New O-Care delay to help midterm Dems

by Elise Viebeck, The Hill
March 5, 2014

The Obama administration is set to announce another major delay in implementing the Affordable Care Act, easing election pressure on Democrats.

As early as this week, according to two sources, the White House will announce a new directive allowing insurers to continue offering health plans that do not meet ObamaCare’s minimum coverage requirements.

Prolonging the “keep your plan” fix will avoid another wave of health policy cancellations otherwise expected this fall.
The cancellations would have created a firestorm for Democratic candidates in the last, crucial weeks before Election Day.

The White House is intent on protecting its allies in the Senate, where Democrats face a battle to keep control of the chamber.

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  • Linda Dawson says:

    I think the delay is too late. The plans that have been canceled will not be coming back. My husband’s insurance plan was affordable, we had a low premium and a low deductible. Our premium nearly doubled and our deductible went through the roof. Neither of those two things have changed. Then again the dems were not going to get my vote anyway, however this just makes me more determined to open up the eyes of my fellow voters.

  • dasbunker says:

    Fucking cowards.

  • victoriadelacy says:

    Whether they delay the ultimate disaster or allow the guillotine to come down on our health care right away, by now the electorate should be sufficiently awakened to be determined to head to the polls this November and vote OUT every candidate with a “D” after their name, period. It was the DNC and only that party which shoved that bill down the collective throat of the citizenry despite the fact that at least 3/4 of voters vehemently opposed it at that time and at least 2/3 continue to do so to this day. With more insurance policies being cancelled than there are people getting onto that new deadly insurance (which is already being rejected by patients seeking hospital care who have it), The John Stossel video at you tube about socialized medicine should be enough information to help most voters make better decisions this year and next toward providing the best chance we have for seeing to it that the deadly monstrosity is first de-funded and then repealed completely. Concerning the Oval Office, Ted Cruz for President in 2016, to the saving of the American way of life!

  • frankenbiker says:

    Seems like the great goatfcker is repealing his own law. Every change this craven little narcissistic coward makes is illegal. You can’t just change a law. He doesn’t have that authority. However, congress being cowards also refuse to call him out on it. They’re afraid that someone will call them racist. Damn it, stand up for us congress, its what your suppose to do. Kick this tin horn dictator in the balls and send him packing.

  • ChaznGwenie Gugins says:

    The american public didn’t think it was bad enough with 4 years of obama, they had to give him 8 years. Not many like it now but until voters get smarter they will continue to shoot themselves in the foot over and over again.

    1. antiliberalcryptonite says:

      Not sure that they “gave” it to him, pretty sure that he TOOK 4 more with the help of Dem cheaters. 140% of the vote in some precincts?!?!?! And not even one vote for the challenger in those precincts?!?!?! Something is obviously wrong. Nothing will eve be done about it though.

      1. victoriadelacy says:

        Indeed, all you need to do is check out the you tube video done by WMAL radio from election day that year about the last presidential election to hear about the outrageous and glaringly rampant fraud that was going on here in Woodbridge, Virginia during that election. With the UN having been called in by Obama to “oversee/read rig” that election, it is no small wonder that so many people were being brought in by the busload and allowed to vote multiple times in the same election without a single poll worker rising to stop that from happening. It is corrupt and if the electorate does nothing to change that then we have already been transformed disgracefully into nothing more than the biggest banana republic on the planet – what a SHAME!

    2. Linda Dawson says:

      Obama stole the election with masive voter fruad in key electoral states. I would be willing to bet that at least one fourth of the people who voted for him either voted twice or died before the 2012 election.

  • Gnowark says:

    I surely cannot believe this is purely politically motivated. I surely cannot believe that what (upon effect in 2010) was trumpeted, is now to be again and again delayed. I surely cannot believe all those who were in favor of this would not stand PROUD of their accomplishment and get what they have earned for it, instead of a tacit admission that they F—ed it all UP, after it has fractionated our society and economy, and hurt those it targeted: the supposed beneficiaries, uninsured middle class! If I believed any of that, I would have to believe what reality is showing us.

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