Lois Lerner on IRS hard drive crash: ‘Sometimes stuff just happens’

Lois G. Lerner, the employee at the center of the IRS tea party targeting scandal, wanted to recover files from her computer hard drive after it crashed in 2011, but when told it was impossible, she took a philosophical view.

“Sometimes stuff just happens,” she said in a 2011 email to the IRS tech staff that tried to recover documents from the hard drive.

As it tries to respond to congressional inquiries about Ms. Lerner and the tea party scandal, the IRS has recently found itself on the defensive after admitting — more than a year into the investigations — that some of Ms. Lerner’s emails are irretrievably lost in the wake of the hard drive crash.

In a series of documents sent to Congress on Friday — the traditional day for dumping bad news — the IRS detailed the steps it took to try to account for the emails, including going to other agency employees and asking them to see if they had any messages stored that included Ms. Lerner as a sender of recipient.

And the IRS also released the back-and-forth between Ms. Lerner and Lillie Wilburn, field director for the IRS headquarters’ Customer Support Service Center.

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  • ERB says:

    Well as long as the server did not crash no emails could have been lost, and if it had a whole lot of others would have lost there’s as well and we would have heard the screams across the land. So lie to some one else

  • Kelly Guthridge says:

    emails are forever, anything electronically sent is permanent, period. Everyone always keeps on warning kids about that (they’ve been saying it for decades)… especially the Government… they say careful what you say in an email, what you post on line, etc. etc… because once you’ve typed it… it’s forever there! So, amazing how they say it’s not now that it could get them in trouble… all of the sudden “Ops” we can’t recover them, slight accident here folks… BS

    Just more lies from the CRIMINALS…

  • regulus30 says:

    put her and her nimrod boss in prison……this kenyan bast666ard must be made an example of or else America will never be a law of Constitutional laws again….

  • geddaklew says:

    She shouldn’t be that hard to track down. No matter how many times she moves, or where she moves to, don’t forget to donate a carton of eggs to help her out……

  • Noah Rosenblum says:

    There are plenty of companies who specialize in data recovery from “crashed” hard drives.
    Lois Lerner (IRS), including the entire Obama admin are full of garbage.

  • The_Frog_Prince says:

    Yeah sometimes “stuff happens” in prison too you dimwit idiot.

  • Art Hock says:

    Lois Lerner is a low down lying thug who should be spending the rest of her life in federal prison. Her incompetence and criminal acts show that she couldn’t make a living on the outside doing a real job. She only qualifies for a position in the civil circus where idiots advance regularly and get big bonuses while doing nothing of value.

  • ItsJo says:

    Stuff doesn’t JUST HAPPEN-with criminals like Lerner and Obama-Holder, etal, It happens when they want discriminating emails can bring out the truth they are trying to HIDE. Clinton did the same thing, when he had Sandy Berger Steal papers that were incriminating from Our National Archives. They pulled this fast one trying to REMOVE anything that would show Obama involved so they FAKED this Crash. Well, that information Is STILL available with the Server or whomever keeps all “deletes”…..so Have AT IT- F.B.I. or whomever wants to be honest, and bring OUT this ‘hidden smoking gun”

    btw: Lerner should be put in jail for her evasions/criminal activity that the Congress Already knows, as they had some of emails already. Use That, to put this LIAR behind bars , but NOT before with any immunity.

    She’ll talk when she is going to jail…..

  • CTH says:

    “Sometimes stuff just happens” , and sometimes stuff just happens on purpose. When, and if, tis becomes provable I would hope Ms. Lerner and aug other IRS employee get to spend a long time in prison.

  • LibertyLane says:

    “Sometimes stuff just happens”
    Yeah! Especially when they’re bribed or threatened…would be my guess!

  • savage24 says:

    Amazing, the arrogance of a bureaucrat can bring a congressional oversight committee to a stand still and the committee does nothing but whine. If these committee’s cannot or will not exert some authority, then why waste the time and energy to convene them. Doesn’t congress control the purse strings of this government, or are they afraid of that authority too?

    1. LibertyLane says:

      It seems to me that both parties want the same thing…big socialist government! They’re just arguing about who should be in charge! I say forget partisanship…whoever upholds the Constitution gets the job…whoever doesn’t, goes!

    2. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

      If I thought for one second that actually laying the facts out here would show you the ignorance of your statements I would of course attempt it. However we both know you are much happier in your ignorance of the facts and in grousing like an idiot so I won’t bother. You could though educate yourself a bit and do some reading before making moronic statements such as you made here.

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