Nancy Pelosi: I pray for Republicans ‘every Sunday’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that when Sunday dawns, she is more a praying woman and far less a partisan politician.

This latest Sunday, she sympathized for Rep. Eric Cantor and his loss to upstart Dave Brat, The Hill reported.

“I was thinking about it on Sunday when I was praying for the Republicans in church, as I do at least every Sunday,” Ms. Pelosi said, during a press conference on Capitol Hill. “I pray for the Democrats and the Republicans, for our country.”

Just last week, Ms. Pelosi was taking a more mocking tone with Mr. Cantor, quipping about his loss: “I have as much sympathy for Mr. Cantor as he would want me to have for him.”

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  • desertfish1 says:

    She looks like she never came off the acid trip she was on in the 60s & acts like it too!

  • desertfish1 says:

    The one she prays to resides in Hell !

  • bygeorge says:

    God hasn’t listened to her prayer’s and won’t.
    She has been made “ex-communicate” by Papal edict this past week.

  • BigC says:

    I believe her……..she prays for them all to drop dead! This witch just can’t stop lying, like all Demonrats!

  • CTH says:

    A combination of at least two damn lies. But she can’t approach Obama’s records for lies.

  • BOC says:

    Says Nancy as she sacrifices a goat and dances naked around a pentagram screaming, “Oh Obama er, Beelzebub you are my savior oh Dark One, place a pox upon these Republicans and bring the ill-informed ( that would be self-proclaimed liberals, people on the government’s (our) dime, and illegals) amongst us , so we may rule over their worthless souls (that would be all of us) in perpetuity”.

  • Concerned says:

    Ms. Pelosi is not only a hypocrite, but one of the more arrogant liars in congress. Knowing what we know today, she could not read or understand the PPACA (ObamaCare) bill even if she wanted to. We also know that she is one of the most radical leftists in Congress. I pray everyday that she could be a better legislator and a better representative of true Americans, yet I find each day that she continues to disappoint. However, I will pray for her tonight.

    1. hpinnc says:

      I think she is a progressive/socialist/marxist/communist who is a lap-dog for whatever cause Obama comes up with. It must be the Hispanics & blacks in her district that keeps sending her back to Washington. I can’t believe the Californian people who grew up there would be so stupid.

  • Salgal says:

    Is there anyone more senile than Nancy Pelosi?? YES! Harry Reid!

  • yaelra says:

    This woman needs to be drug tested. She never fails to provide the most inane, kooky comments….Whatever meds she’s on ought to be called the “PELOSI PILLS” because she is absolutely off the wall. Get Pelosi on Comedy Central…sponsored by Pelosi Pills, of course!

  • Joe Haskins says:


  • aurora9 says:

    Pelosi should start praying for herself, because she’s going to need it!

  • ijohnc1 says:

    If anyone believes this woman makes a prayer for anyone, they and she should be struck by a bolt of lightning.
    It is funny she never prays for the unborn that are aborted by the thousands every year, even worse the Catholics should have excommunicated her years ago for not doing so and funding it.

  • ItsJo says:

    Pelosi YOU are the Biggest Liar and Fake Catholic EVER. I will pray that You, get what you’ve put into the lives of SO MANY here in California. I think God IS watching you, as the Liar/Hypocrit/Senile-Money Monger you are.

  • Carl Peal says:

    Prays for Republicans? To do what, drop dead?

  • Driver_S says:

    She is the biggest hypocrite, I can’t believe the Catholic Church would even allow her in the door. Her lies and her stance against the Catholic doctrine on marriage & abortion alone should be cause for excommunication. She spews the fire and brimstone of the devil that she is.

    1. Art Hock says:

      She probably prays at Rev. Wright’s church in Chicago with all the crooks, gangsters, and other dirtbags. The Rev. would fit right in with her agenda.

      1. Red says:

        Rev. Wright’s so-called church, is a marriage factory, for homosexuals, you left out.

        1. ItsJo says:

          Correct Red- it’s a “front, to match people in marriage to cover up for their gay members”….One of his workers spilled the beans a long time ago on this—-Obama is the recipient of Rev.Wright’s “Down Low Club” and matched HIM with Michelle(a family friend of Rev.Jackson) and she was “promised a lifestyle of luxury, she could never dream of”…..that part WE SEE, AS SHE IS COLLECTING ON THAT PROMISE.
          I could tell by your post-you Know what was happening with the Rev.Wright(with HIS lavish lifestyle)

    2. Red says:

      Let’s not forget Hillary.

    3. yaelra says:

      Im sure she makes a substantial donation so she can continue going through the door (And so she can brag about what a good catholic she is, with her donations)

      1. Driver_S says:

        Yea you’re probably right

    4. awegweiser says:

      If the Catholic Church excommunicated everybody who favored contraceptives, abortion, and marriage between any two people, those pews would be mighty empty on Sunday.

  • defiant1 says:

    Instead, Nancy, you should be praying for yourself. What a phony!

  • billy miller says:

    Who does she pray to?

    1. CarolGid says:

      Ahhh…..yes, that’s a very good question!

  • Uncle Pat says:

    I am amazed that the Catholic Church has not excommunicated this lying, abortion loving, pos….

    1. billy miller says:

      She has been banned from taking communion.

      1. CarolGid says:

        Is that true?! I hadn’t heard that…..that’s huge! Now how do we get CA voters to ban her from Congress?

        1. logger1492 says:

          That won’t happen. They don’t recognize any religion except big, progressive, liberal government.

        2. hpinnc says:

          Send them all back to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. CarolGid says:

            You’re right! That would be a good start.

  • WiSe GuY says:

    Pelosi’s eyes are sunken back in her head, She’s a junkie!

    1. Bobwojo48 says:


    2. hpinnc says:

      That’s what she gets when she rides around on her solar-powered broom-stick, without her goggles. She has been forewarned.

  • James in Texas says:

    Now this person claims to be praying for something that she has probably never even considered. Ms Pelosi, try and remember that “GOD” will not be mocked, Period! Your Judgment Day is not going to be an easy day for you!

    1. BH says:

      Look back at her comments. She did not say WHAT she prayed for the GOP. She could be praying for their defeat and harm. She needs to clarify.

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