Muhammad Shoots Up Marines in Tennessee; Obama Wishes Muslims Happy Ramadan

by Jason Devaney | Newsmax
July 16, 2015

As authorities investigate a deadly attack in Tennessee as a potential case of terrorism, which occurred on the heels of several attacks across the globe in recent weeks, President Barack Obama issued a statement Thursday wishing Muslims a happy Ramadan.

The Muslim holy month ends Friday.

The Islamic State (ISIS) has made several calls for its followers to launch terror attacks during Ramadan, and members of the U.S. military and law enforcement have also been singled out as potential targets.

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  • pete G says:

    The most disgusting PO dog Shiit to ever call himself a President.

  • phil62 says:

    I have never seen such a cowardly bunch of Legislative officials as the ones in this Nation’s capital. Any other President would have been impeached long before now, and yet these cowards stand by and do nothing. I am sick and tired of wasting my votes on all this CRAP at the federal level.

  • Billy Clark says:

    Thanks Warren, I am so sick of the way we as Americans are being treated, Obama has made his own constitution, and striping all our rights away,I read.a section in the constitution where if a president is putting America in danger,and making bad decisions for the Country that congress can remove him from office. And hold him on treason charges, and the president has did that time an time again,why has he not been removed from office,the president is going to start world war 3 ,which I know that is what he is trying to do,but we the people have got to stop him before it’s to late if it’s not already, I am 60 yrs old and disabled but I am ready to fight,I wish we would all come together as Americans and protest what Obama is doing and get there attention that we are tired of this and maby just maby we could change the out come of what’s fixing to happen,we are all well not all but about half of us be killed,the rest put up to work for them as slaves for food,and put in fema camps,and controlled by the one world nation.GOD HELP US ALL,GET OUT AND PROTEST.PLEASE AND BE HEARD,WE CANT TAKE THIS LIEING DOWN,STAND UP FOR FREEDOM AND AMERICA, IT’S OURS LET’S TAKE IT BACK,GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU,AND GOD BE WITH US WHEN ALL THIS UNFOLDS.

  • JOHN STEEL says:

    How can you sit at a conference table with a man like Obama , after all he has said and done, and not feel a not in your stomach, unless you agree with him. Then you are no better then he is. I believe that most of them have sold out to sit there. The only one who would get up and leave is D.Trump. WHY? because he his his own keeper. He would not sit and listen to some one make decisions that hurt Americans…..Then wish our enemy good holiday. Give me a break……..

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Trump might stand up and tell BHO “You’re full of it.”

  • nate forrest says:

    The siren song of this Braying Ass who has usurped the Oval Office has attracted the itching ears of every misbegotten kook born in the last seventy years. We are also beset by a very great number of native born and suckled America haters whose treasonous desires to see our beloved America destroyed has brought us to the precipice of ruin.

  • Snoopy says:

    I would like to issue SFB a happy good bye!!!!

  • James Allen Wyatt says:

    INDISPUTABLE FACT: OBAMA IS A MUSLIM AND THUS A FOLLOWER OF THE QURAN AND IT TEACHING ARE PLAINLY SATANIC; OBVIOUSLY INSPIRED TOTALY BY THE DEVIL . . . and how anyone with a grain of intelligence expect other than total evil from his and his fellow devil worshiper is beyond the comprehension of people of just average intelligence much less those of great intelligence.

  • zucccchini says:

    Obama is a Muslim plant. Has to be. If every American that does not like how things are going and cares about America as we know it, does not register to vote, does not take all their family and acquaintances to register and vote …The illegal Socialist immigrants from all over the world will vote our next POTUS AND CONGRESS in for their entitlements. We will not only be vulnerable to domestic terrorism, we will be Greece and have to learn Spanish or worse, be under Sharia law. Next best thing is civil war. Do not say its not impossible. Who would have thought this administration could simply MANDATE the changes they have made in the last seven years without a fight from Congress?

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Thanks zucccchini. Well put.

