Nominating Trump or Cruz would cost Republicans at state level, Kasich warns

by David Sherfinski
April 12, 2016

Ohio Gov. John Kasich warned Monday that nominating Donald Trump or Ted Cruz will cost Republicans control of the New York state Senate, adding to the political damage the party fears could result from November’s elections.

Analysts have already said the U.S. Senate and even the U.S. House could slip from Republican control if Mr. Trump or Mr. Cruz is the nominee, but Mr. Kasich said the losses could go even deeper, reversing a six-year surge the party had been enjoying at the state level.

“I think we have a good chance of having a united Republican Party with nominees who are going to get destroyed in the fall election,” Mr. Kasich said as he campaigned ahead of the April 19 New York Republican primary. “I will tell you the majority in the New York state Senate will not be a majority with the other two guys being the nominee of the party.”

Unable to win the nomination outright, Mr. Kasich is hoping Republicans go to their convention in July worried less about their internal fight and more concerned with who’s their best bet to lead the party into November.

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  • Front Sight says:

    Kasich is worried about the incumbents. No need to worry because the electorate is going to throw the bums out!

  • Bob says:

    Kasich has been an extreme long shot since he entered the race, and has not gotten any better. I may not be fully sold on either Trump or Cruz, but either is better than Kasich and his noodle for a spine.
    Believe me, if the GOP can not get it’s collective act together and back a candidate once and for all, we may wake up from the long nightmare of the Obama years to the real horror of another Clinton Administration.

  • Walt says:

    The words of a loser, hell he is being beat by a man who dropped out of the race, Rubio and still wants us to believe he has a chance…..

  • Sara says:

    Hey Kasich, electing you or any of the other crime cabal on the left or right will result in far worse.

  • nodo says:

    Kasich seemed okay for a very liberal so-called republican. However, his efforts to steal the election from the people makes him a snake in the grass to say the least. It will take a very strong president to get us out of the mess we are in as a country, and Kasich’s namby-pamby ways won’t do it. The slide might be a bit slower than with Hillary or Sanders, but we would still be on our way down that slippery slope.

  • Gnowark says:

    For the 1237, Sunday’s score was:
    Trump 743 46%
    Cruz 545 34%
    Rubio (gone) 171 11%
    Kasich 143 9%
    Of course we should use the projections of the bottom candidate, it’s only fitting to lose by supporting the weakest link in the chain, and filing down the strongest. It’s what made the RNC what it is today.

  • Chadocat says:

    I don’t care for Trump however if he wins the most delegates chosen by the people of the United States, he should be our nominee. I am still praying that Cruz will pull off a end of the line upset but not at the cost of democracy. If Kaisch or some other “member of the club” is chosen by the club then this democratic republic of, by and for the people doesn’t exist and it doesn’t matter who wins in November.

    1. Frankdidit says:

      You really need to do some research on Ted Cruz. He is NOT the outsider he portrays himself as. Look up the link “New World Order” His wife is part of it. If you can’t find anything let me know?

      1. Chadocat says:

        My point isn’t about insider or outsider and by what definition do we go by. Was Reagan an outsider? We all know that Ted Cruz was not the first choice of the RNC Club but after Jeb and Rubio and a few others failed to make it with the people the Club reluctantly had to get behind Cruz. Now we can talk about conspiracies theories, the Illuminati or whatever till we turn blue in the face. Cruz is a Roman Catholic, Trump….well Trump worships Trump. My point is if the people choose Trump and the Club rigs up the Convention in July to pick Kaisch, Ryan, another Bush or even Ted Cruz then we know this whole idea of elections by the people is just a sham.
        BTW my choices when all this began was Carson, Cruz and Rubio….in that order.

        1. Frankdidit says:

          I would just like to know if you have completed any research on Cruz? If not, let me know and I will give you proof not rumers.

  • elmcqueen3 says:

    Kasich is only staying in the race betting that in a brokered convention he’d be the pick of the GOP to close the nomination…then what?…The only person who can best Hillary Clinton is none other than Hillary Clinton…not John Kasich.

    1. Frankdidit says:

      He is a spoiler.

  • Marine68 says:

    Kasich has long been one of those Republicans that did as the Democrats do, he was a feather on the right wing of the same ugly Socialist Bird running Washington. I would rather fight a revolution than elect another Commie.

  • ADRoberts says:

    Kasich is a coward liberal who has already claimed that he will give amnestgy without 100 days of being in office. He also was THE governor who vetoed a bill that would have protected Christians from legal assaults by homosexuals. In other words, he is no conservative and is not likely a Christian either. Frankly, I don’t know what he is except maybe a puppet of the Establishment and the elite.
    Kasich is either sold out to wickedness or he is a flaming liberal who should be in the Democrat party.

