Not Even Congress Can Stop Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

WASHINGTON — The September vote on the Iran nuclear deal is billed as a titanic standoff between President Barack Obama and Congress. Yet even if lawmakers reject the agreement, it’s not game-over for the White House.

A congressional vote of disapproval would not prevent Obama from acting on his own to start putting the accord in place. While he probably would take some heavy criticism, this course would let him add the foreign policy breakthrough to his second-term list of accomplishments.

Obama doesn’t need a congressional OK to give Iran most of the billions of dollars in relief from economic sanctions that it would get under the agreement, as long as Tehran honors its commitments to curb its nuclear program — at least for now.

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  • NCnative says:

    I have raised a question, but so far have received no reply. Can this be sent to Federal court to question whether Congress has a legal right to violate the Constitution in order to violate the Constitution? The reason I ask, is that under all previously settled arguments concerning treaty, versus deal, verses Presidental agreement, where under case law does this whatever be legally classified? The reason is very simple, yet very important. If it is a treaty, then under the Constitution, it must require a full 67 afirmation votes in order to be binding to the US, without any Presidental veto permitted. If it is a bill, then it requires 60 afirmation votes in order to pass to be signed as law by the President. If it is only a Presidental agreement, then Congress has no official right to refuse to honor it, but no future President is honor bound to continue it. By taking it to the UN, it matters not what the UN actually did, it will have no binding compulsion upon the US without 67 votes of afirmation, as per the US Supreme Court. So, is this a treaty as the law requires; is it a deal that doesn’t officially require any congressional imput nor is any future US President compelled to continue it; or is it a bill sent to Congress by the President, whereby if Congress denys it, it can not be enforced. Simply giving Congress the right to disobey the Constitution is not valid, for doing so actually then invalidates the entire Constitution, and declares that the dictatorship of the Executive Branch of government as the sole power. This is immediately challengible in federal court as an abuse of power, treason against the State, and dissolution of the Constitutional Republic of America.

  • ONTIME says:

    Follow the money……………..Special interest, chamber of commerce and Washington Elites……this is what is going to let that SOB get a unwritten illegal agreement with our enemy…..

  • tommie says:

    It doesn’t matter what he does. I believe that Obama will be seen as the WORST president in U.S. history! So much for his legacy! Maybe we’ll name a Super Highway to Nowhere after him or maybe they can change the name of Harlem to Obama? Any thoughts?

  • Vinny says:

    Does Congress and the Senate have the manhood to say ” No?’

    1. I Seigel says:

      Sure they do. But will they go up against almost every corporation in America and all their mega-donors? I doubt it. Trade with Iran is good for American businesses, and the Republican Congress is owned by big business and about 130 mega-wealthy donor families. Even a huge proportion of the Israeli public, scientists and policymakers think it’s as good a deal as they’re ever going to get.. And if the deal doesn’t go thru, Iran will be putting nuclear weapons on top of short-range ballistic missiles within 18 months and threatening Israel and every Shiite country and Egypt.

  • donemyhomework says:

    He and Turkey, and Iran…what a mess.

  • says:

    Replace Obama & all Rinos!

    1. I Seigel says:

      Replace your brain with a functioning one.

      1. omegaman says:

        You would be wise to take you own advice, Dumbo.

  • game50 says:

    Sure Congress can still stop the Illegal Fraud…by Impeaching and Arrest him for High Treason…that’s if they want to save America or not. But 1st they have to find a pair of ba//s and do the right things. That if they really want to SAVE AMERICA…Enough of all this PC and BS…its time to step to the plate and hit a home run…and knock the Fraud right to a jail cell.

  • tgw says:

    We should be aware, that the 150 billion Iran will be recieving, if Nuclear is approved,Calculated in there currency value, is equivelent to around 8 trillion . More arms to purchase as well as more aggression to all in the Middle east.

