MAJOR VIOLATION: New Emails Show Clinton Foundation Donors Lobbied Huma For Diplomatic Passports

by Kevin Daley | The Daily Caller
September 2, 2016

New emails released by Judicial Watch in connection with its probe of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation indicate Clinton Foundation donors lobbied senior Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin for diplomatic passports.

Abedin responded positively to the donor inquiries, according to the email.

The donors in question include Doug Band and Justin Cooper. The email indicates that Band reached out to Abedin in 2009, when she served as deputy chief of staff at the U.S. Department of State, and asked for her help in obtaining diplomatic passports for him, Cooper, and a third individual identified only by their initials.

“We had them years ago but they lapsed and we didn’t bother getting them,” Band wrote.

“Ok will figure it out,” Abedin replied.

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  • cutterguy says:

    just another clinton crook, but in a scarf that she doesn’t wear.

  • Worried Vet says:

    Don’t anyone with morals and honest get your hopes up. Clinton will never be charged for any crime, even for jaywalking. The fix is in period, there is no way their going to let Trump win. We have to many who will not vote because it’s Trump, to many who even will vote for Hillary. These so called elites that claim to be conservative would rather see Hillary win than vote for Trump. As far as my vote I’m going to vote against every rino and conservative that whine about Trump. Their more worried about them selves that our country and deserve to be tarred and feathered on their way out of this country. This country will fail and soon if she wins. Just the idea of Hillary appointing judges for the supreme court should be enough for any sane person to vote for Trump. I’m sick and tired of these so called we care for the people imposters. They only worry about staying in office and getting richer. We need term limits in the worst way, and until the people rise up and force Congress to pass a law limiting their terms we have no hope in any sort of honest Congress. They have no incentive to work for us. Now they work an average of 122 days a year and breaking that down with benefits their pay is higher than any other person in this country except officers if huge companies. We subsidize their freaking hair cuts for God’s sake. How much more are we supposed to pay, when they don’t do their jobs. If it was us we would be fired and looking for work not voting yes for more money and benefits. As long as they keep thinking their special and can’t be touched, and PC crap wins we have no hope in fixing our system. Look at what’s going on now in college dorms, it’s against the federal law to require segregation, but college dorms are even promoting it. Wake up people if any white person tried that they would be in jail. If any republican or conservative tried little things liberals do every day they would be in jail or ran out of town. We are allowing the media to promote the liberal agenda to the point of changing history, hiding history and pushing that all conservatives, and republicans even black ones are racist. Well IM NOT A RACIST AND I AM THINKING ABOUT FILING A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THE MEDIA AND PEOPLE LIKE HILLARY CLINTON, OBAMA, KERRY, RACHEL MADDOW, AND ANY OTHER SLANDERING LIBERAL. I grew up in the south and seen these so called naacp members come and start trouble and divide races, when it was only to make them rich and famous. Al Sharpton is one if the worst offenders about Getting filthy rich off the backs of the poor. He should be ashamed enough to go hide and never come out. Trump has it partially right when he says what do you have to lose. I heard some liberal idiot trying to spin this, he kept saying Hillary needs more time to finish what Obama started in very poor inner city areas. He was asked because all the numbers are worse since Obama took office, so now they need more time to fix it. They HAVE HAD TIME SINCE LBJ SIGNED THE CIVIL RIGHTS LAW IN 1964. HOW MUCH TIME DO LIBERALS NEED TO HELP POOR INNER CITY PEOPLE TO MOVE UP IN LIFE. Every major city and some states have been completely controlled by liberal bosses for decades and guess what, they keep getting richer and living like royalty while the population and city go broke and bankrupt. Now maybe I’m wrong but what have liberal policies done to fix poverty? I’m one of those who live in a place that is broke and it’s not getting better. Taxes keep going up and pot holes get worse. The police and fire departments don’t have enough help, but teachers keep getting raised and the kids keep failing. Most high schools children can’t even read properly and writing in cursive is a joke hell they don’t even know what it is. Why are we letting liberal policies destroy our cultural history and history period. Why are we letting them dumb down our citizens? I don’t care of they call themselves republican or not, when they continue to not fight for our history and our rights, they don’t deserve to be in office, and they sure don’t deserve to have an R by their name. They should go ahead and change it to a D and stop lying to us. I don’t want any liberal responses on my rant Here. All I said here is facts and it’s there for anyone to find if your not to lazy or brainwashed to look. I don’t want to hear spin it’s disgusting when you can avoid and lie about the truth with a straight face. Hillary has committed treason period, and many times. She isn’t above the law even though she thinks she is. She don’t deserve to be POTUS just because she is a woman and Obama whipped her in 08. She said the same things Trump has but it’s OK for her and not for him, he is a racist and a bigot when they is many videos of Hillary being racist. There is all types of proof the democrats are racist and have been for over a hundred years. There is proof the democrats started and controlled the kkk, but because Trump didn’t respond to them fast enough the media pretty much made Trump a high ranking member. Bill and Hillary were good friends with Robert Byrd and even attended his funeral he was a high ranking member of the kkk and a racist in Congress for decades. Jim crow laws I mean really what party wrote those laws that were in effect for close to a hundred years? Hillary brings up the laws but not who started them. What party kept voting against civil rights, making lynching a federal crime and many other bills to help end racism? Wake up people democrats take the minority vote for granted, so they don’t have to do a thing to earn that vote. When you vote for hope and change and nothing changes, what then you keep voting the same old tired idiots back into office , or try to to find someone who might actually try to help.

