No New Citizenships, Until…

A key member of Congress introduced a bill Thursday that that would halt all new naturalizations until the Obama administration can prove it’s checking immigrants’ fingerprints to make sure they shouldn’t be deported instead of granted citizenship.

About 750 immigrants were granted citizenship despite a judge’s order that they be deported. Homeland Security botched the approvals because the immigrants gave false names and officials couldn’t check their fingerprints to discover their real identities because the prints were on paper-based cards, an internal investigation revealed.

Rep. John Culberson, Texas Republican and chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee overseeing the Justice Department, said until nearly 150,00 remaining paper-based prints are uploaded, nobody else should be approved.

“My bill forces DHS to upload all of the remaining paper fingerprint records into the government database so that there will never be any excuse for this to happen again,” he said in a statement.

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  • Leslie Woodhull says:


  • Stephen J. Koach says:

    Check the usurper finger prints. This musloid fake president is the Trojan horse. Sheriff joe proved he is an identity thief.

    1. Retired says:

      Just like his AFU registration of birth.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    These that were so called accidently given citizenship, if anyone believes this BS, was said to be some really bad people, and by this I’d be willing to bet they were muslims, and since HLS is run by a muslim, go figure!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Impeach the P0S you skulking cowards!

  • snowyriver says:

    Any and All immigrants that have come to the United States since 1952 are here illegally. Should have been deported yesterday.

  • Dennis McLain says:


  • AKLady2015 says:

    Salem bin Laden, Osama’s older brother, was an investor in Arbusto Energy. – the Texas oil company started by George W. Bush.
    Salem is Osama’s older brother. Now you know why the Bush Administration did not go after Osama bin Laden, no matter how many Americans he killed

    1. CharlieSeattle says:

      W Bush SukedSaudiDyk!

  • gerald Hughes says:

    Go through these people, the ones responsible arrest them and try them

  • Jimmee41 says:

    There should be no NEW immigrants allowed in legal or illegal including refugees, until we have fully absorbed and assimilated the people who are here now. ALL illegals should be aggressively located and deported to the country of origination. If country of origination won’t take them then leave them on the tarmac. If that is too extreme then shut off ALL financial aid until they do.!!!!

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      This: “shut off ALL financial aid until they do.!!!!” should be the initial step in the deportation process. A close second and final step should be to cut off all public benefits, public school education, medical/hospital, housing, and the illegal work provided by outlaw organizations/companies/businesses. Turn off the water to the vegetation and it will wither and die or find somewhere else to survive. TURN THE WATER SUPPLY OFF NOW!!

  • justinwachin says:

    We need to get control of the citizenship process. I don’t think it is asking too much to verify people’s identity and to make sure we have an accurate record of any criminal activity.

  • Retired says:

    Funny how the numbers keep shrinking. Revoke those Citizenship , that is if they can find them.

  • Philip Allen says:

    Good For Rep John Culberson of Texas It Should have happened a long time ago. Let me say their is to much corruption in Congress, The White House, The FBI, The Dept. Of Homeland Security and the Justice Dept. Hillary E-mails Scandal should have been presented to a Grand Jury or A Special Prosecutor. James Comey, and Loretta Lynch should be prosecuted criminally for corruption. President Obama should be tried criminally for TREASON…aiding and abetting the enemy. President Obama let treasonist out of Gitmo. He also gave Iran money on 2 different occasions. Approx 1.7 billion the first time when they made a deal with Iran and 400 million dollars the 2nd time. Iran is a Terrorist country and a sponsor of terrorism. He also just recently gave Mexico Millions of dollars. Obama gives away all this money to other countries…some that are terrorist countries while our seniors are having for healthcare as Medicare does not cover eye care or dental. Medicare sucks as an individual on Medicare can end up paying $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 a year or more for Medicare, Supplemental Insurance, and for Part D and Prescription Drugs. In my opinion this is way to much for someone that is 65 years or older, or someone on disability. Yet our President Obama can give away Billion of dollars to other countries while robbing the Social Security and Disability Funds. This is a crock of shit! And Hillary is another 4 years of Obama. Wants to take away your guns, increase illegals coming into this country, and want to raise taxes. She says she want free education for people making less than $125.000,00 a year but one question remains how in the hell is she going pay for it? More Taxes? I personally don’t think it’s possible…I think she’s a liar. I am going to vote for Donald Trump. He means what he says and says what he means. Vote Donald Trump President in 2016. Go ahead…It’s alright to play the Trump card and Make America Great Again!

