Navy commander surrendered to Iran to protect Obama’s nuclear deal

by Carlo Muñoz
July 1, 2016

The Navy commander in charge of a pair of patrol boats captured by Iranian forces in January opted to surrender rather than fight back, citing later fears that a confrontation could endanger the Obama administration’s efforts to lock in a deal with Tehran on its nuclear program.

In an interview with investigators looking into the January incident, the commander said he surrendered the vessels after calculating that his sailors would not be in danger because Iran “wants this nuke deal to go through.”

The interview was one of several stunning revelations in the often scathing 170-page report compiled by Navy investigators, chronicling the chain of events that led to the apprehension and detention of the 10 American sailors by the Iranian military after a pair of U.S. patrol boats drifted into the country’s sovereign waters in the Persian Gulf.

The incident, which played out as President Obama was preparing his State of the Union address, proved deeply embarrassing to the U.S. military and roiled diplomatic relations between Tehran and Washington as they were trying to implement key measures in the deal to curb Iran’s suspect nuclear programs.

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  • stephen1337 says:

    Term limits………….when are we going to demand this to happen? let’s see…protect and defend………..our government blindly following anything and everything that this corrupt, sleezy administration wants………I know we are getting more true leaders in government by way of our vets who have had enough and are running for office. I am one vet who long ago has had it with obama and his spineless, cowardly minions who never question….they’re nothing more than lemmings….so WHEN have we had enough? As far as the patrol boat issue……WE in the Marines were NOT trained to surrender and throw down our arms. COME ON AMERICA. GOD BLESS AMERICA, THOSE WHO SERVE HER, THOSE WHO SERVED HER IN THE PAST, AND ARE READY TO PICK UP ARMS AGAIN, IF NEED BE. AMERICA NEEDS OUR PRAYERS AND THOSE WHO WILL PROTECT HER ALWAYS. Keep the sociopathic, lunatic, nut case clinton out of the White House permanently!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee says:

    Corrupt Obama Administration.

  • SDofAZ says:

    Boy, what an excuse for coward!

  • ADRoberts says:

    Where did we get military leaders who are afraid? I guess it started with Colin Powell. When they go political, they are useless to America.
    But then, they also obey those “Rules of Engagement” that Obama means to use to get out guys KILLED.
    Yes, it is treason. But not by just this “commander”.

    1. downdraft says:

      The overall results are a military who doesn’t know whether to pass gas or wind their watch when confronted with aggression…but not all would be lost, they might make good presidents if Obimbo is a typical example…

  • Mike Tanco says:

    Treason and complete “BS”. This is the United States Navy, we don’t kiss anyone’s ass. Our Muslim President has us so messed up it’s embarrassing.

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Now I understand they are going to reprimand the enlisted personel who this ass-hole surrendered to the enemy to protect the squatter in the white mosque,

  • J.B. Young says:

    What a feeble excuse for surrendering. When attacked by a foreign nation, you fight back!

    1. downdraft says:

      No!…you don’t fight back…but you don’t take names,…you DESTROY!

  • Dick Ellis says:


    1. downdraft says:

      I suggest we all forward our replies to TRUMP…and then say “sic-em, Fido!”
      You know…it is a GOOD feeling when I realize we finally have recourse in a new and different elected official…a Junk Yard Dog…EVERYONE IN DC is afraid of our new weapon… the GOP, the DEMs, Libs, Conservative fakes,…all afraid…
      It is truly a good feeling.
      TRUMP 2016

  • Phil Esposito says:

    Fucking coward Obozo.

    1. downdraft says:

      Phil…I can’t fault your verbal definition…
      It simply demonstrates just how ANGRY AMERICANS are with the wimps and criminals we have elected…
      We MUST obercome

  • Hudmar says:

    Looks like they have taken over ALL control of the government and soon we will see the conspiracy theory of Martial Law come to fruition no later than the election or sooner during the convention of both (same) parties. Get ready for the false flags riots and mayhem by this administration.

  • texexpatriate says:

    Kick this guy out of the service, try him, and put him in the brig for the rest of his life.

