Obama administration issues permits for wind farms to kill more eagles

The Interior Department says it will change the rules and issue permits that would let wind farms kill eagles for up to 30 years, or six times longer than the current permits allow.

Wind farms — the fields of windmill turbines that dot the landscape — kill about 440,000 birds of all species every year, according to a government estimate, which raises questions about the balance between the renewable energy resource and the very environment it is supposed to be helping.

“Permits to kill eagles just seems unpatriotic, and 30 years is a long time for some of these projects to accrue a high death rate,” said Sen. David Vitter, Louisiana Republican and a critic of the Interior Department.

He and fellow Republicans said the administration has been tougher on traditional energy sources such as oil and gas when it comes to bird kills, but has been more lenient on renewable energy.

“There needs to be a balanced approach in protecting migratory birds, while also supporting domestic energy, and with this newest decision, the administration has failed to achieve that,” Mr. Vitter said.

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  • Guest says:

    About the Author: Meghan is an erstwhile librarian in exile from Texas and writer for Forever


  • David says:

    This is outrageous Eagle are protected by the law and obama want to bypass the law to permit killing eagles within those wind farms Conservation Department needs to do something about it

  • Driver_S says:

    The liberal media, the liberal animal rights groups, the tree hugging fanatics and all are just chirping crickets and not saying a word. Let any of our existing power suppliers mention doing something to increase production or anything else to provide more energy and they’re up in arms about protecting this or that to prevent or absurdly burden the company with restrictions.

  • mudguy1 says:

    We all know all about how Obama’s so called “Balance Approaches” are.

  • Jerome Liner says:

    There is hardly a mention of this in the Main Steam Media, let alone any harsh criticism. What a pack of hypocrites! Imagine their reaction had this happened under a Republican administration. Where are the tree huggers when you want them?

  • SniperToo says:

    The Muslim dictator just wants to kill off our Nation’s symbol (icon) and

    replace it with a ugly, smelly, camel. Wind farms can go to hell.
    It’s amazing how he can change the rules and not go through Congress. We will lose our eagles and he doesn’t give a rats ass, why should he. The jerk is a Muslim not black. get it?

  • hpinnc says:

    I will try this again,but not as lengthy. The regime is not as interested in the environment as they would lead us to think.The eagle has not been long from being on the endangered list.I think it will have to go back on,along with some of the other 400,000 birds a year.We have plenty of “fossil fuels” here in the USA, but they are “hell-bent” on this “renewable ” energy sources. It’s all about absolute power.They are a bunch of power-hungry,know-it-all,socialist/marxist/communists who thinks they have all the answers to man’s problems,& they don’t even know the questions. The sooner they go,the better for this country.

  • hpinnc says:

    I just logged in I thought, & had a pretty good, lengthy post, but you people make it so damn complicated to log in until I believe you are some how affiliated with the same crowd of jerks in Washington. When I log in, & go to the trouble to put in all the info called for do you ask for name? I already gave it to you when I logged in.Now I have lost my post. Now let’s see if you can post this.

    1. sn1616 says:

      Happened again. I prepared a post but they again told me that my email address was already in use, and wouldn’t accept my post. A disqus window opened and I signed in with user and password. I log in and my message had disappeared and got a red note “Comments can’t be blank, so I’m posting this message instead.
      PS: Windpower is the biggest, most expensive fraud ever. When it’s not killing birds it’s destroying itself. When one of the blades goes bad because of bearings that are incapable of handling the massive stresses, the whole windmill self destructs. Great moneymaker for GE, bad for taxpayers.

      1. hpinnc says:

        I have had trouble getting into disques sometimes too. Could be me, perhaps I am doing something wrong, sn1616. I agree with your post 100%. Wonder how long these wind machines are under warranty. Not long I would think. GE has a goose laying golden eggs. All this so called “green energy” B/S is something for GE & Gore to rip the US tax-payer off. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be trying to develop other sources of energy, I just think they should not have so many of them “Wind Farms” I think they call them. Looks to me like they would build a few, test them & if they work, build some more. No, they are hell-bent on stopping “fossil” fuel that they are willing to bankrupt the country to come up with solar power,& battery powered cars. We should have had the keystone pipe line 7 or 8 yrs. back, Obama is still holding it up.

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