    1. AKLady2015 says:




  • Charlotte says:


    1. Retired says:

      And no pension for life, they are servants of the people { at least they are supposed to be ].Let them collect as the rest of us do, SS .

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    More faulty thinking on the right. Citizens approved now have been under vetting for over a year. The article doesn’t say what judge issued a stop order, maybe a TX cowboy. Also, there’s no explanation of what the ‘false names’ were aside from the routine processing of fingerprints in the system. Panic and hasty fearful reaction is not the American way. Let’s hear what legal action was taken that didn’t follow protocols in place for years. We shouldn’t scramble our immigration system without research and investigation, not a panicky TX yahoo judge’s fear of immigrants. TX and base Republicans never cease to amaze me for their adherence to ISIL propaganda and false border crossing estimates, let alone failure in congress to reform immigration generally. Vote Democratic.

    1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

      You are in La La Land… Wake up! It happened!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Yes, ‘it’ happened. Applicants were rightly approved for citizenship. It, this article, failed to present the whole story about a judge’s actions. ‘It’ happened that we have no understanding of what ‘false names’ means. ‘It’ happened that you didn’t address the routine paper fingerprints process that the FBI uses to good effect stopping criminals. The writer of this article conned you into thinking that something is wrong. ‘It’ is wrong that readers are misled like you into La La Land.

        1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

          What are you a doctor of?… The absurd!

        2. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

          Read this one:
          You, sir, are in La La Land, not I. Perhaps your contention that the Inspector-General of the Department of Homland Security does not know about that which he speaks… or perhaps you think he lied to the Senate.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            And just why would Mr. Johnson know the precise breakdown of numbers? He’s not doing the screening of candidates for citizenship. His subordinates are doing their jobs over months and years, so there’s no jeopardy apparently.
            We are talking about hundreds of applicants and a large number of screening personnel following procedures. There’s no evidence by you, the judge or anyone that terrorists are being given citizenship. That’s a definition of La La Land, not knowing what you’re talking about and this article doesn’t help, only stirs up your irrational fears–all according to ISIL propaganda aims. Congratulations for fulfilling their nasty fear-mongering desires.
            I watched a friend, who was a prominent member of my church, whose son was a fellow deacon with me, who had been an upstanding community member with his wife for a decade suffer deportation. His papers burned in a house fire so he had nothing to back up his documentation. Not testimony from his/my pastor, not a letter from me testifying about his good citizenship could stop the deportation process back to Lebanon where they all reside now, a complete loss to the United States, our home state, his community and the church. I’ve seen others from TX and the U.S. government do wrong and even criminal things, but not knowing some numbers generated by Homeland workers isn’t in the running.
            Your fear (expressed here in print for ISIL and the world to read and absorb), your pursuit of people doing their jobs (without some numbers being transferred to the top administrators), your publishing for the world to read and wonder at your lack of compassion, understanding, and straight thinking is amazing, counterproductive and abets the enemies of the States. You are a danger to our nation’s good standing in the world.

    2. Carl Lewis says:

      That’s your party’s mating call: “Let’s wait and see what will happen before….”. Well We The People” are sick and tired of this B.S. from the left. A New Order is coming and Our Voices Will Be Heard. The Same Old, Same Old ain’t gonna cut it anymore. Law and Order Shall Be Restored. Hang onto your collective button, Libbos!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You are repeating the mantra of your Republican congress, ‘take no action on anything till the last minute’ and then it’s only stopgap measures, not real solutions for anything. The only BS here is your blaming the left when it’s your congress ‘waiting to see’. Yep, the new order will be a return to rationality and solving pressing national problems under the Democrats. If you abide our Constitution, that’s what’s supposed to happen; call it same old if you want, it’s worked for over 200 years under the Constitution you pretend to like.
        Another Republican campaigned on the ‘law and order’ slogan. Disgraced president ‘Tricky Dick’ was impeached as the law and order president–what a joke, again with Trump. And sadly you don’t see it.

