Julian Assange of Wikileaks To Appear by Video Due to Apparent Assassination Concerns

by Heat Street
October 4, 2016

After canceling a planned announcement in London, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is now planning to appear via video link Tuesday morning at Wikileaks’ 10th anniversary celebration in Berlin. He’s a last-minute addition to the roster of festivities taking place this week in Germany. The change in venue appears to be related to what Wikileaks is clearly implying to be a perceived threat on Assange’s life.

Wikileaks used its Facebook page and Twitter to confirm that Assange would speak at the event, which starts at 4am Eastern time.

According to Wikileaks, the change of venue was made “due to specific information.” Wikileaks did not specify further, but Monday’s Tweet followed several in which Wikileaks alleged that the Clinton camp wants to assassinate Assange.

Sources close to the event tell Heat Street that Julian Assange may be planning to release some new information his organization has obtained about the U.S. Democratic Party. But Heat Street has yet to receive independent confirmation that Assange plans to dump information specifically on Hillary Clinton.

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  • Delia Holloway says:

    Follow the bodies. Many people have died at the hands of Bill and Hillary Clinton…our Bonnie and Clyde. Both of them should be in GITMO for people who are dangerous traders to the US. Put Obama and Chelsea with them and we could have a full house along with the dem and rep in office who have broken the law.

  • duncmck says:

    if you REALLY LOOK at hilarys history it is primarily base on self promotion.she uses and chooses the collective narrative to get the power she yearns for.these psychopaths practice extinguishing there conscience in order to prevail over there competitors .how do you think power chess works? how can a single individual come to elevate themselves to the level they do? separation of powers is there worst nightmare..so is the paradigm of the individualist..hilary quote..” we are not going to have any more of this on your own stuff” self determination?? are you kidding me.. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.. lecutus of borg..do they know how wacky they are? doubt it?

  • afanaglenn says:

    And Hillary is said to be on the look out for Assange so he can be eliminated.

  • RuFus92 says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it, but not until then

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    If you will notice anybody that was scheduled to testify about ANY Clinton wrong-doing met with a “deadly accident” before he/she could say anything.

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Sooner or later Hillarys’ history and under-the-table dealings will come to light and all those that think she is infallible will be severely disappointed to find out that all she wants is power and tons of money. She doesn’t care about anything she is preaching about. If elected, She will conveniently forget what she promised you. So, read between the lines of her speeches.

  • texexpatriate says:

    Since Hitler’s Nazi Party no political party in the west has been as evil as America’s National Democratic Party. To find worse ones you have to move through the Middle East to the Far East.

  • Walter Flatt says:


  • Tiger says:

    From the Horn news.

  • Tiger says:

    Yes she did and it is breaking today. She wanted to drone him. Assange promises to release information from documents related to our election policies and many other things ever single week up to the elections.

  • Askjrsk says:

    I stayed up and listened to him he rambled on. The microphone was not placed correctly that one could understand his inaudible ramblings. Info wars called it a train wreck. Did he not have info or is that a result of a threat? Disappointing.

    1. James Ratliff says:


  • peter says:

    Hillary and the democratic probably has every experienced assassin on earth with a potential contract on Julian A.

  • Athanasios1 says:

    This guy has nothing on anyone. If he did, he would have released the information and would eliminate himself from being a target any longer. Unless he is blackmailing the most evil U.S. presidential candidate in history…and he is holding out for more money.

  • Athanasios1 says:

    Hitlary Clinton…the new Nazi.

    1. Christian_Patriot7 says:

      and the democrats are the new Nazis

  • Rodney Steward says:

    I hope to God this man can hurt Hellary BAD! And I believe Julian is throwing everybody off on this! If U think your life is in danger, U don’t tell the Clinton’s where you’re going!

  • Don says:

    He is smart to protect him self as the Clinton machine is the worst for people dieing that have pissed them off.

  • Rude Richard says:

    Assange’s releasing secrets that expose the crimes of the politicians has angered politicians all over the world so now their calling for his assassination. I believe calling for someone to be murdered is a crime they should be arrested for…

    1. Karll says:

      You know the big money interests that have paid hundreds of millions to Hellary want him whacked!