  • Robo-pro says:

    We a need a complete over haul from the top down in Washington. At every election from local,state, and federal check the voting records of the incumbents and if they side with what’s better for government rather than we the people then vote them out. This is OUR COUNTRY. Together we can take it back. TRUMP 16 it’s time for a new direction

  • Robo-pro says:

    He should resign immediately

  • Vietvet1968 says:

    What we have today is a black, Muslim, coward for a President who puts himself above the citizens of the United States. We have a Congress that are made up of stupid idiots that are only interested in their own greed from lobbyists! Time for the American people to stand up and say enough of this bullshit! It is time for VETERANS to stand tall and be counted to help led the way!

  • barbarakelly says:

    What the hell was that commander thinking. We never give -up or surrender. What a damn idiot. And this Iran deal is going to be the death of us you numb-skulls. Way to go one more notch down the damn ladder.

  • tarbella says:

    Treason is the only word I can think of for Obama, Clinton and the Administration. We have laws and we should use them. These are the things that happen when men /women think more about themselves than others. If they thought more abut the American people than their vanity, money and control, we would have a strong and upright Country.

  • onefour says:

    What this commander did is treason. They use to hang, shoot or otherwise get rid of people like this. Remember Benedick Arnold also the Rosenbergers during WW11. Maybe we should bring this practice back

    1. thekidde says:

      “Benedick”??? Your ignorance is displayed not only in your bullshit message, but in your inability to spell. Fucknuts.

      1. Willie1 says:

        and your outright stupidity is showing with your asinine comment you are a complete moron.

      2. onefour says:

        I didn’t know this was a spelling contest. And maybe you ought to study your history.

  • Dick Ellis says:


  • justinwachin says:

    I’m glad to hear this incident was investigated. Hopefuly actions will be taken to prevent something like this from happening again. This was an embarrassment for the United States in several different ways. Once again our military appeared to be weak and bumbling. Hopefully a new commander in chief will set a higher standard than what has been in place under the Obama administration.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    So which is it, military men like the navy commander like, appreciate and support the president and his policies, or as I’ve detected in these pages over years, they hate the president and everything he stands for? It’s incredible that on duty seamen in harms way would do anything justifying it as supporting presidential policy, distinguished from rules of engagement and his assignment at the moment. Give me a break. It’s a clever defense, but incredible on the face.

  • USCBIKER says:

    Much as I loathe Obama and everything he stands for, I doubt these 2 ships of fools, inept enough to do what these tools did, were in any position to shoot it out with the camel navy. This is more of a sad commentary on the woeful lack of discipline and morale our military is facing with a Cmdr.-in-Chief who says “corpse-man”.

  • earlwatters says:

    this is bull shit and every one knows it.they didn’t know shit about the deal will told obama suck ass

  • unbridled says:

    Great! Let’s Humiliate ourselves and the whole country by allowing the Rag Heads to Humiliate us only so that we can cut a Humiliating nuclear deal with them. AWESOME!
    “the commander said he surrendered the vessels after calculating that his sailors would not be in danger because Iran “wants this nuke deal to go through.”
    I used to watch a show called McHale’s Navy. Is this officer’s name McHale by any chance or does he just lack the testicular fortitude like the rest of this administration. Oh, that’s right, I forget, the HalfBreed fired all the good officers and kept the shoe shine boys….
    I think this dope should have ordered all hands onto the seaworthy boat and sailed back over the boarder line while thumbing his nose at the Rag Heads in his wake. They could have left the disabled boat for later or sunk it if a fire fight ensued. If the Rag Heads would have fired on you while you left the area in the one boat, YOU FIRE BACK and blow their fvching Dingy out of the water along with your abandoned, disabled hull, you fool. You disgraced us all!
    Isn’t danger part of military service or is it all for show now? I wonder what the addition of the Trans-Gender element will have on the military beside that we will get to pay for their surgeries. Their’s nothing like giving a little incentive for the most attractive candidates. As if college education plus benefits wasn’t enough.
    That a BOY HalBreed, you’re really doing us proud!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    The whole thing was a set-up and I know that obuma gave the the location codes to find the boats. The Theory that boats broke-down is BS. Each has a harness to tow the other boat if it breaks down.


  • Tiger says:

    Everyday, in every way more and more comes out concerning the beast in the Oval office and nothing, absolutely nothing is done.