        1. Carl Lewis says:

          So was Bill Clinton…Talk about a jokester…womanizer…and NOW COMES HIS MATE. THE ENABLER.
          What’s so important, self wise to you that your intro name has a Dr.preface? Is this your calling card of a preening academician? Is this supposed to part the waters of ignorance
          you must face dealing with us mere mortals of “just average”
          intelligence? Or is it the Ruby red badge of a blooming liberal whose head is just a wee bit? too big for his hat size

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Anyone in a 12 step program knows the ‘enables’ is not to blame for the gambler, alcoholic, drug user, etc. Hillary is not to blame for stuff Bill has long ago done and been forgiven. Why don’t you forgive? Aren’t you a Christian?
            Next your anti-intellectual bigotry emerges. I can’t get you your education, merely provide alternatives in these comments, if you are understanding them.
            Clearly your hat is bigger than your head like those on the topic from TX. Why don’t you address the topic or my points. That’s what smart people do.

          2. Carl Lewis says:

            Have more than one advanced degree, doctor.My dig at your seemingly obvious self worth
            was way over your oversized head, and you should invent your own metaphors instead of repeating mine. Our brow beating one another keeps us from the real issues…one of which is the physical, and mental frailty of Mrs. BILL Clinton, the liar and rogue SOS, who should, by all legal minds I have talked with, have been indicted for crimes against this great republic and NOT even eligible to hold office
            in our Federal government ever again. I think you know she is guilty, not only of extreme carelessness in the handling of top secret documents, but also destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice. If there is justice anywhere in this universe, HRC shall come face to face with it….and soon.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            You haven’t got enough background information to have a discussion on the issues. You haven’t responded to my ‘enabler’ retort. You don’t say how Bill’s sins are endemic to Hillary. You don’t say if you are a ‘forgiving’ Christian as Gospel requires. Then like many far right devotees you continue the anti-intellectual probing. You are too bigoted to discuss anything I’ve raised, typical for the far right.
            It’s not ‘browbeating’ but truth, also ignored on the right.
            Guess you don’t know many legal minds or know how the constitution works. Impeachment isn’t by legal eagles but the House. Judgment is pronounced in the Senate. There were insubstantial charges brought by the Republican House for WJC so no conviction was possible. Get over it.
            Bill paid for his lying with disbarment. Why are you persecuting him today 18 years later knowing he has/will not hold any office again? It’s nonsense.
            Legal minds at the top of the government have determined there is no criminal intent in carelessness, but you don’t believe in precedent, law or facts which legal minds should tell you.
            Unlike you and your ‘legal minds’, I don’t ‘know’ things except by evidence, facts and situations. You are out of your element and don’t even know it.

          4. Carl Lewis says:

            I know bigotry, beligerence, and super inflated egoism when I see it, and the bogus doctor has all of the above….aufweidersehen, bosch!

          5. ch says:

            No but she is to blame for threatening the victims of her husbands assault and trying to belittle them. She is not for womans rights and has taken millions from countries that treat woman worse than animals. Just like she laughed at the poor child when hiTLIARy got her 40 yo rapist off.

          6. DrBillLemoine says:

            Defending her marriage and spouse, while at the same time not crossing any legal boundaries of anybody’s rights, Hillary is condemned by you. We should all be thankful for a spouse who would do the same. I never had the experience by not straying from marital bounds; evidently you did, or again are unforgiving and apostate/reprobate. Or, are you a Muslim? Who can tell with your phony name and no avatar?
            I don’t know what your last crack means.

          7. ch says:

            You are a liberal idiot. she did cross boundaries, how can you say threatening someone is legal. Oh that’s right you are a liberal, you idiots are good at that. Besides Bill has said hiTLIARy has had more women than him. No I didn’t stray and hell no I am not a muslime like your liar in chief. I don’t need an avatar, they can be faked.

          8. DrBillLemoine says:

            I am not aware of ANY ‘threatening’ remarks made. Maybe I was too busy pursuing a good career under Bill, a very good time with him as president. The maximum threat to the nation is considering, let alone voting for, a proven liar, misogynist and outlaw, Trump.
            I don’t understand your 3rd sentence, perhaps a gratis attempt to smear Hillary with Bill’s transgressions by equivalence in marriage. No sense in continuing a ‘non-discussion’ with a birther who accepts no evidence, facts or the legitimacy of direct examples of a person’s religion. You prove yourself a fake with every phony post without identification for basic accountability in the world. You got lots of company is the best I can say.

