No joke: Emails show ‘collusion’ between Obama’s EPA, environmental lobby

The EPA and environmental groups are exceptionally close for a government agency and lobby groups, with a revolving door and pressure from the groups often shaping EPA’s policies, according to a new report from a conservative watchdog group based on emails obtained in a yearslong battle with the agency.

The report, which details what the Energy & Environment Legal Institute terms “collusion” between the Environmental Protection Agency and eco-friendly groups, is also a study in the way E&E used open records laws to force transparency on a secretive agency.

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  • millerstwo says:

    Our Government has become nothing more than a corrupt cesspool of liars and cheats claiming to have out best interests at heart while they pass laws allowing them to ‘legally’ dole out billions of dollars to their donors and friends !
    If this isn’t bad enough consider what Obama and his “brown shirts” are contributing to this political cluster f**k !

  • CountryBoy says:

    Put them ALL in PRISON…… for Defrauding the American People…

  • Bob says:

    Osama’s administration is a total fraud from top to bottom. Has no clue what Duty, Honor, Country means.

  • LaRae Bailey says:

    how about making the lobby groups illegal..rather than corrupt

  • BH says:

    As Obama would say “not even a smidgen of a scandal”, an “artificial” scandal. And the main stream press will fall over themselves to agree with him.

  • regulus30 says:

    epa AS SHOULD ALL AGENCIES BE RESTRICTED FROM ACTION WITHOUT DO PROCESS OF LAW……….America has been over run with agenda driven agencies and lobbyists;; there SHOULD BE “NO SUCH THING” AS a lobbyist.that is liberal political code for favor “BUYING”.

    1. dinkerduo says:

      YES–YOU ARE RIGHT!!! This country and every business–especially the small ones–are being ruined by REGULATIONS that have come from several of these ?AGENCIES?!!! Cass Sunstein wrote most of them and still might be plus his wife is now the U.N. Amb.! How f-ing convenient! No wonder the U.N. is pushing this Climate Change BS to the whole world but we are the only ones who will be paying for it with higher taxes!!!

      1. regulus30 says:

        once the imposter in chief is gone from our mists he will then move to be king of the world VIA THE UNITED NATIONS OF COMMUNISM.

  • CTH says:

    No big surprise that there may be corruption in another obutthead federal agency. The EPA should be abolished or at the very least be shorn of most of the authority which they have assumed. Same is true of many other federal agencies.

    1. dinkerduo says:

      How about we abolish most of them starting with the IRS–then the EPA and so on! Get these down to a small group who are PROTECTING US instead of REGULATING US!!! How about the IRS be a small group who manage the flat taxes and stop being political and deciding WHO can have a tax deduction–nobody should be–it’s all too political now so lets do away with it all–AND WITH NO BIG PENSIONS EITHER–MOST ARE YOUNG ENOUGH TO FIND OTHER JOBS!
      Gov. has gotten so big and duplicitous that most of it can go!!

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