Obama climate change plan: No jobs, pay more, get sick

President Obama argues that his policies will result in cleaner air and will mitigate the effects of climate change, but unintended consequences of the administration’s environmental agenda seem all but certain — possibly even including higher mortality rates across the country, according to at least one scholar.

Key pieces of Mr. Obama’s environmental plan, including proposals to increase ozone standards, limit carbon emissions from power plants and continue mandating more ethanol in U.S. gasoline supplies, will bring with them serious side effects in the coming months and years, critics and some analysts say.

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  • Poesmom says:

    There’s three types of people on the dark side of this equation. The communists who are using this hoax to get power and gain control over the masses, the scientists who’ve sold out for grants and such and are lying and fudging the stats and the ignorant, low information sheeple who buy into it. Unfortunately, those in charge at the UN as well as too many western countries already have too much control so we need major numbers to stand up and not put up with this nonsense. It doesn’t help that they also control academia as well as main stream media. It’ll be an uphill battle but a necessary one.

  • Poesmom says:

    We got ISIS in the MIddle East doing their best to kill off everyone who isn’t Muslim or “Muslim enough”. Meanwhile, here in the west we got the enviro nazis doing their level best to destroy our way of life with their pseudo science called “climate change” rules and regulations. As if little ol’ man could actually hurt or fix the weather. The arrogance is mind-blowing. Next they’re going after air conditioning. How many will THAT kill in the hottest areas? It makes it really tough for those of us with a modicum of intelligence to keep up! But, we have to fight this lest they put us back in the stone age.


    Obama is doing exactly as he is told! Obama is a slave to the white men responsible for putting him in office! He will do exactly as his master tells him to do, or they will kill him just like they are directing the mass shootings to justify gun confiscation! Obama is their bitch!

  • enubus says:

    The climate change/global warming Jihadist is at it again, trying to totally destroy the coal industry, jobs, and compromise people’s health when they don’t have heat in the winter in cold areas of the country. This ass is a train wreck. There is a key word here IMPEACHMENT and another word TRIAL, and a third word REMOVAL, finally a fourth word PRISON.

  • skrunyan says:

    They still don’t have their language straight. Their verbiage will change again. This is about Agenda 21 which pushes ‘sustainable development’. Soon it will be called Climate Sustainability in order to silence those of us who are aware of their lies.

  • whoisshe? says:

    I really don’t care what it is called , my question is what will replace all of these emmissions, when you take away you must replace, is this good economics or maybe Obama should walk now, there are so many immigrants in this country that are taking up space, needlessly, how are they regulated ?

  • Seedman says:

    Skunk Obama bases his worldview on godless, man centered evolution. Instead of viewing the world as a stewardship given mankind by God’s creation, Hussein is relying on knowledge falsely called science to the detriment of all humanity..

  • Dave N. says:

    According to the scientific community this planet has been through several ice ages and corresponding warming periods, the same scientific community tells us we were little better than apes for most of that time. Last I heard the global warming temperature flat lined in the last 15 years and they expect a cooling trend over the next 30 to 50 years. The Arctic sheets in the North have been receding while the Antarctic sheets have been expanding and thickening. Bottom line, we have some in the scientific community that has been caught red handed manipulating numbers to support global warming, while others have been using the data as found, I’m going with the as found group. Do we need the be cleaner and smarter about how we use our resources, absolutely, no one disagrees with that.

  • The redhawk says:

    IT is ABOUT TIME to get this Incompetent, Inexperienced, MORON Overregulating BOVINE DROPPING OUT of OFFICE …C/mom Congress DRop a pair.. he’s done eonugh Damage already!!

  • Fedup says:

    Why doesn’t obama do something about stopping the destruction of the S. American rain forest. A few years ago they wanted the forest protected and called it the world’s air conditioner. Why do we have to be the only ones that have to cut back when China and India are a lot worse than we are as far as pollution is concerned.

  • Cam Michelson says:

    This is bull crap and if we do not deal with climate change soon all you big bsers will not have to worry about spreading lies for there will be no inhabitable planet to spread lies about! Think that can’t happen. Just keep denying the scientific facts and see ! It is already happening. You need to get educated on honest and truthful facts, not on BS and if that doesn’t wake us all up then nothing will!

    1. KDC says:

      Go to China/Far East and start talking to them. They have no rules…they need you over there.

    2. mtmountainman says:

      Sad that your side, the crazy leftist destroy America side, refuse to acknowledge all the studies refuting your side’s phonied up numbers. Sad demonstration of the dumbed down college communist crowd.

  • 4lifeandfreedom says:

    The Progressive, Liberal D’s changed their term “global warming” to “climate change” in order to gain more support for the underlying real change they are going for! Legitimate scientists refute what the liberals project onto the dumbed-down society!
    God is the only ONE in charge of the climate at all–and He is not sharing the spotlight with NOBAMA!

    1. Cam Michelson says:

      God gives us knowledge and it is up to us to make use of that knowledge! Fact!

      1. David Stovall says:

        Right and we have the knowledge that anthropogenic global warming is a hoax, and we should use that knowledge to prevent the massive regulations designed to destroy our economy AKA the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

      2. The redhawk says:

        But the Progressive Anarchist were NOt part of this Group!

    2. Fedup says:

      Climate change has been going on for millions of years,it’s a natural occurrance. It has gone from warm to freezing during an ice age.

      1. The redhawk says:

        yEAH it is called the FOUR SEASONS but the Progressive Anarchist who took over the (D) party can’t figure out REALITY!

  • David Stovall says:

    The original Cloward-Piven strategy only employed welfare to overload the economy, wreck it, then replace it with a redistribution, socialism economy. Obama is using welfare, plus mushrooming foodstamps, deficit spending, Obamacare spending, fraudulent disability, importing poverty over open border, a war on energy justified by climate change, massive regulations, etc. He has just over a year to collapse the economy unless he gats a Democrat in 2016 to finish it off.

    1. lea82835 says:

      Your are absolutely correct. This has been the goal of Obama since he took office. He WANTS to destroy America, but I have to wonder, just where in the hell is Congress!!

      1. David Stovall says:

        Hiding under their desks.

  • gene1357 says:

    Some bright future conservative legislators will reverse the idiotic legislation enacted under Obamanation. Barry is, after all, still ineligible.

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