    3. vagabonddenyg says:

      you are brain damaged, brain dead liberal yeahoi! Obviously our Texas Cowboy Gov’t Officials are doing a great job! tYexas is the best place to be in the USA!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Riiiiight. It’s happening in TX. ‘Government shutdown specialist’ Cruz was elected by trickery. Women’s healthcare outlets are closed putting poor women in healthcare jeopardy. Dallas, the model of community policing, finds 5 cops murdered. Gov. ‘Oops’ Perry gets shut out of presidential campaigning early–again. Vigilantes patrol the borders while congress cuts funds for border policing. Yep, TX is doing a great job–not. Maybe it’s ok for cowboys, but not ordinary citizens.

        1. NoCoincidences says:

          Meanwhile, the ends justify the means. Isn’t that the demonrat mantra? It was: “Judge Andrew S. Hanen, of Federal District Court for the Southern
          District of Texas, in Brownsville, ruled in favor of Texas and 25 other
          states that had challenged Mr. Obama’s immigration actions.” And, when 0bama ordered the DOJ to challenge his orders, Justice Department lawyers lied to Judge Andrew Hanen about the Obama administration’s immigration policies. So, on May 19, 2016 · Judge Andrew S. Hanen accused the lawyers of lying to him during arguments in a case involving the president’s executive action over immigration. Now, who has more evidence of corruption emanating from this foul administration that tries to cut corners, end-run congress, and every challenge to his lawless criminality? Surely, not a federal judge who was purposely lied to about the illegal and overreaching executive orders bestowing amnesty for illegal invaders who broke the federal immigration laws of the United States of America.

          If you want a banana republic with a kangaroo court system, continue to vote and to support you demoncratic socialist party of the U.S., you will get what you deserve. Just look how well that’s working out for Venezuela, and other previous socialist countries. No good comes from socialism, just hunger, despair, silence, and death. Those are facts even an alleged ‘Dr.’ cannot hide, much less deny.

          Please do your own research and stop cowing to the daily talking points you quickly jot down from the national morning repeater shows. It may benefit you greatly…

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            As officers of the court, attorneys do not lie to judges without facts or they face contempt charges or disbarment. Your notion of ‘lying’ doesn’t hold water unless the judge is incompetent, my assertion, or too partisan for a bench sitter. And your proposition of falsifying Obama’s immigration policies is phony because everybody has access to them, including your judge. Plus the president doesn’t enforce border crossings or immigration and customs enforcement, policemen do. Judges have no more ‘evidence’ than you or I do unless told by attorneys and law clerks.
            Now your ‘corner cutting’ isn’t possible except for the executive to prioritize agency actions due to your right wing Freedom Caucus in DC cutting the presidential budget request from $4.7 billion to $3.5; agents can only do what’s possible due to budget and personnel limits your pals voted in DC. Any corner cutting is due to budget constraints because you folks are cheapskates, want everything but won’t pay. Plus you aren’t thinking straight. A trained lawyer himself, surrounded by lawyers and trained immigration personnel, the President wouldn’t/couldn’t violate the law without impeachment, something threatened by you folks but having NO EVIDENCE. It doesn’t take a lawyer to know that; I do, but not you.
            Also realize the Senate has stonewalled progressive appointees for years, but even conservative justices are doing their jobs. They just bend the law more than Democratic appointees. BTW with our Constitution you are accusing Justice Department of laxity, not apparent, and falsely equate socialism with what’s going on now in a DC dominated by Republican congress. Venezuela, your home country, is In no way comparable to the USA. Macho Latin Americans are used to strongmen and dictators which aren’t possible yet in America. But also realize this nation was founded in part on ‘socialist’ ideas in the Constitution; the preamble of aims clearly states government ‘promotes the general welfare’, a socialist ideal. This means however, only life, liberty and pursuit of happiness support. Take a civics course IN AMERICA. And you ignore than much of Europe is ‘socialist’ with healthcare at least.
            Unlike you I’ve lived in this fine country my whole life and understand what it means, which you apparently don’t just from your post here. Get an education–in this country.