  • cunning says:

    Abedin is Hillery’s submissive massochist slave.

  • Bob says:

    Money for “access” is not he same as “favors”. The e-mail did not say “confidential”, just had a little (C) on it under classification. And it just is a matter of what “is” means, right. Bring on the blame for the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” again. They are even re-running their excuses AGAIN.

  • Marie Andrews says:

    How much more evidence to the FBI and the Department of Justice need. Anyone but them would have been put in jail years ago on a lot less. And she wants to run the country, Bulls***

    1. reggie says:

      Evidence doesn’t count. Breathing does.

  • Shelba Herring says:

    what else is new the old saw is I give you money and you give me what I ask for it, has not come out for public information what all the foreign donors have ask for

  • TexRancher says:

    Paying off a crooked politician or their “charity” is not investing in the country, it’s a bribe!

  • dmttbt says:

    The story on this is less than admitting that a wrong was done, it is stated as a run of the mill situation. IT IS NOT.

  • justinwachin says:

    Money talks. Osama bin Laden had enough wealth that he could have easily bought whatever he needed to destroy America from Hillary Clinton. Now would be a good time to audit the Clinton slush fund’s books, see who gave money and see what they got in return for their “investment.”

  • Brenda Harrell says:

    Obama and Hitlery both need to be sitting in a federal prison, awaiting their execution for high crimes, murder, and treason, having been found guilty by We the People of the United States of America! They are the enemies of the United States.

  • Thomas Martin says:

    The clinton’s are the most corrupt family to ever be in the white house, they all need to be in prison.

    1. Anouk says:

      Absolutely! And the rest of their pals included.

  • robert sanders says:

    You know we here about this crap everyday. why don’t this newspaper send these comments to huma abedin.

  • robert sanders says:

    huma should be wrapped in a goat skin and stoned to death

    1. McFerguson says:

      At first glance, I thought you said “stomped” and had to chuckle. But, hey, stoned works just as well…

    2. Brenda Harrell says:

      She should be wrapped in bacon.

      1. Anouk says:

        Great answer! LOL!

  • CBUJAN says:

    With so many illegal doings why isn’t Hellary in Jail?

  • reggie says:

    He’s a bankster, he doesn’t care. They’ve scratched each others’ backs for quite a while.

    1. Retired says:

      With Obama and Lynch in Charge what choice did he have.

      1. reggie says:

        We are ruled by a triumvirate. soroazz, 0b0 and hitlery/willy (count as 1), with the full knowledge and support of the rest of the criminals in DC. Yes, he knows a LOT, you’re right. No choice.

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    The major question is, Who in power has the guts to charge the Democrats darling with even a misdemeanor, let alone a felony? They make it look like she is untouchable

    1. harry says:


  • Rodney Steward says:

    Seems that Satan has a way of protecting the EVIL, but she is a God, and we’re all just common idiots that don’t know anything!

  • dawntoo says:

    A diplomatic passport for donors, that’s a perk. It is called corruption.

    Hillary will never reform Hillary.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Seems that Hellary is the traitor and Huma the long noise muslim is the under cover enemy that has all the muslim connections! The injustice system has NO RIGHT to prosecute anyone for anything anymore, they’ve allowed the biggest criminal that’s ever been, and they know it, to walk!

  • Gerry Costa says:

    When the real truth comes out, clinton and her corrupt aides like abedin and mills will be in the very next cells to clinton. And the truth WILL eventually come out just like the real truth about obozo’s ineligibility to become our president and all those politicians who were aware of it and turned a blind eye. The hammer is going to fall soon enough.

  • annie.o75 says:

    Maybe. Werner will spill the beans…haaaa. That would be great…HILLERY is dying…just hang in there folks…God works in strange ways….

    1. Emily Johnson says:

      Yes God does work in mysterious ways His wonders to behold . In the end Hillary will be held accountable for her wicked ways ☺

    2. reggie says:

      Then we get a double presidency – kaine a willy instead of shillery and willy. God is not pleased with this country and the behaviors. We may all have to pay the price.