  • The redhawk says:

    Calling Obama an HEADINASS PU-SY is insulting Headinass PU-sies

  • Ped Xing says:

    I am sure that the president wishes violent Christofascists a Merry Christmas, as well—what’s your problem? Every Muslim didn’t kill those mercenary jarheads in Chattanooga, just as every Christian is not a pedophile like David Koresh……

  • says:

    Denmark deported all Muslims & their Crime Rate went down by 80%! Time for us to do the same. Start with Obama. Impeach him. None of us will miss them.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Yes we will happily miss all the anti-American crap that has plagued us for the past 6+ years.

  • grannie says:

    obama always has and will continue to support his muslim brothers….with money, weapons, vehicles, whatever they want. Who was it that changed our 4th of July celebration to another date because “it interfered with the muslim ramadan”?

  • Rick Rogers says:

    I really am glad this website is here. Its nice to find all the Nutjobs in one place to report to the FBI for threating the life of the President.

    1. Ped Xing says:

      Rick Rogers—SUPERSTAR!!

      1. Ron Warren says:

        And Ped Xing you are also a member off the anti-America faction. You just confessed publicly.

        1. Ped Xing says:

          “{C)onfessed publicly”—I have been doing so since I was thirteen, loudly and, at times, very effectively.
          I would be more comfortable with the term Anti-USA, as America includes everything from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego….

    2. Ron Warren says:

      So you just confessed Rich Rogers that you support the anti-American agenda. Barry Soetoro is NOT a US President. He never qualified. He is a Kenyan imposter supporting Marxist, Islamic anti-American agenda. You just lent aid and comfort to enemies of the United States of America.

      1. Rick Rogers says:

        And your so gullible I am surprise some has not tried to sell you a lead into gold machine

  • Seedman says:

    Skunk Obama is bringing the war to America by importing nutcase Muslims. Thank you illustrious Offender in Chief. Islam is a false religion. Muhammad is a false dead prophet now in hell The Koran is the doctrine of demons. Share the gospel of the risen Jesus with these people before they end up in the Lake of Fire. Tell the truth in love.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Seedman your intention is good but Satan has so ensnared them it is unlikely they will listen to the Good News.

      1. Seedman says:

        You are right, however I will continue to plant and water, trusting God to cause the growth.

  • gjbare says:

    Happy Ramadan to Obama also.

    1. truthseeker says:

      He will only except the wishes from true believers and not from an infidel. That is why he had all of the Muslims over in the White House for the Fourth of July.

  • Patriot( retired Navy) says:

    I am retired military, and if I would be allowed I would stand watch (armed) in front of a recruiting station….I was a military police officer and have no qualms protecting our men and women in uniform.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      You’re a great American retired Navy Patriot. The Nation needs more GOOD MEN AND WOMEN like you.

  • Patriot( retired Navy) says:

    We should start deporting radical muslims and their Imams who support this so called religion of peace. most of the attrocities against civilized people have been at the hands of Muslims, when will we be rid of these event down playing idiots who can’t or won’t see the writting on the wall.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      If Islam is a “religion of peace” then why are Muslims strring up so much strife around the world? I’m not aware of followers of other “religions” cutting off people’s heads, shooting them, etc. Why are not Muslims rising up against the fanatics making their faith system into a war lord faction? True Christians do not
      support the KKK which is a terrorist organization hiding behind Christianity.

  • game50 says:


    1. truthseeker says:

      Give him enough rope and he will hang himself. Not that I would wish that on him or any one else. Gotta be careful .

      1. Ron Warren says:

        Right truthseeker. Those of us supporting civility are labeled as perpetrators and those stirring up
        evil acts are viewed as victims.

  • Mike N says:

    This was initially reported as being domestic terrorism. This administration will do anything to protect the Muslims.

    1. truthseeker says:

      Then it went to Lone gun man. Is that like the Lone Ranger ?

  • KDC says:

    Death on his hands, AGAIN! Happy Ramadan to you too, you Muslim, usurping, communist, narcisstic, arrogant phony.
    I apologize, I just can’t stand anything about him.

    1. megan says:

      Then don’t apologize.

  • buck says:

    arm our servicemen now ! wake up the white house and demand that all military be armed at all times while serving over sea’s and at home ! help defeat the muslim bastards once and for all ! call to arms–call to arms !!