  • JC says:

    This guy Kasich—is one reason why the Republican party are losers—the elite GOP leadership establishment Rinos are losers—they don’t know how to win elections—-they only know how to CAVE IN to marxist democrats

  • joseph kosior says:

    I think the RNC and the rest of the establishment would prefer Clinton to win the election. They probably believe that would be the way to retain control in Congress. We have control in Congress now with a liberal president and we see where that’s gotten us. The only chance we have of beating Clinton and the RNC is to see her indicted which means we have no chance. Turning the minorities on her by exposing her as a fraud would be another way but I don’t think they will ever see the reality. Most women over the age of 50 only care to see a woman in the Whitehouse in their lifetime and to hell with the country. But the Hildabeast has already been in the Whitehouse and we ended up with damaged computers and stolen furniture and furnishings when she left. The biggest joke is on all of us voters who think our votes matter. At this point many believe a revolution is in order.

  • Jeanette Eaton says:

    It really isn’t going to matter who is the Republican candidate in the fall as far as the two houses go in both the state and national levels. because the ones that are already there have messed their own careers up. Those offices shouldn’t be careers, anyway. The Republicans have not done what they were elected to do. When all is said and done in November, the Republicans will have no one to blame but themselves…..and I am not talking about the ordinary, everyday, American -loving Republicans….I am talking about those “goons” in the houses at both the state and national levels. WE THE PEOPLE , in good faith, elected them to do a certain job and they have just turned their backs on us and done everything else but what we wanted them to do. They are not Republican loyalists. The only person running in any election this year that deserves my vote is Donald Trump.

  • jsa says:

    excellent kent2012

  • Jim says:

    Kasich is a true career politician who will do anything to keep himself in the graft of politics, including trying to sabotage the campaigns of others. Kasich has zero chance of getting enough delegates to place him anywhere near being a contender in this contest and should never even be considered at any convention. He, and the GOP, are using an old fear strategy against the people that has been used many times in the past, which is: “better Kasich than Hillary”, which assumes that Kasich could beat Hillary. Remember the old saying from the 1960’s “better Red than Dead”. Same kind of retoric. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. Donald Duck should be a shew in for anyone against Hillary. The more important question that one should ask is why a canadian born one term senator, one who has all of his personal records sealed similar to the one who calls himself Barack Obama, is even in contention for the presidency of the United States? He claims to be an american citizen but the bare fact is that both of his parents were citizens of Canada when he was born in Canada. It may be completely true that his mother may have been born in the United States, but she left to become a citizen of Canada, which she was when Ted Cruz was born. How does that make Ted Cruz a “natural born american”???????????? I don’t see how he can be constitutionally qualified to hold the office of President of the United States. Donald Trump is the only alternative that I see here.

  • The Redhawk says:

    IF one needs any Explanations of what Kasich says.
    THINK of 2009…Baracky the STUPID has a 100% Progressive Liberal CONGRESS… and what did they give us?
    1) A wasted trillion dollars on Stimulus
    2) More than a trillion dollars BHOZO HEALTH CARE full of LIES and INCOMPTETENCE
    3) unprecendent BORROWING for “favorite” Lobbyinsts projects

    And IF SHIL-LIAR-RY gets elected with a Progressive Fascist Congressional Majority>>>> WELL?????????????????? might as well eLECT BERNIE to Rename the USA as the SNUSA ( Socialist Not United States of America)

    1. GinnyAlbert says:

      And the GOP has offered those they are mandated to serve, exactly what? They have done absolutely nothing, but if that is governing to you, have at it!

  • Charlie says:

    Gov. Kasich went around the country trying to drum up support for Obama Care . In OH the twenty year sum of money to be used for said health care has about 20% remaining , no not even close to the 20 years. Yes the health care program is failing in OH stated to be broke by 2017 . With a national debt of over $19,000,000,000,000.00 We the People do not need another politician adding more debt by supporting any socialistic programs concocted by democrats.
    When running for Governor of OH the NRA supported the Democrat over Kasich . So he must not be a firm supporter of the Second Amendment .
    Kasich is a RINO , he has supported a vast number of democrat agendas threw out his decades as a politician. Bowing to the democrats has been the ruination of the republican party by being weak .
    Governor Kasich this should be the last political title that you acquire after being governor you should retire from public servitude . Thank-you for your service now retire .

  • gf says:

    John, hopefully you will be one of the casualties.

  • .madashell says:

    The only negatively effected group by a Cruz win will be the do nothing politicians currently sucking on the financial teat of the United States of America with total disregard for the citizens that put them in office. OOPS,
    I forgot. Voting is nothing more than a pacifier that is offered up by our esteemed rulers to give us the impression that our opinions matter.
    When, in fact, it is they that “appoint” their cohorts to the best teats.

    1. Frankdidit says:

      Look up the New World order. It involves Teds Wife. and possibly Ted. If you can’t find it let me know.

