Nothing to See Here: Progressives Attack Donald Trump’s Motorcade and Supporters: Media Yawns

by Neil Munro | Breitbart
August 21, 2016

Progressive activists attacked Donald Trump’s motorcade and supporters in Minneapolis late Friday night, but the local media downplayed the unprecedented attack against an American presidential candidate.

Here’s the attack on Trump’s motorcade.

The Star Tribune site found a way to blame Trump and his supporters for the physical attacks by progressives, even while it posted a video showing a vicious public attack on a Trump supporter, and an apparent theft in public from a Trump supporter being escorted into the event.

But the Star Tribune‘s caption makes no mention of the attacks, merely stating “The New York businessman made his first visit to the state as the Republican presidential candidate for a private nighttime fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center.”

The article mentions the violence in the second paragraph, while describing it as merely some people getting pushed, jostled and spat on, and suggests in the lede that the violence was Trump’s responsibility.

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  • Bob says:

    You can fill volumes with what you do not read in the media regarding the actions or inactions of Liberals (their activities are harkening back to those of Democrats of the 1860’s to 1960’s, so I will not demean the term “progressive” by attaching it to these regressive folks). In 2008, the NAACP of PG County MD was to meet in a venue they had been using for years. Since the owner put up a McCain sign, they demanded he take it off the property or they would move. Rather than be called a racist, he complied. Only local news reported on it. However, every time an Obama sign was vandalized or stolen, it was national news. During the 2012 campaign, numerous Romney signs were torn down, set on fire or otherwise vandalized, yet limited reporting by local news and hardly none on a national scale. Now we have the Nightly News showing you-tube videos of people destroying Trump signs and the “reporters” all but nominates the vandals for civic awards. Thank Providence (since we can’t thank God) that there is NO media bias, regardless of what the NY Times has said.

  • middle ground says:

    Our government, (not so) covertly led by George Soros & his ilk, are regularly attacking us all and we’re paying them extremely high wages to do it. We pay them to burden us with outrageous laws and regulations, from which they are exempt, and allow them to strangle our small businesses out of existence, thereby increasing government dependence – for which we pay. We pay them to limit our education and use our schools as institutions of socialist indoctrination, while providing vast numbers of unnecessary executives and union reps with enviable salaries and excellent benefits. We provide them with benefits that are no longer available to any average worker and we pay them for life, despite the fact that we are unlikely to be able to retire at all, even with the social security we’ve been forced to pay throughout our entire working lives. In fact, we pay them to discuss taking that program away from us entirely – and keeping the money we were forced to pay. We’re also paying to fund their terrorists and provide them with the weaponry to kill our soldiers. We’re providing ransom payments to ensure the continued kidnapping of our citizens abroad. Our hard-earned money is also used to aid in the destruction of entire countries, murder their beloved leaders, and cause the horrible deaths of innocent people.

    If all American citizens were to simply refuse to pay these monsters, wouldn’t it be an effective form of peaceful revolution? Small business owners, in large enough numbers, could simply refuse to aid in the theft of their employees’ wages, and stop paying extortion fees to continue operating. We are paying them to hurt us. Why?

  • runnindeer says:

    The Clinton Foundation raised over 500 Million Dollars that was given to fund Black Lives Matter. $3 million dollars of that was given by George Soros , Millions came from the Ford Foundation as well as many major foundations- all backing BLM Movement. Facebook lit up their headquarters with lights to say Black Lives Matter and they have contributed to much of this Movements activities. Apparently this Government agenda is to direct funds toward radical anti- American, anti- White, Anti- Police , anti Military, anti- all things decent and legal or moral. Hillary Clinton and this current administration are responsible for this militant group waging war upon law abiding citizens. Soros has created another radical anti- Free Speech group that is funded by the Open Borders foundation. They have trained people to hack into Twitter to do their devilment. This current administration has done NOTHING to keep America safe or to abide by the oath of office as required a president of the United States.Preferring instead to not only allow evil doers to create such as BLM and Soros funded companies to do all to destroy American values and freedoms. Even helping fund those places and people with our Mis appropriated tax dollars.

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