    1. megan says:

      Take away Obama’s secret service until all military are armed.

      1. Walt says:

        Right, Megan, and add one more thing. Take the fence down around the White House…

      2. truthseeker says:

        He would just have the Black Panthers protect him.

        1. Ron Warren says:

          Yes, more anti-American thugs.

    2. truthseeker says:

      The White House is to busy with the Rainbow lighted colors and having them Muslims over for dinner during the Fourth of July .

  • Jesustheonlyway says:

    O’Muslim in the WH won’t address this as terrorism or any other Hate Crime because he’s part of the Evil that’s stalking the world.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Satan and his minions applaud and glorify everything that is anti-God of Abraham, Isaac, Israel and the Descendent of King David.

  • tk-atty says:

    Obama is an enemy of our Country. He is an islamist and has brought all this chao in the world and the U.S., he wants it, he wants America to be destroyed. Our Military should be able to carry their weapons at all time, and if they won’t allow it, carry them anyway. Citizens armed yourself and start carrying now. Muslims are not are friends ever, unless they are not Islamic, if they are Christians or anything else, yes, otherwise they agree secretly or openly with the extremists. They will never assimilate into our culture, they don’t want to. They want to take over our Country, and the are allowed to lie to the infidels to get to that point, and that is what Obama and all of them are doing. It is called “taquiyya” look it up.

    1. JOHN STEEL says:

      i am glad some one is also seeing what we are facing . what brothers me is no one in the government will admit it , what the hell is scaring them. has G,Sorrous bought every one?

  • Terry Rushing says:

    Who gives a damn about some rag-head “holiday”? I’m not sure what birthday these savages are “celebrating” but I presume that it is the birthday of Ishmal, who was the beginning of the many tribes of Arabs. As I said, I really don’t care, just like I could care less about whenever “mooshell” has a birthday.

  • Billy Clark says:

    You need to arm our service men and women so they can protect themselves, what kind of president are you?well I can answer that your one that don’t care about the American people,Obama you have done nothing but strip the American people of there constitutional rights and trying to run our lives,your trying to get us all killed,your a disgrace to the human race, well America is not going to lay down an take this so hide behind your security but you can’t hide from GOD OUR GOD NOT YOUR FALSE GOD.

      1. Karin Isbell says:

        Contrary to present appearances, our LOrd will win in the end.

        1. Ron Warren says:

          As King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It will be a Wonderful arrangement in the Future.

      2. JOHN STEEL says:

        He don’t want to arm the GOOD guys , then they can’t be killed so ea-sally. EVERY THING HE DOES IS CALCULATED. every thing he says is a lie.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Thank you Billy Clark. Beautifully stated. Love ya buddy.

  • Richard Graziano says:

    Wake up Americans! We are heading for another rigged election and we are sitting on our laurels doing nothing but complaining. If you are really concerned about where this country is going and you do not want to live in a Muslim America under Sharia Law then go to and let me know that you will join me in defeating the establishment and American participation in the United Nations. The UN is a rigged Organization taken over by Marxists. Do not think the efforts to create a Muslim America are not in full swing; they are. I can do nothing by myself but with enough people I can stop the Marxist Train from taking us to oblivion. Wake up! Go to and leave your contact information. I need your help. America needs your help. If you don’t help save America will you be able to look in the mirror and say you are an American? By that time you will not be an American and if you are Jewish or Christian and in the few still alive you will be slaves. Think this is not true? Take off your blinders. Stand up and be an American no matter what country you came from! Go to the Blog!

    1. megan says:

      Richard, which government agency do you represent?

      1. richarddbailey says:

        His own…

      2. Ron Warren says:

        Megan which faction do YOU represent?

  • Thomas Goss says:

    Of coarse Obama wished those terrorists a happy Ramadan, he’s one of them. The reason our military and law enforcement have been targeted is because Obama has made it easier for his brothers to exist.

