600 yards with an 06. No sitting around for me. I was one of the lucky ones, very few of us came back. And the British and the Turks didn’t think much of the muddy trenches and foxholes either. I could teach you a thing or two on how to live in the trenches. But I, unlike you, am not braggadocios.
            You sound like one who talks more than he fights and probably kept your ass and your head down if you came back without any scars….

            Do me a favor, go change your depends and stuff one in your mouth while you’re at it. Losers always stoop to calling names when they don’t have anything meaningful to add. I can see I wasted my time with you….Cry baby…

          11. Tomcat01 says:

            Talk about needing Depends, you probably crap your pants without even knowing it!!! shows me you know NOTHING of the war I fought in. Try 3 (at most, normally 2) against many. I know all about the Korean War dumbass as I served with several who fought in WWII, Korea AND Vietnam. One guy had 7 Purple Hearts. I could do better than your #10 can at 600 yards and that is why I was selected to become a sniper. I carried the M1D as well as the M14. The one thing you and I have in common dumbass is that we were lucky to come back. You came back without any scars because you probably ran like the coward you are.
            Again, you’re a hateful old fart who just might one of these days pop off like you have here and end up on the ground after consuming all your teeth.

          12. sengal says:

            Okay child, now you’re throwing a tantrum. The only accomplishment you made is coming back in one piece. although that’s questionable since you seem to be missing part of the brain. I may be old but a fart I’m not. That comes from idiots like you blowing hot air that would melt your teeth.
            I was fortunate enough to survive having my chopper shot out from under me. And I was sent back to Fort Knox to train the Cubans to fight to go to Vietnam. Then, I was selected for MI and CI… which you know nothing about, lamebrain.
            Old solders never die they just smell that way. But I do want to thank you for your service….

          13. Tomcat01 says:

            Childish????? Now you are funny. You’re a contradiction of the “I” in MI and CI. You’re Quite the opposite.
            I never had a chopper shot out from under me, but I had what my team estimated at the time, about 50 NVA regulars walk between us (there were only 3, shooter, spotter and me as security) and we were not spotted or found. What was both surprising and amazing was that we were also not picked up by the dogs. The ONLY logic to as why this may not have occurred was that we didn’t eat American food and lived like the natives we were around. I am certain we both could share some additional “war stories.” I mam also certain that we both are sometimes haunted by what we saw, but as far as what is going on here, dude you’re way off.
            AGAIN, I have NO use for Dumbama and his crowd. Watch these 3 videos, “2016, Runaway Slave and Monumental.” Barry went to a very prestigious High School in Hawaii, private in fact where in the 70’s it cost $7000 per year to attend. Graduating with honors as he did opened the door to ANY Ivy League School. As you stated and I have also mentioned to the Dumbama supports I work with, there is TOO MUCH about him unknown and sealed in court records. If Dumbama had been a Republican the Democrats would be screaming and be in the courts. Additionally, Title 8 states that Dumbama is a US citizen if born of an American parent. However, the stipulation is that the parent had to have resided in the USA in the 12 months PRIOR to the child’s birth.
            You see Sengal, I research this stuff BEFORE popping off. I had a Commanding Officer that told me one time as a junior officer, if I had an opinion or brought forth a problem I had better research BEFORE I brought it to him.
            You are right about us old soldiers and smelling the way we do. Just on the 13th of this month I again had surgery on injuries sustained while in service, 13 as a Green Beret and 15 as a fighter pilot in the Navy. I was on the tip of the spear so to speak my entire 23 year military career. Forced to retire because of Teflon Bill.

          14. sengal says:

            Very funny.. If a dog peed on your foot that would be recognizable intelligence. If you kick that dog, that would be counterintelligence. Now do you know the difference between MI & CI? I didn’t think so.
            I was also a military analyst.

            Nope, don’t want to talk about the past, just thankful I made it back and live for the future. Left too many of my buddies behind.

