NYT Attacks the Trump Succes factor

“Something bad is happening,” Donald J. Trump warned New Hampshire voters Tuesday night, casting suspicions on Muslims and mosques. “Something really dangerous is going on.”

On Thursday evening, his message was equally ominous, as he suggested a link between the shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., and President Obama’s failure to say “radical Islamic terrorism.”

“There is something going on with him that we don’t know about,” Mr. Trump said of the president, drawing applause from the crowd in Washington.

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  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    I would not dignify that news paper by wiping my butt with it.

  • KDC says:

    Keep telling it like it is, Donald. Those that can’t handle it will get their rude awakening.

  • Mark Satsky says:

    Ted Cruz is the most qualified candidate to be President of the United States. He is honest , Christian hard working , very intelligent, constitutional , and he has been consistent on his beliefs . He believes in freedom for individuals , and truly for smaller government !

    1. YoOleMe says:

      Ted Cruz is my Senator, and as such: I cannot have more praise or regards for his work and faithfulness, but I’m sorry:


  • pete G says:

    I have been saying for a year now that the guy in the White House IS the problem. Allot of people say stop being racist and blaming Obama for everything and to them i say almost any scandal or problem in our country today has his name on it. Right now he has a bunch of people uprising about Americans having to many guns but anyone with half a brain should recognize that what he proposes has little or nothing to do with keeping Americans safe. He’s even got Hillary Clinton so excited about proposing gun laws that she has no idea what she is doing. He’s not a dummy by any stretch, but he is a dangerous man to us all. People better get a clue about this guy because i can almost guarantee you that if this man ever gets gun collection, and make no mistake that’s what this is all about, our freedom will be gone.

  • Faithful American says:

    I know what’s “going on with Obama” : that is OBVIOUS that HE is a TRAITOR who is WORKING with ISLAM. Why don’t you SAY the OBVIOUS, Trump? I am SURE that’s what YOU are THINKING!

  • enubus says:

    MUSLIM CANDIDATE occupies the Black House with his puppet master Iranian Valerie Jarrett!

  • Bob Hunt says:

    Way to go Trump, just be careful and watch your back!

  • FAITH47 says:

    The Truth will set you free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sometimes they can not accept the truth. BECAUSE truth BOTHERs THEM….

  • jcadla says:

    Obama has always been a traitor to this country. His biggest problem is, although he wants the US to be Islamic, he is not aware of exactly what Islam is about. Can you imagine him stoning Michelle to death for her ‘friendliness’ to men? He should have been impeached in the first two months of his first term. Check it out.

  • YoOleMe says:

    OBVIOUSLY; THE New York Times (NYT) can gain excellent analysis of the truth — to wit:

    “The most striking hallmark was Mr. Trump’s constant repetition of
    divisive phrases, harsh words and violent imagery that American
    presidents rarely use, based on a quantitative comparison of his remarks
    and the news conferences of recent presidents, Democratic and
    Republican. He has a particular habit of saying “you” and “we” as he
    inveighs against a dangerous “them” or unnamed other — usually outsiders
    like illegal immigrants (“they’re pouring in”), Syrian migrants
    (“young, strong men”) and Mexicans, but also leaders of both political

    THE NYT’S PROBLEM IS: IT JUST DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH TRUTH as it slaps them in their A$$!!!

    In re: “… a quantitative comparison of his remarks and the news conferences of recent presidents, Democratic and Republican.” I’m compelled to ask:

    EXACTLY WHAT “recent presidents, Democratic and Republican.” have had the diabolical specter of an Islamist-Marxist, well into its 7th year of systematically CONVERTING the World’s greatest bastion of Freedom & Liberty into the dregs of an Islamic Shari’a law infested Caliphate, to deal with in their campaign?!?!? … IF ANY VALID QUESTION OF CONSEQUENCE IS PRESENT HERE, IT IS:


    Perhaps the NYT would do well to revisit Brer’ Rabbit’s “Tar-Baby” story, lest it lose its prime position as bird-cage liner!!!

  • newhope4all says:

    Mocking birds don’t fly. So many of you ignorant sTrumpets can’t even think for yourselves and know nothing about loving America and what it stands for. You guys just want to bring it down and act like a bunch of Nazis saluting that big mouth who is dumb as a stump but he knows the suckers when he sees them, just like PT Barnum. What a bunch of idiots you are. Wait until he comes after you because you are all so inferior and he determines you are a drain on his society. I’d bet he never goes anywhere with out referring to cliff notes of Mein Kampf under his stupid hat. You are a bunch of mocking birds that are stuck on stupid.