    1. I Seigel says:

      If “the Nuclear” isn’t approved by Congress, it will make no difference. The other countries will end their sanctions, and THEY will profit from trading with Iran. Ask Cheney what he thinks – I’ll bet he’ll be pretty pissed off if Halliburton gets left out in the cold, and France, Russia and China start building dams, atomic reactors and other huge infrastructure projects for Iran while American companies are sidelined by Congress. Same as Cuba, if you’re paying attention.

  • Chris Robinette says:

    John Boehner is about to lose his place as speaker of the house and Mitch McConnell is next.

  • byron garretson says:

    OF COURSE HE IS RIGHT! He and the top nuclear scientists in the world, the security council, every country in the world except Israel; and why do we have to do everything Israel tells us to. As a matter of fact most Israeli security and defense folks do not agree with Benjamin. Only the Bejamin paid for by Aipac congressmen, and the Iranian hard liners go with Benjamin.

    1. Gnowark says:

      EVERY country, except Israel? and MOST don’t agree? Your hyper-hyperbole is truly amazing, unfortunately your (lack of) thought processes isn’t.

      1. I Seigel says:

        No hyperbole. Those are the facts. Read and learn.

  • jmac67 says:

    Just another example of the rogue administration we currently have and more reason to vote out all the far left politicians.

  • pete G says:

    Don’t kid yourself Its all about the Muslim, tyrant, dictator, communist, Socialist racist, POS. and no one else. He’s a sick man and he doesn’t know it.

    1. omegaman says:

      Ahhh, but he does: He is the definition of evil.

  • Brady Harness says:

    This is no more of a Security program for Our America than President “I am so Bad Ass” isn’t in Love with ISIS!!! Just watch this VIDEP and Learn the Truth then do as hundreds are now doing and pass it on until It has gone VIRAL across Our America so others can Know the Truth:

  • Hgeyer says:

    Congress can’t stop all the other countries from dropping their sanctions and the sanctions will do nothing if the US is the only country doing it! Wake up and smell the coffee people! The only reason for NOT approving the deal is to make the US look incredibly stupid and not let the president have any kind of victory…. partisan politics at it’s worst!

    1. byron garretson says:


  • The redhawk says:

    Sadly the PU$$Y POTUS has Marginalized Congress in TRUE TYRANNICAL practice by Selling out to the other PU$$Y organization called the UN aka

    1. byron garretson says:

      one time pussy next time dictator, you really have to come up with some facts, not just bullshit!

      1. The redhawk says:

        what is Confusing you Progressive anarchists??? can’t barry be BOTH on any given DAY??? .. Look at his Record … REggie….MOOCH.. reggie Mooch see he can SWITCH!

        You deranged NUMBNUTS!

    2. omegaman says:

      redhawk — Your use of vulgar slang is very off-putting. Makes you sound stupid and uneducated.!

      1. The redhawk says:

        Since your opinion matters ZERO.. why don’t you STFU??? and get lost?
        Clear enough fir you???

  • xingqin says:

    Supposedly the papers are in order to press charges of impeachment and there is more than sufficient evidence to try Obama for treason. WHY THE HOLD UP, NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS AND IT NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW.

    1. byron garretson says:

      thanks for sending in your picture, dog!

    2. I Seigel says:

      “Supposedly the papers are in order…”??? Huh? Where are you getting your “news”? This is sheer fantasy, made up stories to feed to gullible people like you.

  • BOC says:

    Enough of the republican obstructionist tactics have placed our country in turmoil.

  • monacall says:

    We have a traitor in the white house and 535 legislators that are traitors for not stopping him.

    1. podunk1 says:

      Absolutely true!

    2. Brady Harness says:

      Your Right, the Congress sitting on their hands and looking the other way has become Solid Proof that they are for the Destruction of Our America and establishing a “One World Order”!!!

      1. I Seigel says:

        Who’s going to be in charge of this One World Order?

  • George Price says:

    Impeach Obama now is the only answer.But congress does not have the guts to do so.They are probably stealing more than Obama.

    1. podunk1 says:

      Aiding and abetting is an undeniable act of the crime!