  • kathy diamond says:

    Kasich can’t beat Trump in the polls, so he is using another Political Trick. Don’t be fooled, he is THE ESTABLISHMENTS SHILL VOTE TRUMP, HE WILL BE OUR PRESIDENT ” FOR ” THE PEOPLE. No More Politicians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Including Cruz in the no more politicians!

      1. kathy diamond says:

        SDofAZ Thats a Given !! Lyin’ Ted

  • Colo43 says:

    The Repubs have already lost, with not listening to the people when we voted them all in. And Voting for Kasich is just another rino in disguise !
    ” Trump 2016″

    1. Barrustio says:

      The way to get our country back is not to turn on real conservatives in the Republican party by switching parties. The way you do it is by voting for a Republican candidate who has clearly stated that he promises to do what the people asked him to do (like Cruz has done), unlike the incumbents who were voted in on a promise to undo Obama’s illegal policies. Make ALL politicians aware that they will only serve one term, if they insist on going with the party rather than the people.

      1. SDofAZ says:

        Sure, the establishment darling for stealing delegates. Some choice!

        1. Barrustio says:

          “Establishment”???surely you jest…at this point the establishment is only supporting Cruz because they know that the alternative would be a disaster. especially in view of the inability of a candidate to understand the electoral process and then uses, “stealing delegates”, as his excuse for his ignorance and that of his campaign managers. There’s no stealing going on, just very smart organization…Trump has the same right to go after these delegates but fails to understand that you can’t do EVERYTHING by sitting on your ass and depend on Twitter, you have to have a ground game of people who will WORK for you, not just attend your rallies. In all honesty, do you really think Trump would be the front runner if this had started out as a three man race? The truth is, the majority of those people who voted for other candidates who dropped out, had Cruz as a second choice and Trump as a last resort. So it’s all fair and righteous.

          1. joseph kosior says:

            Cruz is being used to try to stop Trump from hitting 1237. Trusting that the delegates will back Cruz on a second or third ballot is like trusting Iran on the nuke deal. The establishment is going to convince the delegates to go with someone like Kasich or even Rubio and hope that the voters will simply hold their noses and vote for their choice. I can tell you that I for one will not vote which will be the first time ever and I’m not a young man. The last thing in this world that I want to see is the Hildabeast win the election but I think the establishment would prefer that over Trump or Cruz.

          2. Barrustio says:

            Actually everybody is uniting behind Cruz. The GOP knows that if they give the appearnce that they would take anybody over Trump or Cruz for Rubio or Kasich, real conservatives who were responsible for giving Republicans their victory in 2012 will stay at home.

          3. joseph kosior says:

            The uniting behind Cruz thing is an illusion. If they have no plan to elect anyone other than Trump or Cruz than it would be inconceivable to choose Cruz if he doesn’t have as many delegates going in as Trump. Remember that delegates can be bribed legally. Which one of the two has the ability to come up with the biggest bribes?

          4. Barrustio says:

            It will come down to the gift of gab. There’s no doubt Trump will get all those with “New York values”.

          5. joseph kosior says:

            Trump will get all those with “American values”. There is no doubt he is a true American and the one thing he is doing is waking up the silent majority. Half of this country have no idea what’s going on around them and never vote. He’s changing that which is why we’re seeing the turnouts he gets at his rallies.

          6. Barrustio says:

            He’s a showman…that’s why people turn up at his rallies. You ask most of them about anything substantive about world issues and they are as stumped as Trump.

          7. joseph kosior says:

            Have you ever seen the people that vote democrat? You want to talk about stumped. As we’ve seen, that makes no difference when it comes to winning an election. I think Trump is smarter than he comes off. I think he’s playing to a certain crowd because he needs their backing. But when it’s time for the rubber to meet the road you’re going to see things really happen. He has done things in business that people said could not be done and please don’t come back with “he had his daddy’s money”. I’ve known many people who have inherited big money only to see it pissed away.

          8. Barrustio says:

            The people I admire most are those who start from scratch and actually do some work and go on to be successful and didn’t piss it away. I was born into a family of one brother and 10 sisters, we were very poor because there was one bread winner in the house and my Mom did the traditional thing of tending to the household and the children. None of us have been to jail and all of us have achieved a reasonable level of success not measured by material empires nor a silver spoon being afforded us. Trump is a smart business man and would probably do well as Secretary of Commerce but the real “Art of the Deal” when it comes to politics, is more than what you can build or what you can earn for yourself…but what you can do for ALL Americans. Surely you don’t think Trump would make a deal which would benefit ALL Americans if it meant jeopardizing his own fortunes do you? I just don’t believe he is in this for altruistic reasons.

          9. joseph kosior says:

            I think you reach a point in life when you know there has to be more than your own achievements and accomplishments. I worked for a time with Evel Knievel and nobody was more of an ego centric person when he was making his mark in life. In his later years though he had a completely different attitude. He started to dislike the game he worked his whole life to win. He realized what was important in the end. He started treating people differently and made his peace with GOD. I think Trump may be starting to go down that same path and is willing to give up a little for a greater purpose. He set his family up to be self sufficient so he doesn’t have to worry about them and he’ll never be poor. This could be his only chance to give something back and I’m hoping he wins and has that opportunity.