            We can agree to disagree because you see, I have also done some research and the fact that you are so damn patronizing is what angers me. I know Obama was handed a silver spoon and went to the best schools. I also know that Bill Ayers accommodated him at his home while he was a “foreign student”. I have seen 2016 and am in the process of reading ”The Amateur”. Runaway I haven’t seen but if its anything like 2016. I’ll have to see it to form my own opinion. Although I’ve read enough history to know what slavery was all about.
            As far as blacks go, I still maintain that far too many of them have been brainwashed by Obama and feel that they’re entitled. And I will not apologize for it. Remember ‘action’ speak louder than words and that’s where Jackson and Sharpton and the NAACP come in as contemptible parasites. But on the other hand I have great respect for Dr. Carson, Allen West, and Cain even though he was targeted by the evil left. So, you see, I am not way off but I still stand behind my statement that black people doing menial and physical work are generally lazy. I’ve seen it too many times. By God I went to school with them back in the 50’s and they always had a chip on their shoulder and ready to fight the white men. Yes, its true that whites are also in the government dole and lazy. But you don’t hear them crying “racism” at every turn. You came later, you hadn’t seen the worse of them. And yes, I had black friends in the military, but they were country first and self sustainable. However, the non-military are a different species…
            Good luck with your surgery..

          15. Tomcat01 says:

            You’re more like ANALIST. Wasn’t any more funny than you getting a helo shot out from under you moron. Research and see what happened to suspected snipers.
            I don’t patronize the SOB so get that out of your thick stupid head!!!! Until there IS PROOF then you have NOTHING and you sound like a right wing nut that justifies the label the liberal media and the likes place on you. Several things in the military taught me patience. Remember this, Dumbama’s world is starting to crack and when it does watch out. I hope that it doesn’t tear the country apart. Think of this, what happens to EVERYTHING Dumbama has signed if he is proven a non-citizen. It’s easy to say it all goes away, but what he has done is difficult to undo. Then you have that idiot Biden as President. From Dumb to DUMBER. Right now Hillary is leading most polls and that is all we need is another 8 years of this crap under another Clinton.
            You are right about whites not crying racism and such, but you never saw a Tea Party event with the violence and destruction of private property as you also saw under “Take Over Wall Street,” and such. The left are a bunch of lying hypocrites who in my eyes are the most vile and hateful. Here’s another example of the liberal left out of control. Take the Florida State Seminoles. It are the whites screaming racism and it is the Seminole nation telling everyone they are NOT offended and support the school.
            It isn’t just Dumbama that “brainwashed,” blacks. It is the Democratic Party as a whole as well as many of the black leaders as they are on the payout of the Democratic Party. I ask blacks and Hispanics this one simple question. Why are you STILL marching and demonstrating in the streets for basic rights that have been protested since the 60’swhich Party has basically controlled the Federal government for the past 100 years? Sharpton and Jackson are riding the coat tails of Dr King. Even Dr King’s daughter this month said that Dumbama of his cronies are fakes. They do not have the black community in interest nor the interest of the American people.
            Runaway Slave is done by blacks and it basically points the finger right back at the black community as a whole. The top 10 poorest cities in this country have either NEVER elected a Republican or have not done so in close to 100 years. Hate to sound racial, but there is truth to this statement as well, these same cities have been run by blacks for a long time. Detroit sound familiar.
            I believe many of our problems began with the “baby boomers,” who were spoiled. We and I am one, said if nobody sees it it didn’t happen, ‘s okay if it is behind closed doors, etc. We have basically seen a breakdown of American society. We make excuses for criminals and not punishing them. The list goes on.
            Thank you about the surgery. It sounds as if you’re just as frustrated with society as the rest of us are.

          16. sengal says:

            Do you even know the meaning of ‘patronizing’. Or are you just a damn fool? I guess I’m giving you too much credit.


            Definition: showing a manner of superiority and being condescending

            That’s exactly what you are when you start acting as if you know more than anyone else. I’m sure that most people who post here know as much or even more than you think you know but don’t go around bragging about it. Get off your high-horse and face reality. At this point the only people that are in denial about the loser are his liberal supporters

          17. Tomcat01 says:

            You know sengal, if you weren’t such an ignorant ass it would be funny. I patronize NO ONE including you. You and boone1 started this crap by telling me how much I didn’t know and how long you have been “around.” That’s the point, you’ve around ALL THESE YEARS AND LE ARNED NOTHING!!! It’s like you’re stuck in a time warp and you’re intolerant of others and their opinions. You’re the ONLY one who is correct. WRONG!!!

          18. sengal says:

            It was Boone1’s opinion. Nobody invited you to voice yours. See there you go again, patronizing and condescending just like a liberal.

          19. Tomcat01 says:

            No stupid, read again. You made a comment UNDER my comment so who invited you? Dumbass!!! I am only condescending to people like you. You are like the character in Gran Torino only he had the brains to eventually see the light and what was right.