  • greg says:

    Ramadan today, great we allow murderous culture in this country to celebrated, especially after yesterdays marine killing. Diaperheads you suck and screw your Ramadan to,

  • 40Helen60 says:

    This is what happens when a Muslim takes control of the White house, sets himself up and supreme leader, refuses to obey the Constitution, makes his own laws, fires our top military commanders, sends billions of our money to ISIS, the Mexican drug cartel, makes deals with Iran and other terrorists countries, makes same-sex [sodomy] mandatory in all 50 states, etc; I can only say, America will fall in two more months. It is the 3rd woe pronounced on these United States.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      I too am anxious to see September, 2015. Things are “lining up” as when you see the green on the fig tree you know that Summer is near.

  • Yevrah Kahn says:

    He has just given the muslims access to nukes with this crap deal with iran. They, even during the talks kept chanting death to Israel and death to the US. How can anyone in the world trust this pos in office, how can anyone trust iran to do anything that was laid out on paper, the pos said we would have access to any site we want any time we want, but as it now turns out we have to give iran 24 day notice and no, we or no one else can inspect military bases unless they agree to it.

  • Detriotcity says:

    No guns at the recruitment centers — “gun-free zone”. What is the matter with these idiots. Do they really think by making it a gun free zone will keep people safe — or don’t they care as long as they get their way about making a case to get rid of OUR guns. The first thing they have to do is get guns into the hands of people who can stop these types of murders. IT WAS A TURKEY SHOOT IN TN. Those marines did not stand a chance to protect themselves. People of TN, and the rest of the US get those signs off buildings, and schools and any place else so that people have a chance to protect themselves. The crooks and the murderers do not obey the law anyway. I for one will vote out any politician who has this type of attitude of no guns in businesses or federal buildings. Hey POTUS take the guns away from the secret service and see how long you last! You are an idiot no matter what color your skin is.

    1. dcfla says:


    2. Oingo Boingo says:

      Intentionally separating a Marine from his rifle should be a chargeable felony.

      1. truthseeker says:

        The Marines have their General who is suppose to keep in mind that without the enlisted there is no need for his position. The Parents should go to the General and demand him to answer them why he cannot insist on those recruiters safety, if not all the Parents should boycott the Recruiting Station .

        1. truthseeker says:

          Have the Parents stand outside every recruiting station and stop them from recruiting. Sound like treason, but it is not. I love my country and believe We the People need to make a statement that this attitude toward our Children is not a convenience to take lightly in regards to the lives that had been lost so unnecessary ..

          1. Ron Warren says:

            Truthseeker you are falling into the plans of the Marxists and the Islamic radicals. You are lending aid and comfort the the enemies of the United States of America.

        2. Ron Warren says:

          Let the parents boycott. THEY are not they ones signing up. Truth seeker you missed the fallacy of your statement. However, I do support protecting all recruiters and potential recruits with the presence of armed guards if necessary. America has reached a new evil arrangement in society. We are being forced to update our ways of dealing with thugs (no apologies for use of the term) and with dealing with the anti-American, anti-social mentality we find rampant today. We should make it clear that “if you do the crime you do the time OR
          get a wad of copper in your cranium.”
          We civilized have an obligation to protect OUR interests.

      2. Ron Warren says:

        Try separating any law enforcement person from his sidearm and see what charges you get slammed onto you. Many things should be classified as felonies but making them such would OFFEND the Marxist Left.

    3. JOHN STEEL says:

      Ditto, Detriotcity. unfortunately it has come down to protecting ourselves
      and our family’s….if i had to shoot some one to keep my family safe, i will do it. I hope i never have to. to day u never know

      1. Detriotcity says:

        I am afraid that the day is coming in this Godless society that we will have to fight to keep our families safe. As you can see Obama does not care about a young lady that was killed out for a walk with her dad. Wonder what would have happened with GW at the helm or anybody other than O?

        1. JOHN STEEL says:

          He was not put here to care. He is here to bring down the great colonizing ,USA. The other is the U.K…
          We must pay for all we have taken from other countries. He was taught this buy is first father, i believe. His hatred for America goes way back to his misguided childhood. What keeps the fire constantly
          burning is what is said to him, every day by one who feels the same way.