  • debi feldet says:

    No one has given obama authority to unconstituionally & unlawfully make deals with our enemies! Congress had better do their job to stop obama now, they WILL ALSO BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE AMERICAN CITIZENS! Last election should have been the message to CONGRESS TO STOP obama! Congress had better impeach obama for TREASON & BE FACING PRISON TIME FOR THE CRIMES HE HAS COMMITTED AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! AMERICAN CITIZENS are fed up with obama & CONGRESS!

    1. Brady Harness says:

      He took it because he could!!!

      1. debi feldet says:


  • Bernie Lounds says:

    Like I said he’ll give his buddies billions to train the ISIS to kill Americans.He is nothing but a damn Muslim himself.Our grand children and great grand children could live in a real hell because of him. He is out to destroy America and I said that before I ever heard of ISIS

    1. mohrri says:

      They all will say ” The stupid “N” president did it!”

      1. Brady Harness says:

        Sadly History shall say the he did it yes, but because we Americans did nothing but whine about it rather than taking actions allowed it!!!

    2. Brady Harness says:

      That is why we Patriotic Americans must START Right now talking up a Ticket of The Donald and Dr. Ben Carson and fight with Reason and Logic where ever we can; Hopefully before we have to Fight with Weapons!!!

    3. byron garretson says:


  • Evan says:

    This IDIOT needs to be STOPPED!
    We have had enough of his BULLS**T!

  • jondarmes says:

    When is congress going to do their constitutional duty and treat this treaty as a treaty? Treaties require 66 2/3 majority of the senate to AGREE. There is no opportunity for a presidential veto.

    1. Brady Harness says:

      Sadly, it would seem when “Pigs Fly”!!!

  • Obama needs to be terminated like the Muslim Dog that he is! It will be a great day when we awake to the morning headline of Obama’s Obituary! I hope it is soon, very, very soon!

    1. podunk1 says:

      …In every perverse way possible!

    2. mohrri says:

      Me too, is so hateful to see his ugly “F” face in the liberal news, I don’t know when the stupid Congress is going to say THAT’S ENOUGH!!!!

      1. As cowardly as the RINO scum are, I doubt if they will ever do one thing! Boehner and McConnell need to be kicked out of Congress, they are nothing but the Kenyan Queens lapdog butt boys.

  • John Green says:

    This deal is as crazy as a jackass! Stop the insanity!

    1. Brady Harness says:

      I have seen many a Missouri Mule that is far smarter than then President “I am such a Bad Ass”!!!

      1. reggie says:

        No he’s a fuuuuk azze.

  • Thomas Goss says:

    When the hell are “We The People” going to say enough is enough and DRAG THIS ILLEGAL MUSLIM LYING HALF BREED out of our White House and HANG his worthless ass from the nearest tree?

  • VirgoVince says:


    1. 7papa7 says:

      You forgot to add that congress also must get a backbone before they will do what you wisely recommended.

      1. podunk1 says:

        Article 2 Section 2, “He (president) shall have the power, by and with the advice and consent of the senate to make treaties, provided two thirds of the senators present concur…” has been violated and betrayed by Obama and congress! Neither the Senate, Congress, nor Obama have individual or collective powers to change the Constitution! It is a classic case of subterfuge and fraud wherein there was no original disclosure or knowledgeable consent, or agreement. The final agreement is not the “treaty” agreed to by Congress, and in fact contains secret covenants not disclosed to congress or CITIZENS!

        Obama is mocking Article II Section 1, “…will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”; and Section 3, “…he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…”
        The crime is treason, by Article 3 Section 3, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, OR in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort…”! Giving aid and comfort to avowed mortal enemies (Iran) that consistently swear death to America before, during, and after creation of this treaty, not only endangers the Constitution and country, it puts every non-muslim citizen’s life in eminent danger!

