Kerry on UN climate change report: ‘Costs of inaction are catastrophic’

by Justin Sink, The Hill
March 31, 2014

The release of a United Nations report detailing the pervasive effects of climate change should serve as a call to action for the world’s nations to curb the emission of greenhouse gases, Secretary of State John Kerry argued Sunday night.

In a statement issued by the State Department, Kerry called denial of climate change science “malpractice” and warned the “costs of inaction are catastrophic.”
“Read this report and you can’t deny the reality: Unless we act dramatically and quickly, science tells us our climate and our way of life are literally in jeopardy,” Kerry said.

The document, issued by the United Nations’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), found that the sweeping effects of climate change were affecting every part of the globe.

The group of Nobel Prize-winning scientists warned that unless countries act quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the rising sea would devastate costal areas, the world would suffer from widespread hunger due to droughts or flooding, and extreme storms could threaten infrastructure and emergency services.

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  • frankenbiker says:

    Catastrophic my ass. He’s all apart of the lets bring America down campaign brought to you by Owevomit and his regime of hired thugs. Climate change, global warming, global cooling, or whatever it is they’re calling it this month is nothing but a lets take money from Americans and give it to some piss poor third world nation to squander.
    No more man, I’m sick of this s@it.

  • Sue says:

    The only thing politicians know to be “catastrophic” is not being voted in again.

  • Jrmags says:

    While the Sen Reid is attacking the rich Koch Bros, as a diversion, let’s check the San Francisco liberal billionaires who support Reid and his liberal agenda. The Steyer’s want to raise the price oil, so their green energy businesses can rip off the poor people!

    Tom and Jim Steyer, billionaires who stand to lose if the Keystone XL pipeline ever actually gets built.

    People are tired of Reid’s lies and hypocrisy they want the unholy alliance between the Steyers and Reid to finally see the light of day.

    Reid says nasty things about conservatives Charles and David Koch, but the Steyer’s who, have pledged 100 million dollars to liberals if they will promote their gestapo like anti-American energy agenda.” Which starts with climate change gloom and doom.

    “Anybody with half a brain can see the billionaires backing Harry Reid and other liberals are the bad guys – Why? Because they’re the ones trying to impose massive new energy taxes on you, kill the Keystone pipeline, and enrich themselves by directing your tax dollars to their ‘green energy’ schemes,”

    Climate change is real, always was real and on-going, man’s proposed effect and/or remedies are nearly useless to change climate … but, the Steyer’s don’t care as long as they reap the benefits at others expense!
    This country is an innovative leader in science and technology, if the Steyer’s want to push an agenda, then let them find their own funding, like all good american businesses!

  • BOC says:

    The truth is the polar ice caps aren’t melting and in actuality there is more ice than ever. That is the specious argument that keeps the leftys’ drooling for more. Gives their base one more thing to wring their hands in angst.
    The earth’s temperature has flat lined over the past 17 years. Funny isn’t it, that this little tidbit of information isn’t found any of the IPCC models. This is a money grab, pure and simple by the Maoists within our government and a few weak kneed Republicans with self image issues who want to be liked by those across the aisle and in the media.
    This latest push by Lurch and the rest of the liars on the left is to trump up support within their “useful” idiot base. Give the left credit however, even when they have been exposed in their web of lies, as the emails from East Anglia proved from the hand of these supposed “climatologists”, it’s a hoax, driven by a political agenda, and they keep pushing it as if it was some new discovery.
    This is in the same vein as ” if like your doctor, you can keep your doctor and Benghazi was a spontaneous attack spurred by a You Tube video. Face it if you’re on the left, you can say whatever you want without the media calling them on these obvious lie as the “Third Estate” is now another branch of the Democratic Party.

    1. I Seigel says:

      You look at the satellite images of polar ice; you hear all the talk of a year-round passage thru the Northwest Passage; you see increased Russian activity, and increased interest from Canada, Norway and other countries inside the arctic circle – and you say that ALL of them have swallowed the Kool Aid? Are you that naïve, or just not willing to entertain a viewpoint other than Glenn Beck’s and Hannity’s?

      Even George Bush, at the end of his term, agreed that climate change was happening. Even ExxonMobil has said so.

      And all that East Anglia crap – look at the timing of that “discovery” of the emails – just a few weeks before the climate conference in Copenhagen (?). How’s that for a conspiracy?

      And climate change isn’t something that’s being foisted upon us by Obama. The whole world is watching. And warning. And losing land and suffering heat waves and drought and pine bark beetles.

      The next wars will be over water, and it could happen in a state near you: think California vs Arizona vs Nevada.

      Get off your global warming rant and open your mind to CLIMATE CHANGE.