      1. Rude Richard says:

        They all have things to hide that could put them in jail…

    2. Harry J Schaubel says:

      I believe the correct term in this case is “Conspiracy to commit murder”. Don’t matter if it’s your finger on the trigger. If you were part of planning a murder, or KNOW of a murder being planned and don’t stop it, you can be charged.

  • M J says:

    The truth must come out! The People have a right to know! Bring it on! WE CERTAINLY DO NOT NEED AN ASSASSIN IN THE WHITE HOUSE, who will abuse governmental power, like she did illegally, while in the State Dept. raising money for her fake charity and that SHE IS NOW USING THESE ILL-GOTTEN GAINS TO STEAL THE WHITE HOUSE. With her paranoia, damaged brain and horrible temper, she can use jack boots to break in any door to eliminate (THAT IS – KILL) any opposition she pleases AND DRONE STRIKE ANYONE IN THE WORLD, including Conservatives, who respect the Constitution, which she sees as a threat to her wrongly-gained power! NEITHER AMERICA, NOR THE WORLD DESERVES THIS MONSTER IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING! Mr. Assange – please release the truth and do whatever else you can, to BRING OUT THE TRUTH THE WORLD deserves to help keep this crazy maniac from Illegally Obtaining the Presidency – FOR THE GOOD OF ALL! You will certainly carve yourself into History as the man who used cyberspace as a tool for good TO PREVENT THE RELEASE OF A HORRIBLE EVIL upon the World. And Our Gratitude in Advance!

    1. Janet Hall says:

      Well said!

      1. Cynthiarlazarus2 says:

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    2. Roy Fredrichsen says:

      If Hillary is elected by “A fixed election”, you can kiss the Constitution goodby because SHE wants to be a dictator just like O’Bummer wanted it, too.

  • fish53 says:

    I Pray that Our Heavenly Father will protect and shield him from the wiles of the devil and that the Lord, Jesus Christ be with him as he reveal to the whole wide world everything that Hillary is hiding and lying about to the American people. We don’t need to put a deceiver and a liar in the highest office in our country who will sell the USA to the highest bidder. Please God, uncover all the corruption through this man. We as American citizens needs to know before we make the biggest mistake of our lives. Help strengthen Trump/Pence to overthrow the corruption in Washington. Help Trump to think twice and speak once so he can stay out of trouble. Thank You Heavenly Father.

  • jug says:

    You guys have the nickname all wrong!
    Its not Hitlery, its Stalinry!
    She is total Communist, always has been!
    From her days as a student with Saul Alinsky!
    And she has pushed the communist agenda ever since.

    If she “had it all”, she would likey put even Stalin to shame!
    Is that what you want for president?

    1. Karll says:

      She’s 0bama in a pants suit.

  • Charles Reed says:

    When the head of the FBI tuck his tail between his legs because even he is scared of the Clinton machine, there is a very good reason Assange life in grave danger.

    1. Jerry says:

      Maybe he even has undeniable proof that the clinton crime family has put out a hit on him, maybe even signed by obastard!

    2. Billy says:

      The head of the FBI wasn’t afraid, he was paid off a long time ago. He has been doing the Clinton’s bidding for years. James Comey should be FIRED and JAILED.

  • Dan says:

    So let’s get this straight. The Clinton crime family basically has a “hit” out for Julian Assange. I wouldn’t doubt it in the least. America! Please pay attention. This man has the information that exposes this known criminal. If she becomes President and has the Supreme Court, the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS all working on her behalf. SAY GOOD-BYE to FREEDOM! A very scary time for the U.S.

    1. Karll says:

      I can’t understand why ALL legal gun owners are not registering and planning to vote against her. They make up 25% of the population!

      1. Roy Fredrichsen says:

        Don’t worry about all the gun owners voting against her.They will vote enmass for Trump. They are just quietly planning a revolution if SHE is elected.

        1. Karll says:

          The percent of eligible people who actually vote is what, 50% or so? More people who do a lot of complaining about the way things are need to vote.
          Legal gun owners make up a huge % of the population.


    Say a little prayer that he really takes a dump on her. Time is of the essence to stop the global threat to the United States.

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