    1. YoOleMe says:


    2. dmttbt says:

      I’ll bet that all the politicians including Hillary have armed guards with them at all times. Why would they need that? Aren’t they just good honest people trying to help out all of the other people? Why don’t they have their guards carry a book and not a gun, they could read to someone instead of shooting them. Take Hillary without her security and put her in the neighborhoods where she thinks are good Muslims and let her live there and see how she does. Have her exist on minimum wage and not the millions or billions she is use to. Have her take Chelsea with her and she can say what difference does it make at this point. Better yet have her live with the families of those who were killed in Benghazi.

  • dog lover says:


  • reagangs says:

    NYT attacks Trumps success factor:: “Surprise, surprise, surprise” as old Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) would say. NOT this time. The liberals are getting desperate and pulling out all of the stops. Old Sal Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals are getting polished up for a modern day !960s like protest. Shout, scream and out sound the enemy. Marginalize and berate them for being honest about the sorry direction of our country and for trying to save it. Typical 1970s political radical rhetoric.

    1. dmttbt says:

      I have a problem with what they call a legitimate protest now. they bus 100s of people in and then they break in the stores and steal electronics and they do all this on film. I say identify and prosecute to the fullest or you could use their reasoning and shoot to stop them. I like that second choice a lot. What gives people the right to take others property or damage their property? Is that what a protest is suppose to be? Do they have a permit for a protest and if so hold the ones who ask for that permit responsible.

  • Larry says:

    The NYT is Obumers mouth piece and should be openly discouraged.

  • teaman says:

    Let me say up front, I am not a Trump fan “YET”. Just to be clear, if a piss ant was running for president, it would get my vote before any mentally ill dummycrat. However, if I had his money, I would run for president and be just as strong in my speeches.
    You see, the problem not being understood, is that all the politicians we have today are puppets being controlled by their big money donating puppet masters. They are not allowed to operate outside of their predetermined designated confines. In other words, they are total butt kissers. As private citizens, that is what we have put up with for years.
    The New York Slime can say anything they like, but Trump at his worst, is 10,000 times better than any slime ball at this outhouse basement run piece of trash.
    Trump is saying, most of the time, exactly what us over taxed and mistreated citizenry are feeling every day and more than likely he will win!

  • Luke says:

    Vote for America, vote Trump/Cruz and Republican in all state elections

    1. Gnowark says:

      My Congressman (R) votes a 40% GOP (RINO-based) platform. The local Dems didn’t even run an opposing candidate. The conservative primary candidate lost 47% to 53% in her first Nat’l Congressional Race, so I couldn’t vote for him. But if there is opposition, then yes, vote Republican, but just realize that you might not be voting family-values Conservative (his largest contributor was LGBT coalition) when you vote Republican..

    2. YoOleMe says:

      IN RE: CRUZ; RUBIO; or JINDAL: PLEASE STUDY the text and LINKS OFFERED in this > http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd697.htm < piece by Devvy Kidd, whose political life in these NWO infested trenches has been heroic, if not successful in causing the ENEMY to succinctly IDENTIFY ITSELF in its nefarious treatment of her efforts. In SHORT:


  • Philip Allen says:

    President Obama is not only a traitor but a treasonist also. He’s aided and abetted the enemy by signing a treaty with Iran and giving them billions of dollars to spend and use against America and are allies Israel. Iran is a terrorist country that aides many terrorist organization such as Hamas and Al Quida etc. He not only helped Iran he committed treason when he lets out Gitmo terrorist to go back and fight with their terrorist organization weather it be a year before they can do so. He also commits treason when he leaves the southern borders open so that terrorist can come in. Because we have a do nothing Congress he has not been impeached or tried criminally. I think the most of the 50 states should think about succeeding from the union. If our Federal Government including President Obama and the Congress cannot or will not insure the safety of the states and also adhere to the US Constitution then the states should start succeeding from the United States. Our Federal Government was originally set up to support the states from enemies foreign and domestic which in my opinion they are not doing. In fact they are trying to disarm the American Citizen as President Obama has said he doesn’t think the American should be allowed to own firearms. Our Congress is no better either as EX-Speaker John Boehner gave President Obama everything he wanted and never held him accountable as with most Democrats and Republican alike. To name a few are John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham (Presidential Contender), Oran Hatch, Roy Blunt, Thad Cochran. And guess what? All the few are Republicans most of which have lied to the American People by saying they would hold President Obama accountable which they haven’t. Texas is considering putting succession on the ballot in 2016 as a non-binding resolution. This would not be necessary had the Congress done their job by impeaching the President and trying him criminally for treason in a court of law and his violation of the US Constitution by making laws (immigration law) which he doesn’t have the authority to do. Succession is the way to go if the President and our Federal Government keeps violating the Laws and the US Constitution. Let me also add with our do nothing Congress except raise the spending limit every year and give the President everything he wants. Also vote for the best Presidential Contender Donald Trump for President in 2016 so we can get this country back on the right track…”Make America Great Again” Need I Say More

    1. YoOleMe says:


    2. dmttbt says:

      We have no representatives. Doesn’t that call for some kind of citizens martial law. We could go around saying citizens arrest, citizens arrest but I don’t think they would pay any attention.

