Jihad the Vote

by Sharona Schwartz | The Blaze
January 26, 2016

The head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said that Muslims could comprise the swing vote in the presidential elections if 1 million of them register to vote, as he urged them to turn mosques into polling stations this November.

“I believe we have at least 1 million Muslim eligible voters in this country. We have to register every single Muslim to vote in 2016. The Muslim vote can be the swing vote in major states,” CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad said at the Muslim American Society (MAS) and Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) annual conference in Chicago, according to video posted earlier this month.

Awad listed the battleground states, asking the audience members if any of them live in those states.

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    If you grow a plant, and feed it, nurture it, and support it, you have your heart in it! The same goes for supporting Obama, and Hillary! You are an accomplice! Do you have that much hate in your heart for your fellow man?


    Are we a nation so evil? Do we sit on our hands and do nothing as criminals, regardless of public status, committ horrendous acts? I don’t think so! Do you want to watch some Islamic jihadist rape your ten year old daughter? Are you such an activist that you condone rape and murder of your family members? It isn’t make believe, it isn’t a myth, it is happening in Europe! Coming here! Shake yourself awake, before the terror is in your home. Terrorists don’t give a damn about your political views!


    Obama, and Hillary Clinton, were selling weapons to terrorists that night in Benghazi! They planned it, they did it, and they shamelessly tried to cover it up!


    What will they do to unarmed, American Citizens? I beg you, don’t allow your children, or grandchildren,or wife, to be raped and murdered by the Islamic cousins of Obama!


    How, can we allow that? Forget political affiliation, they were Americans! They knew, they were going to be killed, before that night was over, and they wanted them killed! No witnesses! People, who since hitler, has been that disgustingly, barbaric?


    You people do realize that Chris Stevens, and the others in Benghazi, that night, were castrated,and pranced,around like a trophy buck, then burned to death! Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Hussein Obama, are responsible for that, and Stevens was a democrat!


    Bottom line, we fight, or we will be the skinny, naked, bodies piled up in some camp surrounded by razor wire!

    1. YoOleMe says:

      … THANKS MUCH for your succinct elaborations; and I would hope, within a personal Christian sense of solace, you may find a certain unique “Joy” in the Revelation 20:4~7 Scriptural image, Apostle John draws depicting those of us who persevere to meet such an secular, only, horrific ending. … Also:

      I recall a fine helicopter pilot acquaintance I had — one, Bill Waddell — several decades past; should this be any relative of yours and he’s still awaiting that final “Flight launch” (as I am): Please him “Marine Corps Hal J.” said hello.

  • robert says:

    remember the cair group is here illegally,they our a front for the muslum brotherhood terrorists which ovomit/satan the ineligible treasonouus war crimes racist muslum terrorists in the wh is allowing this know muslum terrorists group to remain in the usa.add open borders which ovomit and eric{i,m in contempt of court}holder the ex attn general racist,and ovomit both told the border guards to stand down on arresting and deporting illegals{means against the law}aliens/drug cartels/muslum terrorists.and with multiple santuary cities which our being allowed to remain in the usa.where illegals can come into the usa,and not have to worry about being arrested or deported,all brought to you ovomit who suppose to have taken an oath of office to protect and defend the constitituion and we the people,against all foreign and domestic threats.and has done the opposite by allowing all these threats to come into america,and with the illegals aliens in san fran who was deported multiple times,and came back to kill kate stenile.and with multiple muslum terrorists training camps in dearborn miichigan and in dallas where 4 lying muslum terrorists lied and said they where lawyers,to bring in there muslum tribunal.and in irving where clock boy lives the muslum terrorists tryed to intimidate the city council,so they could bring in there muslum sharia garbage.and with hillarys asst huma abedin who with her father and brother or part of the muslum brotherhood terrorists.add that janet napalitano put a muslum terrorists in homeland security when she ran it,his name is elibearry.and parents make sure you know what your kids our learning in public schools{there curriculmn}as they our trying to backdoor this islamic terrorists garbage.read the books the muslum mafia and heretic.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens. go donald thrump we need a real legal american in the wh.

