Just What The Doctor Ordered: Carson Ties Trump in Iowa

September 1, 2015

.Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has moved into a tie for first place with Donald Trump in a new poll of Iowa Republican caucusgoers released on Monday.

In the Monmouth University Poll, Carson and Trump lead the pack with 23 percent. Former HP chief Carly Fiorina is next on the list at 10 percent, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has nine percent support.

Carson also has the highest favorability rating of any candidate (81 percent). That’s 14 points higher than Fiorina (67 percent)

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  • Brady Harness says:

    I still hold to my Thought that a ticket with both The Donald and Dr. Ben Carson is one that could not be Beat and it wouldn’t really matter who would hold what office!!!

  • bertroga says:

    Why is this what the doctor ordered? Just another establishment decision to keep what the establishment has and wants to keep for themselves. And to h**l with what the taxpayers want. The establishment is in charge and will never changeit till the people revolt and stop this crap, and let them know they work for us not themselves.

  • grafra102 says:

    How about Trump President and Carson as VP?????? Oh my Goodness I will get a lot of shit now!!

  • Jimbo says:

    I may have already posted on this. Carson seems like a good guy, and I like him. But I think he is too soft spoken and easy going to make a good president.

    And although I have voted for black presidential candidates before (Alan Keyes in two different elections), seven years of Obama leaves me wondering if another black president can be color blind, as a president SHOULD BE. Just look at the black community’s reaction to “black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter”.

  • Michael Mayben says:

    I like seeing Ben Carson moving up in the Iowa caucusgoers poll. I still like seeing Trump hangering in as a tie with Carson. My concern is seeing Trump forced to run as an Independent. I don’t think the majority of Republicans will fellow him over as an Independent voter.

  • Korean_Vet says:

    Hope that People Remember–if their Minds are Sharp & Uncluttered–That
    Teddy Roosevelt Said it Best–“Speak Softly & Carry A Big Stick”–(That Way
    “They Strain to Hear Every Word That You Say”-!) And I Believe another
    famous Saying–(After He’d been Shot) “You can’t Kill a Bull Moose with only
    One Shot”-! (“He’d Put ‘FEAR’ into Giant Corporations”-! )

  • Ron Hirschkind says:

    Trump and Carson for veep would be a good ticket. The prime reason I say this, is that they just might be electable. The GOP is totally off kilter. The ticket needs to be electable and appeal to a large cross sections of Americans.This is the key and truly what matters. The old guard would prefer to lose the election and whine about things than give up “control” of the party they have managed to destroy. These Grand Old Putzes are the best allies Obama has.

  • Bernie Lounds says:

    Just a matter of Opinion.Time will tell.

  • graybuffalo says:

    We desperately need a businessman (TRUMP) to run this country’s economy. Our economy has totally tanked since the Community Organizer who never so much had run a lemonade stand came into office. Obama’s $18 Trillion debt and the fact that his interest alone on that debt is higher than our GDP is incredible!! Under Obama, the nation had its first ever credit downgrade and lost the position of the world’s largest economy to China! Carson seems to be genuine, calm, cool, and collected, but I think we need a pit bull like Trump to undo what the Marxist has done to our once-great country. 93 million Americans out of work – and have quit looking – are considered by the Obama administration to be back to work and employed. The latter is how the megalomaniac Obama can claim a 5.3% unemployment rate. The latter number is so ludicrous it doesn’t seem possible that even the gullible, kool-aid drinking Obamabots can believe it. The REAL unemployment rate is around 19%. One or all of the GOP candidates NEED to call out Obamao on this fictitious number! Another statistic that proves the 5.3% to be “made up” is that one has to go all the way back to 1977 to find the same Civilian Workforce Participation Rate that Obama has currently. Sick. And that statistic comes straight from the Congressional Budget Office folks. The workforce participation rate when Bush left office was 66%, it has plummeted under Obama to 61%! So, just considering that statistic ALONE, it clearly shows that Obama’s claimed unemployment rate is one huge LIE.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Businessmen make bad presidents, sorry but it’s a fact. Government and business are run very differently and never in our history has a businessman been able to run the country, Hover was a businessman.

  • whoisshe? says:

    Neurosurgeons and neurologists are a breed of their own, has nothing to do with race, color or creed, why is Carson so nice, nice isn’t a qualification for the next president .

    1. bobnstuff says:

      He is rising in the polls with out saying a bad word about anyone. He is proving that he is smarter then all the other guys by not saying stupid stuff.

      1. whoisshe? says:

        So what is he saying ?

