Judges unleash ‘political weapon’ against Trump

by Alex Swoyer
February 28, 2018

When President Obama announced his expanded deportation amnesty in 2014, then-Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott sought out the federal district court in Brownsville to file a groundbreaking lawsuit arguing that the president had violated the Constitution.

The choice of Brownsville was no accident. Legal analysts said the small courthouse had just two judges, one appointed by President Clinton and the other by President George W. Bush. It was a 50-50 chance.

The Bush pick, Judge Andrew S. Hanen, got the case and eventually issued a nationwide injunction halting Mr. Obama’s program across the country.

Nationwide injunctions from district courts had happened before, but Judge Hanen’s decision seemed to unleash the floodgates, opening up an era of judges in courtrooms across the country issuing huge rulings blocking major parts of a president’s agenda.

Under Mr. Obama, rulings blocked the Labor Department’s overtime pay rule, the Education Department’s transgender bathroom policy, and health care rules regarding “gender identity” discrimination.

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  • WALTER FLATT says:


  • WhiteFalcon says:

    I have to agree with above posts. This so called article actually starts nowhere and ends up in the same place. It is a total waste of time. With so much to talk about today, you would think that the author could come up with something with at least a little substance to say.He is no doubt so FOS that he can’t think.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    There is a distinct lack of details in this essay making it difficult to rebut, but here goes.
    I think it refers to Executive Orders of Mr. Obama which are not law and can easily be rebuffed by courts. It doesn’t make executive rulings unworthy of public policy, just means they have less solid foundation, outside of congressional lawmaking, to implement. Nothing new here, so maybe this piece simply wants to gloat on rejection of the former president’s agenda, something conservatives loooove to do at every occasion. Courts rely in cases on law, facts and less on circumstances, so this ’50-50′ chance-taking with a lawsuit is a shot in the dark and so is this article. With Russian hacking, Trump racketeering, and elections upcoming it seems there are more important topics to explain than ‘Obama’s legacy’.

    1. oldgringo says:

      Sorry to say…Obama has no legacy…his attorney’s have put it in a lock box along with all the other stuff his lawyers have locked up out of view from the American Public…Maybe his real birth certificate, missing draft card, rightful social security number, college records, etc. are also inside this box….Who knows what’s in this box…One thing for sure…The American Public will never be privy to see what’s in it.

    2. chw2000 says:

      So sorry to see you’re still around with your liberal defense analogies. You’re a piece of excrement that should have been flushed long ago. I really hope you’re not still in our public schools distorting children’s brains as you liberal shit bags always try to do.
      Again, sorry to see you’re still around. Hope you go away and just stay there in hell where you belong.

  • Maxx says:

    It seems to me that “nationwide” rulings and decisions are as far out of the authority of a “district court” as possible and that the SCOTUS should make this very clear. Instead of the SCOTUS being required to take up the case and “overturning it” as has been done in hundreds of cases, what is really going on is the abusive use of the courts as nothing more than a delaying tactic. We all know how quickly the SCOTUS acts (NOT) so it is no wonder why liberal lower courts pull this crap. They should not be allowed to screw with the system and the public due to the political party they belong to. Time to create a software application that will make decisions solely on the text of the Constitution and the law being challenged. .

    1. Dee says:

      You’re right Maxx . These courts create their own political rules and Do Not follow Our Constitution .

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