N.H. Union Leader publisher: Trump will get beaten ‘soundly’ for GOP nomination

by David Sherfinski
December 30, 2015

The publisher of the New Hampshire Union Leader predicted Tuesday that GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump will get “beaten soundly” for the party’s nomination once the state’s first-in-the-nation primary contest helps winnow the 2016 Republican field.

Extending a nasty feud between the billionaire developer and the state’s leading newspaper, Union Leader Publisher Joseph McQuaid, said he thinks the polls are “pretty much bunk,” pointing out that they were wrongly predicting a victory for President Obama over Hillary Clinton in the state in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary contest.

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  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Trump, do not feed the liberal trolls

    Just stay focused on the issues and S T F U about everything and everybody else.

  • If Trump is not the nominee, then it will be a setup by the GOP RINO Elite, they hate Trump. If that is the case, then the GOP will not have been fair to Trump and he should run as an Independent. He would still win! TRUMP 2016!

  • Dwight Giffen says:

    You can say what you want but my ISP not going to stop me cause my vote is for Mr. Donald J Trump for president 2016

  • Sam Spirit Wolf Shoemaker says:

    New Hampshire is full of Dingo Doo !!!!! Trump will win the President’s Position and rebound America to GREATNESS once more !!!!!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Gee whiz golly gee, a union leader who forgot to pee. Tell you want Mr. Union leader, we need to hear from more of your ilk denouncing Trump. The more the better, wanna know why, because on election day[s] we are going to rub your noses into the pavement so damn hard, that there will be no need for you fools to cut off your noses to spite your faces.
    Oh, and for any unionized rank and file members, what I said does not apply to you, only to your so-called leadership.

  • peanut butter says:

    Trounce his tail! We don’t need another egomaniac in the White House. We’ve suffered that for the last seven years. And we still have a year to go.

  • reagangs says:

    All this talk about the future is meaningless. Just wait and see what the future holds … and support the candidate of your choice. Then vote, it’s your privilege.

  • Phannesa says:

    N.H. useful idiot is paid by the clintons.

  • USPatriotOne says:

    I hope Trump wins, but BO won the swing state of OH by 2 programmers re-programming the voting booths, and yes they testified in front of the OH Senate to this effect..!!! Hitlery will do the same..!!!

    1. Kitty says:

      So what happened to the 2 programmers? Jail time? I have
      not heard about this. Thanks.

      1. frank_o_anerican says:

        Dems can’t win without cheating.

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    Sounds like McQuaid’s wishful thinking.

    I wonder how much the DNC has paid or will pay the RNC to throw the election for a third time? Seems to me, the RNC is nothing more than Democrats dressed in Republican clothing.

    1. reagangs says:

      The DNC is always broke because if this. They buy votes from the street corners, at soup kitchens and old folks homes. The unions are already bought and paid for. Being a demowit stooge and sheeple isn’t a good income.

    2. 101Airborne says:

      As long as they all keep their “cushy” D.C. jobs for life, why do you think they give a rats azz about what we want?? The sooner you all realize we have a one party system, (and guess who’s at fault)?? People sit on their azz and don’t vote and this is what our country has become!! Disgusting but true!!! You all allow the media jackasses to control your thought process, as if they have more intelligence than the average person.. Research the dam people running for office yourself, and to hell with the media!! Voting records etc.are all available on line as well as “Bio’s” on past and present administrations and what affiliations to communist parties,muslim terrorists organizations etc.,FBI investigation into subversive activities etc.,family backgrounds etc…Start with (Valerie Jarrett) and work down the line with all her associates..This will open your eyes!! Once you connect all the dots, you’ll see the big picture!! Paul Ryan is another turncoat!! They all protect their own jobs,that’s why we will never have term limits, unless we (demand) term limits.. And we will never have the same health care that the politicians have, unless we (demand) to have what they vote for themselves!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

      1. Glenn Dukes says:

        and stop paying all the Islamic billions and not drawing anything back.. and remove the SS money back to it’s own office or what ever but stop using the SS to balance the budget. and congress needs to act like the Constitution demands, if they pass a law for us they have to live by that same law.. dumb assed govt wants to run things like a street gang.

    3. HadEnough says:

      Completely Agree.!!

  • liberty49 says:

    Why would we believe anything a union boss has to say? If we would get back to paper ballots and no rigged voting machines, we wouldn’t have had to endure the fraud of the Obama administration for the last eight years!