    4. Ron Warren says:

      Detroit city your comment is classic. Disarm the Secret Service to make the vicinity of the President a gun free zone for safety. But Detroitcity we have brain dead voters in the US. They are convinced that by taking guns away from the people America will be safer. They will never understand that a “gun free” zone is a safe haven for thugs to commit a robbery and/or murder. Don’t bother to explain why. They will never comprehend. They are brain dead. And while we are on the subject to make the brain dead feel safer let’s also disarm all law enforcement personnel and all military here and abroad to make the entire world a safer place to live. Then the brain dead will feel good about things, especially about themselves.

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Military recruiters should be allowed to wear side arms as part of their uniform as well as provide defense for recruits, visitors and staffers.

    1. grafra102 says:

      @disqus_LseznyfZDo:disqus: What would that do being this was a drive by type of shooting in a convertible!!!!!!??????

      1. Ron Warren says:

        The fecals will always come up with alternative methods of committing evil acts. Makes me wonder if all present were blind and did not note details of the getaway vehicle. In incidents like this most bystanders are passive spectators as if they are watching a movie.

    2. truthseeker says:

      You nailed it with the Visitors. In the Military you need to learn ” To adapt, compensate and overcome. ” You cannot recruit by staying in the Office. I am sure they are not lining up to join the Marines. Especially when we know some of them have been to Iraq 3-to- 4 times with no break. You never hear of the Coast Guard being under attack. That is cause they protect our Nation here and don’t allow themselves to be convinced that going over to another country to protect their borders will make us safer.

      1. JOHN STEEL says:

        Good point.

      2. Ron Warren says:

        Interesting idea. The Coast Guard eyes the border where there’s water. Why not station a US military group along the land border. Call it something like the US Land Guard. Post signs in several languages that ENTRANCE IS FORBIDDEN. PERSONS TRESPASSING WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT. It’s like the former communist borders only in reverse. KEEP OUT instead of stay in. Then too we might build a double fence with predatory animals kept between the two–lions.

    3. Ron Warren says:

      Or have armed military policemen on duty.

  • RonyG says:

    POTUS is a Loyal Muslim!!! When are you going to wake up???

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Ronny THAT is the question. We have too many sleeping dolts in this country. Some of them think a gun free zone is safe. Nor will they understand my statement. Their minds are turned on–just not plugged in.

  • reggie says:

    What a pig that man is. He shames our once fabulous country on a daily basis

    1. blackwingA520 says:

      Oblamao can’t be a “pig”, muslims hate pigs.

      1. Oingo Boingo says:

        Soetoro should be made to wear a fresh pig skin cape when he’s dragged up 13 steps to his waiting noose.

        1. Ron Warren says:

          And with a fresh swineskin hood over his head.

      2. grafra102 says:

        blackwingA520: I was just a statement like POS!!!

        1. blackwingA520 says:

          It was a joke! You know, because Obama might be Muslim and they don’t like pork.

      3. truthseeker says:

        A Mole/rat. That is what ran in front of him at a speech several years ago. A Mole will get inside and rat us out .

      4. Ron Warren says:

        I label radical Muslims SWINE.

      5. reggie says:

        We can hope, can’t we. They don’t gays either. He’s their useful idiot when soros is busy with his other useful idiots in congress and the supreme court

  • bobjonestwo says:

    Quit disarming our servicepeople and these nuts could not get away with this. Seem to remember our traitor-in-chief giving a speech after the Muslim terror attacks on Fort Hood and he first opened up with a shout out to someone he knew, really could have cared less about the dead servicemen or who had killed them. Just a workplace incident to him. Also remember when Leon Panetta was Sec of Defense, he would not step foot on a military base until all personnel were disarmed because he knew what a treasonous bastard he and this administration were and knew most military were on to them.

    1. Shane says:

      Another Muslim immigrant betrays the country that allowed him in and kills American. Obviously, this guy was more loyal to Islam than to the USA. Time to stop all Muslim immigration into the USA.

      1. truthseeker says:

        His parents loved to hate us. This Muslim went overseas to be radicalized and we let him back in. Why? Anyone that we know who wishes to learn how to hate our country should not be allowed back in. We should of let the media broadcast where they lived, just like they did to our Policeman and he had to leave his home. All Muslims should be deported and tear down their Mosque. That is how you settle a debt of injustice.

