Nancy Pelosi’s DACA event overtaken by Dreamer protests

by Sally Persons
September 19, 2017

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was interrupted at a press event Monday by a group of over 100 immigration activists.

As Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, was speaking to a crowd in San Francisco, a group of so-called Dreamers or DACA recipients, people brought to the U.S. illegally as children, overtook the stage and began chanting.

“You called this press conference in our name to defend the so-called Dream Act, but you already traded in our parents in our name,” the crowd chanted among a series of other accusations.

The Dream Act is the official legislation to replace the Obama-era immigration program known as DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which President Trump announced he would end in six months. DACA has been controversial since former President Barack Obama implemented the policy because of questions regarding its constitutionality. Mr. Trump has urged Congress to replace the policy with official legislation and met with Mrs. Pelosiand Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer to discuss the bill.

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  • helm20558 says:

    Use. Video footage, round them up. With all family members and send them back. If they are so great let them fix their mother country.

  • GERALD says:


    1. dmttbt says:

      Until they find out they have to stand in line to get it and then it is a bad deal.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Proof, this is like trying to tame a rattlesnake that has the brain of it must kill to live and it will in time bit the hand that feeds it! But must say it couldn’t happen to a better person that has the brain of a worm!!

  • K.A. says:

    Nancy is now having to deal with the “Monster” she helped create…just like Frankenstein, too bad Mary Shelley isn’t around to write a sequel. It could be called “Pelosi’s Illegal Alien Monster”.

    1. Retired says:

      Good thing it happened to Pelosi , a much deserved thing .

  • metheoldsarge says:

    When you play both ends against the middle, it will eventually come back and bite you in the backside.

  • Tiger says:

    An illegal by any other name, Undocumented, Dreamer is still ILLEGAL.

    Good grief take um out. These are grown people, obnoxious, spoiled, taking our tax dollars, taking our benefits, living off us and they have no respect for our country, no respect for our laws or even fear of them, by coming out in force like this and they need to be removed.

    1. dmttbt says:

      You tell them honey! The real problem is we have been and are being sold out by our own government, be it republican or democrat it makes no difference. We have accepted the 20 + trillion dollar deficit as normal procedure and as long as we have those who suppose to be representing us stabbing us in the back we will never be the freedom loving people we should be.

      1. Tiger says:

        Right on and together we tell them.

        1. dmttbt says:

          I am afraid that us telling them is doing very little if anything. You know a politician is going to tell us what we want to hear but they will do nothing to make it happen!

          1. Tiger says:

            Some are making it happen, Trump is making things happen.

          2. dmttbt says:

            Did you notice a lot of so called Republicans backing Trump? I didn’t either. The only way Trump will do well is if he shames the rest of the shameless bastards into doing the right thing. If you are still believing that democrat and republican means what they say they do you are right where they want you.

          3. Tiger says:

            No hold your fire there. I said long ago there is neither party anymore, only Progressive/Communist/Socialists left but Trump has made advances. That is why I am an Independent and have been for years. Trump has taken us out of NAFTA, TPP, Paris Accords and done miraculous things for our economy etc and you know that. We know and Trump knows he has no support except from a few. So back off, I know the score.

            Trump will have to continue with rallies and talking to the people directly. I think you misunderstood me or I misunderstood you.

          4. dmttbt says:

            I didn’t mean you were one of those who say one thing and do the opposite. I meant that the so called republicans do not back him. They are liars and crooks. The democrats are open about it because they think we believe them, the republicans back Trump one moment and then the next they do the opposite. I don’t think the tax system is going to be fixed because they are looking at the wrong thing. A flat tax of a certain percent for everyone is the only realistic way to go. That is truly each according to their ability to pay. If you think someone shouldn’t pay taxes then you can pay theirs. I don’t mean you personally.

          5. Tiger says:

            Oh I knew you were not talking about me, not a problem and I am in full agreement with your assessment of what is going to happen with the tax situation. If you listened to his speech on how our companies are hogtied by taxes and how the countries who call themselves our allies, have enjoyed kicking us in the teeth through their good deals.

          6. dmttbt says:

            The thing I am talking about is Trump can get very little done without the backing of at least his own party and since they don’t and won’t the thing he has to do is get the voters to shame their so called representatives to vote in the right direction. We both know that we have crooks and they will only do what benefits them and they couldn’t care less about the tax payers. The tax system we have was never meant to be what it is now. I know it was a temporary tax but the government doesn’t know what temporary is when it comes to revenue.