        This fiasco begins with insurrection and rebellion by oath-bound congress persons and the president! It has progressed by stealth and deception to the point where secretary of state Kerry threatens the nation with financial disaster if Congress doesn’t approve a final treaty draft with undisclosed secret conditions… followed by proclamations that the president WILL pay the billions promised to Iran in an agreement that doesn’t STOP Iran’s nuclear development of a bomb to annihilate both Israel and the USA! Amendment 14-3 BANS ANY OATH-BOUND OFFICIAL FROM ANY OFFICE, WHO HAS ENGAGED IN EITHER INSURRECTION OR REBELLION! IT IS TIME FOR THE STATES TO CLEAN THEM OUT!!!

        1. 7papa7 says:

          Very well written. I have said for 6 1/2 years that obama should be tried for treason and now Kerry should be added to that list. It doesn’t surprise me remembering that obama has said on more than one occasion that he believes the Constitution is a flawed document. He has neither preserved, protected or defended it. He brings dishonor on our great country regularly and should be taken out of office by any means possible.

          1. podunk1 says:

            We must demand every politician recite the 2nd oath/duty of office, then explain the covenants of, “support and defend that Constitution against any enemy of that Constitution against ANYONE (anything)… bearing true faith and allegiance to it… without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion… as well as, will well and faithfully discharge duties of office. The test that follows is “any enemy”, meaning anything that undermines, violates, or even mocks supreme law status of the Constitution within the ranks of the oath takers and government! No progressive will get past Amendment One without engaging in insurrection and/or rebellion. The USA is drowning in lawlessness and treason because there is near zero fidelity. The acid test is recitation of Amendment 14 Section 3, 4, & 5… will they defend it in the same spirit as they require of soldiers who give life limb, and personal freedom to defend the USA?.

          2. 7papa7 says:

            Absolutely but for that to happen we need a congress with enough of a backbone to impeach those who mock the Constitution and attempt to shred it like obama has done along with the 2 bimbo’s he appointed to the high court.

      2. Brady Harness says:

        That is why I would so Love to see the Winning Ticket of >>The Donald and Dr. Ben Carson<< be created; I have talked to many on even the Democrats side(NOT the Dumbocrats) that have stated they would Vote for such a Ticket!!!

        1. 7papa7 says:

          I like much of what Trump says, I see a couple of problems with him. First I don’t know if he has the temperament to be president, maybe he does but I have seen things that say maybe not. Secondly he wants to do things that are very much against the Constitution, for example send back children of illegals that were born here. That is illegal. I thing that changes need to be made to the Constitution that does not allow anchor babies to have citizenship. At this time though they do. I think that if you tell illegal parents that they are going back but the babies can stay unless you want to take them with you, most will take them. I really like Ben Carson but I don’t like it when he wants to mandate things and take them out of the parents authority such as vaccinations. When you start mandating that then you have the mentality that you can mandate anything you want and that is obviously a very bad thing.

          1. reggie says:

            Send the parents back. They can take or leave the babies, They knew what they were doing. You’ll soon see who really wanted their children or who just wanted a meal ticket. Go back to the orphanage era. A family friend is a product of one, and he’s outstanding.

          2. 7papa7 says:

            We are in agreement.

  • db says:

    That is technically not true. If the protocol were followed as instructed by the Constitution, Congress is the one that has to okay that kind of a deal. It’s not something this clown can orchestrate and transact on his own without being totally in jeopardy of treason and violating every rule and spirit of the Constitution, which he swore to uphold, yeah right, wink, wink. So Congress CAN OVERRIDE EVEN HIS VETO IF THEY HAD THE GUTS TO, BUT KNOWING THEIR SPINELESS ASSES, THEY PROBABLY WON’T DO THEIR OATH OF OFFICE EITHER! THEY’RE ALL FRAUDS AND LIARS!

    1. william couch says:

      In a previous post from western joun. He’s already said that he was going to take it to the UN security counsel……. Who the “F” are they to tell us what to do!! This “N” needs to be removed from earth.

      1. mohrri says:

        Is a “F” “N” in all the extension of the word “N”.

