Key House conservative rips Senate GOP on immigration

by Scott Wong - The Hill
January 21, 2015

Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho), a leading Tea Party conservative, pointedly criticized new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Wednesday, arguing he needed to show leadership and stand up to President Obama on immigration.

“It’s uncanny to me that our leadership … is already sending the message that we’ve already lost this battle,” Labrador said at a gathering of conservative lawmakers on Wednesday.

“Last year the message was, ‘We cannot get our way because we don’t have a Senate [majority].’ Now this year’s message is, ‘We cannot get our way, because we only have 54 votes.’
“That’s not leadership. That’s not why the American people voted for us.”

Labrador’s remarks follow signals from Senate GOP leaders last week they don’t have the 60 votes needed to pass a House-approved bill responding to Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

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  • dennis totman says:

    mcconnell still obama puppet

  • I Seigel says:

    Reports today say that the Hispanic media – Univision, for one – is coming out against Republican immigration policies. Uh oh, you just lost a huge minority bloc.

  • Robert Wilson says:

    All who believe this nation needs a third party raise your hands. All who believe that when a law maker fails to keep his promises, resignation is the only option raise your hands.

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Gee, I’m surprised that the republican congress can’t do anything. They haven’t done anything but compromise our rights away for the last 70 years.

    1. Robert Wilson says:


      1. Florio Vino says:

        Unfortunately, I feel almost the same as you Robert! In Colorado, We got rid of a longtime, nothingness as a Senator, and can only pray HIS successor Does one Heckuva` lot better job than oir previous one.

  • Voltair says:

    It appears that congressman Labrado is mistakenly under the impression that the Republican party is a conservative political entity, nothing could be further from the truth. Someone needs to disabuse the congressman of this notion to keep him from further spinning his wheels during his tenure in congress.

  • Jean Witte says:

    Sounds like there is too much whining in the Republican leadership of both houses already!! For once in their lives, it would be great if they would do what their conscience dictates instead of what committee leadership position they may get passed over, or what someone might think about them, or heaven help us that the president would veto it…Sure he will!! That’s the kind of ‘stuff’ he is made of! He has already promised the veto!

    1. Robert Wilson says:

      Just think, WITHOUT our clown prince, the government can move forward in a positive way—=—-IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH!

  • Driver_S says:

    McConnell, Boehner and all the rest of the RINOs in congress tow the line to appease the dictator’s commands to control our existence and take away our rights. They make a lot of noise to put on a dog & pony show the bow to their messiah’s commands. We need people that will not only stand up to Obama but charge him with his crimes and treason.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      If most of the party believes something and the leadership of the party believes something doesn’t that mean the party believes it? Isn’t the real republican party that which the Tea Party calls RINO’s and the true RINO’s the far right who are
      really Libertarians.

      1. Robert Wilson says:

        The party needs to get it’s scrambled eggs together and work THEIR side of the aisle.

      2. bdaniel230 says:

        Comrade, the TEA party is NOT part of the Republican party and since Boehner and the rest believe we are an insignificant part of the voting public we won’t be voting. Most of the remaining Republicans ARE RINO and are Rockefeller, read Progressive, Republicans. Labrador is my Congressman and I just sent him a message that I appreciate his words. Mitch and Boehner are Obama’s Bitches for the most part. Neither are Conservative, neither should have been re-elected as they are wasted air in empty suits.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          The Tea Party of today is not the original Tea Party which was not Republican or Democrat but focused on one thing, taxes. It was hijack by the Koch brothers and Fox News, repopulated by the right wing nuts and is the anti everything party. It is destroying the Republican party and is trying to remake our country into something it isn’t and never was. I’m old enough to remember the real republican party and hope that someday it will return.

    2. Robert Wilson says:

      This “person” would not make a pimple on a real dictator.

  • James Maxwell says:

    Until they learn to “Lead, Follow or get the hell out of
    the way for those that are willing to fight for out Nation
    and the American citizens we will never win a battle.
    We have had wimps and cowards in the so called
    leadership positions far to long. It is time for the old
    worn out mentality to be cast aside and allow those
    who respect and love our Nation to positions of

    1. Robert Wilson says:

      T’is a pity, but future candidates should have to take a lie detector test while making promises to the public, then write promises in blood.

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