        1. The duck says:

          The Mosque in Tennessee shut down celebration of end of Ramadan and those Muzzies went to a Baptist church to pray with Christians Friday for the families and the dead Marines. first time I have ever heard of such a thing. So maybe a little camel’s nose is OK? I am certain all Muzzies are not bad people. But!!!!! A lot of reservation there.

          1. Ron Warren says:

            Then let’s see more Muslims stand up for justice against these fecalith radicals who are giving the “real” Islam a bad name. The KKK gives Christianity a bad name in the same way.

          2. JOHN STEEL says:

            they won’t. why?because, there is no such thing as moderate Muslim. ether you are or your an infidel.

          3. Luke says:

            The KKK doesn’t give Christians a bad name, confused people do..

          4. Robert Early says:

            Yes, we’ve certainly known some bad apples in Christianity;
            but this cannot be compared in the same way to Islam.
            I’ve been a Christian pastor for 55 years. I have two copies of the Koran; and I’ve studied Islam for over 30 years.
            For the most part, Christianity allows independent thought and expression.
            Islam does not. Islam is not a religion of peace or of love. I strives for world domination and absolute obedience to Allah as described by Muhammad, his only messenger.
            Ultimately, you will be Muslim; or you will be dead. Until then, the Koran allows then to lie and deceive and do whatever is necessary to win their way in the world. Islam is evil and the world’s largest cult. Take care.

      2. The redhawk says:

        and the COWARD POTAS-S does nothing.. oh wait he releases convicted Prisoners from Jail….yes that is all he is doing other than sell us out to IRAN…

    2. Richard Graziano says:

      bobjnestwo; He only gets away with what we allow. Boehner and McConnell and other RINOS are not patriotic Americans; they are following the Marxist agenda. Why have they not been kicked out like they should be? Because they are under the Marxist protection umbrella. If you are a real American go to my blog and make a real commitment to serve your country no matter what war you have fought in. We are in a war now! Go to and leave your contact information so I can tell you how we will win back our nation. If you do nothing then plan on living in a Muslim America under Sharia Law sooner than you can imagine. Obama is counting on the Muslim Brotherhood winning. That is why he is supporting them against America.

      1. Terry Rushing says:

        Well, to answer your question about our congressional “leaders”, McConnell was just re-elected in 2014 by the people of Kentucky. Boehner was duly chosen by the people of Ohio. (He is due to face the voters again in 2016.) I contacted my own representative and asked him NOT to vote for Boehner as speaker and got a response saying that “he HAD to vote for Boehner because nobody else was running for that position”. After determining that it was not raining, I shook the pee off my shoe and made the determination that my representative will not be getting my vote in the next election cycle.

        1. podunk1 says:

          Amen to that – most destructive/treasonous congress ever! Thanks to RINOS Alexander and Corker, congress conspired with Obama to violate, desecrate, and mock Article 2 Section 2 (2/3 senate majority requirement to engage a treaty) giving Obama to rights to consummate a treaty with only ONE THIRD senate majority APPROVAL… a treaty that will allow unlimited outsourcing of US jobs and insourcing of workers to finish destroying free competitive labor markets within the USA. It will further drive wages down to third world levels!

          Any contract without specific language is a fraud! It takes a ratified amendment to change the Constitution! It’s treason by Obama and congresspersons who made it happen!

        2. Walt says:

          I understand your frustration, Terry, but if we all stay home on election day we’ll wind up with, “box of rocks Pelosi”, back in Boehner’s seat. I don’t know your thoughts, but she’s definitely a Looney Tune in my book…

          1. Rick Rogers says:

            actually you would not. The Democrats had no desire to return her to the speaker Chair.

          2. richarddbailey says:

            And you know this,how?..

          3. Rick Rogers says:

            Because I read and follow closely all the news out of congress. She herself said she was not sure she wanted the chair a number of times

          4. truthseeker says:

            That is because like the party animals they are, it would not give them a chance to blame the Republicans. That is how Obama had done and forgot that they had the Congress for two whole years and did nothing. Just like a kid that breaks a vase in the living room and then tells his little brother to go in while he gets his Parents so his little brother will get the blame.