    3. Discusted says:

      She can not go quickly enough… what do you think ?

  • Charles Weinacker says:

    …to continue with emails is a waste…evidence already exist…get me an indictment!!!

    1. Ethel Halstead says:

      Well, an indictment is entirely possible if the American people would band together and begin firing letters to both houses, congress and senate, and letting them know that the people have had it up their eyeballs with this injustice system, and now were ready to make a citizen’s arrest. It is one of our laws to do so. The American people can make a citizen’s arrest of law breakers if there’s nobody else around to do it. And believe me, as you all well know, there’s nobody else around who WILL do it. So it’s up to the people. We are also very sure that the justice department is in the Clinton’s pocket and will never even attempt to bring justice for the rest of the country. Only Bill, Hilary, and Obama matter now. And Loretta Lynch is, for some mysterious reason, wholly willing to go down with them before she would dare make a move to convict them….

  • 7papa7 says:

    Anyone who thinks that justice will be served is wrong. Nothing will happen to the hildabeast or her terrorist top aid abedin. If it were you or me would have been executed by now. They have the total support of obama, the FBI and all other alphabet agencies.

    1. reggie says:

      So far… if Trump gets in, all bets on many scores are off.

      1. 7papa7 says:

        I hope you are right.

        1. reggie says:

          Me too. Am still working on increasing an optimism score.

  • Frank de Varona says:

    Indict them both.

    1. Ethel Halstead says:

      How ’bout if we indict them all????

  • Snoopy says:

    Would you have expected anything less???

  • Pat Enery says:

    Why doesn’t this get coverage in the mainstream Media? Could it be that Hillary’s supporters & financiers also own the Media? Ignorance, in the Age of the Internet, is a choice. She even once said: ” We are losing the information war.” Although this evil controls & censors a lot of the internet, they have not been able to stifle info like they do in the Media. It is slowly crumbling.

    1. annie.o75 says:

      I hope when trump becomes president…he takes care of these media Cbs. Nbc. Etc..just cut them off at the legs…the all lose their. jobs……. Maybe time to stop watching these stations..and put them out of business….that’s what we as voters can do…..

      1. reggie says:

        All he has to do is to repeal the 1996 Telecommunications Act that trait-or clinton enacted.

    2. reggie says:

      It goes back to willy klinton’s telecommunications act of 1996. It was designed to “stimulate” the economy, just like NAFTA. Only willy never said whose economy. These news ‘blackouts’ are a thank you from the msm, because the law gave them the legal option to drive out the small, independent radio and tv stations. msm is owned by 5-6 multinational corporations. Incidentally if hitlery gets in, she has already stated she will shut down Breitbart , which will also ‘send a message to the rest”. Heil hitlery.

  • Douglas B Briggman says:

    I firmly believe if they had video and witnesses see either clinton shooting a man point blank in the head the press and the lemmings who are their following would spin it some way or another. Look at France during the Revolution what did the people end up doing with their king? I’m not advocating violence however this country has always within our justice system been all equal under the law, that appears to be not correct. someones fingers are on one side of the scale and lady justice is peeking

    1. Cal Har says:

      The problem is that our justice department is controlled by this gang of traitors>>>> Hopefully a completely new administration will clean house

  • Tiger says:

    So what is new nobody will hear about this anyway. She is a criminal pure and simple who belongs behind bars but since we have a criminal as president who belongs behind bars we will just have to wait until Trump gets in the WH, or if he doesn’t for God to take care of both or all of them.

    She already has her calling card at the Golden Gates but I think she needs to go the other direction being as they don’t let her kind in without paying their dues. Since she didn’t pay them here she can pay them there.

  • p-40-bob43 says:

    Why don’y you use that much effort to dig into Trumps past. The guy is dirty as all hell. This crap with Clinton is all bull crap and you know it. over 25 years of witch hunts and she is guilty of this that and the other have never brought any thing except a name for the Politicians trying to bring her down and spend your tax dollars to do it Never been convicted of anything but helping over 20 million kids in both the U. S. and Africa dealing with HIV and Malaria. Just one fact check on trump ” Convicted in a court of law for PENSION and WELFARE FRAUD against the Illegal POLISH WORKERS by a JURY TRIAL and paid a million dollar fine for restitution , to stay out of prison. 3,500 civil law suites for non payment to contractors and ordinary workers . Dealings with both the Phila. Mob and the New YORK MOB. Now faces another CRIMINAL charge for Trump U. in Ca. after the election, He has spent millions fighting it with 3 different sets of lawyers and tried to disgrace a judge for letting the trial go forth. I could fill the page with things that he has been found GUILTY of and not 1 sentence of anything Clinton has actually been convicted of. These are facts not conspiracy and nut case opinion’s . Trump lies 67% Clinton 13% , The more he talks the more he lies and you follow him like blind sheep going to the gas chamber.