          10. Barrustio says:

            What Trump has done for his family is commendable but is nothing exceptional when it comes to what ANY father would want for his family. I expect him to treat his family right…but as a candidate I also have expectations that he will treat people in a PRESIDENTIAL manner and he has just not displayed enough of that. The one defining moment for him was when he expressed his sentiments about the people of New York during 911. But it was at the same time a cheap shot with the knowledge that those were NOT the New York values, Cruz was referring to. What I have witnessed is profanity laced tirades against a sound technician calling him an SOB and a bast*ard, calling his opponents “p*ssies”, calling women pigs, dogs, and ugly and losers. I have seen a candidate who encourages violence against those who oppose him…I have witnessed arrogance of belittling even his followers saying they were “uneducated” and that they have basically drunk enough Trumpaid that he could “shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any votes”. Perhaps I need to look deeper to see what you perceive where Trump might be at this point in his life because it is not there for me to plainly see as the same altruistic attitude that Cruz projects.

          11. joseph kosior says:

            What are you going to do when you realize Cruz is bought and paid for? Do you really think all those super pacs are putting up all of those millions because they’re in love with Cruz? He’s going to have to do the bidding of those donors sooner or later. Cruz talks a good game but he’s no different than any other politician. Trump talks like a street thug but at least he’s honest. Do you really think he’s so stupid to not know his honesty will hurt him? He can talk the way you would want him to talk, then he would be like everyone else. He certainly has his faults but he’s ahead in this race for a reason.

          12. Barrustio says:

            You are absolutely correct that Trump is ahead for a reason. First he has the celebrity recognition that very few of the other candidates did. 90% of the people didn’t know who the hell Kasich was when we first started. Second, Cruz had to start splitting the votes with 15 other candidates with the same lack of recognition…of course that’s not to say that Trump’s early lead wasn’t because of his vast knowledge of foreign and domestic policy, the economy, education and social issues but the chances are greater that it was because of a bombastic style that fed to the people’s anger and distrust for the status quo and the disdain for Obama pretty much the same as Obama’s supporters gave a community organizer sudden rise to the top over a repetition of “Hope and Change” over their disdain for Bush. It’s called charisma, many world leaders have possessed it, not all to the benefit of mankind…and Last…I don’t believe we would have the present situation had this started out as a two man race, with Trump being the leader…and I believe it is the same reason Trump refuses to debate Cruz one on one with nobody to hold them back. Cruz’s knowledge of world affairs would put on display for the world to see that Trump is not ready for prime time. As for me “realizing that Cruz is bought and paid for”, that is a slanderous statement based on pure hypothetical fantasy. Just as it would be hypothetical fantasy for me to say ” What are you going to do when you realize that you handed the election to the liberals because you believed that a man who didn’t have the vote of 75%of women, almost none of the Black vote and very little of the Hispanic vote and other minorities which were needed for a win, simply because you believe that self funding was proof of someone’s honesty.

          13. joseph kosior says:

            I honestly think you’re dreaming if you think Cruz would beat Hillary. He can say and do anything he wants but we no longer elect the best candidates, we elect personalities. Obama is a prime example of that. Nobody heard of him but his personality beat out one of the best known politicians in the world. Cruz has got a grating way about him. He has a grip on the issues, I’ll give him that, but he’s just so unlikeable. He isn’t someone that has the ability to inspire people that never voted before to come out and support him. Whether or not you think Trump is nothing more than a showman, that’s what people will vote for. Plus, he won’t play nice with Hillary. He will go for the jugular whereas Cruz would try to outwit her. Trump has more on Hillary than anyone knows and he has no problem unleashing it. He has nothing to lose but Cruz still has to think about his future as a politician if he attacks her too hard and loses. And self funding may not be proof of someone’s honesty but I tend to believe the person who isn’t taking money from special interests. You can’t honestly believe that people are putting up big money and not expecting something in return? I wouldn’t worry much about the black vote either. More blacks like Trump than hate him and they only make up a very small percent of the voting block of this country. That 75% figure you quoted of women who do no support Trump is fabricated by the same people that are scared out of their heads that Trump might win. The people that have lied to us all throughout the years put out propaganda in order to sway us in a direction they want us to go. I don’t and won’t fall for it, especially when I see the numbers of rally attendees at Trumps events. They even try to brush that off by saying those people don’t actually vote. Trump will be the nominee and he will trounce Clinton in the general.