    I listened to the congressional hearings on illegals, refugees and the Iran deal. Horrifying the truth that came out of the witnesses. Congress knows O has broken every immigration law we have, they know the refugees dangerous, they know nothing about the deal but what they do know is O turning away from our allies in the ME and going with Iran. Told Iran to stop bragging about their missile tests.

    Then we have Scalia, death by pillow, the Libertarian candidate, drops dead from heart attack? Ashe the guy who was to testify against Hillary, death by dumb bell, we recently witnessed in Real Time Orlando, then we saw the DOJ scrub any mention of ties to terrorism and they tried to say no deaths until the police broke in, that didn’t fly, now Lynch goes to where the little 5 year old girl was molested by savage refugee children and she tells everyone she will prosecute any hate speech concerning these barbarians, so then she meets with Clinton for 30 minutes on the tarmac and the FBI tells everyone no pictures no nothing.

    Folks the list is endless so we sit back and we can’t do anything because if we act they call Martial Law and our congress surely won’t act, we are living in Stalin’s Russia. He was good at getting rid of anyone who was right.

  • Blue 3 says:

    They had a disabled boat in somebody else’s turf. That commander saved all of their lives. What would you have them do. Fight the Iranian Navy with a bum boat in their turf. The f-‘cked up and didn’t double down. That’s leadership not treason.

    1. Willie1 says:

      His act was an act of cowardice he could have stood his ground and towed the other boat to international waters. So you will understand, if the Iranians would have fired upon them they would have had every right to blow the infidels out of the water. You are a simpleton and a coward why don’t you just go surrender you happy ass to the enemy just like the coward you are.

      1. Blue 3 says:

        How is getting everybody killed and losing 2 boats a good decision. We aren’t at war with them yet. I’m optimistic that well get that chance though. If they could have gotten out of there they would have. You lose a few men in combat and you’ll understand that losing them for anything less is stupid. Like you.

        1. Willie1 says:

          The problem I see with your reply is this; the Commander made no attempt to retrieve either the other boat or the men that were on it. If the Iranians would have fired upon the boats as they were trying to leave they would have committed an act of war and the Commander could have and should have returned fire, but like you he tucked his tail and did what any coward would do. Surrender to a Terrorist run government. Enter the real world and get out of Fantasyland you simpleton.

          1. Blue 3 says:

            Willie you sound like real hero. We need more great Americans like you. A real treasure. If we could only get people to watch more war movies and blindly comment about what they think. I’m sure this country country would abruptly pull itself right out of this mess that you civilians have put us in.

  • CrustyOldGeezer says:

    “Oh… well, they won’t hurt them so it’s ok if they take AMERICANS HOSTAGE!!!

    And which nursery school made him a commander of anything above filling this diaper?

  • gerald Hughes says:

    Have we had enough?
    Anyone left that, still thinks that we can coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers?
    We must physically separate ourselves from the ersatz life forms it is the only way to prevent civil war

    1. Triple J Jackson says:

      Bud I think it’s too late. Honestly every one is worried about “Trump riots” that’s a big joke. They better start worrying about the Clinton Civil war. I’ve heard way too many people in passing that are mad say it’s on if they don’t do something to Hillary for all her dirty deeds. I think if they put her in like they will even if trump beats her by 25 percent we all are going to loose everything and lots of people we love. And no one will be safe. I’ve heard people from Florida to Ohio say the same thing. And I believe them you can tell when a man is totally serious. That’s why Obama and Hillary wants to disarm us so bad they know it’s true. And they also know that a man or woman with a rifle can inflict a lot of damage to even armored units. Look at Nam a 120 pound man in flip flops with a sock full of rice and a AK 47 made us look like unprepared kids. Well that’s what we we’re too.

      1. gerald Hughes says:

        i can’t say that i disagree with you, the Afghanis are doing the same thing, while Obama is doing all he can to weaken our military.
        At this point, I am just hoping to get through the next 7 months with out it.

      2. Traveller62 says:

        We were on “their” turf as well.

  • del says:

    Of course Iran wanted the horrible Obama nuclear deal to go through! That way they got all kinds of huge money to blow all the infidels to allah. Ovomit should be in prison for treason awaiting a firing squad

  • steve whitlow says:

    Who told the commander to stand down & surrender his command to both of these idiots, they are all idiots. This smells like another Bengazi type situation & goes all the way to the top… Thanks SCW a Vietnam Era Vet. 1965-1971…

  • Scout Bashaw says:

    Obama has corrupted every Government agency even top Military personel

  • NSB FL says:

    The U.S. Navy….surrendering to a foreign power? What in God’s name has happened to our country??

