Obama: Expect more terrorist attacks as pressure on ISIS increases

by Dave Boyer
April 2, 2016

President Obama said Friday that the U.S. is sending counter-terrorist “surge teams” to Europe in the wake of the Brussels attacks, and warned that more such terrorist attacks are likely.

As the Islamic State is “squeezed” by the U.S.-led coalition in Syria and Iraq, Mr. Obama said, “we can anticipate it lashing out elsewhere, as we’ve seen most recently and tragically in countries from Turkey to Brussels.”

“This means that the sense of urgency that we’ve shown in destroying [the Islamic State] in Iraq and Syria also has to infuse our efforts to prevent attacks around the world,” the president said at a nuclear summit of world leaders in Washington.

After the Islamic State’s Paris attacks in November, the U.S. deployed counterterrorism teams to aid in the investigation. Mr. Obama said the U.S. will send more personnel to Europe soon, in light of last week’s attacks that killed at least 35 in Belgium.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    The only things he has NOT yet said about the ISIS terroro attacks on US Soil are:
    1) I did not CAUSE it.. it is all CLINTON’s Fault or Trump’s fault….or well SOMEONE else’s fault….I never LIE and I am NEVER WRONG!!!
    2) as soon as I know they’ll take place I’ll go Visit IRAN for a Belly dance party…


  • harpo49 says:


  • Lolly811 says:

    And who would know better about ISIS attacks than Obama. Our MUSLIM TERRORIST WHO IS OCCUPYING OUR WH.

  • Evan says:

    Hey obama, with your close ties to ISIS, you ought
    to know their plans!

  • Dennis Ray Wall says:

    Obama’s ultimate goal is to bring in enough Muslim Invaders to cause what is happening in Britain to happen here! This is the most important video you can watch about the problem! Obama is a Traitor to the World!
    Watch this video!

    1. ehutch says:

      We can’t procreate our way out of this. We had a perfectly stable culture in 1948 when the US population was around 145 million people. It is now about 291 million people (doubled in size in 68 years). Can our US culture sustain itself with 600 million people living in USA? It can not. At 2.1 fertility rate the population could remain constant. If every couple has 2 children and everyone was married, the population would remain stable. To compete with families with a fertility rate of six by the time they are 30, is equivalent to a 4.8% growth rate. At a 4.8% growth rate the US population would double every 15 years, reaching 600 million people by 2031 (doubling before a child born today reaches maturity). The only hope is for a sustainable population (fertility 2.1 or less – we would do well to revert slowly back to the population of 1950). If it is true that Muslims have more children than others, then we could limit immigration. I don’t happen to think that blanket statement is true that one culture out populates another by religious adherence. But how would we prevent immigration? We can do that one of three ways. 1/ abolish all immigration, 2/ making it so awful to live here that no one will want to immigrate, or 3/ making life where the immigrants come from good enough that they don’t want to leave home. The world can not survive a fertility rate of 6. That would generate a world population of about 18 billion by 2031. We have fished the seas nearly to extinction and we can’t double food productivity. In general fertility decreases when there is little poverty, and when women have equal rights with men. We should be working diligently to improve economic life in countries from which we fear immigration, and do everything in our power to increase the rights of women in those countries. War creates immense poverty, it exacerbates the immigration and population issues we are trying to control.

      1. Lolly811 says:

        I choose #1 for at least 5 yrs, plus deport all the Muslims that have come from other countries. We have sent billions of dollars to these nations. No improvement. Just like the settlers that came to America, they have to make things right in their own country.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    In every WESTERN country where Muslims are in the minority, they are obsessed with minority rights.

    In every ISLAMIC country with a Muslim majority, …there are no minority rights!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Defending your person, your family, your country from attack and invasion from those forcing a violent, terrorist, genocidal ideology on western civilization…is …not … islamophobia or racist. It is just common sense.

    islam is NOT a race!
    islam is NOT a religion of peace!

    islam is a sick and twisted terrorist ideology that is completely incompatible with western civilization!

    Deport all muslims from the west at once!
    Ban all muslims from traveling to the west, …FOREVER!

    …………….Trump 2016/Carson 2016

    1. Evan says:

      I agree! Great advice!

    2. Lolly811 says:

      While I agree with most of your statement and with Trump wanting to stop immigration from Middle East countries, you do have to realize that Trump is a dyed in the wool Democrat. Running under a Republican banner means nothing. He has already started to back peddle on Obamacare, Common Core and late term abortion. He is doing just what Obama did. Mesmerizing the people, feeding off their anger and telling them what they want to here, not necessarily what he will really do.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Obama’s treasonous illegal alien and muslim resettlement policies along with race baiting have created an ongoing SECOND 9/11 terrorist attack against America!!

    I will even call it a Soros funded, MoveOn .com instigated, False Flag, US Government sanctioned “PURGE” against its own citizens and the police! Congress has allowed this to happen with the recent passage of the Omnibus $pending Bill.

    …And Obama’s solution is to take away our guns with one hand and attack us with the other hand.

    Obama is a Liar and Traitor. Impeach this P0S now you skulking cowards!

    One small problem. …..There are more traitors in Congress than patriots!

    …………………….Trump/Carson 2016

    1. Lolly811 says:

      You are wrong about Trump. He will be another Obama. See my comments above.

      1. CharlieSeattle says:

        The obvious differences between them exposes your ignorance.

        1. Lolly811 says:

          I guess we shall see. I hope I am wrong, However, I have to tell you that the very first time I heard Obama give a speech for President 2008 election, the hair on my arms stood up and I got a little queezy. I have that same gut feeling about Trump. Just as the Obama followers fed off kool aide, Trump is using American anger to get his brand of followers. Just seems that with the exception of the Muslims, Trump will follow as a Dictator and one with a bad temper and quick reaction to that temper.

  • Luke says:

    We’re tired of the worst, the sorriest and liar-n-chief in the WH today, we don’t need another one..
    No one wants WWIII with America, not even russia or china..

  • Doug says:

    Don’t listen what President Obama says, look at what he does. President Obama has been in the front lines to Build a Radical Islamic Caliphate and arm it with nuclear weapons. Of course terrorism will increase but not because of his fraction of a war on ISIL.

    1. ken hundley says:

      Hey DOUG, whose side are you on anyway. Or do you really know what is going on behind closed doors. Unless of course you are a fly on the wall. How can anyone ever forget W. and all his BS and lies. If Trump wins, WW3 will be the end for all of us.

      1. Lolly811 says:

        It has been 8 yrs., it is time to STOP blaming Bush! Obama has made it clear what side he is on and it is not the side of America. He made it clear when he first took office that if the winds should change in an ugly direction, that he would side with the Muslims. What about that statement and all of his actions regarding our enemy the Muslims do you not comprehend?

    2. The Redhawk says:

      OR FOR LAUGHS LISTEN and THEN Throw a CLOWN PARTY for friends with him…Being the BIGGEST CLOWN IN THE ROOM

  • Smitch says:

    President DAN…what a dumb-fu__!

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