          14. Barrustio says:

            One thing I have noticed is that in spite of Cruz being unlikable (to his colleagues anyway) he has somehow managed to sway votes that the more likable other 15 candidates with much less the celebrity recognition of Trump. He is obviously able to inspire those who are knowledgeable about the issues rather than those apt to get caught in the Obama-like frenzy of “Make America Great Again” I venture to say that had this been a two man race from the get go Trump would have nowhere the delegate count he now has due to his 2 billion dollars worth of free media. This is one reason Trump will never debate Cruz one on one anymore and Cruz needs to capitalize on that and challenge Trump for not being as “tough” as he claims to be. Trump says the people are entitled to a fair voice and a vote. Then he should respect the people’s right to HEAR his voice in comparison to Cruz, in the interest of judging who is better qualified. People are beginning to get wise to the fact that the media doesn’t like Trump, in spite of the ratings he gives them, they merely want him to be the nominee so they can keep cashing in. However when running against Hillary the media coverage will not be as gentle as they are being now simply because they are the LIBERAL media. I see Cruz as our only chance and it would have been easier if Kasich (if Trump is the nominee and loses to Hillary, you can blame Kasich’s ego for it)wasn’t such an idiot …maybe his strategy is to try to get a spot with Trump by keeping Cruz down. But one thing is for sure…regardless of what percentage of the voting bloc Blacks and Hispanics are responsible for…it would be a huge mistake to put all your eggs in one basket and count on winning with just the White male vote.

          15. joseph kosior says:

            You keep trying to make the same point over and over. “If this was a two man race”. It’s not a two man race and it never has been. There have been as many as 17 candidates and only three remain. Two if you take Kasich out of the picture. Today is NY primary day. The tide will shift in Trump’s favor and the momentum will carry him into the other states. Cruz’s numbers are going down in several recent polls nationally. I agree with the motives of the media but their calculations are going to backfire. You need to start spotting the positive trends in Trump’s favor recently. If he gets within double digits short of the delegates he needs the non committed delegates will jump on board. Cruz would have a much harder time convincing several hundred to switch. Nothing wrong with you wanting Cruz to pull this out unless you’re like some of the others that say they would not vote for Trump against Hillary. I’m not a big fan of Cruz but a I would hold my nose and vote for him the way I voted for McCain.

          16. Barrustio says:

            Unfortunately for Trump, though I supported him early in the race, everything about his persona/demeanor/approach/tactics as of late have convinced me and many others that he is not ready for prime time. I empathize with the sentiments of the 75% of women who cannot bring themselves to vote for Trump…though he can convince me to do it, big time, if only he clarifies his stance on abortion and gay marriage BEFORE the generals…I will never vote for Hillary because I know where she stands on these issues…I just need to be convinced that Trump doesn’t share her values.

          17. joseph kosior says:

            As important as those issues are, there are more pressing concerns facing this country. Securing the borders and stopping the flow of muslims is probably right up there with getting the economy back on track. I think Trump has the best shot at doing something about both. Cruz changed his stance on immigration when he realized his views were not resonating. He didn’t mention building a wall until he saw Trump’s numbers go up when he started saying it. Cruz may speak better than Trump but we already have an orator-in-chief that talks a good show and either does nothing or the complete opposite of what he says. You keep quoting a false percentage of women that would not vote for Trump. That’s what they want you to believe. He didn’t win NY by 62% by only getting the male vote. Especially when they say women make up about 55% of the voting block.
            Trump’s stance on gay marriage and abortion are important but it’s what the Supreme Court does about those issues that matter. Actually, if Trump wins the presidency, I would like to see him nominate Cruz to take Scalia’s seat. That’s where Cruz could really do some good.

          18. Barrustio says:

            I would encourage you to research how old our existing “wall” is. Cruz was fighting for the completion of it before Trump even announced his candidacy. Trust me the wall was not his idea… David Brat also spanked Eric Cantor on his stances on immigration on which Cruz has been VERY consistent he has NEVER supported amnesty but you might want to research Trump’s stance on that in the past. He was for being humane and allowing Syrian refugees to come to America then his handlers told him it was more consistent with his illegal immigration stance to reject the refugees so he changed.
            I understand that many people feel that there are “more pressing issues” than preventing the genocide of one million babies per year and that the “normalization” of a deviant lifestyle, but until we make our MORAL stances a priority we can never achieve ANY other goal.
            You are correct that Cruz would make an excellent Supreme Court Justice just as he would make a great Attorney General…but he is the best suited for the presidency of all the candidates.

          19. joseph kosior says:

            You may be right. I disagree however with the Attorney General position. They come and go with the change of the political party in power. Supreme Court justices are for life and because Cruz has successfully argued many cases in the SC he’s the perfect replacement for Scalia.
            As far as “moral stances” go, I think too many are too far gone to ever convince them to support getting this country back on track. It’s going to take more than an election and certainly more than one person to right this ship. It’s going to take an all out revolution and it might even take a division of states. We may well be heading to another Civil War that instead of uniting the country, will divide us into two parts.