        1. william couch says:


      2. Detriotcity says:

        Fact: The US pays over have of the UN costs of operation. The rest of the countries pay the other 1/2. The US controls the UN. Any contrived arguments are dealt with by the counsel. The UN had no choice in the matter regarding the Iran treaty. I say defund this corrupt UN and save the tax payers a whole lot of money.

        1. Brady Harness says:

          Uhm excuse me that was decades ago, now the Mega Corporations that are pushing for “One World Government” that they will control and their puppets have the U.N. in a death hold and so it does what the Megas order it to!!!

          1. william couch says:

            Bilderberger are the ones that are going to the one world gov.

        2. william couch says:

          “R” the democraps going to start to rebuild the city?

          1. Detriotcity says:

            When hell freezes over! Democrats = hot air.

          2. william couch says:

            YEAH! Like those 2 !CUNT’s! in Baltimore

          3. Detriotcity says:

            Take a look at Detriot. A city totally broken by idiots who new nothing about city management. Now we have a President that fits that mold. Knows nothing about US, panders to Unions, and knows nothing on how to manage/govern. What I am saying is that voting in a person because of his race will get you looking like Detriot. Not being racist — just fact.

          4. william couch says:

            No argument from me on that. I can remember when Detroit was a “GARDEN”. Then after the riots, the powers that be said,” If they want to live like that, let’em”! & they never rebuilt the city.

          5. Detriotcity says:

            Bottom line is this. Obama and Kerry have screwed things up. This deal with Iran is so lopsided that it will not prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear nation. The only thing that it will accomplish is 1.) Make Iran continue on its present path to an atomic bomb. 2.) Start a giant arms build up in the middle east with each country trying to build a bomb. 3.) Allow Iran to continue sponsoring terrorism all across the region. 4.) further destroy any friendship with countries across the region. These are my thoughts and I hope that I am wrong. I don’t think so.

          6. william couch says:

            I’m surprised that Comrade Kerry, didn’t have James Taylor in the background singing Koombaya, like they did in France.

          7. Detriotcity says:

            That is the only thing that they would not screw up! Thanks I needed that.

          8. william couch says:


          9. Richard Schwartz says:

            His son in law is pleased.

          10. Richard Schwartz says:

            Democrats will pay dearly for this vote. The real arab coalition will now do what Obama couldn’t. Iran will be confronted with more obstacles than they can imagine.
            All that has to be done is hit Iran before the missile protection is installed. They will do what has to be done.

          11. Detriotcity says:


        3. I Seigel says:

          And then what? The US will have even less of an affect on world affairs than it already does. At least we can protect Israel by vetoing anti-Israel motions in the Security Council. Without that protection, Israel really is at the mercy of Russia, China, the Arab League, and Europe, who would like nothing better than to impose sanctions and choke Israel until they give up all the West Bank, the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem.

          If you want to save the taxpayers a whole lot of money, let’s stop giving the oil companies huge subsidies and tax breaks for “research and development” of oil resources. And stop giving mega-agriculture huge tax breaks and subsidies for not growing stuff. And stop paying people’s insurance who live in flood plains, like along coastlines and flood-prone rivers.

          1. Detriotcity says:

            The UN is a US drag queen. It is for show only. They do nothing useful at all. Obama has decided that Palestine should be the rightful people to take over Israel. Nothing that UN has done to stop it because the US owns the UN. Obama has and is destroying ALL of friendly nations to US. He is making friends with our enemies, and he is not done yet. That 100 billion a year that we as citizens pay to the UN is for photo opps that we can see and be happy about, Israel is a friendly nation. The UN would/and will help Obama destroy that Jewish nation. YOU DO NOT TREAT FRIENDS LIKE OBAMA DOES! Yes and I agree with you that people that live by the water should take all the risks and rewards that go with it.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Your arguments would be a lot stronger if you threw in a fact or 2. Everything you say sounds like you’re just echoing what Hannity said, or Beck or Rush or Breitbart. They don’t deal in facts either – just half-truths, innuendo, exaggerations and outright lies.