    1. reagangs says:

      The commie demowits mantra:: vote early and often, in as many precincts as possible, using dead, imprisoned, under aged family members and friends names as possible, while bussing in union members from out of state and elsewhere. With Voting ID Laws, this will not happen.

  • Carrie says:

    This union leader is as out of touch as most of our politicians
    Trump 2016

  • malimut@msn.com says:

    the union leader has no clue how pissed the people are… Get out and vote for freedom Americans Trump 2016………………..

    1. HadEnough says:

      You’re Right. Trump 2016 !!

    2. Beachley CE says:

      TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what the closet lib has to say after Trump wins. Yes we are pissed very pissed. I never voted for the kenyan pos & had to hold my nose for the other 2 that ran as rinos but finally I can breathe some fresh air & smile when I go to vote! The truth is a powerful thing one we haven’t heard & I love how he is not afraid to speak up, it is time someone did & we need to support him!

    3. GQ4U says:

      You do realize Trump has no respect for the US Constitution so our freedom would be in jeopardy just as its been under Obama.

      1. frank_o_anerican says:

        This is not true, Trump is very much into our constitution and laws. He will make a very good president. You don’t have to love him, But he is the best of the bunch, And he loves America and can beat Hillary.

        1. Glenn Dukes says:

          I agree he is the only man who can beat Hillary, but keep in mind it would take a weak minded veteran to vote for Hillary especially knowing she watched as Americans cried for help. the least she could have done in 4 to 6 hours would send in armes jets to ripple the street and all close buildings ..Kind of a show of power.. I served in Vietnam and with out help and shap eyed well armed guards I would have got my killing.
          I still say Impeach that bastard and if the blacks want a country wide civil war then let er get it done.

        2. GQ4U says:

          I doubt Trump has ever looked at the US Constitution.
          He will govern as he sees fit — not by the constitution.
          He has already taken a stand against the 1st. amendment.
          He favors universal healthcare which is unconstitutional.
          He favors the NDAA which allows for indefinite detention of US citizens, suspends habeas corpus, Miranda; no judge, no phone call, no lawyer — very much anti-constitutional.
          He favors going to war against ISIS when they are not a direct threat to our national security — unconstitutional.

          He loses to Hillary in most polling data.

          Trump is Hillary’s version of Bill’s billionaire Ross Perot who got Bill elected twice then disappeared.

    4. Glenn Dukes says:

      right on . Trump reminds me of what folks said about Pres Truman< he is plain spoken and would act on what he says.

  • jimdarnall says:

    If I thought he opposed the constitution I would not vote for him. That assumption is incorrect .

  • SDofAZ says:

    This guy wishes that people did not like Trump. We will be voting in mass. Since the leaders have made such a mess and ticked off the silent majority we have been consistently turning over their little apple carts and this bunch still has not figured it out. Absolute idiots, traitors and greedy, grubbing power hungry little thinkers.

  • Mike Zimmerman says:

    One has to look at the ground game organization set up in the states to get oneself elected. So far, trump doesn’t have field offices set up in the states for a ground game. Other candidates do. That helps in determining which candidate wins an election. It’s just like in football, you have to be able to run the ball to win, even in a pass happy league.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Good advice.

  • The ballot box “Stuffing”, and the votes from “Dead people”, had not started yet! I am not a Clinton fan by any stretch, but there is NO WAY that a black kid from chi town would have beaten ANYBODY, without help of this kind

    1. GQ4U says:

      No doubt the fix was in for Barry by the elites.
      Apparently democrats are more civic minded than conservatives as demonstrated by their post life voting record.

      1. Glenn Dukes says:

        democrats are more civic ??? you best re-think that statement. it was your Democrats that knowingly placed that would be pres in office, knowing that bastard was not even remotely close to any kind of Christian values. he is and has been an Islamic who’s views are destroy America or place them under complete servitude.. which he has about done.
        We are Americans, we don’t give a crap if you are a Christian or not. But to accept anyone’s faiths that drives them to destroy..no way. Impeach the son of a bitch for high treason and then carry out a public hanging..

        1. I think his remark was sarcasm, lol! Post Life means Afterlife, lol!

          1. GQ4U says:

            Thanks 1357.
            There’s always a few who don’t get it no matter how plainly something is written.

        2. GQ4U says:

          Take a deep breath Glenn old buddy. My sarcastic input about voter fraud apparently sailed over your head. Democrats cheat – period, even dead democrats.