        1. bobnstuff says:

          He is practical in most things, He is pro guns but against semi-automatics weapons in the cities, anti gay marriage and against abortion after 20 weeks and doesn’t think it should be use as a form of birth control. He is a real Christian. None of his stances are for show, these are things he really believes unlike many others running.

    2. Brady Harness says:

      Carry a Weapon in one hand and a polite but firm demeanor in the other!!!

  • whoisshe? says:

    In my opinion I think Ben Carson has a lot of silent partners in the background how he became in the poll standing isn’t correct, he is intelligent , no background in politics , pleasant , respectful and nice and kind. My question is who does this sound like ? We need Trump, we should take over, Mexico, Carson would never do that, and we should give our wounded vets good VA hospitals, not vouchers. They need the best care possible.
    Think people why is Carson rising in the polls? Without doing a thing.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      He’s rising because everyone else is trying to be Trump. The last person we need is Trump or one of the Trump Lites out there. Why should we take over Mexico or any other country? Why not just give every Vet a Medicaid card and let them choose their doctor. Us the VA hospitals for care of things that are unique to Vet’s like agent orange. Dr. Carson has spent his life helping others while Trump has spent his life helping himself. Who do you want looking out for our country.

      1. whoisshe? says:

        I don’t think he is rising because everyone else is trying to be Trump. As, far as Trump goes he has done a lot for people, charity donate to everything. We should take over Mexico, before they take this country over, not just Mexicans coming over the border a lot of Russian Manchurians Muslims etc. I take it you have never worked at a VA hospital, I have, it is a sorry site when you see, now, at this time, vets dying from Agent Orange, because of no quality care, and no family, my mother worked with the paraplegic soldiers when they were flown in from Nam and they begged her to help them take their lives. How can a regular hospital with waiting time handle this, they, cant. All the soldiers have something in common , their country.
        BlackLivesMatter should go and volunteer their time to help a soldier and not kill men in blue. I am very bitter that people don’t understand our soldiers, we should return in kind. Volunteer for 1 soldier , give them a feeling of self worth.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Trump hasn’t put any of his money in his charity since 2005 from what I have read. Mexico send more people trying to get to the US back then we do, right now our problem is as much people coming in on visas and not going home as it is the borders. An no I have worked in the VA hospital but a lot of my friends go there and I have heard the stories, I have said over and over that how we treat our Vets is a shame. If you let them go to regular doctors for things like regular health care you could that some of the pressure of the VA system and let then do things like PTSD which by the way is something that they do better then anywhere else. The waiting time at regular hospitals is far shorter then at the VA and there a lot closer to most people. One of the big hold ups is paperwork. Just give all Vets medical cards that they can use anywhere. If they need disability clams use a system like welfare uses, much faster.

          1. whoisshe? says:

            If you give a vet a Medical card how will that work , I am sure without a doubt in my mind it wont , you see I have 2 brothers that are in the VA, your regular docs don’t have time to spend with vets, lets get qualified people to work at the VA, that is the least we can do.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Some of my friends are going to the VA with common problems from age, Sugar and heart problems that any doctor can handle. A card like Medicaid would work for them. This would give the VA a little breathing room and let them help the Vets that have service related problems. We need to increase the staffing at the VA and no one who has a problem caused from serving our country should be made to wait for help.

  • The redhawk says:

    CARSON/FIORINA… THE wining Ticket!!!

  • Bernie Lounds says:

    I agree he’s a brilliant man but putting, operating on someone who is dead to the word is not the same as being in a discussion or meeting with people like ISIS or Putin ,You are talking totally different circumstances,Every one there is not going to think he is God

  • doomsdae says:

    Awesome! Dr. Carson is not only brilliant, but he’s a uniter not a divider. Who says that you have to be a Politician to run for President?

  • Bernie Lounds says:

    A lot of people like Carson because he’s soft spoken not like Trump and straight forward. But I’m afraid he’d fold under pressure and not accomplish anything just like Obama.I want someone in there strong enough to handle all the shit the Mexican government,.ISIS and all the rest of the trash out there giver him.I don’t thik Carson would make it,.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      A man who can put his hands into some ones brain can handle. pressure. He will not fly of the handle and say or do something stupid. If you truly want to change Washington he is the man. Having manors doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are under control.

    2. Bob in Florida says:

      As ‘bobnstuff’ said; don’t assume that intelligent and soft-spoken means weak.

      The speaking I’ve seen Dr. Carson do has, at times, shown he has the stones to instantly fire back with comments that are softly-spoken but get the point across that he doesn’t agree and person at whom they are directed knows they’ve been ‘taken to the woodshed’.

