Obama blasts critics over his refusal to use phrase ‘Islamist extremism’

by Dave Boyer
June 15, 2016

President Obama said hit back Tuesday at criticism that he’s afraid to utter the phrase “radical Islam” in the war on terror, saying “there’s no magic” to the words that would help the U.S. defeat terrorists.

Lecturing Republicans and presidential nominee Donald Trump, Mr. Obama challenged his critics defiantly, asking, “What exactly would using this label accomplish? What exactly would it change? Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. This is a political distraction.”

His comments came two days after a Muslim gunman killed 49 and wounded 53 at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Mr. Obama also renewed his call for Congress to impose more gun control, especially a ban on assault-style rifles such as the one used in Orlando.

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  • Cliff Barton says:

    The one thing that everyone is overlooking is the fact that if there had been someone in the nightclub with a gun maybe 49 (people) wouldn’t have died. This is what happens when you have gun free zones in this day and age.

  • Bill Cash says:

    YUP, it’s simple. He is Muslim to the bone by his own admission at a meeting with Muslims at the white house. He said, and it’s on video, “I am one of you and will stand by you”. But somebody tell me WHY the FBI, CIA,Secret Service, congress, senate all of them, who have to know what the rest of us know, have not and won’t do anything about him???

  • sls49@comcast.net says:

    jes a freaking Muslim and they are his brethren, he will cover for their asses every time he gets a chance . And send them our hard earned tax dollars that should be going to social security that we paid in for years.

  • Abel says:

    I’m definitely for better gun control! Training, training training! If the school guard had had better gun control he wouldn’t have missed the Muslim extremist shooter with the first rounds he fired. One sure thing neocon and libtard gun haters can bet on is that more shootings like this will occur in “Gun Free, or nearly gun free, Zones!” GFZs are soft targets, making them the choice of these crazy bastards because it’s safer for them. If they think there might be armed people there rather than defenseless people, they will go elsewhere; a GFZ sign on the door is an open invitation for a radical shooter. One good guy with a gun helps, but it isn’t enough to consider this wasn’t a gun free zone; he needed help from other armed people. When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away; its not their fault, it’s just how it is.

    Obama wouldn’t have bothered to lower the White House flag to half staff for just a group of homosexuals getting killed; he lowered it because he lost a brother Muslim extremist in the heat of the battle. The flag at half staff means different things to different people, so he was able to make people think he did something honorable. Good strategy for his cause.

  • Timothy Thompson says:

    Well everyone has about had it with his obvious lack of showing any concern that we are in a war with radical Islam and with the newest 50+ deaths at the hands of a Muslim Terrorist we are fed up with him personally. He’s a gutless lead from behind President who seems to relish going after Americans at all levels with his gun grabbing nonsense, his treading on our constitution continually, and especially his lack of spine in attacking ISIS.

  • barbarakelly says:

    Traitor obuma, He protects liars, and evil people that what to harm us . We have had more attacks on people in this country from foreign people that don’t belong he and he wants to protect them rather then the American citizen. Now if someone like that vet had had his gun on him he would have saved even more people besides the ones he got out the doors. And we have stupid people who still want to get the guns. Well you people who cant see beyond your stupid noses. When these people attack your neighborhood you will then want your guns. to fire back. Isis went into communities that did have guns and they were slaughters. —IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT. DO YOU WANT YOUR DAUGHTER OR WIFE RAPPED . BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WILL HAPPEN AND THE MEN WILL BE MURDERED.!!! you better think through your thinking again. It is the what if –that is the question.!!! Think!!!

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