by Ben Shapiro, Breitbart
September 4, 2013

On Tuesday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) suggested that Fox News host Brian Kilmeade was Islamaphobic because he said that Syrian opposition groups shouting “Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar!” as rockets hit government offices demonstrated Islamist influence among the opposition.

“I have a problem helping those people screaming that after a hit,” Kilmeade said. McCain responded: “Would you have a problem with an American or Christians saying ‘thank God? Thank God?’” He added, “That’s what they’re saying. Come on! Of course they’re Muslims, but they’re moderates and I guarantee you they are moderates.” McCain provided no evidence to suggest that Syrian opposition groups are moderate, as opposed to the wide swath of evidence suggesting that the opposition is heavily infested with al Qaeda.

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  • Velma Saccone says:

    My God does not believe in child marriage, sharia law, or beheading non Christians. So when I say thank God it is not the same as when muslims say Allahu Akhbar. Muslims belong to an evil cult.

  • Shamu The Whale says:

    Literally speaking this NUTJOB is correct….sort of…..but the reality is that the term ‘ALLAHU AKHBAR!’ is screamed at beheadings and bombings so to the rest of the world, its connotation is anything other than God is Great. Good Grief McCain you are seriously deluded.

  • Joann Holmes says:

    McCain is not only a TRAITOR but now is brain dead.

  • AboutTruth says:

    McCain appears to be the equivalent of the Manchurian Candidate. He has shown his true stripes. Time for Arizona to recall him!

  • AboutTruth says:

    It is time for McCain (Mr. Potato Head ) to go to pasture. Preferably one with someone shouting “Allahu Akhbar” while igniting themselves.

  • Dawn says:

    Whoa, McCain has lost his marbles.There is an extreme difference in shouting Allahu whatever and Thank God. One says kill and rejoice and the other is
    saying thank you God for my life

  • Warren says:

    I think Wet Start Songbird McCain should go to his Local Gun Range and try Shouting Allahu Akhbar !!

  • Ed Watson says:

    Just consider the source. Worse than useless.

  • 7818TD says:

    This loud mouthed ,piece of Dung should meet his Maker, sooner than later. The direction is going to be down John, you have lied, cheated, stolen, and broken all Laws of Honor & Decency, you’re disgusting and vicious.

  • Robert Iandolo says:

    Not for the same reason asshole!

  • CCblogging says:

    John McRino is a Soros paid Deep State operative. Here below are the Republicans who have been bought by anarchist George Soros. See if you recognize any of the names………..

    A new report from the Center for Responsive Politics reveals which Republicans received funding from George Soros and his hedge fund employees. The official RINOs are John McCain, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and John Kasich, via Breitbart.

  • Ilene Richman says:

    MCCain is a traitor. he worked with Hilllary and obama to overthroow Ghadafil and put the Syrian rebels in place to oust Iraqi PM and Assad. well folks, the Syrian rebels turned out to be ISIS. So McCain, Lindsey Graham, Hillalry, Obama, Sidney Blumenthat are guilty of initiating ISIS. Stop the bull McCain. You are not only stupid, you are a traitor to US and are responsible for murder of our American troops. You are a warmonger that loves war. Too bad we cannot send you over to infiltrate you into the war zone. Your days are numbered anyway. Not fast enough. You went over to Chuck Schumer, before the health care vote and told Schumer you were going to vote with the Democrats. What a TRAITOR AND A LIAR. You campaigned on repeal of Obamacare to the citizens of Arizona to repeal and replace Obamacare. But I guess the money you get from Soros is more important. Let them bury your corrupt money with you taken from Soros and the Democrats. You stabbed the people of Arizona in the back that suffered the highest premiums and deductibles in the US.= 116%. Take that to the grave with you..

  • Walt says:

    John McCain is so stupid that he doesn’t know that Muslims pray to Allah and he is a false God, not Jesus Christ the son of God.
    Shouting Allahu Akbar is not the same as Christians shouting “Thank God”, they are saying ” God is Great” and not the same God.

  • MidnightDStroyer says:

    McCain is wrong. Translation of Allahu Akhbar to English is “Allah is Supreme.” They are NOT “thanking” their god for anything; they are declaring DOMINANCE in the name of their god.