          20. sengal says:

            What a stooge. My comment was in regard to the nastiness you posted about boone1’s comment. Somebody had to come to his defense to protect him from liberal nitwits like you. The character had more smarts than you any day of the week. Too bad you didn’t take his cue.

          21. Tomcat01 says:

            DAMN!!! I missed the part where Boone1 called you his hero!!! I forgot he’s a grown man that cannot freely express his opinion. You’re such a dumbass. I never got nasty until you did so. You’re NOTHING but an hateful OLD man and emphasize old. The man part was left in Korea.

          22. sengal says:

            And less than half a man returned, you little weasel. Let me remind you that you’re not exactly young, butt wipe, and by the sound of it, you’re probably less a man than a 70 year old. At least I didn’t get kicked out of the military.

          23. Tomcat01 says:

            You crack me up. I have more manhood in the pimple on my butt than you ever were!!! I retired as a matter of CHOICE as my community was being phased out, ie the F14 Tomcat. I am NOT WASTING ANYMORE time on a tired old fart that just verifies EVERYTHING the Jackson’s, Wright’s, Sharpton’s, Black Panthers and more say!! You’re so hateful you do not read or comprehend. You’re so filled a hateful rage you haven’t seen where I agreed with you or shown where you are totally WRONG!!! All you could come up with were childish responses which led to my responses. YOU HAVE VERIFIED EVERYTHING THE LIBERAL LEFT SAYS ABOUT THOSE OF US WHO ARE CONSERVATIVE!!! Frame you KKK card and have a happy life. You’re a hate old fart. If you ever think you can grow the balls, maybe I’ll lower myself to your level and we’ll see what happens. LMAO!!! I have had a lot of fun jerking your chain, but now you bore me as well as disgust me. Cannot believe you’re a veteran.

          24. sengal says:

            My oh my, another tantrum from the undisciplined bleeding-heart boy. The KKK was started by the democrats, you should know that by now. And you’re closer to them than me. I never ever considered the idiotic communist democratic party but you were one of them. I’ve been a staunched conservative all my life and proud of it. Do me a favor doofus and don’t send me another dumb post, I’m just as tired of you…You jerking my chain? Ha! The only one here losing their temper is you. I’ve had a ball. But thank you for your service anyway.

          25. Tomcat01 says:

            Oh my, another childish come back. well, here’s one or you, “If I had a low IQ I could be just like you.” I do not need a history lesson from you or anyone like you. You constantly show your ignorance and unwillingness to READ & COMPREHEND what has been written. You’re NOT a conservative, but a SUPER RIGHT WING NUT JOB that verifies EVERYTHING the liberal left and their allies say. But since you’re intellectually inferior you’re not smart enough to see it. Now that I am DOWN TO YOUR LEVEL, do you understand?

          26. sengal says:

            So you think that using caps will make you more convincing and superior? Not a chance, you’re still a big bad joke…hahahah….You’re so easy…Bet you don’t even know what IQ stand for.

          27. Tomcat01 says:

            You Sengal, you’re a sad excuse for a man. You are stuck in the Jim Crow days and again justify in the eyes of the left their very view point of their opinion of conservatives. If it wasn’t for people like you the Jackson’s, Sharpton’s, etc would have love faded into the background. I do not have to prove I am intellectually superior to you because you have done that for me.

          28. sengal says:

            Your pretentiousness and self-importance is unwarranted, exaggerated and undeserved. Arrogant, and cocky just like a politician but without the power. Sadly you make me laugh. Idiots like you are never to be taken seriously.

          29. Tomcat01 says:

            WOW!! You surprised me by getting help writing your last post and I see you also found a dictionary. No dude, it is morons like you that create a more divided world. Again, go frame your KKK membership card and have a happy life. All you can do is throw insults. NOT ONE of your posts state facts or law. You just post hate and bile just like a liberal and the Democrat you are. You are all for the separation of the races. You’re a little individual with a little and narrow mind.

          30. sengal says:

            Didn’t mean to shock you, but I didn’t want to waste my intellect on a peon.

          31. Tomcat01 says:

            What intellect? You have continued to display a lack thereof as shown by your responses.

          32. sengal says:

            You’re contradicting yourself again…sniper, diaper wiper.

          33. Tomcat01 says:

            The ONLY one here associated with diapers here is you. If I was a compassionate bleeding heart liberal I would ask you your size and send you a box of Depends as you may be as bankrupt financially as your are mentally.

          34. sengal says:

            Now you’re stealing my material you silly goose. Have you stoop so low or is it your lack of creativity?