  • Dale says:

    P.S. As is our president.

  • Dale says:

    Not slow learners, Phyllis. They are filled with a traitorous agenda.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Didn’t any of you folk read the whole article? It’s about Trump, not Obama and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

    1. Mark Lahti says:

      Didn’t you read the article? It was directly related to Trump’s comments about Obama. It was about both of them. But in particular it was Trump all over Obama’s case on his lack of leadership as it relates to radical Islamic terrorism.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Did you read the same article I did? The main thrust was showing how Trump presented his facts and why he had was doing as well as he is. It compared Trumps style with George Wallace and McCarthy among others. Obama’s name came up once only in passing so why is everyone talking about Obama. Trump is a great showman. Light on facts but very entertaining. Trump doesn’t appeal to your intellect but rather to your gut.

    2. Gadget1132 says:

      bobnstuff… I read it… and also read some of the false statements made by the writer of the article. This was meant to paint Trump badly.. That is it purpose. Many are trying to do everything they can to get him knocked down from the lead as Trump will not be controllable by the ruling elite. Start checking out some of the “facts” stated in the article and you will find the writer is wrong. Just another attempt in the full article to malign Trump. I do think Trump has the answers for our issues. I do think he has a plan, as if you look at all he does in business he does it with a plan and that plan takes him to “win” the majority of the time. A person does not put together a 10B empire with out winning. Yes, a couple of his companies failed… but from that he learned as most of us do… we learn from our failures and successes. We have listened to so many politicians that promise so much and deliver nothing.

    3. dmttbt says:

      I believe nothing the NY times prints and nothing I hear on MSNBC. CNN is equally no good. That is the problem, people believe these lieng a holes and vote accordingly. They stack the deck against any honest person. I do think Trump is honest and when he said dealing with the Islamic terrorist you have to take out their whole family and everyone shuddered as if he was a bad person. The truth is he is absolutely right. Do you think we should trust people like the ones in the massacre in Sanbernidno California? Did they select only certain kind of people to kill? When they capture any of their enemies, do they treat them well and return them in good health? Well maybe but without their head.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        So it’s OK with you if Trump throws out the forth amendment and changes the FBI to the KGB. Turn in your family and neighbors. It’s OK to register Americans but not guns. Hile Trump. Sig Hile.

        1. YoOleMe says:

          … you, and your progressive ilk, literally PISSED-AWAY the forth, back in `89~`95, your resident Kenyan White House Squatter has since had his Dept. of Just-Us putrefied with pseudo-14th Amendment, administrative adhesion contract license & privilege usurpation of God-given unalienable rights of now three generations of this despicable quasi-education system, and you propose to lay that at the feet of Trump, when all he’s doing is reading the situation as it is extant!!!! … You’re a real piece-a-work!!!

          1. newhope4all says:

            …might I add, you’re a real piece of goodOleBoy shit. How did you come up with all that non-sensical BS? How many times do people have to tell you before you just crawl back under the rock you came from. Trump is a slick talker but he makes no sense. He just amuses himself getting you dumbasses all riled up.

          2. YoOleMe says:

            Oh NO!!! … there’s TWO OF YOU!!!! … God FORBID, YOU’RE ABLE TO MATE!!!!! … With all the difficulty you seem to have,.. making “sense” of anything, coupled with bobnstuff’s inability to comprehend what’s actually already happening to him, so out of phase that he thinks it’s yet to be; GIVEN you two start reproducing we ALL better find a rock to get under!!! …

            Stop worrying about making any sense of what Trump’s saying, Good Lord willing he’ll be moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. January `17 and you can learn all about real life, you’ve probably never experienced yet. Hang-in-there!!! … I’ve got faith in your recovery!!!!

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Sig Hile The Trump, Close places of worship, register citizens, deport US citizens, is it 1984 or 1938 or a little of both? You should turn in your family and your neighbors to the police. Sig Hile The Trump!

  • George Dimele says:

    Barack Hussein Obama….nuff said….only an idiot would put a man in the WH with a Moslim name…..WAKE THE HELL UP AND GET SOME COMMON SENSE!!!!!!

    1. Mark Lahti says:

      Oh so very true. I’ve been saying this since 08. It couldn’t be more clear about what this poser is all about. Hussain, come on people. What don’t you get about this muslim?