          Obama is a Muslim sympathizer and he has betrayed the USA in every way. He is not a Natural Born Citizen because his daddy was not a US citizen when Barry Junior was born, so he isn’t actually our president. The people who have the power and responsibility to arrest Obama are either complicit in the usurpation or too cowardly to act. No need to impeach this criminal because he is not the POTUS but a civilian trespasser — and a traitor.

          FYI: If a true constitutionalist Christian was running for president then I would vote for that person. I believe Rand Paul is a constitutionalist and a Christian. I hope he is true in his practice of both. All the other candidates are pretend constitutionalist and pretend Christians, or democrat/socialists — in my opinion.

          Hang in there Mr. Duke, we are on the same side.

          1. Glenn Dukes says:

            yep I know we are both Constitutionalist.

          2. GQ4U says:

            Not much of an apology Glenn. You went off me because you were too dense to understand what I wrote and this is your response. Weak, Glenn, very weak.

          3. Shirley Freeland says:

            Dr. Ben Carson is a Constitutional Christian and he has been for the greater part his life. He loves this Country and is very capable through his great life experiences and education to be our Commander in Chief.

          4. GQ4U says:

            Dr. Ben Carson is a Constitutional Christian who supports forced inoculations of children. That trespasses on parental rights and is in direct opposition to the concept of liberty. No one, especially the government, should be allowed to force anyone to put something into their body.

            But otherwise Carson does seem like a nice person.

            Want a true constitutionalist — choose Rand Paul.

        3. I Seigel says:

          A “public hanging”? You mean a good ole fashioned lynchin’, don’t you?

  • florida3guy says:

    More lies and propaganda by the media. Trump will roll to victory here despite their efforts.

    1. GQ4U says:

      You don’t have to be in the media or be a liberal to oppose Trump. Why should we choose a neocon who has no respect for the constitution?

      1. Dave In Arizona says:

        Why should we choose a liberal / progressive who has no respect for the Constitution?

        1. HadEnough says:

          Absolutely, Right On !!!!!

  • GQ4U says:

    One can hope the Union Leader gets this one right. Trump is bombastic and he has inflated many issues that we need to deal with but he has no use for the US Constitution which puts him in the same league as Barry Obama.

    1. william couch says:

      Yeah, but @ least he was born here!!

      1. GQ4U says:

        Yes I believe Trump was born here. Of course Cruz was not born here. We don’t know where Obama was born but we know his daddy was not a US citizen so Barry is not a Natural Born Citizen regardless of his place of birth — neither is Rubio or Jindal.

        1. malimut@msn.com says:

          born in kenya

          1. GQ4U says:

            Kenya? Maybe.
            Born to a Kenyan dad – definitely, so Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and cannot legally be president. He is a usurper who serves fraudulently — a criminal of the highest order — including treason.

        2. Mike Zimmerman says:

          However, his mother was born in this country so that, in and of itself, makes him a natural born citizen. Neither of rubio’s parents or Ted Cruz’s parents were born in this country. Cruz, himself, up until he decided to run for president maintained dual citizenship in both Canada and the US. He only renounced his Canadian citizenship when he decided to run for president.

          1. GQ4U says:

            Having one parent who is a US citizen on the date you are born doesn’t make you a Natural Born Citizen (NBC) — at best it makes you a US citizen. So Obama & Cruz each had one citizen parent so they are US citizens. Rubio & Jindal had zero citizen parents but they were born in the USA so by the misinterpretation of the 14th amendment they are counted as US citizens. But none of them were born in the US to two citizen parents which is the definition of a NBC.

        3. 101Airborne says:

          And Rubio was with the gang of eight,where he favored allowing amnesty to eleven million illegals and then had amnesia when asked that very question!! He also missed eighty percent of his votes in the Senate and attempted to justify it when questioned.. The Florida Sun Times backed him in his Senate race and then turned on him after he began to run for the Prez. stating that they backed him thinking he was a different type of politician.. Funny how fast these people have a change of heart,”epiphany” or other terms used to make a hundred and eighty degree turn around when it comes to “sucking for votes”.. Don’t you just love it when a politician will “lean to the far right or left” and then try to come back to the center politically, to “suck for independent votes”..Reminds me of ‘Chameleons”,changing colors depending on what environment they happen to be in..

          1. GQ4U says:

            I believe you are right.

        4. Glenn Dukes says:

          if they are not a natural born they cant serve a pres according to Constitution

          1. GQ4U says:


      2. malimut@msn.com says:

        and he spends only his money and will respect the constitution

  • skipsart says:

    In your dreams !

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