Newly released transcripts show Mateen identified as ‘Islamic soldier’

The FBI on Monday will release partial transcripts of three conversations that took place between mass murderer Omar Mateen and Orlando police negotiators during his bloody rampage that left 49 people dead, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch says. USA TODAY

In the midst of his assault on an Orlando nightclub, gunman Omar Mateen claimed credit for the massacre and identified himself as an “Islamic soldier” while calling on U.S. authorities to stop the bombing in Iraq and Syria, according to partial transcripts of the attacker’s telephone contacts with negotiators and police released on Monday.

“Praise be to God, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God,” Mateen told a 911 dispatcher in Arabic during a 50-second call just after 2:30 a.m. on June 12. “I am in Orlando, and I did the shootings.”

Mateen provided his full name and then went on to pledge allegiance to a terror group, whose identity was redacted from the partial transcripts. Law enforcement officials, however, have said that the gunman pledged his solidarity to the Islamic State, as well as to the Boston Marathon bombers and an American suicide bomber who died in a 2014 attack in Syria.

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  • Tiger says:

    No he didn’t use the term God he said Allah and that is what the witnesses said all along. Lynch and the big Muslim who lives in the “People’s House” tried to make this out to be anything but a terrorist attack. But unlike Benghazi where only the international community watched it in Real Time and it took 6 hours to get to American news, I know we watched it in Real Time on the international news, O and all had time to pull off their sham and shameful lies.

    The world was watching this and they couldn’t make it stick, scrubbing the transcripts, insinuating nobody killed until the police broke in, how stupid do they think Americans are? Pretty stupid for sure so they had to have a small win making him say God instead of Allah, but the witnesses and survivors say otherwise.

  • justinwachin says:

    If Muslims don’t like America they should move to an Islamic country. They are living in America because Islamic run countries are miserable places to live. Maybe they should realize the problem is their religion. Wherever Islam is allowed to dominate you find a country where misery, poverty, violence and oppression reign.

    Each of these Islamic terrorists should have their body tossed in the city’s sewer system so they can decompose with all the crap that comes from the citizens’ rear ends. Islamic terrorists are losers who foolishly believe they have 72 whores waiting for them. In reality they are going to spend eternity in a permanent broil cycle.

  • Tiger says:

    Did anyone see what happened yesterday? Did it register? I mean we all heard about those statements made by the shooter from the start. We all heard it. We knew he had ties to ISIS because he answered the call to kill during the month of Ramadan.

    So what did O do? Lynch went out on the TV news stations and made excuses as to why they scrubbed the transcript. Then we hear that none of the people were killed until after the police broke into the club. Implying that this killing wasn’t done by this guy. This after we heard the victims in the hospitals and others talking about the shooting. This after we knew his wife picked up by FBI and that he had sent her pictures of what he was doing and even said you see what I am doing to which she wisely replied no then the I love you babe.

    So O tried to pull a Benghazi on the American people with this but unlike Benghazi that when it was happening was covered by the news overseas and not here this was covered here and not somewhere else. Do you people out there finally see, even Libs etc what happened?

    So the FBI realizing what a transparent sham this was wouldn’t play ball, they did the right thing and published the entire kit and kaboodle. Then the WH changed the word Allah to God. I mean people what are we going to beg our representatives to do about this man?

    This is how stupid O believes all of us to be. This is unheard of except in Communist Russia under Stalin or Communist Germany under Hitler. Totally unbelievable what we have in the WH.

  • itsfun says:

    Doesn’t matter if he identified himself as a Islamic soldier, Obama will not recognize it, he will instead censor that statement out of history and tell us the murders were the fault of law abiding Americans. Better yet he may draw a red line to back away from.

  • Worried Vet says:

    I wonder what happened not long ago they had redacted anything to do with a terrorist? The doj and Lynch decided to keep that out of the news.

  • Michael Bellinger says:

    I would guess he did not mention God, but used the name of Allah instead seeing that he was a radical Muslim extremist.

    1. itsfun says:

      According to Obama there is no such things as a radical Muslim extremist.. They are just misunderstood and we should be nice to them.

      1. Tiger says:

        Yes if they come into my area we will show them just how friendly we are,

        1. itsfun says:

          I will also, I doubt if they will like my welcome to the hood.

          1. Tiger says:

            LMAO good for you. Have a few friends from there myself and I know you are a good welcoming committee for trouble that comes your way.

          2. Tiger says:

            I think you will enjoy this video.

    2. Tiger says:

      Yes he used the term Allah the victims said so.

    3. Tiger says:

      He didn’t all witnesses said he hollering Allah and this is just another stab at this by O to make it something other than what it is. Anybody with a grain of salt in this country knows when a terrorist says praise be to God and peace upon his prophet they are talking about Allah. Notice they said he said it in Arabic.

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