    For a politician, McCain is an idiot…Ooops, I just repeated myself.

  • BHR says:

    McCain has to go. He has become the Manchurian Candidate.

  • yumadlh says:

    Christians say Merry Christmas or after a church services and go out and cut heads off.

  • Warren says:

    “Thank God” is not followed by an Explosion & Flying Body Parts, Dumb A$$!!

  • runnindeer says:

    McCain gets his funding from none other than George Soros. Face facts folks, McCain couldn’t care less about Republicans and especially about President Trump or this agenda to make America great again. John McCain should have been out long ago.

  • messup says:

    Hanoi Hilton “songbird” McCain of the infamous “Keating Five.” Washington DC’s richest lawmaker. McCain, biggest Pay-to-play lawmaker having access to lucrative defense contractors bidding on RFP’s. McCain, phony Washington DC lawmaker posing with USA Veterans who he personally screwed while turning a blind eye to egregious felonies committed in ALL VA Hospitals during his terms in office as a US Senator for Arizona, where the worst-of-the-worst took place!!! He avoided the VA Admin, like the plague… never said a peep and would not receive aggrieved families in his office…but photo-ops, YEP, you bet…published in VET Admin’s newspooper. McCain, a disgraced Navy serviceman, betrayed his country and fellow POW’s. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.

  • Just1Saddletramp says:

    There is a difference in the two phrases. Christians are not attempting to assault nor kill anyone when they say “Thank God”

  • Mary says:

    McCain is a disgrace to the military, Congress and the State of Arizona. Term limits is needed.

  • Christian Gains says:

    Except DIMWIT, that “god” of there’s is a (over) 2000 yr. old IDOL of sex & perversion, (originally worshiped in Babylon, but, once THAT city was destroyed, the little IDOL migrated to the Saudi Peninsula, where it was stuffed in among the KABA’S 200+ OTHER IDOLS, until Mohammed came along & grabbed it up, & claimed it as HIS “god”; & then, promptly went about destroying ALL of the OTHER IDOLS, until there was only HIS!

    Since there’s ONLY ONE “PROVEN Creator”; {Yahwey}, then…WHO in this World could that Mohammed IDOL represent??? (hint: Isaiah 14: 9 – 14,[esply. ver. 12]; AND it’s future is described in verses: 15 thru 20!) (2nd hint: It’s NOT Yeshuah!)…

    1. Walt says:

      John McCain is an idiot and does not even know that Islam’s God is a false God, Mohammed and they say Allahu Akbar, for Thank God. Islam is a Cult not a religion and kills millions of people that are Christians, Jews, and non-Islamic believers that are trying to take over the world. Muslims are taught to do anything to take over the world and practice their Sharia Law. All Muslims that are in the USA should be deported back to the countries that they came from. All Mosques and Islamic Training Camps are breading grounds for these evil savages that are killing people all over the world.

  • dumbvet says:

    McCain is an idiot!

  • joe says:

    This Man is another nut case, he should be in a rocking chair trying to remember how many houses he has

  • Tins17 says:

    My God, McCain is a problem and we can’t afford more of them.

  • billie says:

    The “Songbird” no longer makes music, just a bunch of noise!!!!.

  • kathleen_smith121 says:

    Of course, when Christians say “Thank God”. it is not just after they have beheaded, blown people to bits or some other way committed mass murder.
    Senile old ” Vietnam song bird” ba$tard!

  • Buckeye conservative says:

    McCain has done much but we should be addressing the report about his comparing the Allahu Akbar to Thank God. Sure the Muslim that cries out the phrase as a true thanks to his God is the same but we’re talking of the phrase shouted at completion of terroristic activity, murder and mayhem. That is totally different. I’ve not heard Christians crying out Thank God as they see someone murdered.

  • dumbvet says:

    McCain is an idiot!

  • Chris Robinette says:

    Allahu Akhbar is what muslims yell in excitment BUT unlike Christains yelling or just quietly saying “Thank God” when something nice happens or some horrible incident does not happen, muslims yell Allahu Akhbar when performing acts or murder, rape, and terrorism. So I suggest that McCain shut up as his opinion is worthless.

  • Warren says:

    Thank God!! Is not followed by “”WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT””

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