    1. CMSgt, USAF, Retired says:

      I will agree Trump may not be a saint. and I have heard of brain washing, but in your case it must have been brain removal!

      1. harry says:


      2. Discusted says:

        Poor old bob is a misguided liberal he should join Obama and the Criminal Clintons in Prison!

    2. Anouk says:

      Are you living on a different planet or are you completely brainwashed by your liberal party of lies and corruption.
      Donald Trump is not perfect. Far away from it, but he is a true American who loves his country. He certainly doesn’t need to give so much of himself to put his life and his family’s life in danger as well.
      So, whatever you said about him makes no real sense. We the People won’t vote for the corrupted liar Hillary Clinton. She and Hussein Obama are pure EVILS.
      The only sensible choice we have to get our country back is to vote for Donald Trump.
      America First.

      1. BOC says:

        Compared to the sociopathic Clintons’, and their bent for lying that borders on pathological, Donald Trump could be Mother Teresa’s brother

        1. Anouk says:

          So true indeed!

    3. Snoopy says:

      Google “Clinton Body Bags” if you think it is all “bull crap”! You will see just how dirty their past has been!

      1. BOC says:

        OR check out the website Arkancide

      2. Beeotchstewie says:

        I particulary liked the one who shot himself in the back of the head and then set himself on fire. Sound plausible NOT.

        1. Snoopy says:

          How about the fellow whose photo was shown (body only-NOT the face) lying in a beautifully lush green lawn (though it was supposed to be late fall), not a leaf on the ground anywhere, gun lying by his right hand (although he was LEFT-HANDED), and it was labeled suicide! Beautiful!

    4. Blogengeezer says:

      “Actually been convicted of”? Only during historically rare times of prosperity does the liberal [a misnomer] faction thrive… and take Control, of Every aspect of the proletariat’s lives.

      Only after their shear desperation, and predictable response, when a major upheaval accompanied by collateral damage and predictable destruction comes about, due to the increasingly heavy handed Big Govt approach, does the seldom realized opportunity for individual Freedom arise.

      1776, creation of The United States of America, was one of those historically rare times… albeit Briefly…

    5. Ethel Halstead says:

      Well, babe, it looks as if our twenty-five years of digging has finally begin to pay off. Have you watched the new recently? And I mean the real news, not the liberal cesspools. Hilary is going down, and she will take a lot of her cronies with her.

    6. Rodney Steward says:

      Do U have poof of this lying percentage Sir, If I recall Hellary is the one being investigated by every department of the Gov., from Treason to Stealing, and are willing to overlook her death trail from he$$!!!!

    7. harry says:


    8. Carl Lewis says:

      Bull CaCa

  • McFerguson says:

    The corruption with Hillary Clinton will not end even if she’s (gasp!) elected President. Time to knock her off now! Vote Trump. Neuter Slick Willie. Strangle the Clinton Foundation. Make America Great Again!

    1. Emily Johnson says:

      Bravo for you!

    2. reggie says:

      And go after the sorry zzz enablers of the single DemoRino party.

  • Climax says:

    More and more ethics violations. It is just another “pay to play” venture by the Clinton administration.

  • tCotUS says:

    The more they dig into the Clintons past the dirtier it gets. They haven’t even touched the Dead they left behind…..YET

    1. USNavyPatriot says:

      It is known, but CIA, SS & Black Ops have “cleaned” the evidence to make it circumstantial at best. And yes, there have been 2 recent suspicious deaths: the DNC guy in route to meet the FBI and a neuroscientist in NY who “may have been treating” Hillary’s brain disorders resulting from her documented fall/concussion.

      The beat goes on and you can’t make this shit up! Only Trump can bring justice to this Clinton National Embarrassment.

      1. Retired says:

        Yet people will vote for this corrupt couple.

  • Marine Moe says:

    Most of government is corrupt. Who’s gonna make the judgement. Surely not the department of injustice

  • TexRancher says:

    No point in sneaking into this country if you have the money to buy politicians in high places! Dishonest ones are our worst enemies. Clearly Obama and Hillary have been proven to work in some of our enemies favor and to our detriment! People before have been put before a firing squad for less!

    1. pmbalele says:

      What if a rich person wants to invest in this country. Are you going to turn him or off. After all you millionaires and morons were investing abroad leaving people jobless and then labeled them as fa and lazy Americans. To process diplomatic status was Hillary office at that time. You morons are wasting time with these damn e-mail and Benghazi. FoxNews, which is dying was good at drumming up those issue. Now FoxNews with its ancholr Bill Orielly are out of office.

      1. Maxinecladd3 says:

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    2. 7papa7 says:

      Another illegal act that will be ignored because it involves the democrats especially the clintons.

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