  • Sue Lenhart says:

    TREASON! When in God’s name are we finally going to do something about this???

    1. 7papa7 says:

      With a spineless congress nothing will ever happen to stop the treason. The congress is complicit. The scariest thing to me is that the military would so blindly do this. The first action should have been to fight.

      1. Sue Lenhart says:

        If Congress is complicit, then they are also guilty of treason, as they have done nothing to remove this dangerous anti-American from office, and/or from any position in which he could inflict any more damage on Americans or on the country, at large. In my view, they are accomplices to his many crimes.

        1. Ken says says:

          Sue – they are called Puppets of the Establishment. The Professional Politician Puppets (Liberal DEMs and RINOs) have controlled Congress for 28 years.

          1. voncile fullwood says:

            7Papa7,the ones that would not get on board were the people–we the people could have had him impeached,by not leaving Washington until it was done because most knew the house and Congress would not do what was! the people are to blame

          2. Jessicacarndt2 says:


          3. Ken says says:

            Why don’t you go pimp in the hook up sites?

          4. Ken says says:

            Why is this pimp posting on this site?

        2. downdraft says:

          As I mentioned above…Congress is a good example of the “girly men” Obimbo has chosen for his military…

          Ryan is a perfect “Government Issue Girly Man” chose by the “girls” to lead them…from the rear where it is safe…

          Now WE are another story…you can yell and moan all you want, but since when does that work?

          No, but TRUMP knows that ACTION and PERFORMANCE gets the best results…by doing so from a position of strength and commitment…

          SO, lets roll…and DEMAND from our elected…

          …scare the hell out of these “girly men” by threatening, no, Promising, their removal or charging them with neglect of duty!

          DO IT NOW!!!!

        3. 7papa7 says:

          You are absolutely right. He should have been impeached years ago. A few in the house wanted to but they couldn’t get enough on board.

      2. downdraft says:

        The military is trained and commissioned “to break things”!

        Political second-guessing is not the role of the military commander…and this one was not ordered by Obimbo to surrender (or was he?)

        This is what happens when you get a Commander In Chief who is so weak and cowardly that he removes the strong and competent Officers in his arsenal, and replaces them with “Wimps”, or what we call “girly men” (no offense ladies) who don’t intimidate him.

        1. 7papa7 says:

          What happened to the Pattons and the Pershings. Now we get generals who accept homosexuals in the military.

        2. Traveller62 says:

          Don’t forget, there are PLENTY of us Vietnam and Vietnam-era vets still around, still waiting for the “word”. Nothing else needs to be said.

          1. stgabrn says:

            hey there are still some Korean Conflict vets around, We aren’t as hearty as we were but we can still so something. If you can allow me to sit down, I’ll bet you I can still shoot a chipmunk square between the eyes. Old gal from the hills of WV. Oh by the way, I had that skill before I joined USAF.

      3. rockcut says:

        Fight you say. I am sure glad you are not in any decision making position.

        1. Traveller62 says:

          Hey rock: “decision making position”? All us vets here are trained to make life-saving AND life-taking decisions, starting from the ground-pounders, all the way to “four-star” generals. We ALL get that training in “basic training” “boot camp” or whatever you call it. Let’s start over. There were many corporals in ‘Nam who had to take over their entire platoons, bc of their CO’s being shot and killed. So don’t knock the decision-makers. Some of them saved many lives.

          1. rockcut says:

            I have to smile your cute lecture on military decision making since I made many meaningful decisions during my 22 year careen in the military. My point was the decision to fight in this situation was the wrong decision.

          2. Traveller62 says:

            I’m glad you did. So did I in the four years I served in the military as well. I very well understand what you said, as MY service is no better than or worse than yours. We ALL had to make those “decisions”. Why didn’t you just come out and say it?

          3. Vietvet1968 says:

            Those boats were not out gunned, but shit rolls down hill and the grunt takes the hit for the command decisions that are made above his pay grade!

          4. rockcut says:

            no one said they were out gunned. So what is your point?

