McCain: ISIS ‘is winning’

by Megan R. Wilson, The Hill
October 13, 2014

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said on Sunday that the Obama administration must do more in the Middle East to combat the Islamic militants who are gaining ground in Iraq, even amid U.S.-led airstrikes in the country.

He said the United States should be sending targeted special forces troops and forward air controllers to supplement those strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), stopping short of advocating for putting American combat battalions there.

“There has to be a fundamental re-evaluation of what we’re doing because we are not — we are not ‘degrading and ultimately destroying ISIS’,” McCain told CNN’s Candy Crowley on “State of the Union,” borrowing a phrase from President Obama used when the president outlined the plan of attack against the group.

“They’re winning and we’re not,” McCain said of ISIS.

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  • I Seigel says:

    Anyone notice the budget that the Republicans will try to push through if they take control of Congress in the Nov elections? One aspect of the budget will be to continue to cut military spending and lower taxes to balance the budget (while also giving huge subsidies to timber, frackers, drillers, etc). I’m interested to know how Congress can cut military spending and yet continue to blame Obama for reducing the size of the military? Anyone have a clear answer for me?

  • ronbobel777 says:

    If the local population isnt in the fight it doesnt matter how many troops we send. we had 500,000 troops in vietnam and still lost the war.

  • antiliberalcryptonite says:

    ISIS has a representative in the White House.

  • ppanthers says:

    1. Noah Rosenblum says:

      Trying watching the video, and quickly slipped into a comma.
      This occurred each time I tried watching it.
      T O O B O R I N G ! ! ! ! !

  • frankenbiker says:

    We should be flying hundreds of sorties a day bombing the hell out of ISIS and any civilians that chose to harbor these goatfcking bastards. To date I think we’ve only done about three or four hundred, in two months. That’s not tying to destroy or decimate, its wasting money, especially since they seem to be bombing dirt and little else. Our intelligence community is failing miserably pointing out prime targets, and wasting four million dollar missiles on a truck or two.

    1. rickouellette says:

      What intelligence community ? All of those troops were pulled out by Obama leaving nobody behind. One has to be relatively close to and have significant knowledge of the target in order to point it out and unless we infuse troops into the area our air campaign will continue to be severely hampered. This war is being conducted from afar and the supreme commander has the experience of a Cub Scout. A shoulder fired RPG costs $600.00 while a similar missile fired from an aircraft costs 28K. As you pointed out, we are destroying buildings and a few trucks/tanks but the ISIS force is growing in numbers. We need troops on the ground to coordinate air strikes and rout out the ISIS terrorists. So far, we only have the Kurds and the Iraqi forces such as they are.
      None of the senior military commanders believe we can accomplish the mission without US troops on the ground unless other countries in the region step up to the plate. If ISIS were to penetrate the Green Zone we would lose a significant number of Americans. We could see a replay of Vietnam where helicopters are landing on the embassy roof attempting to get people out. To leave our people there with less than a superior US force to protect them is criminal and a dereliction of duty on the part of the president. Never-the-less the all important fund raising goes on. Good Luck America !!!

      1. frankenbiker says:

        I couldn’t agree more, except you give the great goatfcker acting as POTUS too much credit as having the experience of a Cub Scout. You are too true, we need ground troops, if for no other reason than to recon targets, laser paint them as it were and guarantee that the maximum number of casualties would result in future air attacks.

        1. rickouellette says:

          Amen to the laser painting. Let them have the honor and distinction of meeting Allah face to face. May Allah let them find the 72 virgins in the fires of hell. Good Luck America !!!

          1. RadioFreeKansas says:

            You 3 seem to be in the minority. The vast majority of this country doesn’t want American “Boots On The Ground”. It’s time to tell Turkey and the rest of these fence-sitting countries to get the hell in the game or prepare to be taken over by the radical “muslims”

          2. rickouellette says:

            Believe the tide is changing and that Americans want to defeat ISIS. Other countries will probably not put boots on the ground unless we lead the way. I am not in favor of us going it alone as we often have done in the past. If we do put boots on the ground it would have to be an overwhelming force (i.e.5000 x 20 countries=100,000) consisting of troops from many countries. Either we defeat ISIS or get out of Dodge. Good Luck America !!!

  • ijohnc1 says:

    A fool and his thoughts are soon parted, or something like that.
    Just a month or so ago he was photo opting with them, now he says they are winning, does he have inside information on why they are winning?

  • edinflorida says:

    No Obama and the Muslims terrorist are winning.

  • John Henry says:

    When are we going to physically take Barry out of office and put in a TRUE American?

    Every day that We The People sit and do nothing just brings us closer to what Obama and his puppeteers are working for.

    1. rickouellette says:

      The only people who could physically do that would be the military and it would have to come from the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a coup. That will not happen. The other option would have to be a forced resignation demanded by the American people. If you recall, Nixon was forced out of office by Republicans. Do not expect democrats to do likewise to Obama as loyalty to party is more important to them than loyalty to country. Believe we are stuck for another two years unless something drastic happens in Iraq as a direct result of Obama being derelict in his duties. For the sake of the people there in the Green Zone, let us hope that does not occur. Good Luck America !!!

  • WiSe GuY says:

    ISIS is 0bama’s army. 0bama trained them and armed them.

    1. ppanthers says:

      and gave them all of Ghadaffi’s arsenal of weapons, the Bengazigate that they are so quick to change the subject on! PLUS, now they have a few billion more from our own government who are so ignorant and naive to believe he is not going to use it to arm his buddies, his army and promote even more killing of the ‘infidels’!