            Obama “has decided that Palestine should be the rightful people to take over Israel”? Huh? Show me a quote or an action that he’s taken that shows that decision.

            “100 billion a year”? What is that, the US contribution to the UN? Show me a fact to back up that statement.

            “Obama has and is destroying ALL of friendly nations to US”? Really? Is he destroying Britain? Japan? South Korea? Panama? Sweden? Where is a fact to back up your statement?

            If you can’t produce facts, could you tone down your over-the-top ranting? You just become part of the background noise with nothing meaningful to say or contribute. If you CAN produce facts, I will be very interested to hear what you have to say.

            And you never answered my question: if the deal isn’t approved by Congress, then what? You’re saying that the UN is worthless. OK, fine. If they’re worthless now, they’ll be a LOT worthless later, when all the other countries are trading with Iran except us. So, what then?

          3. Detriotcity says:

            I was in Geneva and spent a lot of time with officials at the UN. I to was in belief that the UN did some good things. Boy was I wrong. They are more money hungry than the Clintons. By the way, if you were not so self centered like the rest of the democrats, you would be able to answer your questions just like I did. If you really want to know what is going on — read, and digest what is happening around you instead of watching the CNN, MSN MSNBC you might try Hannity, hearings on the hill, and such.

          4. I Seigel says:

            I see, so you’re not willing or able to put up a fact or 2. And you still ignored my question. Enough said.

          5. Mark Lahti says:

            How about you put a fact or two to support your argument. You have nothing useful to say about the subject. All you liberal trolls do is come here and try to slam anyone saying anything about what is really going on in this world. You support your HNIC with all the lies and BS that comes from his lips as well as the UN. Yes, I am right now doing what I am accusing you of as well. Somebody once in a while has to call out you trolls for the undesirable delusional freaks that you are.

          6. I Seigel says:

            I asked some legitimate questions which he – and now you – refuse to answer. Mr Detroit made statements – opinions, I think – which I asked him to back up. I don’t think my request was unreasonable. I’m not the one making claims, and if I was, I’d be more than capable of providing backup. I’m just waiting for Mr Detroit to do the same. Sorry that you have a problem with that.

            I’m not coming here to “slam anyone saying anything about what is really going on in this world”, I’m just asking if that’s what is REALLY going on in this world, or just you echoing what Hannity or Breitbart is saying, with no actual facts to back up your alleged reality.
            In any type of debate, the person making the claim needs to back up his/her statement – it’s not the requirement of the other side to disprove it. Otherwise, you could come up to your co-worker in front of everyone in your office and ask, “Have you stopped beating your wife?”, and never have to prove that the co-worker had been, indeed, beating his wife! Just the question alone can ruin the co-worker, without so much as an atom of proof.

            Just something for you to think about, but I doubt you will.

          7. Mark Lahti says:

            I do think about all of these things a lot. My question to you sir, and it is rhetorical as I really don’t care what it is you have to say; who the hell made you the reality police. People come on these sites to express their thoughts and feelings about the issues of the day. They do not come here to be fact tested or challenged by trolls. The majority of the people here really don’t care for one minute what you liberal trolls have to say. In case you don’t get it, they mostly ignore your BS. In any event no one here cares what you think nor do they feel they have to defend their opinions or thoughts to the like of trolls like you. The only reason I am even responding to your BS at this moment is that I am really quite bored right now. It is fun for me to trash your liberal attempts at any discrediting of someone else’s opinion. My question to you about presenting some of your own “facts” was again just rhetorical as I knew you would just continue to throw more of your liberal troll BS around. I think it is funny to see you folks do this and so do many others here. I just have the time and inclination to call out your trash. Have a great day and thank you for continuing to provide some amusement to the people here who don’t have the inclination to play this stupid game with you.

          8. I Seigel says:

            If this is the best you can do to “call me out” and “trash” me or “liberal trolls”, then it is piss-poor attempt, and it just shows how empty and vacuous your thinking process is. Your inclination to “shoot the messenger” – or, in this case, shoot the asker – just shows you really have nothing except to echo the opinions of others, the pablum you’ve been fed by FOX, Breitbart and the Koch Bros, no independent thoughts at all.