    2. YoOleMe says:

      In re: Muslim / Islam
      / Islamist Extremist you’ll
      find no more salient, nor fluent subject-matter authority than Dr. Bill Warner. For excellent understanding of his acumen and technique; Please start HERE:

      Robert Vaughan in Conversation with Dr. Bill Warner –
      Political Islam [Published
      4 February, 2013] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0W0yqfdg54

      Dr. William French –
      a.k.a. Bill Warner, in his http://www.politicalislam.com site – a
      retired Quantum Mechanics Physicist has applied 30-years of such scientific due
      diligence into development of an excellent education on the Muslim / Islam /
      Islamist odium and concomitant threat TO ANY & ALL, OTHER THAN
      THOSE OF THEIR ILK – PARTICULARLY in the nature of Christians & Jews!!! … In
      the interest of “Know your enemy!”: Dr. Bill’s site is IMPERATIVE!!!

      > Islam,
      1400 years spread by murder-by Dr Bill Warner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONhVB9kIzKI

      Warner – A Taste of Islam [Bill reviews his STUDY materials] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjBDDC4wVxk

  • George Price says:

    Obama is in the process of trying to turn this into a muslin heaven and he must be stopped. THe first step is to get rid of those life time politicans in Washington and elect people who value this country.

    1. George Dimele says:

      AMEN TO THAT!!!!

  • Phyllis says:

    I think we used to call people who did things like our present adm, TRAITORS and if not that, then there is the ever popular, not used often enough, 25th amendment, but if we used that one it would empty out a great deal of Congress on both sides of the aisle. They are slow learners.

    1. Gnowark says:

      No, WE trust the Congress we listened to and elected, it is WE who are the slow learners. But you’re 100% right about the rest. Thank you for reminding us.

      1. George Dimele says:

        TRUST our congress your kidding..Right! You do see who the front runner is and why is he winning because people are sick and tired of the DO NOTHING CONGRESS..sounds like the only one that is slow here is you….
        Wake Up….

        1. Gnowark says:

          I didn’t say I (or you) trusted Congress, I spoke of the left-leaning media led society (that elects and then venerates those that are elected because their lies were believed) will need much more than obamao to convince them he does wrong for almost everything American. I’m sorry you misunderstood, I don’t feel it is a do-nothing Congress, because they keep getting re-elected (93%). It’s a do-the-wrong-thing (or allow to be done) Congress.

          1. Rowland says:

            There is no such thing as a “left: media. 90+% of the media is run by the likes of ultra rightist organizations: Murdoch, Time warner, CBS, etc.

        2. dmttbt says:

          I agree and I keep going on the internet and people by the thousands are calling for Obama to be arrested as a traitor but they don’t realize, we have no one to do it.

      2. Phyllis says:

        I understand what you are saying but speak for yourself, I, do not trust most of Congress on either side. The only one there fighting for our Constitution who is running for office is Rand Paul but he is not ahead in the polls and he isn’t a coward either, I keep hoping Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, McCain, and a few choice others, fall off the planet. Here is my version of what we need and the reasons why. 1.Trump for prez, because he has a pair and isn’t a coward and has enough money he can’t be bought. 2. Cruz for VP, because he has a pair and isn’t a coward and loves the country.3.Sec of State.,Fiorino, she has diplomacy and isn’t a coward. 4. Sec of Defense,Gen Jack Keene or ANYONE who has even a vague military background….Att Gen, Trey Gowdy, or Chris Christie or the guy that had enough of a pair that he challenged Pelosi on the floor and she attacked him. For health, Ben Carson, 5. Someone new over the entire VA, mandatory that they have served in the armed forces and been exposed to actual danger.6. Soc Security, any private citizen who is on it and suffered because of Obama’s medical delusions. 7. Dept of Ed, Anyone who can read and write in cursive, hasn’t been dumbed down and indoctrinated that schooling was designed for protests but to learn and actually get an education. 8. Anyone with a huge thumb that can push a button to shut down IRS. 9. A panel consisting of family members of victims of terrorism to be appointed national jailers for the politicians who have brought this tragedy upon this country. An American dream.

        1. Rocknrobyn says:

          I like your style of thinking!

        2. Gnowark says:

          I was speaking for what I see of our “what’s in it for me?” society. I’d agree for only some of your suggestions. Like you, Paul is my choice to replace a pResident that has lost any sense of honor or integrity. But seeing the treatment of Ron & Rand by MSM, I would have to agree with you on my second choice, Trump. On many of the rest, I don’t see any Constitutional need for any “Departments of Many More Regulations” except #9, and WE should be those jailers (acknowledging that a “what’s in it for me?” society wouldn’t be).

        3. Hopalong says:

          Other than the fact that you omitted Rand Paul I pretty much agree with your proposed administration. Now, if there can be an overhaul of the Supreme Court the transformation to a real opportunity for meaningful change would be complete. (I can already hear the wails of anguish and the nasty name-calling gearing up from those of the other political persuasion)

          1. Phyllis says:

            LOL..we may be the only two people on this site old enough to remember who Hopalong was..none of those old cowboys would be politically sick, er, correct.