          2. NoCoincidences says:

            First, “As officers of the court, attorneys do not lie to judges without facts or they face contempt charges or disbarment.” What Utopialand do you live in, virgin to the world? Or, did you have your rose-colored glasses in need of an updated prescription.
            Those ‘officers of the court’ that you presume are honest, men and women of integrity, work for the department of justice and the administration, no one else. They do what their ‘boss’ tells them to do, just like all the other departments under 0bama’s control, or they will regret not doing so.
            Those ‘attorneys’ misled the judge- look it up, but we all know that won’t happen because either: 1) you are too lazy, 2) you only believe what you are told by your superiors, or 3) you are just ignorant and want to remain as such for the rest of your life.
            Moving on to: “And your proposition of falsifying Obama’s immigration policies is phony because everybody has access to them, including your judge.” It is not my ‘proposition’ that is the problem, it’s the facts the truth tells. Even jeh johnson, himself, admitted before multiple congressional hearings on the illegal immigration numbers, which he said were inflated due to the orders to border patrol agents to count the turn arounds as apprehensions, which now the illegal invaders are invited in by orders of the president. The only immigration edicts 0bama has decided to execute, is his own- which btw, are not laws, nor Constitutionally legal. One step farther, he, once again, has overstepped his executive authority in doing so. Policemen? enforce the border and immigration policies? Not if they work for sanctuary cities. ‘Policemen’, ICE AGENTS, and border patrol agents are three different occupations, with one common goal- to protect and serve the citizens of this, THIS NATION, from criminals, illegal invaders, and other harmful scoundrels that are intent on breaking the laws of this nation. Your demonrats were in control of the senate until 2014, and the house until 2010. Under harry greid and nancy piglosi, the border funding was cut-due to 0bama’s sequestration of the budget, no one else’s. The wall was scheduled to have been built since 2007, btw, so that’s nothing new.
            And, finally, “A trained lawyer himself, surrounded by lawyers and trained immigration personnel, the President wouldn’t/couldn’t violate the law without impeachment, something threatened by you folks but having NO EVIDENCE. It doesn’t take a lawyer to know that; I do, but not you.” It must be nice to believe everything the powers that be tells you. You are out of your freaking mind. A ‘trained lawyer’ that retired his license, as did his wife. Why on earth would they do that? See Clinton v. Jones, and Nixon. I would advise to research 0bama’s, but we all know he has had those sealed for quite a while now.
            One last tidbit- try to join reality, stop drinking the 0bamaid, and repeating those talking points of the demonrat daily emails. And, don’t vote.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are confusing federal, compared to State and local judicial units. Nobody is EVER told to lie by the U. S. Attorney General. It’s against the law and impeachable at that level. Priorities ARE set according to budgets and personnel. Take a civics course; did you miss yours, drop out before the 9th grade? The president as a lawyer and head of state doesn’t tell agency heads what to do except within general policy guidelines as explained above. Keep it real and honest.
            Just how, besides the bogus charge of ‘lying’, did any federal attorneys mislead a judge–it’s not explained here precisely what happened; rather, broad brush and misleading statements to condemn attorneys were made including by you. 1. It’s not my article and 2. it’s not my post that tells of illegal activities like lying. 3. To make a point you must muster, organize and present a case to the reader, me.
            Furthermore as described above for your understanding, top priorities are set by management to make judiciary officials effective and efficient. It’s your conservative Freedom Caucus and congressional leadership that cuts budgets too low forcing inadequate pursuit of outlaws/illegal immigrants.
            Then you spout nonsense. Stops at the border of illegals IS clearly a turnaround number, if they aren’t breaking some other law requiring arrest like possessing drugs or trafficking humans. You are not clear or explaining clearly what you know, making faulty judgments as a result.
            You also blame the president and Democrats for Senate Republicans on the Gang of Eight who refused to compromise causing sequestration of funds. Pay closer attention to details before pointing any fingers. Sanctuary cities are another matter, a State and local issue, that could be resolved by congressional republicans doing their duties and passing immigration reform which they refuse to do under some misguided notion that they are saving taxpayer money. (Yet they spend millions and much time pursuing Hillary when there’s nothing illegal there to give the illusion that congress is doing something when they are only wasting you and my tax dollars and valuable problem solving time.)
            Again, I look a hard evidence and make conclusions, not smearing a president and judicial officials based on no or scant and (unreported by you or this article) evidence. What is that crack about ‘retired lawyer’? Nobody retires a license issue by a state voluntarily. It’s too hard to get.
            Again, follow the evidence, not right wing smear ‘reports’ to get the truth, not ‘talking points’ you spout here without understanding civics and law.

  • FREDKIELY says:

    750 need to be deported now. The crooked politicians need to be stopped from making thousands of immigrants citizens so they can vote. It would also be a nice jester if they would let the dead people rest this year instead of making them vote again. Then we would only have to deal with people who vote multiple times and those who get the names of people who didn’t vote and cast ballots in their names. If this isn’t stopped we will loose our country and we are headed that way.