  • jay says:

    maybe /agenda 21/ explains everything happening youtube it this may be the beginning go trump put your foot up there asssssss

  • Jim says:

    This is exactly the way these ragheads and sand ni****s screw up the countries they inhabit. KICK THEM ALL OUT AND DON’T LET ANY MORE IN.
    GO TRUMP!!


    I don’t want to hear any of you idiot cowards crying about your fate, when you could have stopped it!


    There is a socialist running for president, in America, and doing well. Hello!


    What are you cowards waiting for? Might as well committ suicide!


    Fuck all of you cowards who refuse to fight for our Homeland! You deserve your fate!


    A society that refuses to fight for their survival, deserves their death!


    I have always had a swagger to me, because I was a proud American, knowing that “we” have each other’s backs! Now, I’m just ashamed!


    The bad thing about having a country full of cowards is, those of us willing to fight could really benefit from your help! We are all going to die, there is no way around that! The question is, quality of life? I personally would rather die fighting, than live in fema camps waiting for some god damned sand nigger to cut my head off!


    Do you not care about the fact that killers are in motion against America? Have you given up? Every warning sign known to mankind is telling us “We Are In Serious Truble!”


    There will be and has been unlawful voting violations! You know it! Voting will not stop this evil that is building like a storm! Are you people really that naive?


    There is power in numbers, only if you take action, and I’m not talking about wasting time doing lawful voting!


    My fellow Americans are making me sick! Cowards! We must fight! Damn it people wake up!


    As we type until our fingers are sore, our government is destroying America from the inside! We can’t stop them by typing! Our votes do not work! They don’t even count them in America! It’s amazing to me how stupid we are acting! Like dumb cows waiting to be carved into steaks! You have to act! Committ actions! Fight! You all know that it’s the only way, yet you dream that the legal voting system will save us! It isn’t yesterday’s America! Have they not proven to be lawless? COME ON!! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!


    People, we better face the fact that voting in America, doesn’t work! Our votes aren’t even counted in America! The global elitists will pick our next president, just like they did with Obama. The U.N. Is pressuring Obama to confiscate our guns! A “One World Government” is the ultimate goal. You can choose to ignore the facts, put your head in the sand and continue to do nothing while our right to keep and bear arms is stripped away, and legal gun owners who have FFL’s will be the first ones having guns confiscated because they know exactly where we are! You can choose to shoot it out with them, but face it, you will be out gunned! Once guns are taken, they will round us up, take us to holding camps to convert to Islam or be put to death! The ones who convert will have a mark 666. The ones who hide and don’t take the mark will not be able to buy food, gas, or anything else. This is all leading to the battle of Armageddon that will be fought where the Euphrates river meets the Tigris River in or near Iraq! You and I only have one, choice! We must pool our resources, arm up, and fight as one group! We have state militias we can join, then all state militias can come together as one! It’s the only way!

    1. michaelcain says:

      Hip Hip, Hip horay !!!!~!

      1. ROBERT WADDELL says:

        What is wrong with you?

  • Webb says:

    CAIR equals Democrat Votes…
    This Call For Muslims to Vote Is or should be a wake up Call…
    Remember in 2016, Get Out The Vote and Get Out and Vote…

  • Dave N. says:

    So it has now begun in earnest here at home, the Muslim population has a progressive advance as their numbers grow, we’ve watched it all over the world. Our current administration has gone to great lengths to propagate this problem. Everyone has been repeatedly told that all Muslims are peace loving people that they are moderate in nature and the devout extremists are but few in number and they don’t want to change a thing about the United States. Fact is they all follow the same teachings and there is nothing moderate about the Quran, Hadith, and a couple of other writings they reference and follow. Their intentions are to vote in individuals who would be sympathetic to their plight and eventually vote in Muslims that will begin the process of instituting Sharia Law progressively throughout the country. This has become more than a serious problem and with the current President and his administration ignoring the constitution at every turn establishing many presidents for them to drive wedges this is clearly their intent. Islamic Sharia Law is not compatible with any State Constitution, nor is it compatible with the U.S. Constitution. Just how long do you suppose that will last if the people of this country don’t take action to prevent changes and remain vigilant. Ask yourself what are these people doing here anyway, everything thing this country stands for is in direct position to their belief’s. When you go to the poles in the coming weeks you better be voting for someone with a strong history of supporting the constitution and the law, if we get another progressive narcissist this county in all probability is toast.