      1. BOC says:

        Hi Ira,
        While I appreciate your advice, I gonna pass on your nonsensical treatise on the matter.
        You’re going to believe what you do regardless of the fact that this line of garbage has been spewed since the early 80’s when the left’s first stab at man made climate change, Global Cooling, wouldn’t stick.
        For the record, I don’t listen to either Beck, Hannity or Fox News, and BTW where do you get you information? MSNBC, CNN, and every Network outlet that no longer practices journalism, but take their marching orders on how and what to report from the DNC and the Obama WH?
        In closing, of course there is climate change, just not the man made global warming that you believe is wrecking the planet. This, as I wrote previously is a money and power grab by the left. Also droughts have been going on in the sates you mentioned long before carbon emissions became en vogue for the hand wringers. Honestly I enjoy your posts, your premise is usually full of holes, but you present them in an intelligent manner where you don’t take up against the poster in a denigrating or disrespectful way. Cheers and have a great day!

        1. I Seigel says:

          Well thanks. I do try to show respect, even tho I admit I fail sometimes. And I do appreciate and enjoy an intelligent debate on – anything, really!

  • geddaklew says:

    I think he should fine the volcanoes $1000 a day, until they come into compliance…….

  • Tom Leist says:

    Tell that to the people in Wisconsin, the worst winter in many decades, cold, snow, and it’s not done with yet, Al Gore should be boiled in his christmas pudding and left to be eaten by the climate changing buzzards.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Your comment makes no sense to me. In one breath, you acknowledge Wisconsin had “the worst winter in decades”, and in the next breath you ridicule Al Gore (and the International Panel on Climate Change) for their warnings about climate change. To me, your comment is self-contradictory.

      Along with Wisconsin’s “worst winter”, we have a mega-drought in California, a terrible tornado season the last few springs, a “flood of the century” every few years in the Midwest, drought and fire in Texas, the pine beetles eating away in Alberta and Wyoming – and this is all just in North America.

      Sounds like climate change to me.

      1. dinkerduo says:

        then there were ICE AGES when MAN wasn’t around!!!
        Esplain that to me Lucy!! The only thermometer the Earth has is the SUUUUUUUN! Now pay attention–when the SUN erupts A LOT OF SUN SPOTS–THE EARTH GETS WARMER–WHEN THE SUN EMITS LESS SUN SPOTS IS GETS COOLER!!!! GOOD LUCK CHANGING THAT!!! AND EVEN THAT GOES IN CYCLES!!!

        1. I Seigel says:

          Wait – you’re saying the rising oceans, the fact that the polar ice caps are melting, that glaciers in Switzerland and Chile have all but disappeared, that Europe has had extreme heat waves, England lowlands are slowly flooding and California and Texas have had extreme drought, that shellfish and coral reefs are disfiguring and dying – all those are caused by SUNSPOTS? Jesus, what a f–ing moron!
          I hope YOU live in a nice beach house, too.

          1. dinkerduo says:

            No—you are the MORON for believing their CRAP! I Polar ice is fine–there are more polar bears now then ever–don’t you know that this is all a SCAM–dude—follow the money ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY!!
            Since global warming was debunked–as the Earth has been cooling for many years now—then it will cycle back to warmer—then it will cycle back to cooler–they had to change the wording to CLIMATE CHANGE!! They was to TAX YOU–THEY WANT TO TAX ME AND THEY WANT–OBOZO’S WORDS–“OUR ENERGY COSTS TO NECESSARILY SKYROCKET”!! WHY?!? We have all of the natural gas and oil here in the U.S. to last for the next 10,000 YEARS—plus what other countries have so tell me again WHY the U. S. has to pick up the tab for China and India to burn dirty coal–we burn clean coal–and it’s China SMOG THAT GOES AROUND THE GLOBE!! TALK TO THEM FIRST!
            Plus read the post below AND READ UP ON HOW THE EARTH WORKS–I learned it in 3rd grade science class–so off to the library you go!!!

          2. I Seigel says:

            The magnitude of your stupidity is astounding. Do you get all your news from Fox and Twitter? And websites like this one?
            Have a nice life. Like I said, I hope you live in a nice beach house.

          3. dinkerduo says:

            No stupid—I learned this in school 60 yrs. ago—way before Fox–internet–twitter etc.—where do you get your news from–Jon Stewart types—plus didn’t you go to scooool–um-skool–um-skoul–oh–never mind!
            Didn’t you read what BOC posted either?!?
            Bye–wasted time trying to reason with a libtard brainwashed idiot!

          4. I Seigel says:

            Ah, so everything you learned, you learned 60 years ago in school. That explains everything.

            Maybe you hadn’t learned this, but you know they can actually do heart transplants now?! Did you know that Americans ACTUALLY walked on the moon!?!

            These wondrous bits of information and lots more are all waiting to be learned, if you just open your eyes and ears.

            Hopefully, 60 years ago, you were taught how to prevent having any offspring.

  • floramae says:

    yep, just ding the good people of America, you all think we can afford to send money to china, india and every country across the pond, to fix you own smog, well guess what……….by the time ovomit gets thru with America, there will not be anything left to give, in fact we ARE at that point as we speak. so take your gobal warming and your fear mongering and shove it.

    1. I Seigel says:

      I hope you live in a nice beach house somewhere.

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