Obama defends deal with Taliban to free only American POW in Afghanistan

President Obama Saturday night defended his decision to negotiate indirectly with the Taliban, trading five terrorism suspects in U.S. custody to gain the release of the only American soldier held as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan.

The president said the deal is part America’s “iron-clad commitment to bringing our prisoners home.”

“That’s who we are as Americans,” Mr. Obama said in the White House Rose Garden, with the parents of released U.S. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl at his side.

Mr. Obama briefly gave the details of the deal with the Taliban, but did not address directly the negotiations in which the government of Qatar served as a go-between.

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  • Fed UP says:

    We just gave up 5 high level terrorists who have countless deaths on their hands for a very questionable American citizen, who its been reported, deserted his company and caused the death of 6 non deserting heroes. As soon as he deserted he renounced his citizenship. As an American and former Marine I say this is just wrong. Taliban just got over on us big time, Very bad call.

  • Bill Kandravi says:

    Only an idiot would put Americans for future bait, a 5 to 1 trade now you know how he does the Budget like an idiot! So 1 for 5 is a good trade, in Benghazi it was 0 for 4, lets hear what lies the new Carney makes , you don’t deal with criminals unless you are one. This is a President with no patriotic USA FAITH a solid looser who taught him math. God Bless The Soldier set free but it will only make it worse, does the one set free even care or does he say a 5 to 1 is a good trade.

  • Ballistic45 says:

    Obama let 5 terrorist go to gain a Soldier who deserted his post to go
    “walk about” seeking the Taliban.. Yet not a friggin word or action to
    free an honorable Marine held captive by Mexico… You do the math….

    1. I Seigel says:

      Ah, so you’ve already held a court-martial for the guy and found him guilty? Who’s next that you’d leave on the battlefield – a bully maybe, or someone who insulted your mother?
      And what “math” are you talking about? And how do YOU know what is or isn’t being done about the Marine captured in Mexico? Just because it isn’t in the press or the subject of a press conference by the WH doesn’t mean no one is concerned? Looks like a Congressman is headed to Mexico now to help out. It’s about time!!

      1. Ballistic45 says:

        You never heard the term “You do the Math”? Amazing…. Simply put it means given what we know, you figure it out on your own… So here we go if it looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck, Sheeets like a Duck, eats like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, fornicates like a Duck, swims like a Duck, YOU DO THE MATH…. If you say its a Dog, you need to go back to school…

        1. I Seigel says:

          It’s amazing. You spent all that time and energy typing the above, and you didn’t say ANYTHING! You provided not one fact, didn’t offer one opinion pertaining to the subject of the news story. Just a bunch of lint!! Useless. You need to go back to school to learn how to participate in a discussion.

    2. terryhoaglland123@aol.com says:

      You hit the nail on the head you wont hear a friggin word because the marine in Mexico is not a dam muslim something stinks about this so call trade!!

  • barbarakelly says:

    True Andy, we don’t trade with the enemy. Let alone % top criminals of their kind. He knew what he was doing would set off fire works. After all he didn’t give congress that courtesy to telling them. After all he thinks he is above the law. He thinks he is the law and we are suppose to take what every he dishes out. When is he packing his bags.

    1. Steven Webster says:

      Congress twice said no to this.

  • Andy Miller III says:

    You Don’t make deals with terrorists.

    1. I Seigel says:

      You’re probably too young to remember that we had a president named Reagan. And one of his top aids named Oliver North. You probably haven’t read any of the history of the Iran-Contra scandal. You should educate yourself a little bit.

      1. azjen says:

        Are you the history teacher in this chat room or website? You really put a person down when you speak of Reagan & Oliver North like you did. That condesending comment about “You’re probably too young to remember that we had a president ta da ta da” I would suggest that you educate yourself when it comes to PR b/c you are solely lacking in that area.

        1. awegweiser says:

          North never went to prion for his criminal acts but never made full colonel either – I guess that was enough punishment.

        2. I Seigel says:

          You are right, Miss Manners! I might have sounded condescending, but in reality, I have no idea how old Andy Miller III is or how knowledgeable he is of recent US History. But please notice that I did not call him names or accuse him of anything, as is very common in this forum.
          If you want to make yourself the Sarcasm Police, then you have a BIG job here! (Sorry, but the job of Grammar Police already seems to be taken by someone else.)

      2. Andy Miller III says:

        I’m pretty darn old. Yes I remember..
        Whatever difference that makes. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    2. azjen says:

      Our president does!! In fact he is so dellusional that he feels that he is making friends by doing this. If only he knew what a total fool that he is.

      With his personality disorder I doubt it would make any difference if he was told just what you said. And to top that all off, we bring in a POW who was supposedly AWOL. Nothing like praising people for doing the wrong thing!! Same applies to the 5 terrorists that were released.

      1. awegweiser says:

        SUPPOSEDLY AWOL! – We do not leave our own – if he is guilty of some offense, then give him a fair trial – not conjecture. And if AWOL it was, 5 years in Hell should suffice to punish.

        1. Fed UP says:

          Its called desertion, and last I heard desertion makes you instantly the enemy. As you can see why, just for this kind of idiotic deal. What has happened to this country. Where do you people and your freaky ideas come from? Actually don’t answer that.

    3. awegweiser says:

      Hang on to that notion if you wish but it has been done many. many times. This one rescued an American soldier -you know, the ones we praise so much for defending us?

  • aremid says:

    You are right Wise Guy. When are they going to do something about Obama not following the rules? What makes him more special than any other president? Why are they so afraid of him?

  • WiSe GuY says:

    0bama is playing hero to distract from all of his scandals and incompetence.

    1. Ballistic45 says:


      1. terryhoaglland123@aol.com says:

        He wants to distract every ones minds you are right WiSe GuY.

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