          5. 7papa7 says:

            Their decision was wrong. You don’t just placidly turn yourself over to the enemy to become prisoners of war and that was the decision that was made here. I don’t know how your training was but mine was fight to the death rather than get captured. Apparently you went through at a wussier time than I did or you didn’t understand the concept.

          6. rockcut says:

            Oh my word, one should look at the situation they are in and this call of your’s to fight to the death rather that get captured does not apply here. We were not at war. Second they where out numbered and they made the right decision. Then you editorial comment of wussier time is silly. My training included how to think in multiple situations. Duh …

          7. Victoria Scott says:

            That’s called being a chicken shit.

          8. rockcut says:

            Typical arm chair bully spouting hot air.

          9. Mike says:

            This guy is an Obamafile. Just ignore him. HE wasn’t there, either. And yes, Islam is “at war” with the west.

          10. PatriotGal says:

            rockcut, yes we are at war! War of terrorism on us; war imposed on us by this impotent POTUS who knows only how to bow down and not stand tall for America while making deals like the Iran Contra one. That is war against we the people. Congress wars against we the people. We are finally rising up against this war against us and our beloved America. We shall win this war just as we won WWII – together and with love for our country. We will no longer take the tripe dished out by politicians and PC morons. Those soldiers should have fought and not given in, especially not turned over passwords, codes, etc. IF you were in the military for 22 years and I seriously doubt it,In your 22 years in the military, did you not learn, “Name, rank, serial number” and nothing else? We certainly did! Make America Great Again – vote TRUMP 2016!!!

          11. rockcut says:

            Your call to fight o the death in this situation is pure nonsense. Second, people like me, who have served our country do no lie about it I’m resent you mocking my service.

          12. voncile fullwood says:

            maybe then but not now

          13. 7papa7 says:

            Absolutely right, I was in Vietnam and very often you have seconds to make a life and death decision.

        2. Vietvet1968 says:

          You must be one of those cowardly black, Muslim sheep that Obama loves so much!

          1. thekidde says:

            Wow, your ilk proves assholiness is rampant on the right. My time in RVN, I Corps, 1967-68 saw Tet and heavy duty incursions by the N. Vietnamese. Your racist shit betrays your ignorance and lack of intelligence as well as your betrayal of the oath you took to serve in the US military. Shame on you.

          2. wjozier says:

            Another “Well said,” thekidde! These junior high taunts are so typical of the Trump lovers and their ilk on the Right.

          3. Wolfman says:

            Kidde, I have read both Vietvet1968 and your comment…actually both of you used epithets to describe someone/groupings of people. Vietvet1968’s statement ,while intended to be insulting, neither stated or implied that ‘black’ ( the only inferred possible race in his statement, since Muslim is not a race) was inferior as a race or that Vietvet1968’s race was superior( for all we know ‘he/she’ may be a black/woman/transgender/ Buddhist).
            In reality the statement made by Vietvet1968 was no more racist than your assumption that ‘assholiness’ is rampant on the right. I believe if you go to some of the left leaning sites you will find that ‘assholiness’ is a universal human trait shared by many, including myself!!! In fact I have been found to be ‘The World’s Biggest Asshole’ by the courts…it’s documented and on record. I consider this to be my lifetime achievement award!!! So a perceived insult made to someone may actually be an acknowledgement of their actual characteristics by others.
            No! I’m not a ‘Relativist’…I’m just making an honest assessment of this particular exchange since you included me amongst your intended ‘offended’ targets on the right.

          4. rockcut says:

            Your projection is so far off base. Grow up !

          5. Wolfman says:

            Rock, It has been said that their equipment was faulty.Should they have been on a mission that close to Iranian waters without having the ability to know their actual location??? Also, prior to getting into a confrontation…shouldn’t there be pre-determined scenarios where they engage and do not engage???
            The other situation is the Russian planes buzzing USA ships. It appears, at least on the surface, that the Military’s orders are to stand down in the face of
            aggression by the enemy until they actually kill someone.
            If we cannot fight them….then why are we even there in the first place???Doesn’t the axiom ‘never point your weapon at something unless you intend to use it’ apply….ever???

          6. rockcut says:

            It is plain as day to me many screwed up here. This is why many are being called to account for what happened.