      Remember, Dr. Carson first came to prominence with his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington; where he gently, and soft-spokenly(?), took the president to task while the man was sitting 6-10 ft away.

      I don’t believe you will find the man to be too ‘timid’ to say what needs to be said, no matter who and what the circumstances are.

    3. Nina says:

      This man has more brains in his fingernail than Obozo has in his whole body! That INCLUDES surrounding himself with the right ppl for the right job and TAKING THEIR ADVICE!!! UNLIKE OBOZO!!!

      1. Bernie Lounds says:

        I didn’t vote for obozo as you call him.I don’t even know how he got in this conversation.I just happen to think Trump is the better m,an and I’m sure he has a lot of good smart people running his companies that he listens to.But he isn’t God.

  • Bernie Lounds says:

    Obama acts more black and muslim than white

    1. doomsdae says:

      It’s because he IS a Muslim!

    2. Brady Harness says:

      He Absolutely is and has replaced almost his entire Cabinet Staff with Muslims and here is his War Plan on Our America: https://youtu.be/9rjdO4cfeEg

  • US Army Retired says:

    Personally I prefer Carson over Trump. Trump is OK but his mouth can get us in real trouble real fast. I am still for Scott Walker in the long run.

    1. bill coleman says:

      Walker was for TPA.

  • Bernie Lounds says:

    I agree with jerrry no more Black Presidents for a while.Maybe when they start talking about being Americans and not some kind of special race.They have had everything given to them so long they think they deserve it.They are wrong,It’s time they got off their lazy asses and when to work and got off welfare.It’s high time for us to take down the bird feeder.I’m sure there are lots of rich blacks like Carson so let’s see them step up to the plate and buy some factories or start some businesses to put all these blacks to work.or are they afraid to hire blacks because the don’t work.

    1. US Army Retired says:

      Its not rally fair to place Mr. Carson in the same category as Barry. We still haven’t had a black President to date. Barry is half white and half black muslim.

    2. doomsdae says:

      Bernie, you are a racist because you are lumping ALL blacks as being Democraps and lazy. I happen to know many blacks who are more intelligent then you and are staunch Republicans!

    3. Nina says:

      You are an asshole!!! Seriously!!!! Grow the hell up!! You sound like a very stupid low class idiot!!you should be ashamed of yourself!! Just bc we have a blowhard for a president don’t blame all good ppl for that useless sack of crap!!

    4. Brady Harness says:

      Don’t start talking and thinking like that Lousy 5% of each Race that isn’t worth a Plug Nickel; we the Patriotic Americans must stand together from all Races or we shall certainly lose Our America!!!

  • girls_mom says:

    I don’t think the criteria for selecting a Republican Presidential candidate should be based on anything other than qualifications. Ben Carson is a intelligent, moral individual who was raised by parents that instilled a set of values in him to succeed rather than vegetate on the dole. My only reason for not considering him, at this point in time, is there isn’t any ‘fire in the belly’ that will make the world stand up, notice and stop kicking the USA to curb. Most folks I know are tired of passive demeanors without a “get tough” policy. We need another Harry Truman or Teddy Roosevelt that takes the bull the horns and wrangles it to the ground. I believe Donald Trump will turn this country around and make it great again! JMO:-)
    PS Jerry Young. Ben Carson is the antithesis of the Indonesian, Marxist Muslim that is defiling our White House who hates all Caucasians and America itself -because Ben IS an American.

    1. jerry young says:

      what you say may be so about Carson, I don’t think he has what it takes to run America I think he will give in to his roots so to speak and the part of the black communities that are the problem will use him to their advantage and we will be in the same place as we are now

      1. Nina says:

        TOTALLY DIAGREE!!! I guess you really haven’t been listening to him for many years, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

        1. Barry Johnson says:

          Nina, thank you. What I see in Carson is a strong man that loves America. I have absolute faith in the strength of this man. The last thing anyone can say is he is weak, and he had the guts to take Obama to the wood shed at the Prayer Breakfast. That is something no one else has done. Intelligent, loves his country and he will stand tall with other countries. I would proudly serve under him as Commander In Chief.

          1. S. Wicks Jr says:

            But he IS NOT running against obamy. He will be running against hitlery and that is a whole different ball game….

          2. Nina says:

            Very well said said Barry. You said what I meant to say but didn’t, proud to have him as our Commander in Chief!!! He is a real statesman. Our country has not seen that that in a very long time!!!

  • jerry young says:

    wake up people! we don’t need another black as president! I don’t care what they say they cannot be trusted, look at what’s happened over the last 6 1/2 years, do we want more of the same?