    1. AKLady2015 says:

      We the People do not elect a President.
      We the People have never elected a President.
      We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
      Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
      Start with the Electoral College.

  • Sergio Pastor says:

    Simple question? How a new citizen can vote if he has not live in this country to see and learn what is the best interest of the country that voting DEMOCRAT??????moron. I am Latino immigrate and DEMOCRAT ….but committing fraud on the electoral American citizen NO…NO.. first pay your dues amigos!!! Love the USA!!!!

  • Look, If America has not realized why this whole Obama immigration policy was put in effect, then America deserves what is coming.

    Call it whatever you want.. but what they are doing is to change the face of America!! A more multi racial multi cultural multi religious America that they can control.

    They do not want to start a new Country.. they always want a country doing well that they can steal. America is the PLUM.. If they can steal America and redistribute the wealth and plunder its natural resources that their useful idiot class have been protecting for them with talk of Saving the Earth and Climate Change and other BS… The moment they take America they will drill for oil, mine for coal log for timber and do everything to bring the cost of essentials down for the multicultural “gimme class”. Satisfying them into submission and creating a colonized Oligarchy where their families will be the next set of rulers of the AMERICAN KINGDOM is the long term plan.

    Poor immigrants who want Government Largess and Free Health care and housing is just step one..


    GOD HELP US !!

    1. AKLady2015 says:

      That is exactly what America has allowed the 1% to do. It has gone on for centuries,

  • Tiger says:

    It won’t get anywhere. O let loose over 80,000 criminal illegals and put them back into our society. Look people Congress knows what is going on. I know cause I have watched these hearings on illegals and on refugees. O is rushing against the clock to get as many registered to vote as he can. That 800 that were to be deported and got citizenship instead was no mistake, they take us for fools.

    Just as they take us for fools concerning Hellary and Comey. Congressman Doug Collins of Georgia told Comey where the cow ate the cabbage and he said to Comey what all of us have wanted to hear. We have more turncoats and traitors and Muslim Brotherhood in our entire infrastructure than we have in prison. Collins told Comey God help America if she gets into the WH.

      1. Tiger says:

        I saw this thank you I will share it.

        1. ch says:

          You are welcome, share far and wide

          1. Tiger says:

            I surely will and did. ;p

    1. AKLady2015 says:

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. NoCoincidences says:

        Ask your president, administration, and Killary, especially the queen of lies those questions. Then, ask yourself the same. The farce is strong with you..

  • Retired says:

    This is why it is Important to NOT ELECT the Clintons and get rid of LYNCH along with Obama.

  • Lindy says:

    Congress needs to appoint a special prosecutor to handle the Hillary email server case. It needs to be taken out of the hands of the FBI and the Attorney General so justice can be served. They have shown that they are corrupt.

    1. FREDKIELY says:

      Trump them.

    2. AKLady2015 says:




  • David Stewart says:

    Maybe they can be i.d.ed by the brand on their camel; doubt any of them have ever been printed!

  • Stephen Howe says:

    Also, someone in Congress needs to get up off their hands and commission a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary’s emails, since the FBI has become hopelessly politicized & corrupt.

    1. Retired says:

      If you would have listened to Comey there is no federal judge at this time to prosecute her even though she is guilty of mishandling. Nothing will happen as long as Obama and Lynch are there.

      1. AKLady2015 says:

        Every e-mail has a sender and a recipient.
        Everyone knew exactly where their e-mail was going.
        Everyone knew exactly were the e-mail came from.
        How nany people must be “charged” for your bloodlust to be satisfied?

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          All the names he mentioned should be put to death for treason!

          1. AKLady2015 says:

            Sorry Rodney, in this country the law is innocent until proven guilty. The 5th Amendment guaranties everyone fair hearing.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            Hellary has been found guilty, but the FBI is not allowed to do their job because your Prez won’t allow it! Hellary owns Obama, that’s her boy, she can hang his a$$ and he knows it!! And these taking the 5th is proof they’re hiding something, Gowdey proved that!! Uninformed!

          3. Retired says:

            AK is to pig headed to see that.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            Totally agree!

        2. Gary Umbenhaur says:

          Only the guilty (probably 90% of the modern Democratic party.

          1. AKLady2015 says:

            Sorry Gary, in this country the law is innocent until proven guilty.
            The 5th Amendment guaranties everyone fair hearing.

          2. Retired says:

            AK lady is a troll on this site .