            I can certainly understand why the vast majority of people here don’t want to engage with me or like-minded people who would like nothing better than to have a meaningful discussion about many of these most important topics. But there are a few people with whom I’ve had rather good arguments. I’m not disappointed to not “convert” anyone, and I don’t think they feel it was a waste of their time either. The MOST some of us can hope for us a civil, respectful disagreement, but at least an honest and, hopefully, open-minded exchange of views.
            For most people here, as you said, that’s just way beyond what they’re capable of. For some though, it’s worth trolling thru these polluted waters to find the few willing to discuss.

            Obviously you’re not one of those people, so I wish you a good day and will move on…

        4. Paul Dragotto says:

          totally agree. the united nations wants Obama to stand with them on a one world order. they would be the world police. we should have pulled out of the un after 911.

        5. omegaman says:


          1. Detriotcity says:


      3. byron garretson says:


      4. Robert J. Maderia Sr says:

        More importantly William, Who in the F are we? Obviously, no bodies; but people that get on face book rants, professing that each one of us are more intellectually mindful than the next guy, placing a mere semblance of hope in a membership of Convention of States, who just holds gatherings for signature sake, and its supposed leadership ( not trying to be pejorative here), but all their events, speeches, and book signings are for their personal sustainability, and not to ever throw an intellectual or physical impacted punch…as we get so ever close to sociocultural / socioeconomic destruction. Do you really believe that the psychopathic ideologues can afford to relent and stop, at the expense of their treason and corruption being exposed and challenged, with the risk of severe punishment…no, they have more then a better chance at sustainability with the enemies of Democracy not being defeated! If Congress would be forced to bend to the will of the people, and not fund, the funding of our enemies actions… that could only happen with term limits, that would not secure and protect their long-term pensions, because that is why they cow – down to threats of being politically destroyed. As far as the supreme court; it would require them to be elected not appointed officials, to achieve the same goals, and no part of their 33 1/3 of power could be usurped, and used against us! Becoming so over with face book and private websites, because we pay for them to fight for our tax dollars, and both sides profit, and we, well, we just keep giving with nothing but stressful misery in return!

        1. william couch says:

          GEE, sorry I even said anything in the first place!!

        2. Detriotcity says:

          That is the frustration that all decent people feel right now. I could not have said it better. The only one that is really addressing that gut wrenching feeling in the pit of our stomachs right now is Trump and Cruz. The democrats want to continue along the Obama path and no matter who they select as their nominee, there will be no common sense because they kill anyone that disagrees with them. Ask the Clintons. Ask the Johnsons, Ask the Carters. I am hoping it will not take another civil war to straighten this mess out.

        3. I Seigel says:

          Yes, when the Supreme Court decided that “free speech” meant the unlimited, anonymous giving of bottomless wealth to buy and influence our votes and our representatives, they really destroyed democracy as we’ve known it for the past 200 years. Welcome to America of the 21st Century.

    2. The redhawk says:

      wE are Tun bu a Collection of USELESS NUMNUTS in the WH and Spineless Morons in Congress

    3. Brady Harness says:

      db, for Real that would be; but when have we ever seen President “I am so Bad Ass” ever pay attention to Our Constitution?

    4. I Seigel says:

      What is “technically true” is that Obama can’t unilaterally cancel the sanctions that were placed BY CONGRESS. And he acknowledges that. He CAN cancel sanctions that were put in place by executive orders from Bush and himself.

      Still, what will be the point of continuing Congress’ sanctions when the other countries and the rest of the world cancel them and begin to trade with Iran again? The US might be the only one with sanctions, and they’ll lose out on lots of business – and profits – that other countries will gain.

    5. donemyhomework says:

      I see your frustration and we all share it. Has anybody bothered to make a list all of the impeachable offenses that Obama did? I wonder, I’ll have to research that.

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