          2. Hopalong says:

            Ya got that right, Pilgrim!

          3. dmttbt says:

            Make that three.

          4. Phyllis says:

            Actually Rand Paul is my favorite candidate but I don’t think he is a war president and we have sunk to the level that we need one. But, based on his background and his Dad’s, he DEFINITELY is the right person to put over the Treasury and get us out of debt. I think he would actually protect the hen house instead of robbing it and eating the chickens. (the chickens being us)

        4. macaye2 says:

          love this. i will vote the ticket.

        5. dmttbt says:

          I am convinced on all but Cruz and he was my choice in the beginning. I am afraid the repub party is standing behind Cruz to keep Trump from getting the party nomination. The opposition is doing every thing they can to lie and make Trump look bad but it isn’t working. The thing that has to happen is we have to convince the voters of America that just because something appears on the news or in the paper does not mean it is true.

          1. Phyllis says:

            The most practical and helpful thing you can do at this time is to become active in politics on the local level and VOLUNTEER to work the polls to see that votes don’t get changed. It is a very subtle thing to change votes. I saw it done once and challenged the crime…took almost 20 years for the man to be arrested with 90+ counts against him and his family members..er, this took place under our illustrious previous clinton presidency…do your part, invite your family and friends to do the same. We can share on this site till we are blue in the face but it doesn’t stop voter fraud.

    2. George Dimele says:


      1. HadEnough says:

        Absolutely !!

    3. dmttbt says:

      Our two party system is the organized crime system and we the people have been sold out for 30 years if not longer. We have a immigration law, they just will not enforce the law. What can we do when our government will not enforce the law?

      1. Phyllis says:

        We can go to CAMPS quietly like they did to the Jews during WW11. The pattern is the same, take away free speech, weapons, turn the citizens against each other, put you on a train to any number of places, telling you, in the beginning, that you will be fed and clothed and that it is for your own safety and good. Our children and grandchildren won’t know any difference as they are dumbed down and too busy protesting or going to beaches, sports,concerts, etc. The black community doesn’t realize it yet, but ISIS doesn’t like mouthy, flashy, protesting, women of any color and they also hate gays. Oh yeah, you will eventually be given a chip in your forehead or hand so you can eat, house,etc…coming to a corner near your house, already on the credit and bank cards.

        1. YoOleMe says:

          My Lady, you have CLEARLY “Broken thee Code”!!!

          That 400-year + Conspiracy REALITY is evolving from “Theory” INTO HARD COLD FACT, while in its wake; REALIZATION OF those 2,000-y/o + of our Holy Bible Prophesy, becomes OUR hourly NEWS content!!!!

          IF you ARE Christian: INDELIBLY PRINT YOUR MIND with words of Christ Jesus’ Apostle John, at Revelation 20:4~7, describing his Throne-room vision, and prepare
          your total countenance to assure your presence there, as described within that, otherwise dreadful, BUT FAITHFUL CHRISTIAN HALLELUJAH SCENE!!!!

          IF you are NOT Christian; based upon such simple logic, may I strongly recommend you consider:

          a) “IF I convert my FAITH practice to Biblical Christianity, and its ”End Times” scenario is WRONG: WHAT have I lost?!?! … vs.;

          b) “IF I FAIL to convert my FAITH practice to Biblical Christianity, and its ”End Times” scenario is REAL:”


          God Speed,
          YoOle used helicopter driver, Me

          1. Phyllis says:

            I AM a Believer.

          2. YoOleMe says:

            Praise Abba!!! … I just want to draw particular attention to the Rev. 20:4~7 scene, as I find it destroys the pre-Trib Rapture so many of us have been wooed into, and if not so Rev. 20:4~7 MENTALLY prepared; it well may cause the ultimate DISASTER AT THAT FINAL EVENT!!!!

            God Bless!!!
            YoOle used helicopter driver, Me

          3. Phyllis says:

            If God has to shorten the time to keep even the elect from perishing, that in itself shows there is no escape (rapture) clause, Why ever would the very elect have been left behind…however, HE is coming. In the meantime, Christ in you, the hope of glory…and why would a nation who has turned it’s back on God be exempt from the Days of Sorrows or the Tribulation when Christians in other countries are being beheaded, crucified, burned, buried alive, etc etc, and we, in our vanity, assume we will escape all this. Welcome to the Democrat, socialist, communist world…God Bless you too and all the ones who are crying out on various web sites in the comment section…’When the people wax worse and worse, God puts the basest of men over them”..we have arrived..

  • Tex Irvin says:

    it might be called insanity

    1. newhope4all says:

      Yeah, Sue4477 is insane. Right, Tex?

      1. florida3guy says:

        You are either insane or a traitor, probably a traitor.