          35. Tomcat01 says:

            The nation and the world would be a better place if we took people like you, Sharpton, Jackson, KKK, Muslim Brotherhood, and others and put you on a deserted island somewhere and let all you hate mongers duke it out.

          36. sengal says:

            Loser!!! Just can’t handle it, eh?

          37. Tomcat01 says:

            I see again that you’re so ignorant that you do not have a response. FACTS ARE FACTS.

          38. sengal says:

            Facts according to whom, you? Ha! You’re the joke of the day….

          39. Tomcat01 says:

            FACTS DUMBASS , I have read the transcripts as well as the law. Again, you’re so freaking ignorant !!!

          40. sengal says:

            About the only thing you have read is Mad magazine and some other loony tunes, retard.

          41. Tomcat01 says:

            Even if my IQ was only 1, it is still far higher than yours moron.

          42. sengal says:

            You’re minus 1, that’s why you’re a halfwit.

          43. Tomcat01 says:

            What a lame and childish comeback. -1 one and a half wit??? Go back to 1st grade idiot!!! Talk about childish.

          44. sengal says:

            You started it, kinder. You’ll understand it better if you get to first grade next year.

          45. Tomcat01 says:

            Again, how childish. I started it??? Bull crap. You and Boone1 started this crap. Go back to pre-school. Oh wait, that is above your educational level as well.

          46. Tomcat01 says:

            and Keep writing Dumbass as you’re entertainment for me. Cheap entertainment, but entertainment none of the less. It is difficult for me to be totally entertained with someone like you of limited mental capacity.

          47. sengal says:

            And appropriately applied ass of dumb…

          48. Tomcat01 says:

            You are really so stupid that I almost feel sorry for you.

          49. sengal says:

            Go look in the mirror and see what your neighbors have to put up with.

          50. Tomcat01 says:

            I hope you live out in the country because if you lived in the suburbs and spewed this crap someone will kill you. My neighbors are just fine with me. THVM

          51. zulu says:

            I go back a little further than you guys. I was raised in the south and we were taught to treat colored people with respect. We were not allowed to use the N-word. Only white trash used that word. I still have some close ties with the colored families that I knew growing up. There are still black people who have pride and want to work to better themselves. And yes, there are lazy blacks who feed off society. But don’t paint them all with the same brush. They have been turned into welfare slaves by the Democratic Party. Lyndon Johnson started the war on poverty and he gave every young girl her own apartment and welfare just as soon as she could get pregnant. The trend of babies having babies started. Many of the grannies were strapped with caring for these children while their mothers bred more. And the problem just multiplied itself. The babies grew up to have more babies. We have a whole dependent society that was cloned to elect Democrats. They are totally dependent on the government, which is the people. There is only one economic source in this course and that’s the people. I would be for giving every stud $10,000 to have a vasectomy. It would be so much cheaper. We need to quit handing out money to those who don’t produce anything other than more votes. We now have more people voting for a living than we have working for a living. We need to clean house in DC.

          52. Tomcat01 says:

            Zulu, I agree with EVERYTHING you said. One of us is a Korean War Veteran and I am a Vietnam veteran.
            It isn’t just blacks like this, but an entire generation across all racial lines. I was NEVER allowed to use the tem nigger. I think my upbringing and what I learned in the special forces that allows me to get along so well in other cultures. My fiancée is Chinese and I mean Chinese. When I am over there I get strange looks, but I am adored for being an American and the ways I treat and interact with them. The girls run up to me for both my size and to practice their English. HAHAHA Really boosts my precious male ego!!! hahahaha I think one thing that amazed both the men and women was the time I one armed a motor scooter off a man that had fallen on his scooter. The look on his face was priceless funny because the day before he told my girlfriend he thought I was “too big.”

          53. zulu says:

            My husband is a Korean vet. He went to the University on the GI bill and that’s where we met. He’s 5 years older. We’ve been married 55 years! Guess it’s going to last! I agree there’s an element of racism with all people of ethnic background, however, I do believe that people like Jesse, Sharpton and Oprah try to keep the scab off the sore so it won’t heal. We are being punished for something that happened generations ago. We’ve never owned slaves and none of them have been slaves except to the brainwashing by their black brothers. I don’t believe the racism is as bad toward others. At least, not where I live.