    1. ROBERT WADDELL says:

      That’s what happens when citizens sit on their hands and do nothing! We are America, we the people are supposed to be in control, however, we are being cowards, and that’s what the socialist left, and the global elitists counted on! Now it’s almost too late! It wasn’t easy on our forefathers, but they did make a stand, we cowar!

      1. michaelcain says:

        That is because those recieving freebies are afraid they will loose ,their goodie bags. But little do they know that when these power freeks are in full control they will cut those freebies away

    2. michaelcain says:

      Then let the muslime followers know that any infringement on our laws will be met with force

      1. ROBERT WADDELL says:

        Really? Force? What force? When? Who? How?

    3. Royce Beasley says:

      !!! Dave your words are Spot On !!!, if we allow this then we become a third world nation. Some how some way Americans need to wake up, Who do I like Trump 90% Cruz 10. Why that low core he has super pacs (I maybe have misspelled) that but oh well,behind him, and that’s what wrong with America I fought for this country and became disabled, do I want this for great great grand kids hell no. Wake up America., invite your friends to vote.

  • Patricia McGehee says:

    This is what happens from Congress bringing all kinds of crap into the Nation and making them citizens. Goodbye America!

    1. KDC says:

      All done on purpose!

    2. michaelcain says:

      NO it is a great job opertunity for the grave diggers .

    3. ROBERT WADDELL says:

      No, goodbye Patricia, and Robert, and everyone who refuses to convert to Islam!

  • Tool19672 . says:

    Total B.S. ! This Rogue Govt. Does anything they want to … WAKE UP PEOPLE ! This Is America Not A muslim caliphate .

    1. michaelcain says:

      But for how long

      1. skipsart says:

        Very good point Michael.

  • SDofAZ says:

    Best turn out every couch potatoe you know to vote folks. This is gonna get very ugly with the dems recruiting the ISIS crowds.

    1. Liberty's Advocate says:

      Are you really Dan Quayle?

      1. VirgoVince says:

        Lighten up, consider it a typo! He deserves an up-vote for content! How many comments have you up-voted?
        NOT the time to be picayune!

        1. Liberty's Advocate says:

          Maybe instead of blaming others for your faux pas you should acknowledge the clever jocular reference with a little humility. Then you’d deserve an up-vote. Picayune my ass.

          1. ROBERT WADDELL says:

            What are you doing to help America? Fraudulently acquiring financial assistance, voting for communists strictly for the color of their skin? Abetting a treasonous imposter because he claims to be the first black POTUS, which he can’t possibly be, as stated by Morgan Freeman, because Obama is only 1/2 black? Supporting the murder of helpless infants and condoning the selling of their body parts? You intelligent liberals are going to suffer the same fate if your nigger POTUS gets his way! Do you not understand that? Idiot!

          2. chrisbutleradj says:


          3. Pam says:

            Just, WOW!!

      2. ROBERT WADDELL says:

        Liberty’s Advocate? You support a fraudulent communist Islamic neighborhood activist from Chicago, who chips away daily at our constitutional rights, that he swore an oath to uphold, and defend, and is succeeding in destroying America? You are confused!

        1. Liberty's Advocate says:

          Wow! You get all that from what I just wrote? I am one to believe that we need to laugh at ourselves to earn the right to poke fun at others. Since I am a Conservative before I am a Republican and I am the assistant site captain at our Caucuses here in Iowa next Monday – the 3rd largest site in the state – every extrapolation you just made about me is as far off the mark as you can possibly get.

          View any of my writings on any blog post at any site on the internet under the above moniker. If you find one – just ONE – instance where I have EVER advocated for a socialist/fascist/communist or Muslim faquir as the CIC, I will eat your hat AND pay off your mortgage!

          I will put my Constitutional and historical literacy up against you or anyone else, at anytime. I can probably tell you some things about your Human, Natural Rights you have never even considered let alone voiced that would put your fears about BO taking away any of them to bed. But that would make me as big a blow-hard as you.