  • Sue4477 says:

    Isn’t there always something going on with obama that we don’t know about and that isn’t good for the country? Of course there is.

    1. newhope4all says:

      are you friggin crazy!!!!

      1. florida3guy says:

        No he is 100% correct and you are either crazy or a traitor, probably the latter.

        1. SDofAZ says:

          The BO supporter profits from this traitor in some way. So this dem wit dem is a lemming who follows, a profit from supporting this agenda as his Soros’ buddy pays for like the lobbyist or the BLM crowd, a freeloader, or stupid. Who knows but his post proves he is one of those categories.

          1. newhope4all says:

            You have no idea.

        2. newhope4all says:

          You’re a florida3guy–enough said about what you probably are. Shut up, jerk.

          1. S. Wicks Jr says:

            Good constructive criticism; NOT!

          2. Jim Norris says:


        3. Jim Norris says:

          No this is one of those irate parasites booted from the welfare role of Wisconsin who were either to stupid to apply for work or to lazy to work or volunteer 20 hours per week! THAT’S OUR CURRENT DAY AMERICA and those in it! IT’S MY GUESS THAT RUNNING THE COUNTRY’S DEBT FROM 10 TO 20 TRILLION IN 6 YR.S IS ***REAL ECONOMIC GROWTH*** FOR THE AVERAGE AMERICAN MORON! THANKS YOU ASSES FOR STEALING FROM MY CHILDREN, GRAND CHILDREN AND THEIR GRAND CHILDREN…


        4. newhope4all says:

          And they crucified Christ.

      2. Gnowark says:

        I’m so glad we find you (a source of all obamao’s transparency), please enlighten us with his school records, his Congressional achievements, his pResidential achievements, the results of all of those “unending searches for those responsible” (outside of his blaming the Constitution, white (& black) police, & the NRA). his economy cures, his demonstrated military expertise, his strangling grasp of the “middle class.” his successes in middle Eastern poliutics (his islamic knowledge), his cure for the Health-care crisis, et alia. I’ll be waiting, “NoHope4All”

        1. donemyhomework says:

          The list goes on and on….and that doesn’t even include all of the political sabotage he did in filling his administration with subversive terrorists and terrorist sympathizers that are in fact Muslims that want the downfall of America and the implementation of Islam in America with Sharia. Obama is by far the biggest traitor America has ever known.

          He has hundreds of traitorous appointees in place. And the big point is attacks on free speech as in Loretta Lynch, Attorney General dictating hate speech and going after Americans…she is a total bitch.

          You can say what you want about Trump, but he puts it straight up. And this article by the Times, a Leftist rag, employing academics, more leftist crapheads that give a feigned image of credibility and plausibility to their demagogue theory…if anyone fits the description of a demagogue, Obama, Hillary, and Sanders fit it to a tee.

          These are really troubling times, and my opinion is that we need in America a person with drive, conviction, a dream of a strong America, and finally someone who brings topics that no one else will touch. If it weren’t for Trump, there would not have been an immigration question or any of the other myriad topics that have been brought to the table. America needs a strong leader after the limp penis we’ve had for eight years.

          The Islam thing has been war for 1400 years. The greatest genocidal machine ever created….and the Muslims smell blood and cowardice of an American President who’s order is to stand down…like the Baltimore riots. Obama and his Administration are cowards and traitors and should be tried and executed. And that’s what I think.

          1. dmttbt says:

            You are so correct. They are saying Trump/ Cruz ticket but Cruz has had a chance to raise hell about immigration and the gunrunning and all the other illegal things our government does but I didn’t hear him. Trump I hear and I agree with him all the way. The MSNBC with the little, short fat income tax cheat as their spokesman is the biggest piece of crap I have heard in a long time. they say that people say they are for trump but they will not vote for him. I pledge to you he will get my vote even if they cheat him out of the nomination I will write in his name and vote for him. How stupid can people be not to see that Trump is getting the votes because people are seeing after all these years what crooks the politicians are.

          2. donemyhomework says:

            Thank you. I see Trump as having all of the skills and then some for the job. Not holding a Political Office, you mean getting elected and sitting on your butt. You don’t become a business success without having Management skills, people skills, making the hard decisions…and being driven for success. Profiles of Genius by Gene N. Landrum….about people that changed things and it wasn’t the cake walk that many would believe. For your perusal should you choose.