          20. Barrustio says:

            The change of power is the exact reason I say Attorney General would be better, after four years Cruz would be a household name and if he performs as he has been would could easily run again with a highly increased chance of winning and less apt to have 17 people challenging him.

          21. joseph kosior says:

            Perhaps, but after 8 of the worst years this country has ever seen, who would want the presidency. Supreme Court justices are the real power today.

          22. Barrustio says:

            Exactly, so why not seek the position which allows you to pick the ones with real power.

          23. joseph kosior says:

            Because you can’t count on the people you choose. We’ve seen that with some of the justices picked by conservative presidents only to see them turn. I think Cruz would be a solid choice and someone that could be trusted to judge as Scalia did. Plus, he’s too smart to limit himself to the office of the presidency.

          24. Barrustio says:

            One thing for sure…win or lose, his career is far from over.

          25. joseph kosior says:

            Agreed! I think it’s interesting that today I read that the establishment is now beginning to get behind Trump and trash Cruz. Not saying this is a good thing, just interesting.

          26. Barrustio says:

            After watching several interviews of Cruz verbalizing his plans in detail and then watching Trump talking about winning and nothing else, I’m afraid that in spite of Hillary not being trustworthy she will demolish him with her knowledge of affairs. It would be better for him to debate Cruz at least one more time so that people can more wisely decide in the remaining states, In view of the racial divisions which are taking place even before his nomination, I dread the consequences of his actually winning the election.

          27. joseph kosior says:

            Remember what I said before, we don’t elect the best or even the smartest candidates any more. We elect celebrities. We know that on the issues Hillary has a commanding advantage. She would have a commanding advantage against Cruz also because she was directly involved in some of the situations and she has her husband to brief her on many others. But while Cruz would be closer to the same level on issues, Trump would be pounding her on her and Bill’s past actions and he has no problem getting down in the dirt. I think that’s how you beat her. She will be ready for all the substantive issues that Cruz will come at her with but Trump will throw her off her game. She’ll be prepared for a fast ball and Trump will throw her a knuckleball. A good pitcher will beat a good batter every time.

          28. Barrustio says:

            Trump takes credit for other candidates dropping out because he “hit them hard”. In reality though Cruz held back and waited to be attacked…he was ready when ALL the establishment candidates decided to attack him and he “gently”, with nothing but substance, made mincemeat out of them. Had this been a two man race from the get go, Trump would have been gone a long time ago. That’s why he won’t man up and debate Cruz now. The only reason Cruz has survived where others have failed is that enough voters still believe in substance…you can be sure that Cruz is ready already to take Hillary on just as he was ready for the incidentals of this delegate process. A good pitcher “may” beat a good batter unless he’s up against Babe Ruth …or Ted Cruz.

          29. joseph kosior says:

            It’s looking more and more like a trap for Cruz. The establishment makes him think they’re behind him so he helps take Trump down or tries to keep him under 1237 and when he does, they give it to Trump anyway. That seems like the perfect way for them to get even with Cruz for going against them over the years. Cruz gets stabbed in the back and the established players like Graham, McCain and especially McConnell get a good laugh at his expense. I’m really starting to think the best way to beat them all is if Trump and Cruz teamed up on the same ticket. I’m sure Trump wouldn’t want the job for more than 4 years and if the two of them can turn this country around Cruz would be a sure bet in 2020.

      2. Jim says:

        I guess that if you want another non-american sitting in the White House to destroy our country you should go with Cruz, the Canadian liar.

        1. Barrustio says:

          Based on his stances and history of being pro-life not “pro-choice” and being for “traditional” marriage as opposed to just accepting the status quo, I would say that Cruz is more American than “other” candidates running.

      3. GinnyAlbert says:

        It’s silly to promise to do what others have tried to do before and failed. The things Trump claims he will do can’t be accomplished without cooperation from Congress, and in many cases NATO, and our allies around the world. It may sound great to act and speak in a tyrannical fashion, saber rattle, and proclaim our superiority over everyone else in the world, but other countries are wondering what in God’s name is happening over here that someone like Trump should be the front runner in the Republican Party. Most have already said that they would not work with him. Do we really want to be isolated in the world. Trump is no different that the leader in North Korea!

        All of you Trump lovers — I’m so glad you’re in the minority. And though the GOP/Tea Party created Trump, they are now hoping their Frankenstein Monster doesn’t survive!

    2. The Redhawk says:

      SHIL-LIAR=RY =1
      WHINER T-rump=0

      Is this what you really want???????????????

  • mike says:

    Send this clown back to Ohio, The man is a jerk

  • Chester says:

    John you don’t have the brains to be the local fly checker at the local dairy.

  • Doug says:

    What will cost Republicans on the down ticket is lackluster mistake prone candidates. While in some places RINO is the best we can hope for, in much of America we can and should do better. At this point, Gov. Kasich is more likely not to provide coat tails to the party than Mr, Trump or Senator Cruz.