          7. James says:

            Rockcut, I respect that you served in the armed forces,
            Im just curious as to what outfit you were in , and at what time. what was your rank.

          8. rockcut says:

            i served in the USAF in the communications intel. field. I will not give out any other personal information.

          9. Mike says:

            Just name, rank and serial number, ……

          10. PatriotGal says:

            TROLL ALLERT be aware!!! rockcut, just from the verbiage of that response, you are a paid troll, I’ll bet.
            TRUMP 2016!!!

      4. CDD says:

        They’ll find the “courage” to stand up to Trump…….

        1. 7papa7 says:

          Probably. They are like obama, they are consistently supporting the wrong people and ideas and putting down what would be right for America.

        2. reggie says:

          Money talks, more money talks more, even more money and it shouts.

      5. KurtofLA says:

        The military also claimed and participated in the treasoness claim of the attack in the gulf of Tonkin.

    2. Tiger says:

      If only Congress would start Impeachment it would tie the “Beast” down until we can get a new president.

      1. Sue Lenhart says:

        It would be a great start, but I want him charged and convicted of treason. I never want him to be able to hold public office ever again, not even for local dog catcher!

        1. Ken says says:

          King Bo and Queen Mooch are going to be in our pocket for the rest of their lives.

          1. Traveller62 says:

            Along with the perks of being a past-president, all of which “we the people” pay for. That includes secret service protection for the rest of their lives.

        2. Tiger says:

          I understand but you and I know that won’t happen until a new and rightful president comes into office.

          The interesting thing is I read the international news daily and the have O’s number and have for a very long time and don’t understand what we are doing over here.

        3. downdraft says:


    3. rockcut says:

      What treason????

      1. Traveller62 says:

        Did you take civics in high school? If you did, you would know what “treason” is, and how Obama is exhibiting, showing signs of, and committing it every day. Read your Constitution and compare it to our “dear leader” and then get back on “what treason”. He commits it every day, and our Congress refuses to do anything about it.

        1. rockcut says:

          You make some cute remarks and claims with out one fact so I dismiss your treason claim as nonsense until you provide facts. Hint…..Just because you might not like something the President does, or you have festered a long-standing dislike of the President, it does not come up to the claim of treason. Sorry, I am not buying it.

          1. Traveller62 says:

            If you are an Obama fan, I’m sorry. The president has to act and behave by a certain set of rules, set forth in the Constitution. He has “gone around” our Constitution, chipping away at it, and that’s what I’m talking about and others as well. He’s not even a “legal” president in the first place.

          2. rockcut says:

            You claim certain actions but give no facts for examples. Plus, I totally disagree with your birther stance. I am sorry to see you still cling to that false claim. I have no hate of the president but that does not make me a fan either.

          3. ronl11 says:

            Lets start with arming the the radicals in the mid east, dropping guns and ammo to al Queda in Syria, turning loose 5 AlQueda leaders for a traitor without giving notice to c0ngress. allowing known Jihadis into the us as asylum seekers…and the list i long. All of the above is aiding and abetting the enemy, and that is Treason

          4. thekidde says:

            Examples of your criticism??? Funny how the right makes claims with no actual substantiation. Hitler much?

          5. Traveller62 says:

            I look at it this way. You have your opinion and I have mine. I refuse to berate you for yours, as that’s what we both served in the military to protect–our freedom of opinion. We just have different ways of expressing it. Agree?

          6. rockcut says:

            I totally agree with you on this point. Nice talking to you.

          7. Traveller62 says:

            Hey same here!!! USAF, 1969-1973.

          8. Mike says:

            Let’s see, not salting the military people (or nonchalantly saluting with the wrong hand with a cup of coffee) when he exits AF-1, NOT enforcing our border laws, making executive “decisions” that are not his to make, ignoring the second Amendment, trying to push HIMSELF a raise after he leaves office, allowing Muslim jihadists into this country, allowing the SCOTUS to make law because it’s what he likes, over seeing the murder of Justice Scalia, the Iran Nuclear “deal”?.How long of a list do you want? This guy has NEVER had America in his best interests.

          9. rockcut says:

            Your list is a jumbo list of nonsense and you lost me totally with the murder of Justice Scalia, Your complaints are childish and meaningless.

          10. Mike says:

            Sorry, but read the news. Everyone was complaining about that murder and calling it such. I did leave the “u” out of saluting!