          3. Faithful American says:


          4. donemyhomework says:

            And I suppose you would consider Hillary or Sanders a good choice….or another Politician…I’m tired of electing Politicians….for way too many years. I stand pat with Trump. You ever hear of Management, you ever hear of teamwork. We’ve already got enough laws, we don’t need anymore laws. The United States of America is the biggest business in America. So you’re telling me a businessman can’t run a business? I’m wondering about your qualifications Faithful…I suppose you’re one of those poor idiots that voted for that Traitor in Chief both times….AND YOU THINK HE’S DOING A GOOD JOB. Pathetic! Our Military forces run on their own. But I suppose you never served time in the Military either. That makes you even more pathetic for not knowing History, the Military, or how the Military works. Because it’s obvious that you don’t know anything about the Presidency. Or Government for that matter. Makes me smile the way you shout with all your capital letters.

          5. newhope4all says:

            Oh, and you’ve been hired to work on his team in his adjacent office and share his friggin’ bathroom, huh?

          6. donemyhomework says:

            You are at least mildly entertaining.

          7. Jim Norris says:

            no, not at all… his lack of debating skills and simpleton statements are the equivalent to the writing on the BATH ROOM WALL in the shit house…

          8. KDC says:

            Who cares about debating skills. Look at BO’s skills as he reads his tele prompter. Yeah, right from the heart, huh?

          9. dmttbt says:

            I had a next door neighbor who I thought the world of. He was a devoted democrat and he was telling me that Obama sure was smart and could talk about anything they asked him. He had cancer and only had a short time left to live so I let it go at that. I wanted to tell him that when you know the questions in advance and you have a team to have the answers and all you do is read it from a card the main thing you have to know is how to read. Go to one of the visits from any of the politicians and you will soon realize that if you are not willing to play along, you will not be the one in the audience who gets called on to ask a question. Once in a great while someone fools them but they are quickly removed.

          10. donemyhomework says:

            I thought so, it seemed his content was basically emotional.

          11. KDC says:

            Oh, go hold hands with Sanders while he takes your hard earned money/belongings and gives it to those entitled to your stuff!

          12. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            The left-Wit, is either yelling or screaming as he is pulling out his hair, as he knows that he is on the verge of having all his let-wit stuff sent back a thousand years.
            Left-Wits, RINOs and media are all afraid of Trump/Cruz, or Cruz/Trump, because theses guys will clean house.
            It is no longer about “politics” this is something new, something that has been lost, then found again.
            They just don’t seem to be able to grasp the idea, that people are sick, and tired of “politicians”, political prostitutes, and political correctness.

          13. HadEnough says:

            AGREED !!

          14. HadEnough says:

            You are 100% Correct !!!!

          15. Jim Norris says:

            what our country needs at this very point is a leader not a politicians mired in dc bull shit

          16. KDC says:

            …and this administration does? I think all presidents should be military men.

          17. Jeff Warner says:

            So what qualifications did Obama have? None for the State Senate and none for the U.S. Senate. Definitely NONE for the Presidency. He has lied, cheated, fed the world fear, and all the while, embraced Islam! Trump has built an empire. He hasn’t stolen from the taxpayers. As for Legal background, Obama has sealed off the world from seeing anything except fake birth certificates. If you and the rest of the liberals have any proof he is legitimate, show it, or keep your big fat mouth shut. Let’s talk about other Presidents did not have legal education. Carter had a degree in Physics. Reagan didn’t have a degree, Eisenhower went to West Point, no.law degree. And none of them were worth a damn as President. Get your facts straight. By the way , Lincoln didn’t have a law degree, neither did Washington.

          18. newhope4all says:

            With all that we know about corrupt business practices and corporations rigging the system who can afford all the lawyers and lobbyist in the world, what makes anyone think that Trump is exempt from such tactics. We already know how he cheats, and connives and bullies people. Trump is the biggest con artist of the century and the stinkiest gas bag ever. Are you thinking you’ll be on his Christmas card list if you vote for him or be invited to his next gala event? Trump doesn’t give a damn for his “supporters” and he never has. It’s all about Trump.

          19. donemyhomework says:

            In the first place, what do you know about business? And what’s more, what do you know about business practices? Exempt from such tactics, why on earth would you ever expect to find anyone on this Planet that is exempt? You figure Obama is exempt, he gets a Presidential salary and somehow he ends up worth $120M. Go figure. Oh he cheats, connives and bullies people. You don’t get your way by kissing ass. And by the way, who are “We” already know….you can prove that allegation in a Court of Law? Biggest con artist of the century??? You have proof, or is that just another allegation? Stinkiest gas bag ever? How do you know he’s stinky? A gala event, and a Christmas Card list??? Oh, my…how do you know these things??? And Trump doesn’t give a damned about his supporters?…and never has!!! I’m amazed, how do you know these things? No proof, more unfounded allegation. It’s all about Trump….certainly, nobody runs for President with the intention of loosing. So, in the end, newhope4all…your diatribe in nothing more than unfounded, unsubstantiated petulant flatus…you are the gas bag.

          20. newhope4all says:

            Can’t you recognize a skunk in the room when you see one. I heard that the reason he talks so loud and fast is because he farts so much when he’s talking he’s trying to cover it up and blames the media. Whew!