  • BOC says:

    We can only imagine what it must be like to live inside John Kasich’s head.

    1. margo1942 says:

      LOL! so true . he is so afraid he want be on the taxpayers teats till he is passed on.

    2. Barrustio says:

      I don’t know…but if you were in there and yelled out loud, I’m sure you would hear an echo.

  • H D Bush says:

    Although being a conservative all my life, if the Elite leaders of the Republican party use tactics and rules made by themselves to nominate someone other than Trump or Cruz I for one will vote for every Democrat running for any office,

    1. GinnyAlbert says:

      It might be a good idea to vote for the Democrats anyway. The GOP has let down their constituents. Imagine doing nothing for the voters who sent them to Washington to handle their business — just because they hate to think of a black man as their boss.

      The GOP has spent so much time saying NO to President Obama, and attempting to repeal the ACA, that they have overlooked handlung the people’s business, and they want another chance at it!? They need to resign themselves to losing this go round, and regroup — if that is possible!

  • Warpaint says:

    Kasich just go back to ohio and stay out of the race you WILL NOT WIN, you are there as a spoiler nothing more.

    1. Barrustio says:

      He’s not a spoiler…he’s a spoiled brat.

      1. SDofAZ says:

        That too!

        1. The Redhawk says:

          READ above before posting ZEROS

      2. The Redhawk says:

        BUT can you Dispute what he did as a Congressman, DOD and SEcurity appointee or how he Brought OHIO from a 6 Billion Dollars Deficit to a Budget Surplus and Lowered Unemployment from 9.5% to below 5 % ……………..Can you???

        1. Barrustio says:

          Bringing a state to great success where the PEOPLE are responsible for the success rather than the politicians, are easily documented by the success of Texas since many consider Perry to be lacking in mental capacity. America is a different animal.

          1. GinnyAlbert says:

            Thousands of low paying jobs in Texas is deemed successful? Interesting! That shows what limited mental capacity there is in Perry — he crows proudly about thousands of minimum wage jobs, where people are hardly getting by!

          2. The Redhawk says:

            BUT How many Companies LEFT CA for Texas?? Lower paying jobs in LOWER Cost of Living States are as Adequate as HIGH Minimum Wages in States where Taxes and Cost of Living still keep them Below Poverty??? Lower HOUSINGCOSTS ?? Can you Think outside of te BOX you are STUCK in???

          3. GinnyAlbert says:

            You speak the truth in that companies are screwing over their employees in favor of lower wages. Your comment just amplifies my views. Companies should be charged for not only moving their companies overseas and taking American jobs with them, they should also be charged for moving their headquarters to states that have driven down wages, and therefore stripping one state of jobs, and adding to the low wages in another.

            What you seem to be applauding is absolutely nothing to crow about. Lower cost of living, you say? Who in God’s name wants a low paying job so that they can have a lower cost of living? What does that afford anybody? That means no vacations, or any other creature comforts normal people desire from time to time. All that means is rent/mortgage utilities, and food — and continued struggle. Little to no savings or investments!

            You’re the one not thinking outside the box. In fact, it seems that you’re not thinking at all, but kowtowing to those who would continue to oppress you and depress wages across the country! How can we complain about sweat shops and slave wages in places such as Malaysia, if we’re going to co-opt their behaviors?

          4. Gnowark says:

            When I was 14, Socialisim seemed like a good idea to me also, but then I grew up.

          5. The Redhawk says:

            BINGO .. You GOT it but We are Sorrounded by IDIOTS like THIS ONE!

          6. The Redhawk says:

            GET a LIFE!! Wages for NY, SF, LA MUST be Higher due to HIGH Taxes and HOUSING and Overall COST of LIVING….No comparison with Costs Comparisons in TENN, TX, KY, ETC …You NINNY!
            IF yiu have at lesat THREE Living Brain Cells think it over and QUIT Repeating the UNION LBEL which is Sending JOBS to Foreign LANDS…( FORD to MEx, Carrier to Mex, Boeing to CHINA, Nabisco to MEX)

          7. Barrustio says:

            We have thousands of jobs including low paying jobs. One of the strongest economies in America and LOW unemployment rates. Oh yes, besides the low paying jobs we are drawing huge numbers of high paying jobs in the hi tech industry which rivals Silicon Valley…perhaps it would help your argument if you actually did some research on the Texas economy…we have people with a WORK ETHIC not leaching whiners with a “you owe me fifteen dollars an hour for serving you burgers” mentality..

          8. The Redhawk says:

            So you may be Describing Yourself as having low Mental Capacity….t Does take LEADERSHIP!! and Kasich Has Proven to have it!!!

          9. Jim says:

            Kasich has also proven that the people do not want him as he has only won one primary. He should get the hell out of this race for the sake of the party. Some times their ego is greater than their accomplishments.