          3. Rodney Steward says:


        3. Retired says:

          Every criminal that walks the face of the earth until we get rid of the trash controlling WDC.

    2. CharlieSeattle says:

      Good luck with that. Congress is complicit.

  • scot_belle says:

    IMHO…this should apply to every person seeking naturalization status, whether now…or in the future, including any and all detained ILLEGALS and “supposed” REFUGEES.

    1. AKLady2015 says:

      Maybe you should go back and read the article again, more slowly this time.




    1. Retired says:

      The Government has the right to pull all those citizen ship people , but not under Obama.

      1. MARLENE HESSLER says:


        Would only be surpassed on CORRUPTION with a HELLARY ADMINISTRATION.

        1. Retired says:

          Her and Bill are worse than the Obamas.

          1. DotDot says:

            About the same – ALL CORRUPT and LIARS!!

          2. AKLady2015 says:

            Facts are strange things, America’s economy did very well under Clinton.
            More importantly, it took place without increasing the devbt 288% like Reagan.

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            WRONG, NO 288%! And Billy-Bob sent our jobs out of the country!!

          4. AKLady2015 says:

            Reagan’s budgets goes like this: He slashed taxes for the rich, spent a ton of money on the military, and the national debt exploded.

            What is actually eating America alive is the interest on the debt, not actual soending.

            Taxes need to go up. The debt needs paid. There are the Bush I and Bush II milutary actions eating thw American taxpayer alive.

          5. Rodney Steward says:

            And a black boy that has run up more debt than all the other Presidents in history combined! FACT!

          6. AKLady2015 says:

            Congress spends the money.
            You elect Congress.

            You might want to make better choices of who you elect to represent you in Congress.

            Debt is cumulative, The Civil War debt was just paid off in 2011.

            What is driving the national debt is interest accuring on the debt that existed before Obana took office.

            Factually, deficit spending has been reduced under Obama.

          7. Retired says:

            Who was their leader until 2 years ago ,Pelosi and Reid with the gang of 8. We have not had a president for the last 7+ years.

          8. AKLady2015 says:

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          9. Rodney Steward says:

            My state has some of the best congressmen in the country, I cant help the rest! And you’re a full blooded DEM., believe everything they say, another Pelosi!!

          10. AKLady2015 says:

            Assume, assume, assume …
            I am an Independent.

          11. Rodney Steward says:

            You’re a Johnson person heh!! He was a TV today, again made a fool of his self again, coundn’t name the Prez. of mexico or the previous one either! Brain dead!!

          12. AKLady2015 says:

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

            Assume, asasume assume, insult …repeat ad nauseam.
            Idependent means exactly what it says —
            I belong to no one.

          13. NoCoincidences says:

            That’s probably a relief to many…

          14. Rodney Steward says:


          15. Skip Plummer says:

            Independents aren’t for Johnson. Most of them, like myself, are supporting Mr. Trump. I did have to switch to the Republican party in order to vote for him in the CA primary.

          16. Rodney Steward says:

            That’s GREAT Skip, we can not let Hellary take the house, if so, we’ve lost our country and I’m not joking friend!!

          17. Gary Umbenhaur says:

            Nice try! The Clinton administration “did very well” only after the Newt Gingrich revolution with the contract with America. Their first 2 years was a virtual sea of red ink.

          18. Rodney Steward says:

            That completely went over her head, I promise! 🙂

          19. AKLady2015 says:

            Obviously, another one who has no idea how the government operates.

            The federal fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30. Thus, the first year spending was not Clinton’s.

            Go back and look at the facts.

          20. Retired says:

            AK is a cliton Troll.

          21. Ralph in Denver says:

            No AK is a law school drop out who makes her living helping people scam the disability laws of our country. Just in case you haven’t noticed,,,,,She only exists to f**k with people, it doesn’t matter what you say she has conflict with it. I’ve taken advantage of the block feature to eliminate her cr@p from my boards and recommend you do the same. Her stuff isn’t worth the time it takes to read it

          22. Retired says:

            Another Hillary ,me myself and I milking the Taxpayer .

          23. Retired says:

            Try telling that to all the people who lost Jobs and benefits. Then there was the steady rise in health insurance something you Gov. people did not see. Clinton created the 2008 bubble burst with his 0 down payment on a house.

          24. AKLady2015 says:

            Congress makes the laws.
            Congress spemds thw money.
            You elect COngress.

