Obama Omits God While Reciting The Gettysburg Address

by Mike Opelka, The Blaze
November 19, 2013

Nov. 19 marks the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address, the two-minute speech delivered at the dedication of the national cemetery where thousands of Americans died fighting the Civil War. But according to a video of President Obama reciting the infamous words, “God” isn’t in it.

Obama and several other famous faces (from politics, entertainment and business) recorded versions of the address for filmmaker Ken Burns and his project “Learn The Address” created for PBS. But, in the video that Obama recorded on his own, an important word was omitted from the text: God.

Here’s the ironic video, considering it’s part of the push to “learn the address”:

President Barack Obama Recites the Gettysburg Address

WMAL’s Chris Plante noticed that the president dropped “God” and his crew also checked the other recordings. He says every single famous face in the Ken Burns video recited the speech and included God. Plante’s team put together a sampling of other people involved in the project using “God.” They told us, however, that after reviewing the other clips the president was the only one to omit the word.

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  • Tony G. says:

    why is anyone surprised? . . . won’t have expected anything else from the this Lying Muslim President

  • gadgetcoder says:

    OBlahBlah ALWAYS omits God…he does not believe in God, but in Allah the false Moon god.

  • B is Seattle says:

    Obama read the Nicolay copy of the speech. Why don’t you dummies take a look:


    1. JoeKirkup says:

      Your liberal comrade above made note of the fact that newspaper accounts of the speech written at the time said he used God in his presentation. I don’t care how many other written copies don’t, the speech itself did. Oh, Urbanlegends?? Give me a break.

  • B is Seattle says:

    Cripesm, have you ever considered
    that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all believe there is only one God? Since everyone seems to agree that there is
    only one God, there can be no your God vs. my God. There is only one, right?

    What your real problem is you don’t
    agree with the salesman of your particular faith. The Jews have no middleman and therefore
    purchase their religion directly from God.
    Christians purchase through Jesus and Muslims go through Muhammad, though
    they also recognize Jesus was also a great religion salesman. In the end, you’ve all purchased access to the
    same God so get over yourself.

  • ssilv48 says:

    Just another dirt bag muslim, people need to be held accountable for putting this POS in our w/h

  • JoeKirkup says:

    I’m not a religious guy at all, but history is freakin’ history. You can’t change it by lying about it even though the libs keep trying.

  • Tricia Anthone says:

    How dare he alter the words of Lincoln in this iconic address. HE knows best how to present the history of our nation, does he? It is left to HIM to censure the speeches of past presidents in his pursuit of ideological conformity to HIS views?

  • skipboe910 says:

    What a mistake this individual is…

  • paintinc56 says:

    27 whopping comments, 99% of brain dead Amerika doesn’t have a clue that once again the Christianity hating & destroying ObaMAO omits any reference to God in a HISTORICAL speech. He has done this routinely & of course the secular leftist media doesn’t report it because they despise Christianity too. Funny how they have no problem with the muslim god, just like homosexuals NEVER target muslims, their beliefs or businesses.

  • aurora9 says:

    Let this imposter president run at the mouth. He is hanging his own derrriere with every lie he tells!

  • 1S-1K says:

    Well. What do you expect from this loser? He’s got one purpose in life. To “fundamentally change America” (read: Destroy America). And he’s is doing it at a faster pace than ever. Impeachment is the WORD OF THE YEAR. Say it out loud.

  • Art Hock says:

    Hell that idiot doesn’t even know how many States in the Union or to pronounce Corps.

  • robert l craft says:

    obama you have done enough damage to this country so why don’t you take your self, wife and kids and of course your god and go back to help your country and see what damage you can do for your people and country.

  • azbear166 says:

    He should be IMPEACHED RIGHT NOW if we don’t stop this commie loving fag were done for!!!!!!

  • James Maxwell says:

    No surprise there to anyone who has paid attention. He has avoided any
    mention of GOD at every opportunity. When he took the oath of office,
    In the Democrat convention in 2008, he refuses to pray and his allegiance
    to his pig master alhaha. I am quite sure in the dead of night his little
    tinkle alarm goes off as he slammms his head into the carpet
    towards mecha 5 times a day.

  • Christopher Edward Quail says:

    Asshole in anal carnate.

  • mudguy1 says:

    No one should be surprised the majority of the Democrats wanted to omit God from their platform at their convention. They had to take three votes and on the third vote it was obvious that the nays were louder.

  • modernminuteman says:

    Every time Obama has quoted our founding fathers he has always left out little things like endowed by our creator and not by accident. If Obama is a christian then i am the pope.

  • robocop33 says:

    That is because he worship’s Mohammad.

  • Brer_Rabbit says:

    Is anyone surprised?

  • DouglasDauntless says:

    Obama is a Muslim what do expect. His main interests are destroying the United States of American along with the White middle class, killing people he selects and kill Jews in Israel, then kill them here in the United States and helping Al-Qaeda kill America troops in the Middle East.