          10. The Redhawk says:

            BUT the T_RUMP UNINFORMED seem to be Just That….UNINFORMED ..But he Loves them!!! and Loves everybody unless they Reject him when he is UNPREPARED as in COLORADO and then he WHINES like Anthony WIENER!

          11. Jim says:

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that trump should be the candidate, its just that kasich hasn’t won a damn thing and I think he is hurting the party

          12. The Redhawk says:

            YES aclinton Tactic…That may be but has the Socila media concentrated on sUBSTANCE nad Record of Achievement insread of giving Billions of AIR time Advertising for the WHINING Donald we just might have another Story . And so far all the WHINER has Proven to be good at is Character Assasination and NO REAL policy agenda………YES a CLINTON TACTIC!!!…..

          13. Barrustio says:

            Leaders, like teachers can only inspire and guide…the people do the work…it doesn’t take a genuis. If Kasich were a leader…he would be in the LEAD.

          14. The Redhawk says:

            A leader like Regan set the agenda for POSITIVE Growth , Hires Competent folks to carry out his vision nthe People carry the plan for their bebefits.. on the other hand a negative ledarship-free like Barcaky the Incompetent….Well draw your own conclusion nad GROW UP…

          15. Barrustio says:

            Ok …you win…happy?

          16. The Redhawk says:

            I am always happy….are you now???

          17. Barrustio says:

            I’m always happy also …the result of not engaging in exercises in futility.

          18. The Redhawk says:

            Thank you !

        2. jsa says:

          moved out of the state

          1. The Redhawk says:

            So you are not among the Best and the Brightest if you moved to CA or IL

        3. GinnyAlbert says:

          Looks like the GOP has just the voters they deserve. The GOP in Congress decided it was better to attempt to make President Obama a one-term president, and say no to his every proposal, as well as try to appeal the ACA over 60 times. They lost in each instance.

          The voters don’t like Kasich — because he gets things done, and refuses to engage in the vulgarities of Cruz, Trump, and Rubio. GOP voters are suffering — thanks to their own party, but they would rather blame President Obama, even though their own party has abandoned them for 8 years! Isn’t that rather pathetic?

          1. The Redhawk says:

            Obama SCREWED up from the GET go by ignoring any GOP proposal and GOT what he Deserves since 2010….But the GOP is inventing another way to lOSE ANOTHER!

          2. GinnyAlbert says:

            How could Obama “screw up from the get go” when the GOP proclaimed their plan to make him a one-term president from day one, and said No to his every proposal. What proposals did the GOP put forth. It is why they were called both “The Party of No,” and “The Do Nothing Congress.”

            It is the GOP that let their constituents down, and hope to live to do the same thing again. The austerity measures they have used in the states (Lousiana, etc.) they govern have brought those states to the brink of ruin. There is a recession or near depression every time a Republican is in the White House. Only an idiot would wish for the GOP to continue destroying the middle class. When President Obama wanted to help the middle class — the class of people on whose backs rest the rich and the poor — the GOP refused to extend unemployment insurance. How do you treat those who have propped up everyone, and when it is their turn to receive much deserved and much needed assistance, the GOP says NO?

            You can say what you will or may about Democrats, but today’s Republican Party is not the party of Abraham Lincoln. It is difficult to describe the GOP today — it is fractured into so many little insignificant pieces, I find it hard to believe that its disenfranchised voters would want to continue to hang on! Please place the blame where it belongs. The GOP has abandoned their voters; and you can’t blame President Obama for that!

          3. The Redhawk says:

            Lack of Leadership
            Management Ability-free
            Economics DEFICIENT
            Narcissitic-over endowed
            and a MAJOR LYING MACHINE
            END of STORY

          4. GinnyAlbert says:

            You’re describing Donald J. Trump! Thanks for describing him so succinctly!

          5. GinnyAlbert says:

            Furthermore, I should have known you would not address my actual comments, but go off on a tangent as most Republicans are apt to do when you mention that the wind is blowing. That leads to a mad rant about President Obama and why it is he who caused the wind to blow!

          6. Jim says:

            This is bullshit GinnyAlbert. Obama had both houses and the presidency for the first two years of his administration and he accomplished nothing but create more division among the blacks and whites. Obama care is a disaster as its costing all of us more money for lousy service and the unemployment, food stamps, welfare and government handout have all gone out of wack! Face it this socialist muslim has not been good for our country. Get off the obama cool-aide its effecting your common sense.

          7. GinnyAlbert says:

            Two years is hardly enough time to get anything done with the mess he inherited. He did succeed in the long run, however — without the help of the Party of No!

        4. Walt says:

          So, what’s your point? He is an establishment elitist, just we don’t need in DC anymore. Govern OHIO!

  • Kent2012 says:

    nominating kasich, ryan, or letting the ho clintoney or the aged commie berni win would be costly at the city, county, state, federal, and the international level for America….without regard for any political party affiliation….

    1. The Redhawk says:

      But Clinton

      SO why not GEN Mattis????????

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