Navy SEALs cite shabby treatment as Obama administration helps Hollywood instead

Navy SEALs are the toast of America, but revelations show that the top brass has not always watched their backs during the Obama administration.

SEALs have brought exhilarating moments for the White House. The storied SEAL Team 6 killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in 2011 and rescued U.S. cargo ship captain Richard Phillips from Somali pirates in 2009. Hollywood transformed both operations into blockbuster movies — with the administration’s help.

But some in the special operations community cite shabby treatment.

A book by Billy Vaughn, father of a SEAL killed in the Aug. 6, 2011, shootdown of a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan, blames the administration for leaking too much information about his son’s unit.

Another book by two former SEALs tells the “shameful ordeal” they endured based on allegations of prisoner abuse by one unreliable sailor and one determined terrorist. Instead of issuing gratitude for nabbing the “butcher of Fallujah” in Iraq in 2009, U.S. Central Command court-martialed the SEALs on felony charges.

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  • RBlakeH says:

    Liberals have always hated the military. They use them to glorify themselves then throw them under the bus. It was obvious when Obama was running in 2008 and he wouldn’t take time out to stop by Landstuhl Army Hospital to visit the wounded when he was only 10 or 15 kilometers away nor would he then or even recently visit the graves of the men killed in WWII buried in Normandy even when requested to by the French President. He will reduce their strength and cut their benefits and pay while giving massive raises elsewhere in government and spending 100+ million to let his daughters see their kin folk in Africa. He and all liberals are a disgrace to the military fighting men and women from Clinton draft dodging to Obama’s using and throwing under the bus.

  • Thomas Viveiros says:

    No Man Left Behind ? Not with the scumbag DemocRATs kiddies and besides the FagBait in Chief is a no good lazy smelly muzzie and has no clue what a USN Seal is lol . Now be nice to the Muzzie in Chief as this is his actual very first job lol .

  • awegweiser says:

    Kindly remove me from your mailing list. I appreciate and consider opinions not in accord with mine, however, but I have grown weary of the reading the often mean, nasty and vicious comments and the loads of extreme, inaccurate and false bullshit they spew.

    1. pdoff2 says:

      You for once can do something on your own, we can’t help you with this ! Get a set, you can do it ! Maybe there should be a government program for you. Try deletemedotcommie. Good Luck

    2. Thomas Viveiros says:

      Pay close attention there Commie DemocRAT.. Do not let the door hit you on your ass .

    3. BOC says:

      Hey Lefty Moron, Go to the bottom of your the email and unsubscribe. No one on this site cares the f$%k what you say. Like all Lefties, they accuse those of what they are guilty. Your sanctimonious, denigrating full of lies and not so cogent posts will not be missed. The Dumb-ass-crat Underground is calling! See you there, zippy! Buh-Bye

  • John Henry says:

    Once upon a time there was a happy nation, A country where the Military was strong, well funded, and well armed with the best weapons on the planet.

    This nation was prosperous, and the average citizen was able to live a long and happy life, and work without government controls. There were many jobs and people could start at the bottom and work their way up the ladder, or start their own enterprise and find success.

    But one day, some unhappy citizens began a program of brainwashing the nations best beginning in colleges and ending in the kindergartens, because they lived lifestyles not acceptable to a people who had rights given to them by a benevolent creator God.

    They worked hard for over thirty years to set wheels in motion and utilized the system of government against the happy people that this system was designed to protect.

    Finally the day came when they were able to place a new leader who was one of them into the highest office in the land. His goal was to destroy those happy people, take away their means of working and earning, and giving it to a people who’s own nations were more interested in tyranny and hard rule instead of creating a place where people could live a life of freedom.

    He wanted to “talk” to tyrants who’s main goal was to destroy this prosperous nation. and he gave up the means of this country to defend itself to make those tyrants happy.

    The means of removing this leader and setting right, what has gone wrong was withing the grasp of these people, an ability installed in the very document that set up the way this nation would be governed.But would these people wake up and use the means afforded to them by this document?

    Or would they continue to sit back and let harm come upon them?

    WE will see…

    1. Old Highland Guy says:

      I believe the American people, for the most part, are socialist and want to continue this down ward slide of America until it becomes AmeriKa. Our government, under OBama, has treated the military with disdain. Of course that started with Bill and Hillary but Obama has made it even worse. So with that last statement: “Welcome to the U.S. S. A.”

      1. John Henry says:

        Substitute the word “Zombie” for Socialist…
        You see that how socialism is spread, and how Liberal Socialist act, like the Zombies that they have made the foremost thing to fear, not just in their favorite movies, but also in the themes that come from the Obama White House.

        Zombies bite you, feed off of your flesh and then you become one of them. A mindless feeding machine…

  • ladyceo says:

    God bless our SEALS for having to put up with the Obama admin!

    1. douber1 says:

      he mr o has every right to fear them
      and the green berets for his pedestal is getting shorter and shorter
      you can only push them so far
      your civilian army is no match for these ELITE men
      these are men of men

      1. ladyceo says:

        Yes they are!!

  • alf564 says:

    Remember that o came from an upbringing as a sunni…((Indonesia))

  • Charles Kimberl says:

    One has to remember that with the Obama administration, our SEAL’s are dealing with left wing garbage, none of which would amount to a freckle on the rear end of any of these fine men.

    1. SniperToo says:

      Amen, Molon Labe – Victoria Diligo Paratus. The Muslim Dictator, usurper hates the Navy Seals and is scared in his Muslim shorts of them. They and the US Marshal are the ones authorized to arrest and remove him out of the white house. This is why he treats our fine elite fighting men like this. What would a crack smoking homo foreigner know about our military and this country.

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