  • EricKipnis says:

    This is what is known as the Nicolay copy of the speech. It does not contain the word God. Named for John G. Nicolay, President Lincoln’s personal secretary, this is considered the “first draft” of the speech, begun in Washington on White house stationery. The second page is writen on different paper stock, indicating it was finished in Gettysburg before the cemetery dedication began. Lincoln gave this draft to Nicolay, who went to Gettysburg with Lincoln and witnessed the speech. The Library of Congress owns this manuscript. The second draft of the speech also did not contain the word God. Believed to be the second draft of the speech, President Lincoln gave this copy to John Hay, a White House assistant. Hay accompanied Lincoln to Gettysburg and briefly referred to the speech in his diary: “the President, in a fine, free way, with more grace than is his wont, said his half dozen words of consecration.” The Hay copy, which includes Lincoln’s handwritten changes, also is owned by the Library of Congress. So he gave a historically accurate version of the speech. Look it up and then shut up. The hate here is palpable and shameful.

    1. JoeKirkup says:

      I have a question. Which copy did Lincoln actually give? Was it the one that referred to God or not? I’m not the least bit religious, but after participating in history in Vietnam then watching it be revised by you libs I’m understandably cautious.

      1. EricKipnis says:

        Joe –
        Lincoln used the second draft most likely. It also did not include the word God. Press reports from the event indicate that he probably ad libbed “under God” when he gave the speech because it was reported in the press. President Obama read from the first draft draft, known as the Nicolay version, at the request of and as part of a historical project being produced by documentatrian Ken Burns. It’s a historically accurate version. Here’s a link: http://news.yahoo.com/why-president-obama-didnt-under-god-while-reading-191035734.html . What I don’t get is the obsession with many about how many times the president omits the word God in public utterances when he’s said the word God hundreds of times, and it’s recorded. I can only conclude that there are a group of people out there who willfully want to ignore these facts. For what reasons? They’ll have to ask themselves that. Certainly there are better, more relevant things to talk about. As for me being a troll – I know that you couldn’t resist a shot at me, but the fact is somehow I started to receive emails from the 1776. Why – I have no idea. But from time to time I read the blog to see what’s being discussed and decided to respond this time. The level and tone of the discourse made me angry, and it still does. As for me being able to impress college girls – well unfortunately I’m way past the age where I would even consider thinking about doing that, and even if I did the response would be poor.

        1. JoeKirkup says:

          I appreciate your civility and the attempt to give me an honest answer. As I said, I’m not a religious guy so this is not a personal issue for me. What is personal is watching our current president and his minions attempt to utterly destroy my country. In truth, watching the way Obama ties his shoes would irritate me. Marxist ideologues just like him have destroyed millions of lives in the last century and it usually starts with secular dictatorship replacing God, the family, charities, self reliance, freedom of choice and the rule of law.
          Before you scoff at my use of the word dictatorship think about how many “executive orders” have been issued in direct contradiction to duly enacted laws, immigration being the most obvious example. The president swears an oath to enforce all laws, not just the ones that he likes or agrees with. And, certainly it is blatantly illegal for him to ignore laws in order to curry favor with some voting block or other.
          The people who complain about his arrogant dismissal of their faith and of American tradition may not know exactly why they feel threatened, but the know a rat when they smell one.

  • Guest says:

    This is what is known as the Nicolay Copy of the speech. Named for John G. Nicolay, President Lincoln’s personal secretary, this is considered the “first draft” of the speech, begun in Washington on White house stationery. The second page is writen on different paper stock, indicating it was finished in Gettysburg before the cemetery dedication began. Lincoln gave this draft to Nicolay, who went to Gettysburg with Lincoln and witnessed the speech. The Library of Congress owns this manuscript.

  • SniperToo says:

    What did one expect from a usurper British Muslim Jihadist?

  • yaki534 says:

    Well, what do you expect from a non admitted muslim? He has and likely always be a person that hates God as he is muslim. Even the so called Reverend Wright whose so called church saying; “God D__n the United States.” whose church Obama attended for twenty years hates the United States.
    It is a wonder he didnt swap God’s name for allah who he actually praises.

  • Driver_S says:

    Oblamer the fraud is showing his Muslim affiliation and beliefs. He’s committed to overthrowing our way of life, our laws and Christianity in the USA. He needs to be charged and imprisoned for treason and all his other high crimes against the people and the country.

  • James Stevens says:

    Intelligent used in the same sentence with Obama is an oxymoron.
    Or, is he simply just a moron? jwstx

  • Harold says:

    What else would you expect from a rabid muslime?

  • spike says:

    Don’t use a quote at all if it is not going to be exact! Good grief – this man is supposed to be so incredibily intelligent!

    1. madeuce42 says:

      remember an idiot is the liberal intelligencia

      1. mort_f says:

        Incredible is the proper word.

      2. cripesm says:

        That is the truth!! The liberals prove the adage “you can’t teach stupid”.

  • madeuce42 says:

    OBS LEAVE AMERICA ALONE GO HOME. We need to scrap this crap

  • antiliberalcryptonite says:


  • cripesm says:

    He might as well have just prayed to the non-existent Allah. He is a traitorous tyrant who IS NOT a citizen of this great country. He has no respect for our laws, constitution, or history.

    1. msbets says:


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