          1. ROBERT WADDELL says:

            I’ve been wrong before, and I guess it was you’re egotistical response to a fellow American who may not be as educated as you, that made me question you’re political affiliation! My bad!
            Even though I’m wrong about you, which I guess i am, I do apologize! I don’t know why we must be so critical of each other! We need to stick together, regardless of our educational accomplishments!

          2. Liberty's Advocate says:

            Being critical about each other has little to do with his lacking a sense of humor. The Quayle reference was perfectly timed and topically on point, making it a great joke. As Conservatives, we ought to be able to laugh about it by now, but apparently you have your head so far up your ass it has tainted the taste of your liquor. So you guys go ahead with your two-man mutual support group and in your discussions determine how you can better identify the ENEMY next time. Fair enough?

          3. Pam says:

            Remember how they pilloried poor Dan Q., but gave Soetoro a pass for saying, “I’ve now been in 57 states, I think one left to go…”!!

          4. ROBERT WADDELL says:

            Ok! Be proud of you’re educational prowess, I simply had you pegged as a dick-head! I’m not so sure I was too far off the mark! So, allow me the opportunity to relay this, I don’t give a fuck, who, what, or how, you have achieved such a high opinion of yourself, but politics aside, Go Fuck Yourself!

          5. ROBERT WADDELL says:

            I have indulged in a few cocktails, and I may be tipsy, I’ve been drinking more lately! The state of my homeland is chaotic, and I feel helpless! So I may, and obviously I have misread some of you, and for that, I’m truly sorry! However, drunk or not, I wholeheartedly love my country!

        2. Pam says:

          How do you guys get all this out of a Dan Quayle joke?
          Hyperbolic much?

  • VirgoVince says:

    BULLSHIT!! American voters ONLY, with proper ID!! NO 3rd world garbage!!
    NO such thing as American mu-slime or mu-slime American!!!!
    They DON’T belong here and NEED to be ERASED!!

    1. SDofAZ says:

      BO and the dem lemmings and rinos let em in. Turn out everyone cause this is gonna get ugly at the polls. No sitting out for the couch potatoes anymore. Vote and turn out the dems and rinos. Go Trump!

      1. HadEnough says:

        Absolutely, Please EVERY Trump Supporters Turn Out TO VOTE.!!

    2. HadEnough says:

      VirgoVince, ABSOLUTELY TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. John Mackey says:

      I’ll have to fully agree with you on this one. Here in Va they require State or Federal picture Id card to vote and this should be required in all 50 states No matter what the hell the demonic party says.

      Primary in Va is March 1st I’ll be there to vote and I will be voting for TRUMP in 2016

    4. I Seigel says:

      Hahahah! You mean White, Anglo-Saxon American voters only? Or any American citizen with a passport? You going to do DNA testing on everyone to prove their Americanness?
      And just like this Muslim thinks that HIS group can be the deciding factor, so do Hispanic groups, Black groups, Women’s groups, etc. Which is another reason to get out and VOTE.

      1. chrisbutleradj says:

        we need to unite as 1. Christian Americans. NO RACIAL DIVIDES…JUST WHAT WE WERE FOUNDED UPON!

        1. I Seigel says:

          Oh, so a nation of European immigrants and slaveowners and slaves? Don’t forget the people that were here long before we were “founded”. Or don’t they matter either?

  • VM Sheppard says:

    Typical train of thought for left-wingers,,,

  • Annie Oakley says:

    How frightening that is.

  • skipsart says:

    God forbid !!!

    1. jimdarnall says:

      Yes, I hope God does forbid.

    2. ROBERT WADDELL says:

      God? You liberals don’t believe in God!

      1. skipsart says:

        I don’t know about you but I’m a Constitutional Conservative.

        1. ROBERT WADDELL says:

          Then all I can say is, you are my fellow American, my brother!

          1. skipsart says:

            Just curious but how did you get the idea that I was a lib? All I meant was that we don’t want Islam controlling the vote in this country.

          2. ROBERT WADDELL says:

            My apologies sir.

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