          7. Tiger says:

            I have been a PIA to my representatives for years. I also am a constant on emailing Trump and all. I don’t know that it does that much. Taxes are a sticky wicket but something has got to be done about the taxes our businesses pay and the rest of us.

  • austin farrell says:

    Consider that the minor children brought into this country illegally lacked the legal capacity to stay where they were born.. It was their parents who had the intent to bring themselves and the child into this counrtry ( and to stay here in violation of our Federal criminal statutes). Any deal to let any of theentthem stay here legally must first require compliance to laws and sanctions exisiting in present law, must renounce any other citizenship and any beneifts accruing there and identiy fullu the location and identiy of their parents. Their parents must pay a penalty ( monetqary or otherwise)for conspiring to bring in the child in addition to other remedies against them- inciuding deportatin

  • roboteq says:

    The dreams of some can be nightmares to others. The message is; “If you sneak children into the U.S., they can stay.”

  • Jmanjo says:

    And Ms Pelosi that’s why we need the to send their tails back where they came from because they think we owe them something! This is our country, they can take their national flags and go home and wave them there or stick them where the sun doesn’t shine!

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    As with all deadbeats, give them an inch, and they’ll demand a mile.

    Amnesty is absurd. What they need is respect for this country’s laws, which they prove time and time again, they don’t have.

  • ch says:

    You Federal Criminal ILLEGAL ALIENS have NO rights in this country. Send them home now, that’s all we need is a bunch more protestors and snowflakes and moochers

  • dumbvet says:

    What a bunch of losers! Send them all away!

    1. dmttbt says:

      We have a group called Black Lives Matter who are raising hell about slavery and I will guarantee there isn’t a one of them over 150 years old but if there are then give them something. A thank you or happy home or some statement that they have made it this long. Now if we give the dreamers and or other illegals a place to live they will be in a very short time turning against this country as well because we have not kissed their feet or whatever bull sh it they come up with. It will always be something that has caused them problems and we as sanctuary cities didn’t give enough.

  • FAITH47 says:


    1. goldie says:

      In all honesty we have to put some blame on the American people. There wouldn’t have been so much room here to take in immigrants if we hadn’t aborted our own children. There would be 50 million+ more Americans here to defend their country. I hope we go forward in a different direction.

      1. dmttbt says:

        Dear Goldie if you are against abortion don’t have one. Also if you are against abortion please at least double the taxes you pay to help take care of those children who were born to parents who did not want them so badly that they were ready to kill them. Those parents are not going to be responsible or competent enough to raise those children so we will let you do that part too. Don’t forget those who would have been abortions will soon be having what should be abortions themselves and you can raise them also.

        1. goldie says:

          Parents should take personal responsibility for their actions. I do. Also, there are wonderful organizations for placing children into loving homes. There is no excuse for the carnage that has taken place in America and around the world by abortion. If my neighbor likes to drink and drive, crashes his car and becomes a cripple, is it my responsibility to take care of him? Do we foster this behavior by not telling the truth as to why the accident happened? Don’t preach to me as long as my tax dollars are used to provide abortions to those who don’t know that sex has a reason – and it’s not recreation.

          1. dmttbt says:

            I am not preaching mam I am simply stating the truth. Take China for example where they for years restricted the number of children a family could have. There was and is a reason for that. They have a billion or so people and very little land. It is a simple equation. This many rooms can only house this many people. I think that you are a self serving Christian and it makes you feel great to defend the defenseless.That does not change the facts. If we had more abortions I think we would have a lot fewer politicians. BTW your tax dollars and mine are spent in ways neither would approve of.

  • Jose says:

    No such thing as a “dreamer” more like freddie or jason which cause death to real citizens. These protestors remind of the saying. “don’t bite the hand that feed you” (or something similar); typical mongrels

  • PatriotGal says:

    WOW! Aren’t those just the “Dreamers” who should stay in our country that they and their parents INVADED? – NO!!! Deport them all. Who wants more trash like that here screaming down a Congresswoman (even if she is a dip)? We don’t!!! Take their ILLEGAL relatives with them so “families aren’t split up”!!!!

    1. Pete says:

      The democrat party must have the illegal voters to sustain their power in California, Chicago & elsewhere. If the illegals currently in those locations were removed the political landscape would dramatically change. California has guaranteed their own insolvency with their just enacted “sanctuary state” law. While a federal judge in Chicago has temporarily halted some funding terminations, the outcome of that is by no means certain. Nearly all federal grants must be periodically reapplied for. the next approval cycle is when???

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    1. otoman says:


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