          11. rockcut says:

            Mike, lets get this straight, Justice Scalia, was not murdered. That is beyond the pale. Dial back this nonsense.

          12. Mike says:

            Maybe not but too much evidence points that way. NOBODY got to do an autopsy so how do we know for sure? We don’t.

          13. rockcut says:

            The only think I can honestly say is that your suspicion goes beyond reasonableness.

          14. Mike says:

            It does not. Greater folks than I have come to the same conclusion. They just disposed of him so fat nobody ever got to do a postmortem.

          15. rockcut says:

            Give it up, your views on silly on this subject.

          16. wjozier says:

            OMG, Mike. President Obama has deported more than twice as many illegals as Bush, Jr. did. Check your facts, Sir, your accusations hold no water. As for the “[M]urder of Justice Scalia…” I shudder to realize that you will likely vote.

          17. Mike says:

            That may be but let’s look at the net change. It’s wayyy on the + side and too many are Muslims from Syria (and elsewhere).

          18. Mike says:

            Better tell that to the ones who asked the original questions and were there. It all adds up to me. Liberals will do anything to gain the upper hand. Ask Hil-liar-y. Benghazi. e-mails, women for Bill…… you name it.

          19. wjozier says:

            OMG, Mike, you’ve just illustrated the concept of the pot calling the kettle black. You even threw in a little grade school playground name calling. Well done.

          20. voncile fullwood says:

            you have to be joking about Obama abides by the Constitution and the laws of the land,and as far as treason #1 aiding and abetting the enemy by sending guns and ammo #2 Fast and the furious ,#3 giving immigrates green card without citizenship and list goes on and on we all feel sorry for you since you are an Obama lover…Sorry I can’t even like a person who hate whites and America

          21. rockcut says:

            Fast and furious a program started by Bush. Green cards are not issued to citizens so what are you relaly talking about. I don’t think you know. I am white and your Obama lover comment is just plain childish.

          22. wjozier says:

            Hey, voncile fullwood, have you ever heard of Reagan’s Iran-Contra affair?! Apparently not.

          23. wjozier says:

            Rebutting these chicken hawks, rockcut, is pretty much like the challenge suffered by Sisyphus. They live in a mindless fantasy world of endless hatred and paranoia. Facts are not allowed.

    4. Wayne Roach says:

      November 5

    5. PatriotGal says:

      First, we have to get rid of OWEbama by voting TRUMP 2016. Second, the rest, getting rid of Ash Carter, Jeh Johnson, Kosiknkinan, Lynch, etc., will come immediately following. Our military under this administration of OWEbama, Carter and Panetta are nothing but traitorous wooses. OWEbama and his evil anti American team have moved out every America loving patriot in administrative positions in the military and are now removing any patriotic soldiers. Have you ever heard of so many military flying “accidents” in our history as are happening two-in-one week recently? Have you ever seen our military so demoralized as it is now? Have you seen our military having to pay for transgender reassignment as we will have now, but we have no money for Veterans’ care, or military rebuilding, or proper training but we’ll have boatloads of cash for gender reassignment. TOTAL GARBAGE!!! Men be men; women be women; no more traitors, wooses, or pansies in our military. Make America Great Again – vote TRUMP 2016!!!!

    6. HopeandChange2016 says:

      Could you imagine a republican getting away with the illegal and un-American over-reach that this president has gotten away with, without impeachment by a dem controlled congress?
      Repub congress majorities are afraid of his color, instead of dealing with his character and actions.

    7. Ucky Light says:

      probably NEVER. Look at the high approval rates for this POS in the WH ! What’s up with that????

  • JIMBO says:

    Not a very bright commander. This so called agreement is and always will be a big joke. No one will benefit from this agreement but Iran. You lose commander.

    1. downdraft says:

      Once more…was he ORDERED to surrender by the then Secretary of State??, or by Obimbo or someone sending his message?

  • joe says:

    A vessel of the United States Navy being surrendered to an enemy of the nation to preserve the so-called dignity of the foreign usurper of our presidency!
    WHERE will it end?

  • JC says:

    That is a court marshal offense—one of Obama’s minions !!!!

    1. Traveller62 says:

      It’s “courts martial”. Not “court martial”. Look up military terms and you will find that.

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