          21. donemyhomework says:

            I can tell you’re a leftist Democrat. with no facts, just garbage.

          22. Jim Norris says:

            you are the HOLE emitting GAS as your statements demostrate

          23. KDC says:

            And how old are you?

          24. dmttbt says:

            That statement is proof that you are not in anyway creditable.

          25. KKmoderate says:

            That is just immature grade school name calling! Come back into the discussion when you get an education and grow up!

          26. HadEnough says:

            I Couldn’t Have Said It Better !!!

          27. Carla Cox says:

            Well Said!

          28. KDC says:

            Mostly liberal/communist’s think he cheats. Of course, they can’t see real evil that’s right in front of their faces. Of course, the Clintons are totally accepted by the blinded lemmings as well as BO and his corrupt administration. Gee, your description fits BO perfectly!

          29. Carla Cox says:

            And Obamination is the BIGGST TRAITOR WE HAVE EVER SEEN!
            If the Libs win America is gone, Sharia will rule!You my dear need to stop drinking the Kool Aide!

          30. Faithful American says:

            Than you HAVEN’T BEEN LISTENING TO CRUZ!

          31. S. Wicks Jr says:

            The only Cruz I want is on an ocean liner. With preferably the opposite sex.

          32. Elessar says:

            Cruz needs to stay where he is, he’ll be very helpful in the Senate, we don’t want another Rino taking his place.

          33. KDC says:

            You can’t even say Cruz is communist. What a joke! You wouldn’t recognize one if you saw it. Your a lib…proof of point!

          34. newhope4all says:

            No, what we’re seeing is how many misinformed republicans there are in America that can barely comprehend the English language, do not know world history, or geography and can barely read or write but have big loud vulgar mouths.

          35. Elessar says:

            It’s the Democrats who have no clue about history! The World tried to appease Hitler and look how well that worked? Now they appease Iran, and I don’t have much hope in that turning out well either!

          36. pete G says:

            If both sides weren’t corrupt Obama would be a memory by now. Don’t get me wrong at least the Republicans aren’t communists.

          37. Carol Redmon Emerson says:

            Everyone I talk to with very few exceptions, and that includes complete strangers at the checkout stands and in parking lots – tell me they are going to vote for Trump. Some tell me they’re Democrats, but are sick of the mess and will vote for the Trumspter.

          38. runnindeer says:

            Ted Cruz has been having to act like a politician for a very long while so he doesn’t say what he feels openly. He also isn’t self funded like Mr. Trump so he can’t . I am 100% for Mr. Trump and so is every person in my family and all of my friends and most of all of the associates that I have spoken with that have made up their minds. Some are still deciding. But I would like to see Mr. Cruz as Vice President. Together they could achieve so much. Imagine how would that piss off those entrenched GOP good old boys like every Bush and Paul Ryan and too many others to name.

          39. YoOleMe says:

            IF we wanted anyone with MORE “SKIN-IN-THE-GAME” for veracity of interest in a RE-CONSTITUTED, constitutional united States of America than Trump – with all of his real estate enterprise: I know NOT of whom it could be?!?!?

          40. donemyhomework says:


          41. newhope4all says:

            The real skin in the game are the thousands of innocent people whose flesh is buried in the ground.

          42. YoOleMe says:

            Certainly 80-years of life have taught me to never suffer fools in
            specious argument, but we’re all Elohim’s creatures and whether grounded in His Holy name, or not; I find, in letting the contentious define its own character in practice serves me well in that cause, so:

            Yes, in the more practical sense – vs. the metaphorical, as intended in my posting –those “thousands of innocent people whose flesh is buried in the ground” are “the real skin in the game” albeit; certainly a more permanent “game” – and dependent upon that individual’s prior will to accept our Creator’s Holy GIFT of His propitiated innocence; such “skin in [that] game” can in fact be the greatest gain possible, this side of the bar.

          43. Phyllis says:

            Do you think investing in rope at this point in time would be fortuitous? lol.

          44. donemyhomework says:


        2. newhope4all says:

          Screw you. How about you enlighten yourself you nitwit?

          1. dosadoe says:

            Good comeback, Liberal Socialist! Keep it up, Comrade!

          2. newhope4all says:

            You’re the Nazi using the term “comrade”, dosadoe. Why don’t you just dosadoe down the road?

          3. Jim Norris says:

            more toilette house scribbling… name calling is the height of this persons intellect

          4. newhope4all says:

            It works for me and it breaks no bones.

        3. FAITH47 says:


        4. newhope4all says:

          Care to show me your credentials and those of Bush and Cheney first?

      3. KDC says:

        I hope you’re joking!

        1. newhope4all says:

          The joke is on you, scary looking “lady”.

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