          5. Terry Rushing says:

            Oh, I plan to vote, just NOT for Alabama Representative Rogers.

          6. truthseeker says:

            Our voice are only heard when we Speak and Act in voting . Our progress has been like a turtle, but in the end we will win this race.

          7. JOHN STEEL says:

            only is we enter a smarter turtle. one who will not play by the old rules…….may be he,ll buy a rabbit and hitch a ride.

          8. Walt says:

            I sure hope we win, my friend, because we can’t afford another liberal in office to fulfill Obama’s wishes of destroying our country…

        3. JOHN STEEL says:

          Terry , i like what you say . these stroke artist all rub each others back side. its the club mentality. D.T. will no0t ,and those not have to play that game. Thats very important.

    3. richarddbailey says:

      The only people on a military post that carry weapons are the MP’s,AP’s and SP’s…It is nothing new and has been this way for eons..Even before i enlisted and that was 1953…So please don’t blame Obama or Bush or Bush SR,they had nothing to do with this…

      1. Ray Sumner says:

        I was in the Army 1963 and I carry weapons and I was not a MP.

        1. truthseeker says:

          More than likely Richard was never in the Military ,or was washed out as a drunk . Of course he could of been a Chaplin’s assistant or Cook. Not really vital to any mission.

        2. Ron Warren says:

          You were a combat person.

          1. Ray Sumner says:

            I was in 30th Ord. Det.

      2. Wolfman says:

        I thought Jimmy Carter started the gun free zone B S ??

      3. JOHN STEEL says:

        They did , especially the one in office now..”..Embolden ” away of saying, go head , we are not watching. Look around , and see how many doors he has left open…..

    4. 7papa7 says:

      So right sir. How much do you want to bet he will send representation to the camel jockey’s funeral while ignoring the marines. How much further evidence that he is a traitor does congress need before they impeach this POS?

  • jdbixii says:

    This occurrence should be highly politicized because, not only is it a gun crime, but it is also a hate crime and an act of religion-motivated terrorism. It is a symptom which can not be treated because it results from a cause which can not be foreseen. It is a perfect example of the provision for the common defense which does not discriminate and which is mutually effective. Survivors must deal with the controversy and mutual loss of those whom they loved. Grief, because of the reason and seeming senselessness of whatever it is that motivates Muslims to believe and practice the science of killing those who do not believe as they do. Their consciences are informed by sources that are incompatible with the expectations of people who are not informed by the same sources.
    Apparently, government intends that Americans should simply accustom themselves to the concept of terrorism, the idea that sometime, somewhere, some immigrant, who has no other purpose in life than to die and take as many others with him as he can, will do so. This is unacceptable, but merely saying so will not change one thing.

    1. Gnowark says:

      And I thought the price of being groped at airports, “watch-lists” of veterans, Christians, & Tea-partiers, the former (now “ended”) monitoring of all domestic electronic communications, tightened border security, and transparent government was to prevent this from happening. I’ll bet Congress/ Executive/ Judicial are hoping to dump even more $$$ into DHS (Federal expenditures, not including states’ additions, were 38.9 Billion in 2014, 39.2 Billion in 2015, and soon 41.2 Billion for 2016). Perhaps merely accepting that a “militant islamic threat” exists might do wonders for our security, instead of our expensive unsuccessful trading (as Ben Franklin warned about).

      1. Oingo Boingo says:

        Franklin warned us about another global threat as well, represented by a specific Tribe that he wanted banned from even setting foot upon the new nation.
        Refer to Pinckney of South Carolina’s diary notes on that subject.
        Related Topic: How much is The Chertoff Group being paid to run DHS /
        Also, why have Chertoff, Lieberman, Harman and other Zio Toads avoiding being seen or heard these last months ?
        What witch’s cauldron are the creeps stirring now ?

    2. truthseeker says:

      He got everything he could out of our Country and then decided he hated us . Nice just like that Major Hassan and then he called all of those troops to attention and killed them in cold blood. Why didn’t they just empty their gun into him.

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