          25. AKLady2015 says:

            Clinton did not create “the bubble”.
            Your statement says you arw both brainwashed and very poirly informed.

            No down payment VA loans were around before Clinton.
            No down payment Navy Federal Credit Union …
            No down payment: USDA…
            Low down payment: Mortgage insurance.
            Low down payment: FHA ….

          26. IBUYRMP says:

            Only because of Newt Gingrich an a Republican Congress forcing Bill to the Right, did the American economy do very well under Clinton.

          27. AKLady2015 says:

            Baby boy, the time period was not the Gingrich Administrstion.

            One post the “Right” damns the Clinton years as a failure. The next post they say his admin was great, but it was Gingrich who did it..

            You people need to get togeather.
            Get your stories streight.

        2. AKLady2015 says:

          Under Bush our military and CIA ran torture centers.
          Where were your temper tantrums then?
          Funny fact, the Bush Dynasty and the bin Laden family are quite close.
          Guess who funded Baby Bush’s failed Arbusto Energy.

          1. MARLENE HESSLER says:


            WAR IS BUTT UGLY.

            And you want to cry about waterboarding these ANIMALS

            Give me a break. Grow up and GET REAL.

          2. AKLady2015 says:

            Grow up and learn the law.
            Someone else steals, that makea it all right for your to steal?

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            The enemy has no rights, waterboarding will be brought back! Trump 2016

          4. AKLady2015 says:

            Thne U.S. is a Geneva COnvention signer.
            Congress passed the War Crimes Act of 1996.
            Maybe you should read it.

          5. Rodney Steward says:

            The Geneva Convention is like the UN, BS and no longer useful! Muslims don’t believe in the Geneva Convention, just their pathetic belief!

          6. Retired says:

            You are the one supporting the criminals, by supporting Hillary.

          7. Rodney Steward says:

            Probably another D’N muslim!

          8. AKLady2015 says:

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          9. Rodney Steward says:

            I’m an infidel, remember!!

          10. Rodney Steward says:

            I’m all in on waterboarding, and looking forward to seeing more of it!!

          11. AKLady2015 says:

            Torture is a war crime.
            You might want to read up on The War Crimes Act of 1996.

          12. Rodney Steward says:

            Waterboarding has been used for almost 20 years, and it still is in some places!! 🙂

          13. Retired says:

            Try telling that to the Families who had a members head cut off by ISIS, don’t hear you complaining about that.

        3. AKLady2015 says:

          Accuse, accuse, accuse….not one fact, not a single piece of evidence.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            As usual, never informed, it’s all over the TV, or are U not allowed to watch one!

          2. AKLady2015 says:

            Why would I want to watch the boob-tube?
            There are much better information sources on the Internet — valid information sources that provide news from all over the world.

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            The Net is like the Tube, both have a lot of BS!!

          4. AKLady2015 says:

            Dear Rodney, there are many valid news outlets on the Internet. Further, one can obtain a much better international perspective.

          5. Rodney Steward says:

            International perspective, it’s all about the cult of islam and it’s sickness, world wide, but this is their goal but will lead to their demise!

          6. AKLady2015 says:

            Islam is the world’s second largest religion. Sorry, Rodney, 1.6 billion people are not a cult.

            Here is a list of America’s allies in which Islam is the predominate religion: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Myanmar, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Rwanda, Cambodia, Honduras, Uganda, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

          7. Rodney Steward says:

            A whole lot of weak minded dumba$$es! It’s a twisted ideology and worship a false prophet!

          8. AKLady2015 says:

            That is a perfect definition of your belief system. You are no more a Christian than Satan himself.

      2. AKLady2015 says:

        Not under the 5th Amendment.

        1. Roy Fredrichsen says:

          That ONLY applies to citizens, not to the people that want to kill you.

          1. AKLady2015 says:

            The U.S. Constitution applies to everyone within the U.S. or its territories. Some exceptions apply to those on active duty with the U.S. Military.

            Educate yourself

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            NOT TO TERRORIST, PERIOD!! U get educated, you’re going by the Obama’s game and his love of the cult!

          3. AKLady2015 says:

            Show me thw law. Cite it, paragraph and chapter. Cite legal cases to prove your positiion.
            The only thing you have is insult, insult, insult.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            The terrorist are our enemy, and the enemy must and will go!!

        2. Retired says:

          How ignorant of you , they were criminals to be deported. They have no right to the 5th.

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