    1. Judy McKinney says:

      I don’t think there is any similarity between Obama and Carson, except the color of their skin. It’s what’s inside that counts. I think Carson is a great American. but like girls_mom above, I think he may be too gentle for what we need now. We need a kick-a** person who isn’t afraid to step in and challenge our problems, and we have many. I think Trump can fix things, or go down trying. But I don’t think there will be any more conservative presidents, because the welfare people–the ones of them that don’t want to work, now outnumber the workers. This can’t last long–we (America’s decent people and workers and tax payers–are going down. But, Trump definitely has my vote. Can’t win if we don’t try.

      1. jerry young says:

        yes I agree and Trump if he gets the nomination has my vote but I don’t believe the GOP will allow him to have it, my belief about Carson is just that and in no way should anyone think it’s actually the color of his skin I just meant that we need our county back on track and to elect another black man in my opinion will not make this happen, I could have said it better I guess

        1. doomsdae says:

          You obviously are a racist and very unintelligent. I know many blacks who are very much against Hussein Obama and are staunch Republican. To make a racial statement like you have shows your ignorance. Don’t lump all black people together! You must be a redneck….

          1. jerry young says:

            think whatever you want! who do you think cares? opinions are like azz holes yours too, so to answer you I don’t lump all blacks together I just don’t like some of Carsons statements he has made it leads me to believe he will follow the same path we are on now and no I’m not a redneck I just have my azz hole opinion like everyone else, to think everyone that don’t want a black as president or for that matter doesn’t like all blacks is a racist make you the same not only white people can be racists you know, but I’ll bet you believe that only whites not blacks can be racist don’t you, talk about lack of intelligence you should take a long look at yourself

          2. doomsdae says:

            First of all your English is “sub standard,” you also don’t know how to spell and you use improper verbs & pronouns. Like I’ve stated; You are very unintelligent and obviously a Redneck and a very angry person which also leads me to believe you’d be the type to shoot people

          3. doomsdae says:

            First of all your English is “sub standard,” you also don’t know how to spell and you use improper verbs & pronouns. Like I’ve stated; You are very unintelligent and obviously a Redneck and a very angry person which also leads me to believe you’d be the type to shoot people

          4. jerry young says:

            oh no another internet spelling cop I should have known! sorry to have offended you wait no I’m not if what I say offends you too bad or if the things you read offends you don’t read them and certainly don’t reply, as far as me being the type to shoot someone your not a very good judge of people are you but how can you be you’ve never met me, so as I said you know what your opinion is just like what you are, as far as being angry yea I’m angry at the people that voted for the idiot we now have in charge and for what he’s done to America, also at those of you who will vote for someone just because for who he is and the promises he makes, but never really find what the real person is about until it’s too late, if I’m so unintelligent why do you keep responding do you like just ranting on and on, so dummy let this be the last I am tiered of your dribble, did I misspell anything? too bad

    2. doomsdae says:

      You clearly are a RACISt

      1. Steve Gonzales says:

        Jerry is no racist. He is just tired of seeing what this country is going through without anybody strong enough and willing to fix our problems. I believe Trump can get things to turn positive for America. I also think that if elected, he will settle down some and get to work intelligently. Remember, people promise many good things when campaigning in order to get that important vote. We do need a strong and caring president. Lets hope for the best with God’s blessings.

        1. doomsdae says:

          And you certainly don’t know the real Trump. Did you know that he’s very good friends of Hellary? Did you know that Trump was a Democrap at one point and, how do you know that Trump would be good for America? The only way our country is going to be literally saved is by keeping the Institution of marriage between a man and a woman and defunding Planned Parenthood. Our country and the world is too far gone and it’s just a matter of time before we will be destroyed for our sins.

          1. girls_mom says:

            doomsdae, I just want to explain, not judge, what you might think about Trump and his so-called “friendship,” with Hitlery. In business, one cannot alienate any politician/party and take “political sides,” as Party power changes with every election. My husband had a business that included government contracts as a major source of our income. We did not belong to any political party – we gave donations to both parties and attended those political dinners, again; for both parties at $200-300, 500 per plate (for the most inedible roast beef dinners, you could imagine) and never discussed politics at any event. Sadly, this is the underbelly of the business world. Countries are unfortunately ruled by politics.
            The Clinton’s are mean,vindictive, and down-right dirty. We all know Donald Trump is powerful in his own right, but, walking down the middle is the most effective way to keep all parties/politicians happy. And b/tw, Rudy Giuliani was a Democrat- and switched to the Republican side. He worked out really well, party not-withstanding, didn’t he? 🙂

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