  • savage24 says:

    I’ll bet that the Sunday talk show guest voted to give Obama 5 Billion Dollars for this fiasco. The best thing we could do now is send McCain back to Hanoi and let them deal with this fool.

    1. rickouellette says:

      McCain may be right. We need to either play to win or get the heck out of the game. As we play pin the tail on the donkey, ISIS is gaining both in strength and territory. It does not seem like there are any so called coalition partners willing to send ground troops in except for the Kurds and Iraquis who are already there. We will probably have to send ground troops in but it should only be if other countries are also willing to join us in the effort. America will have to lead if we expect to win but we should not be absorbing the bulk of the load as we have in the past. it does not appear as though the Obama administration is engaged in this fight and they have grossly overstated the number of partners willing to fight ISIS. We should have learned lessons from both Korea and Vietnam-you can not fight a war when the strategy is determined by the polls and how the scenario plays out politically.,. Either allow the military to win or bring our people home. Good Luck America !!!

  • rickouellette says:

    I Seigel-what gave you the idea that Obama needs congressional approval to step-up the fight against ISIS ? You must have missed the edict that proclaimed him dictator and absolute ruler. He does as he pleases, with the advanced consent of the democrats, so why should congress show up. The country is better off when Obama and congress are both on vacation. P.S.- as always this is all Bush’s fault. Good Luck America !!!

    1. I Seigel says:

      No Mr, Ouellette, I’m very familiar with the edict that proclaimed him dictator. What I don’t understand is why, given that proclamation, the Republicans have wasted their time over FIFTY times to try to repeal Obamacare. And why they continue to hold useless investigations into Benghazi, the IRS, and other supposed “scandals”. You’re right – we’re better off if they stay home. It’d be great, tho, if they didn’t collect a paycheck while they were out of the office.

      1. rickouellette says:

        Mr. Seigel-the republicans recognized early on that the ACA was not good for America and that the government did not have a good track record as concerns health care and health care insurance. Fraud is rampant in the VA, Medicare and Medicaid. If a government does not have the expertise to manage small programs how will it effectively manage healthcare coverage for over 300 million people ? This was more of a power grab than anything else and the fact is that the plan intended to insure some 30 million who were uninsured but when fully implemented, according to the proponent’s own projections, some 30 million remain uninsured. Progress ?? As for Benghazi, if my son had been killed needlessly because of someone’s dereliction of duty I would want the person’s name to ensure he/she does not remain on the government payroll. . As for the IRS, we cannot allow a government agency with the power of the IRS to run rampant and become politicized to the extent that it has. In this administration both the Dept of Justice and the IRS have become arms of the democrat party. That is wrong. The scandals are the result of the administration trying to cover-up their misdeeds. If nobody has done anything wrong just fess up and put the issues to bed. The more they dig the more they seem to find. Someone is obviously lying and the question is whether the prevaricator has done something wrong or is he/she covering up for someone else . The truth will eventually come out and let the chips fall where they may. Good Luck America !!!

        1. I Seigel says:

          In case you missed the fine print, the government is providing or managing health care or health insurance. That’s being handled by insurance companies and health providers. No power grab. The insurance companies still are in the drivers’ seat. Just with a bit more regulation and oversight, and some much-needed competition.

          1. rickouellette says:

            Well, hiring 15,000 new IRS agents ,and no new doctors, to ensure compliance indicates government is directly involved. As for competition, all that is needed is to open the market across state lines. As for Bush, i was being facetious and using the Obama line. All that has gone wrong for the past 14 years has been Bush’s fault. He has two more years to go. As for ISIS, its constitution is a direct result of the US not leaving troops in Iraq as the military leaders recommended. Obama did not make any effort to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement with Maliki because he campaigned on getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. P.S. When the government causes a person to lose health insurance that they were satisfied with because the government feels they need better coverage it is a power grab. The ACA is self destructing as we speak and may soon be history. Good Luck America !!!

          2. I Seigel says:

            Only a small percentage of the new IRS hires have been assigned to enforce Obamacare. The rest are assigned to investigate right wing PACs.

          3. rickouellette says:

            Of course a small percentage are assigned to the ACA because it is a long ways from full implementation. As for the remaining IRS agents and conservative PACS, I agree that conservative PACS received the bulk of the attention at the directions of Lois Lerner who was receiving her instructions from some democrat members of congress and the White House. Ms. Lerner, however, did nothing wrong but chose to plead the 5th. Obama says there is not even a smidgeon of corruption- smidgeons no-truckloads probably. This administration is the most corrupt ever and it is led by a man who was voted the Worst President Since WWII. P.S. Why do we need IRS agents to monitor health insurance purchases ? What is next-every two car family must buy one hybrid or electric car ? We really need to cut this government down to size. During his tenure, Obama cut our military by some 90,000 troops but added 150,000 government jobs. That should make everyone feel much safer in dealing with ISIS.
            Mr. Seigel, you cannot defend the indefensible. Good Luck America !!!

        2. ijohnc1 says:

          You are wasting your time with der speigel, rick

      2. ppanthers says:

        It’s all in their ‘playbook’ written in 1903: watch the video

  • I Seigel says:

    When I saw this headline, I thought, “Good! McCain is finally going to call for Congress to return to Washington to debate and pass a resolution giving Obama the authorization for a stepped-up military campaign.” Then I read the article and I was SO SURPRISED that he’s blaming Obama for the mess, and not asking Congress to stop campaigning and get back to work to deal with this crisis.

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