          54. Tomcat01 says:

            Zulu, congratulations !! I hope your marriage last!!! hahahaha I believe you are right about JJ and Sharpton and I also believe it is how they stay in the lime light and make their money. I used to like Oprah, but when she went on the Obama bandwagon just because of color I lost all respect for her. What made it worse was even after the Dumbama’s messed her over she STILL supported them. I am 2d generation here so like you no in my family owned a slave. What blacks also refuse to acknowledge is the fact that black sold black into slavery and a lot of this STILL goes on over there only they also slaughter people with AK47’s for a variety of reasons such as religion, shape of nose, skin color, etc. Just because we’re white blacks think our ancestors were part of the problem. I also tell them just because they’re black doesn’t mean their particular ancestors were slaves.

          55. zulu says:

            Obama’s dad and brother were slave traders.

          56. boone1 says:

            California is almost bankrupt.Buddy your state is bankrupt.And I didn’t say I didn’t like black people I said I don’t like ni66ers there is a difference like white trash.

          57. Tomcat01 says:

            Boone1, you and sengal assume a lot and you know what they say about assume. ANYTIME you use a term such as you’re using it basically invalidates your argument and point of view. You specifically stated my state and you’d never make love to a ni66er. You NEVER separate the two until now. Additionally, if you’d really read my posts I was referring to my home state. I now live in TEXAS.

          58. boone1 says:

            Smart move.Now don’t try to change Texas into another California and if Texas leaves the union I will be moving to Texas also.

          59. Tomcat01 says:

            Boone, that was a dumb comment.
            I am here not because I helped change California and wish to change Texas. I was transferred here by the military and when I retired found a job here and married a Texan. As I told that idiot Segal, I am as conservative as they get. NRA, Concealed handgun permit, supporter of death penalty, very critical of the almost non existent judicial system which makes excuses for poor behavior instead of PUNISHING poor behavior, etc

          60. sengal says:

            boone1, I agree. My brother worked for the sanitation dept and he also said blacks were the laziest monkeys on the planet. the hardworking ones were the Hispanics. Little ‘sambos’ don’t like to work. they just like handouts. Just listen to some of those black comedians. They speak the truth when they try to be funny.

  • brewby says:

    “Reverend” Jesse? I wonder how long it has been since Jesse has opened a Bible? Probably received his ordination the same way Al Charlatan did, from a mail-order site.

    1. cyoder says:

      Most of his statements show a profound ignorance of the Bible.

      1. brewby says:

        I’ll go ya’ one better: Most of his statements show a profound ignorance, period.

  • Art Hock says:

    Jackson is a lazy piece of dog crap. Him and Sharpton make their money preaching lies and creating problems where none exist. He couldn’t walk in Phil’s shoes and is another Satan on earth.

    1. sengal says:

      Don’t go insulting dog crap…

      1. Art Hock says:

        Sorry sengal, I won’t do it again.

  • jb80538 says:

    well I can’t think of much in life that is more offensive than Jesse Jackson.

  • raymond says:

    Jackson is suppose to be a reverend which I think means he belives in the Bible so I would think that saying gay life style and sleeping around out of marriage is a Sin. O ha! Jackson does not like the second sin since he did that a had a child out of wedlock and had to pay the child mother a lot of money. But normally he just wants to get media attention and extort money from what ever companies are involved for the Rainbow Coaliation. Once he gets his bribe he is done and moves on to find some company that has offended someone to get more money.

  • Jerry Lister says:

    Sorry Jesse, Phil’s words are not about black or white but right and wrong. As a minister you should work toward pleasing God instead of Satan.

    1. CTH says:

      What qualifies him as a minister except his own declaration?

  • mariowen says:

    jesse jackson needs to strike his attack on God, not Phil Robertson. God is the one that said what Phil only repeated. Now we all know that jesse jackson has an agenda and it isn’t a pretty one, but his agenda doesn’t fall in line with God. Some day j.j. will get his chance to fly in God’s face. I want to be around to see him do that. I know just how far he will get – a big fat NOWHERE! If you want a sneak preview, pick up your Bible and read it. It will tell j.j.’s demise.

  • Ed says:

    Jackson is a useless piece of garbage along with his twin sharpton

    1. CTH says:

      Plus the fact that that they are both poverty pimps and extortionists.

  • Snailmailtrucker says:

    JJ is more offensive than any true American (like Phil Robertson) could try to be !

    1. BayMan says:

      I’ve got to go you one better. Jesse Jackson is more offensive than just about anyone I can think of (with the possible exception of Al Sharpton).

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